This just in: The Branson Outbreak rages on.

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This just in: Nine weeks later the Branson Outbreak rages on.

By Mario Murillo

It has now gone on for nine weeks.  The power is increasing—the range and depth is expanding.  This phenomenon in Branson defies logic.  All conventional wisdom is out the window.  You can describe it—but you cannot explain it.

Here are some examples of how it defies logic:

-People are driving thousands of miles to a church in Branson.  They do not even know if these meetings will still be going when they get here.  The Holy Spirit simply tells them to come.

-In a town renowned for over-the-top musical productions—there is no grandiose worship team and orchestra—it is Antonya, Sarah and Jeannie: Two singers and a piano.  Often, it is one singer and a piano!

-The location is way off of the main drag.  If you don’t look quick, you’ll miss it.

-One on the main attractions is the atmosphere of the meeting itself.

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Ask anyone who has been here.  They will mention the atmosphere first—not the evangelist.  Some will tell you about the intensity of God’s presence.  Others will describe the expectancy in the people.  The room crackles with an electric anticipation.  Unbelief is electrocuted. Pardon the pun…but it can be a shock to your system.

People walk in crushed beneath a load of sickness, fear, shame and addiction.  They sit in the presence and feel a process of love and faith begin.  They cannot tell you why they undergo a transformation.  They can’t explain the hope that bubbles up or the chains that start to break.

The greatest sermon cannot match the message the Holy Spirit speaks directly to these broken hearts.

Then there are the miracles of healing.  The evangelist calls out a woman in the back.  He tells her about the excruciating pain in her spine.  Her husband places his hand on her back.  They hear 4 loud pops as vertebra move back into place and pain vanishes.

Even the healings do not follow the rules.  A woman loves to come and sit in church for hours before the meeting.  One day she sat in the dimly lit sanctuary waiting.  Her vision is nearly gone because of cataracts and glaucoma.  She said a flash of light hit her head.  She looks up and she can see plainly.

She frantically grabs for her Bible.  She reads chapter after chapter overcome by joy.  At her next eye appointment, they tell her she has 20/20 vision.

Grown men sob as they are healed of heart disease.  Person after person demonstrates their healing to the audience.  They can walk—they can hear—they can see.

Even the way souls are saved does not fit the norm.  The evangelist points to a young man sitting in the back.  He tells the young man, “you are not a Christian and you have come seeking evidence of the existence of God.”  The evangelist walks to the back and leads the young man in the sinner’s prayer.

youll have to see it

You’ll have to see it to believe it.  The meetings just keep getting better.  It sounds like an exaggeration but it is an incontrovertible fact—each night gets better than the night before.

Then last Friday October 16th the meeting moved—for one night—to Faith and Wisdom Church in Branson.  Pastor Gary McSpadden graciously opened his doors to bring unity among leaders.

Again, conventional wisdom is overruled.  Many wondered if there was something sacred about keeping the meeting in Jubilee Christian Center.  Would the atmosphere be the same in a new location?  God answered that question emphatically—not only was it the same—it got stronger.

People are talking about these meetings all over America and in other nations.  In fact, we underestimated the interest.  We live streamed the meeting at Faith and Wisdom Church and the traffic on the web overwhelmed the site.

last friday

Friday night October 23rd, we are back at Faith and Wisdom Church.  We will live stream again, but this time we are prepared for the vast audience on the internet.

Has God sent these meetings to save America from being swept away by division, immorality and violence?  Is this the fulfillment of what Corrie Ten Boom and others have prophesied—that Branson would be a stronghold—and from here the world would see the Glory of God?

Those are big questions…but here are even bigger ones:  Something wonderful is happening near you—why would you miss this amazing event?  And—if you know someone who needs healing or proof of Jesus—why wouldn’t you bring them with you?

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7 thoughts on “This just in: The Branson Outbreak rages on.

  1. Blessings of God on you and for this to continue. The live streaming even though I got bumped that night the next day it was up on site. I can’t get there as often as I would like since I live 2hrs away so this was great may God continue His blessings. I’ve been praying for this since 1973.

  2. Mario, my husband and I want to thank you and Faith & Wisdom Church for doing the live stream videos. We worked and worked on making the first one work. It didn’t . But we were so happy you made a replay available. There were so many important things you shared and we were finally able to “get” all that you imparted. And the worship was so anointed!! That dear man with the saxophone really wrecked me in a good way! (does he have a c d ?)
    We are not able to come in person at this time, so thank you for having another Live Stream for everyone. We love the encouragement ! Also, I am partnering in prayer with the body of Christ for the meetings, you and the team, and for many to be saved, healed, delivered, and for revival to radiate outward upon our nation. Thank you to you and Mechelle.

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