Pastor refuse to preach the truth their people want to hear


If you are looking for a rant against pastors—forget it.  America is home to a host of pastors who are doing their best to hear and obey God.  I salute them.  I am their friend.  However, there are way too many who are not preaching the truth that the masses hunger to hear. 

Again, this is not about bashing ministers.  This is about something else entirely.  This is about a demonic spirit of over the nation that began as political correctness and mutated into tyranny.

Secular progressives want mind control.  They want to ban any viewpoint that disagrees with their agenda.  It is so bad in Canada that freedom of speech died.  One Canadian man spent 6 months in jail for hate speech: he texted that a lesbian woman had—in other words—a large posterior. 

This demonic toxic cloud of tyranny has dulled the natural discernment of many preachers in America.  They are in a fog about what they can and cannot say…they are also oblivious to what they should and should not be saying.

An epic misunderstanding exists between the pulpit and the pew in the American church.  The pulpit is oblivious to the truth that their people are hungry to hear.  The pew is bewildered about how to get through to their pastor.

soul strip

What is very clear is that the phase of church where people wanted positive thinking seminars is over.  They are disinterested in chicken soup and a host of other comfort food sermons.  Here are the facts according to a study by the Barna Group:

-91% want their pastor to take a public stand against abortion.  

-86% want them to address the persecution of the church. 

-85% want them to confront over-dependency on government programs. 

-83% want them to speak out about restoring morals and self-government. 

-82% want them to openly defend traditional marriage. 

The idea that people want their pastor to stay out of these subjects is a canard.  It is a fatal misnomer to say that the pulpit should avoid rebuking the destructive actions of Washington.

When pastors say that their “position on gay marriage is still evolving” they have no idea how devastating that is to even the most accepting and loyal parishioner.

I want to give as much of a pass as I can to those who have been caught in the crossfire of controversy and want to protect the integrity of their pulpit.  Nevertheless, they must see that the times have changed and the evil one has brought the fight to our church door.

Let me open my heart about how I discovered my need to speak truth to these issues.  It dawned on me one day that no one was ever critical of me when I attacked drugs like heroin and crystal meth.  No one opposed my messages against gang violence.

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The day came when I started speaking out against government.  I discovered the most dangerous gang in the ghetto was the government and the most addictive drug was government handouts.   Suddenly, I am the object of widespread criticism. 

But I knew that drugs and bad government were equal evils.  I had no choice—I had to speak out.  I stood my ground and thinking Christians began to rally to my preaching.  Young souls were saved even though I was warned that opposing Obama would cost me a young audience.  God rewarded my obedience by crowning our meetings with power, favor and miracles.

My passionate plea to all pastors is…start speaking out!  The people want it—God will bless it—do it now we are about to lose our country.


One thought on “Pastor refuse to preach the truth their people want to hear

  1. Dear M. M,
    I have followed your ministry 35 years. I fell to into a pit in the early nineties which like a domino effect landing me on the concrete floor as my bed in the fetal position 24/7 delusional, psychotic chronic bi-polar depression filled with rage and self loathing with continual suicidal thoughts. How I got there is impossible to explain how I got there with only a few typed words. I still loved God but I felt like a total failure as well. I didn’t think it possible to ever escape my insanity living this condition for over 6 years. God has been restoring my life a little bit at a time to where I am now. I am on the road to a new period of recovery. I see myself still as one of the least of these in God’s fold. I seen you on a couple years ago mentioning that you were on the verge of quitting the ministry. I was in shock at first when you mentioned this. You were the only minister that I would listen to when I was down and out. I would listened to find out the spiritual condition of our country and what you were preaching and what you seen as our future. Could our nation a comeback? Could you see hope for the body of Christ in America’s future? Could God have another awakening? You mentioned the Jesus culture with a new radical passion and love to win the lost? Could this new generation see a Holy Ghost powered movement like nothing we ever seen before. Could I ever have a new life as new person? My name is Mudd and I am asking God please be merciful to me as I am repenting of all I can think of as sin which is a lot. As it has been with me in the past. With the insanity of new technology and the growing spiritual darkness the enemy ramping up like never before. If we can love those who don’t see abortion as a bad thing. If we can turn there hearts to the point of having quicker result’s of seeing a mother in the near future that normally might have her child aborted instead she will choose not to abort because somebody loved them unconditionally winning them to Jesus. Have good alternative’s even as far as investing in that unborn child with a safe place for that woman to make the right choice to enable that newborn a safe to be raised with a high standard of education made available for the child and safe place for the woman to raise her baby. The future babies that have a noose around their neck not even conceived yet. If we can win those women to Jesus so that when a future pregnancy comes they will have changed their mind on abortion as a choice. I believe if we can start that movement of putting our money where our mouth is and investing in those future babies. Pulling them out of the noose that is currently their destiny. Right now their future will be dry bones in the grave. But if we can love and win those future mothers with the love of God with compassion compelling them to come and eat at the master’s table those future babies will change from being dry bones to become flesh and blood forming on those dry bones and the noose that was there future can be changed to an army of children whose nooses were taken off there necks. Forget the old way fighting abortion because I don’t see any positive influence to brag about from the last 35 years. 35 years with nothing to show for it. Like me a failure with no fruit. I would say to that fig tree pulled up and burned, A lot of effort money and time only to be ineffectual with no fruit to show of. By loving the lost with an offer that can’t be refused Invest in those babies who’s future looks bleak right now but the beginning of an awakening the love of God can change their hearts one at a time. Compelling them with the love of Christ instead of the same old dialogue that has been a total failure and ineffectual just making enemies of those who don’t agree with the same christian rhetoric that hasn’t worked. Having no fruit to show of really since abortion became legal, The pro-life people would see at least a quicker result if they put their money where their mouth is and invest in those future babies so they get born because of the mother finding Jesus. Instead of them seeing christian’s as religious haters. They could see love and compassion from Jesus people. Or am I still completely in the wrong and hoping for something that could never happen because the idea is not God’s will?
    From forever wrong.
    Best regards,
    Unclean Mudd (2 lightning claps)

    Please don’t ever retire!!!

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