Branson is getting famous for something completely different


Branson is getting famous for something completely different.

People drive over 2,000 miles to come see it.  But it is not a theater show.  It has been held over for 12 weeks with capacity crowds.  But it is not a concert headliner.

It has gripped the hearts of many of many of the people of Branson—who wholeheartedly believe this is a promise come true.

An atmosphere of power bids the wealthiest and the most common to come and sit together in joyous celebration.

People walk in loaded down with care, addictions and sickness.  They leave infused with hope, free of addictions and yes—healing miracles.

Don’t take our word for it—ask those who wear the “I was healed” buttons that seem to be all over town.  They wear them proudly and stand ready to tell the story of their miracle.

red branson button

Here is how it all started:  Mario Murillo agreed to come speak for three nights at Jubilee Christian Center.    The first crowd was about 100 people.  By the final night it was unmistakable—this could not stop at 3 nights.

Since then many wonderful healings have been reported.

The report we are about to relate to you is real. Vernette’s miracle is a wonderful fact.  But—far beyond just a healing—this points out the staggering significance of what is currently happening in Branson.

To present this testimony to you, we will present Vernette’s own words—she wrote in a letter to Mario detailing her condition before her healing—interspersed with the actual words of knowledge Mario spoke to her at the point of her healing.  We give only God the glory for this miracle.

Mario: “You need a dramatic healing.  One big reason is that you cannot afford the cost of your medication.”

From Vernette’s letter: “Here is a synopsis of conditions in my life prior to last night: One of the first things that Holy Spirit spoke through Mario had to do with finances and prescriptions.  Toward the end of 2014 my insulin went from $43 to over $800 so I could no longer afford meds.”

Mario: “You have diabetes. The medicine you are taking is damaging your body.”

From Vernette’s letter: “In 1995 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I discovered much later that Insulin is not even needed for Type 2 and can be controlled with diet and exercise.  As a result it began to destroy my body.

Mario: “You also have a heart condition.”

Vernette: “In 2013, during a trip to ER I was experiencing an irregular heartbeat.  Recently, I began to experience shooting pain in my left chest area and down my arm continuing into my left abdomen.”

Mario: “You have severe pain in both your feet from neuropathy.”

Vernette: “At this point I’d been suffering for some time from neuropathy pain in my feet.  Dark spots began to appear on my legs from improper blood flow due to diabetes.”

Mario: “You also have a condition in your lungs.”

Vernette: “My x-rays showed a dark area on my lungs.”

Mario: “You have an intense pain on your entire right side.  There is damage to your neck, hands, hip and especially your leg.”  This damage is focused on your right side.”

Vernette: “On the right side of my body I’ve experienced muscle cramps and my neck and leg, severe pain in my hip…and pain so severe in the joints of my fingers that I could not straighten them.

No one who was an eyewitness will ever forget what happened next.  A radiating, overwhelming presence covered Vernette and the atmosphere shifted in the entire room.

What would have been impossible for her just seconds before was now effortless.  Her right side demonstrated the most obvious transformation.  The cruel constant pain had evaporated from her hands, hips, legs and feet.   On top of all of this… she could breathe—she could see—she was totally healed!

6 Sunday October 25

Every night miracles take place because of Jesus Christ.  The greatest miracles are the souls that are surrendering to receive a living relationship with Jesus.

Here is what eyewitness Kevin Moody said:

“God is healing multitudes in every service, cancer, diabetes, blood disorders, spinal injuries, clinical blindness, the list goes on. Salvations are happening every service, the saints are coming back to a renewed relationship with Christ seeing their purpose reestablished like it was the first time they met Jesus. 

The power, authority, and presence of Christ is viscerally tangible!!! He is revealing himself to the masses like I have not seen since I was a small child. The last 2 nights especially, I have no question in my being that the throne room opened and descended on Jubilee Christian Center. Both nights I have been so aware of the majesty and glory of the Lord’s presence that it has forced me to my knees in reverence! I wish you could be here REVIVAL IS IN THE LAND!!”

Come and see for yourself.  This Friday night at 7 PM you can be a part of a live audience in a worldwide telecast from Faith and Wisdom Church. 

Think about it…people are driving to Branson from thousands of miles away. How much more then should you consider coming?

Branson November calendar copy

5 thoughts on “Branson is getting famous for something completely different

  1. We are blessed by all the great reports, of salvation & hearings. Will you be on the Jim Bakker show, to share about the move of God in Branso M.
    Sure would be a blessing as his program goes world wide.
    God Bless.

  2. Golly! These meetings have been an extraordinary example of the supernatural presence of GOD. Thank you Mario, for your obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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