I Got a phone call about Branson. This call changes everything.


I Got a phone call about Branson.  This call changes everything.

By Mario Murillo

I just got a phone call that changed everything about Branson.

We live in a culture of exaggeration. It is easy—when something truly wonderful happens—to miss it. A significant event can be hidden behind the dust of hype or under a pile of false-news.

The meeting in Branson was supposed to run three nights. It began on August 23 and it is still going.  Each week, this phenomenon has changed into something more.   At first, it became more than a meeting—then it became more than a miracle—now it is more than words.

But as indescribable as this ongoing act of God is…there has always been a shadow of uncertainty hanging over it.  It had only a few days left before I would be forced to leave Branson.  I will tell you why in a moment.

That Branson became more than we imagined only intensified my turmoil. Advanced cancer, blindness, severe joint disease and hundreds of other diseases vanished…leaving sinners helpless to resist Christ and the NEW BIRTH.  Then it got even more amazing.

centerpiece copy

At this hour people are coming not only coming from both coasts but from England, Canada and Africa.  They are coming because God told them to come.  Here is one that really struck me because they have come to America for visit from Nigeria: 

“Blessed morning Pastor and Kingdom greetings, I thank GOD for the cloud of glory that is hovering over Branson & the revival fire that is about to be unleashed by Heaven on Branson which will spread across America & return the nation of America back to GOD. Don’t be weary, something is happening in the heavenlies & will soon break loose.

On the 31st of August 2013, I arrived at a little town called Antioch, in California on summer vacation from Nigeria with my two sons. The second day, the LORD spoke to me & told me that He brought me for a purpose, that my boys can go ahead & enjoy themselves but He wants me to go on 21 days fasting breaking at 12 noon every day & pray from 12 midnight to 3am & I should confess Daniel 9:4-19 over the nation of America & replace Jerusalem & Israel with Washington & America. I’m happy to see with the eyes of the spirit what GOD is about to do.”  -Joy from Nigeria

youll have to see it

There was no way for this meeting to continue because of our commitment to Yuba City.  The churches had come together.  The Fairgrounds were rented.  Posters and cards are everywhere.  This was to be our signature outreach for this year.   This was the one event that was impossible to cancel because all that was riding on it.

Then I got the call.  Jim Carpenter who leads the Bridge of Yuba City—the man who would have  the most to lose if this event in Yuba City did not happen—was calling to say the unthinkable: “Mario, the Lord said to postpone Yuba City because the meetings in Branson must continue without interruption.”

This was the sign we were waiting for.  Now all of the prophetic words fell into place.  Now we are convinced that the fire will continue to grow until it rages across the nation and the world.

Week 5

I am making an announcement that we have never made before:  ALL OF OCTOBER!  We have never announced a full month of meetings in one place.  Never.

The entire month of October we will meet at Jubilee on Sunday night at 6 Monday and Tuesday at 7.

The other urgent news is that we are now making this a national call.  Come to Branson and receive fire!

How can anyone possible doubt that astonishing miracles are about to happen?

3 thoughts on “I Got a phone call about Branson. This call changes everything.

  1. I am praising God for this glorious move! God is so amazing! It is time for America to “Bless God”! Bless God through repentance and turning from our wicked way’s, then will He hear from heaven and forgive our sin’s and heal our land! Praying for you Mario!God Bless you in every realm!

  2. Thank you for hearing the voice of Our Lord. More importantly thank you for following what he is telling you to do! So many of us hear the Lord but let life circumstance or the fear of changing the course, example Yuba City, to follow his leading Hand!
    I am praying for you and Mechele!

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