Last night in Branson was a game changer

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This is a report about the meeting at Faith and Wisdom Church last Friday November 6th.

By Mario Murillo

Last night was a game changer.  Do we even know what this really is in Branson?

Never—and I mean never—have I felt such trepidation before a meeting.  Most of our crowd had been in meetings for 12 straight nights.  Nothing kills momentum like fatigue.

I know that true revival endures major obstacles.   But even in the white hot fire of revival—having this meeting was almost too much to ask.

I stayed in the green room of Faith and Wisdom Church as long as possible.  I did not want to talk to anyone.

We decided before tonight to shut down the meetings for the holidays and reevaluate Branson in the New Year.  We planned only 5 meetings beyond tonight.

I walked in expecting to cheer up the faithful.  Instead, I got the shock of my life.   A concussion of Glory hit me.  I had just opened the door to a blast furnace.

There was no fatigue.  This felt like any opening night—only better.  Has there ever been a meeting that had more expectation for miracles than this one?  I can’t remember an atmosphere so infused with faith.

I took one look at my sermon notes and knew immediately this was no time for a sermon.  The healing words of God overwhelmed me.  They came in abundance, clarity and might.

Healing power did not just appear…it seemed to attack disease.  Giving all glory to Jesus Christ, I will relate what happened next.  I asked a woman in the center section to stand.  The Spirit of God—in mercy—had permitted me, a clay vessel to tell the detailed story of her agony.

I asked her to move her pain-ridden fingers.  The look of wonder in her eyes was unmistakable.  The healing expanded to swallow up disease in her arms, shoulders, neck, spine, legs and feet.  She was overcome by emotion and the people, with one heart rejoiced with her.

quote 1

God did not wait for me.  He ignited healing at will.  Cries of joy and loud weeping broke out in random parts of the auditorium.  People were discovering that they were healed!

Moving to my right it became clear to me that a husband and wife were being healed.  She waved her hand frantically as I relayed to her what Jesus was showing me was wrong in her body.  All pain and weakness vanished and now we turned to the husband.  I told him that he was suffering in 7 places:  His heart, lungs, legs, feet, spine, brain (memory loss) and diabetes.

The main problem I told him was that every day, he was taking several pills.  I told him that he was suffering in his mind and body from being over-medicated.  He sobbed loudly and exclaimed, “I am taking 12 different kinds of medication!”

They wrote me today and said this, “Every praise is to our God!! Mario, Bill & I came this evening, and WOW, God sent you to us! All we could do was weep! You mentioned to Bill about being on several medications, and he told you, twelve of them, the Word of the Lord was right on! Praise God we are healed!!! Thank you for your obedience!!

The power of God intensified.  It became obvious that on this night—in this church—we would witness the most the most power, glory and abundance of healing of all the nights.

quote 2

Tears flowed.  People shouted. In case after case the word of knowledge released virtue making person after person whole in the name of Jesus.  Everyone was convinced that supernatural power was present.

The powers of darkness in Branson suffered a devastating blow.  Here is the specific damage: A new generation saw clear and irrefutable miracles.  Young eyes took in the wonder of God’s glory and might!  Hallelujah!

Last night was a game changer.  The Branson Outbreak is bigger than holidays.  The people have a hunger that is unending.   What does it mean?  It means we are in the midst of something that is bigger and stronger than we imagined.

It means we really don’t know what this is in Branson.  But I have a feeling we are going to find out very soon and then…I will have really  big news for you.  Stay tuned!

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14 thoughts on “Last night in Branson was a game changer

  1. We are very troubled that the meeting has closed, hearing very negative words from the Jubliee Members.We were notified by a dear friend that there would not be anymore meetings at Jubilee Church. We are praying that MMM will soon find a place to have the meeting. Satan just intervened in people who proclaimed to be Christains!!!
    Mario and Michele we stand with you. Love and Prayers. Praying we will see you soon!!!

    1. Ted and Judy, Thank you! The meetings are going this Friday Night at Faith and Wisdom! Join us for a powerful night. Faith and Wisdom is located at 3950 Green Mountain Dr, Branson, MO 65616. We start at 7 PM
      God bless you,

  2. Bill & I are troubled, as well, that the meetings have ended at Jubilee Church. We have been ministered to, healed, and so blessed by every meeting we have attended! We stand with you, too, Mario and Mechelle! Love and prayers!! Hoping to make it down this Friday to Faith & Wisdom.

      1. I believe wholeheartedly that God has chosen Mario for such a time as this to spearhead a Worldwide revival starting here in Branson. Forces will align to thrust this movement of God worldwide. It is needed because the fields are white for harvest. Preach on Mario with power.

  3. Brother Mario, my family has come to your meetings for seven weeks. My wife and mother-in-law have received a physical touch from the Lord and the Lord has been Spiritually peeling me like an onion. We have been so blessed to be in the meetings and we give God all the glory. We will be praying that God quickly opens a new larger venue. May God bless you richly.
    Rick & Kathy Kepley

  4. Blessings Brother Mario, Shake it off! I so appreciate the time my family has been in your meetings. God has physically healed my wife and mother-in-law and He has spiritually peeled me like an onion. His sweet Spirit has shown up every night. I praise God for your faithfulness and look forward to a larger venue in Branson. May God continue to give you a warrior’s spirit and wisdom to make the right moves. Love and prayers to you.

    Rick & Kathy Kepley

  5. We were very disappointed to find Jubilee
    locked and a note on the door saying the meeting was cancelled. We had no notification of this happening. We trust there was not a tragedy of some sort. I suppose we will have a report on Friday night as to what is next. Praying for continued revival.

    1. Whatever is going on… We win! We believe in you Bro. Mario! Keep pressing into the mighty move of the Lord… Breakthrough is right around the corner. Dave and Rose Durham

  6. Brother Mario and Michele,
    My wife and I are praying for you both, and your wonderful ministry.
    You both being servants of God, your ministry is anointed by God.We know you will be
    persecuted, because you are obedient to His Will.
    God’s anointed people have always been persecuted. The saints of old , saints in Jesus ‘s
    time, also right now.
    We think of Gods beloved son and how He
    was treated, by theTemple Priest.
    What was done on Tuesday evening 11/ 9/ 15
    Was not against Mario Murillow., because the meetings that you were bringing to all the people
    Was about God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit. You spoke many times to us saying Give God The Glory. We know the meetings
    went on because you Mario was lead by the Holy Spirit, Gods obedient servant. So this being said,what was done on Tuesday evening was against God.
    Jesus our Lord and Savior said it best.Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.
    Lord we pray that you keep Brother Mario and Sister Michele strong in their ministry. Give them the strength to endure the persecutors.
    And, keep up the good fight.We feel that the world needs more people
    doing Gods work, as you are doing in Branson, Mo.
    God always takes something negative, and turns it into something positive.
    We are excited and can hardly wait for Friday evening to meet with you and the Lord. Can’t wait to see what God wants you to do. It will be mighty and awesome we know.
    My wife Judy and I have both received healings, and the blessings so great. As you always say
    The Best Is Yet To Come!!!
    We thank God we have got to be a part of the wonderful meetings with you and God.
    God’s Blessings for you both, in Jesus Name
    Ted and Judy Garrick

  7. I believe Mario is leading a revival that starts in Branson but will impact the world. He is more aware than most pastors or Christians just how serious things are both in the US and the world. Folks we are on the precipice of a world war. Russia now has tanks next door to ISRAEL.

    WAKE UP America. Revival is needed and the great harvest of souls worldwide is immenent.
    I believe a great revival will precede this harvest. Preach on Mario for such a time as this.

    1. Amen Joyce. I am thinking of different ways I can wake up people both sleepy Christians and non here in Kankakee, IL. Thank you for all you do. God bless In Jesus’ Mighty Name Amen.

      1. I have been to three of Mario’s meetings here in Branson and can attest to the power of the Holy Spirit in healings and power of revival. His message of what is really going on here in US and abroad is so right on for the times we are in. The Titanic is sinking and no one is shouting Fire. Come to his meetings. You will hear fire from the pulpet.

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