ExplodesBranson Explodes!

By Mario Murillo

Are you sitting down? What I am about to tell you is like nothing I have ever seen or heard before.  And yet, why should we be surprised to see God doing more than ever?   These are intensely wicked times and our nation is at stake.

The song says, “The change it had to come—we knew it all along.”  

What exploded you may ask.  The Holy Spirit has—just three nights—permanently transformed the audience.  What Glory! What Power!  What unity!  The wreckage of religion is breath-taking.  These people can never go back to the lives they knew before.

Each night a musical talent arrives often unannounced to create a crescendo of worship.  Doug Gabriel the 10 time artist of the year in Branson has come twice.  Dino Kartsonakis cane and took us straight to heaven on piano and afterwards miracles invaded the room.  The Voices of Glory who are currently performing at the Hughes Theater have come 4 times to sing unto God and blast us into yet another level of Glory.   Last night Pastor and Saxophonist Charles Martin came at his own expense to add to the worship and it was inexpressible glory.

Picture this:  Souls rushing forward at the very beginning of the meeting.  Last night a tall, robust man stood at the altar sobbing uncontrollably and unashamed.

Rays of sunshine breaks through the dark clouds. —oncept of hope for the best, mood changes, enthusiasm, optimism, faith in our own strength, the breakthrough goal

Then something happened that no one in the audience could have expected.   I told the audience to open their Bibles to Acts 19:11,12 “God was doing extraordinary and unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or face-towels or aprons that had touched his skin were brought to the sick, and their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out [of them].”

I asked them if they could imagine what a modern version of this miracle would look like.  “It would not be cloths,” I explained, “it would be live streaming.  We have received requests for all over America and from other nations asking us to live stream the Branson Outbreak.  Now God has answered!  However, this is a much bigger miracle than just live streaming.  This is a miracle of unity.”

What a wonderful surprise for everyone when I asked Pastor Gary McSpadden of Faith and Wisdom Church to come forward and help me make a historic announcement:  Faith and Wisdom Church will partner with Jubilee Christian Center for revival. They have live streaming technology.  We will move the meeting to Faith and Wisdom for one night Friday October 16th and for the first time people everywhere can catch a glimpse of the GLORY that God is unveiling in Branson.

red branson button

Now I asked Pastor Dale Daly of Jubilee to join us up at the front.  We stood together as a demonstration of unity.  Pastor McSpadden addressed the audience and said “this is a teaching moment for the entire Body of Christ.”  When he said that the audience exploded!

We stood there overcome by the sensation of victory…we knew that this moment was about to inflict serious damage to the powers of darkness.

The people could restrain their joy.  The atmosphere shifted to the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit.  The words of healing came freely and spread all over the house.  Not one square inch of Jubilee was untouched by the radiating power of healing.

Fully one third of the entire audience stood to testify that they had been healed.  The list of diseases that were healed was amazing.  The outbursts of people experiencing power came from everywhere.  Some quaked as they were healed, others jumped and danced, still others were slammed to the floor by the torrent of the River of God.

glory insert

Again and again the words of healing were verified.  People were shouting “yes that is right!”  Others would expose those who were reluctant to admit their miracle.  One wife shouted to her husband, “He is talking about you!”

Now Branson is buzzing with news of this amazing phenomenon.  We have had to add lights to the back of the property to accommodate the flood of cars.  People from many states are just now making their plans to attend the meetings.  In short…Branson has exploded.

The next meeting is this Friday night October 9th  PM at Jubilee


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