nothing short

By Mario Murillo

It happened again. Tonight—like every other night—went beyond.  God was emphatic.   He put His hand on the souls of the people.  He filled them with a wonderful yet dreadful Glory.   THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF A MASSIVE COLLISION BETWEEN HUMAN NEED AND THE POWER OF GOD.

There is a point in every event where one wonders what is going to happen.  Not tonight.  From the jump, His power dominated.  It was almost audible.  You could almost make out a voice saying: “you will be healed, you will be set free.”

How sovereign is this divine drenching in Branson?  One look at my brutal pace answers that. Saturday morning I lead the training session at Jubilee.  Then, Mechelle and I drive three and a half hours to Tulsa.  Next morning I preach at Grace Church, (the only event we did not cancel because of Branson).

The service ends and it is another three and half hours back to Branson.  With barely enough time to freshen up, we walk into Jubilee—without breaking stride—I enter the pulpit.  Instantly, an entire sermon overtakes me.  God—not man—takes charge.

Souls are ready to be saved.  Neither begging nor threatening is required to fill the front with people seeking eternal life.  The audience rejoices, the newly saved are led into a room for prayer and ministry.

soul strip

Souls have been healed and now it is time for bodies to be healed. I begin by reading a letter from a pastor in the audience:

“My name is John Willis, I pastor a small church near Fayetteville Arkansas.  In late January this year I was forced to visit the Emergency being very ill.  On taking my blood sugar it was discovered that my blood sugar was 625.  I was placed in the intensive care ward for three days.  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and released on an insulin regimen of 40 units per day. 

This continued until the first week of the revival in Branson with Brother Mario in which a word of knowledge given to me from Brother Mario that God was healing my pancreas.

I have been completely insulin free since faithfully checking my blood sugar 3 times a day and my blood sugar is completely normal for a full month.  My spine was also healed at the same time and after suffering much back pain for many years, my back is pain free!  To God be the glory!”

The audience explodes in praise!

The Holy Spirit begins instilling miracle faith on the sick.  The sound—that happens so often, but always feels like the first time—is heard again: People shouting, shrieking, and openly sobbing when they are healed.

The Lord directs me to a couple over to my left…but, as I always say, you can’t read what I have to say next unless it is very clear that all of the glory goes to Christ.

Branson 5

“Would both of you stand up? Sir, please put your hand on your wife’s shoulder.”  The wife looks pained as if this isn’t way it is supposed to happen.  “I know you think that we should pray for your husband first, but you are the caregiver.  You have been up many nights caring for your husband as he battles cancer.  It has broken your health and God wants to heal you first!”

At this, she lit up and received a miracle.  Now we turned our attention to the man who is dying from tumors in his abdomen.  She places her hand on her husband and heaven takes over.  Not one person in that room doubted that a miracle was taking place.

How do you end a meeting like this?  You ignite the army to go and get others.  In a very real way that is exactly what I am doing by writing to you.  I cannot overstate it.  Branson is now a fountainhead of Glory and an exporter of revival fire.

Our next meeting is this Friday night…only God knows the glory that awaits us.

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