Come to Branson and Receive a Miracle.

Diners gather on a balcony overlooking the Branson Landing to en

Come to Branson and Receive a Miracle.

At this time of the year, people come from all over the world to Branson.  There are many shows going on right now—few that hold the promise of a miracle and an eternal change.  You owe it to yourself to see if God wants to use a special night to turn your life around with a miracle.

If you need healing in your body—if you know someone who needs a miracle—please pay close attention to this urgent announcement: This Friday night—Jesus Christ will heal the sick in Branson.

Have you heard what has been happening in Branson since August? Mario Murillo has been ministering to the sick—in the name of Jesus, and the results have forced him to extend the meetings for 13 weeks.

People have come to these meetings from thousands of miles away.  Busses have come from hours away. This is the outpouring of the power of God that so many—including Corrie Ten Boom—predicted would come to Branson.

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This Friday night November 13th at 7 PM—at Church of Faith and Wisdom—the healing power of Jesus Christ will be present to meet your need. This is not a cult or a hyper-emotional fringe group. You will hear Christ-centered Bible based ministry.  God is using Mario Murillo in this hour of darkness in our nation.  God is demonstrating the light of the Gospel and the healing gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Mario preaches with fire and love.  He does not fear rebuking the government for its sins against God.   The same time he ignites faith in those who need a miracle.

infoMario’s special musical guests on this night are Dino and Charles Martin.  Dino will minister at the piano with his towering talent and anointing.  Charles Martin will usher in the glory with his singular gift on the saxophone.

You will feel the power and love of God.  You will see hope.  There is a spark inside of all of us that knows God is there and He can do the impossible.   Trade one night of your life for a miracle that can last forever.


5 thoughts on “Come to Branson and Receive a Miracle.

  1. Meeting was electric tonight. Holy Spirit moved powerfully. Mario was relaxed but focused
    and effective.

    Everyone loves Mario and how Holy Spirit ministers through him. Very grateful for healings tonight. Thank you Lord!!

  2. Enjoying. Everyone. Your services. In. The. Kids. Room. Watching. Them. On. TV. At. Faith and. Wisdom. I. Am. Keeping. The. Kids. So. Othersv. Can. Be. Healed and. Saved

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