Underscoring an emerging revival

By Mario Murillo

Some do not believe this burgeoning event in Branson will amount to anything.  Detractors say the anti-God mood of America will swallow it up.  The usual suspects dismiss it—mindless emotion they call it—riddled with exaggerated claims they say.

But from the thousands who have actually been there—you’ll get a completely different story.  With a straight face—and a burning heart—they will tell you what is flowing in these meetings can cover America.

They will gladly explain their conviction.  They will heartily describe miracles of healing—especially their own.  They will go on and on about the atmosphere.  They will tell you about power that is breaking chains—chains of despair—chains of religion—chains of addiction.

God is underscoring 4 things in Branson:

  1. THIS IS NOT MANMADE. Man did not start this. Man cannot sustain it.  It remains the sole property of Christ.  These ongoing meetings draw their life from the Holy Spirit.  Jesus Christ is the sole attraction to these meetings.  He is celebrated—He is worshipped—He is obeyed.

No human talent draws the crowds.  No marketing ploy fuels the attendance.  The effectiveness cannot be tied to anything man has done—at all.

Man is not doing this…that is the emphatic message.

  1. THIS IS ORGINAL: This miracle in Branson does not copy any revival past or present. It is not trying to relive the past. It is not trying to break new ground or be avant-garde.

The bare bone nature of these meetings goes against the grain.  They do not showcase technological wizardry or hipster trendiness.  Nothing has been genetically altered in order to attract millennials.

There is little here that we normally associate with revival meetings.  On the other hand there are some very familiar elements.  The songs are new and the songs are old.  The meetings are boisterous and quiet—simple and deep—intense and relaxed.

Jesus reveals Himself as both awesome and approachable.  Pastors are challenged to the core and lost souls are won by simple faith.

6 Sunday October 25

These meetings are far from perfect but there is an eloquent design to their imperfections.  It is as if the people are asked to dip in the Jordan River seven times so that they may come forth clean.

  1. JESUS IS DEMONSTRATING RAW POWER. Luke 5: verse 17 tells us that “the power of the Lord was present to heal them.” There is one crowning feature of the Outbreak: The raw power of God to heal. Night after night, the Holy Spirit is transforming skeptics into eyewitnesses of healing power.

The Spirit of God goes out of His way to move in unique and unexpected ways.  A detailed word is given to a complete stranger and the audience watches in reverential awe as bodies change—instantly.  Others receive miracles just sitting there worshipping.

Some—as in the case of one dear sister—are healed before the meetings begin.  Glaucoma and cataracts blinded her and as she sat waiting on God two hours before the meetings began.  A flash of light hit her head.  Suddenly she can see!  Her eye doctor later confirmed 20/20 vision.

  1. TRUTH IS ROARED FROM THE PULPIT. It is a widespread myth that preachers should stay out of politics. However, our holocaust on the unborn—our debauchery—our silence about Islam killing Christians—our betrayal of Israel are not subjects for the back burner—they are crimes  to be condemned in every pulpit.

Taking stands for righteousness increases the power level.  God is grieved and outraged at the immoral policies that are being belched out of Washington.   He will back truth with power.

What we discovered in Branson is a deeper understanding of the supernatural.   Acts 4: 29 says, “Lord behold their threats and grant to your servants that with all boldness we may preach your word while You stretch forth Your hand to heal and let signs and wonders be done in the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

Signs and wonders are not parlor tricks to be squandered among bored believers.  They attest to the truth.  They confirm the Word.  God sends them to make us bold to tell a generation about sin and forgiveness.

In Branson, we have found that speaking truth in love increases the gifts of the Spirit.

Finally, let me tell you that people are coming to these meetings from thousands of miles away.  Should you come?   If you live reasonably near Branson the better question is—why wouldn’t you?

At a time of intense darkness and widespread despair…our God is demonstrating living proof that American can be saved.   Come and see.

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  1. This is absolutely true! I have been there for 20 days in October. This outpouring is purely God ordained and this is THAT which was spoken of in Joel 2,,”Blow the ram’s horn in Zion. Sound the alarm on my Holy Mountain, (in this case Branson), Everyone who lives in the land should tremble, because the day of The Lord is coming, Certainly it is near.” This is the address in which God has chosen to use as His launching pad to ADDRESS this nation and the rest of world with His undeniable Living Proof that will make Kings bow before Him!
    Go and be an eyewitness of this Pure Revival that has been set in place to heal our land!
    Connie Carpenter , Arizona

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