I am about to preach the most important message of my life

important copyI am about to preach the most important message of my life

By Mario Murillo

Only God knows how many thousands of sermons I have preached.  How could this next one be the most important message of my life?   It can because of three irresistible urgencies:

1.America is at the point where revival—true revival—is the only thing that can save us. How deadly is our current president? My friend, you are only aware of the meager bits of information the state-controlled media allows.  Yes—there are independent conservative outlets that are broadcasting vital facts about the murder of freedom—but we do not have the whole sickening picture of Obama’s serial killing of freedom, Christianity and Israel.

America is slumping toward Gomorrah.  The masses are over-medicated and under-informed.   Our schools are nothing but indoctrination clinics for Islam and gender bending.  The average citizen has never been this average—so oblivious to what is happening—so willing to let government reduce them to compliant zombies.


2. The revival America needs has started in Branson. I have waited all of my life to say this: All of the elements of a moral awakening—an awakening that can spread from Branson to reform America—are in this miraculous phenomenon in Branson. It is finally here…TRUE REVIVAL!

Last Friday night’s meeting brought even more verification of this with stunning miracles.  A woman stood transfixed as the Holy Spirit revealed details about her condition and how and when she became ill.  Her arms and legs are virtually useless but she begins waving her arms and running.   No one in the room is able to deny what they just saw.

When John Burton wrote his article for Charisma Magazine, he said, “I am quite undone by the recent meetings led by Mario Murillo in Branson, Missouri. Of course, I’ve been wrecked by the power of God, the intense messages and the incredible number of healings and salvations. Last night’s meeting was probably the most powerful I’ve been to in many years. It was indescribable.”

The Branson Outbreak is not centered on one man.  It is a widespread miracle that involves many pastors and ministries.  The focus is Jesus Christ.  The passion of these people to experience the GLORY OF GOD!

3. There is something coming to Branson that we are not ready for. The Holy Spirit gave me these scriptures:  John 6: 5 “Then Jesus lifted up His eyes, and seeing a great multitude coming toward Him, He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?” 6 But this He said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do.”

A great multitude is coming to Branson—we aren’t ready yet!  They are not here yet but they are making plans!  A signal has supernaturally gone out in all directions summoning souls to come to Branson.  Leaders have come from thousands of miles away without a schedule to return.  Scores of Pastors are coming at the behest of the Holy Spirit.  It would not surprise me if many who read this are suddenly gripped by the call to come and drink deeply of the River of Life that is flowing and soon to rage from this city.

nothing short

Jesus said what He said to Philip in order to test him…but Jesus already had a plan.   Is this event in Branson about to touch millions?  I fear so—with a godly fear.   A few days ago I did not realize this.  I thought we were to shut down the meetings.  The Holy Spirit showed me different.  I was not to shut down I was to change venues to accommodate new crowds.   Sometimes change can be violent—people do not like change—but I knew we had to surrender to the plan!

A nation is at stake.  A revival that can save that nation hangs in the balance.  To abort this meeting before it reaches its destiny would be worse than if it had never happened.

The rest of the plan will be revealed this Friday night.  I am preparing to preach the most important message of my life.

Not only do I expect to preach the most important message of my life…I expect this Friday Night to be the best night of the entire Branson Outbreak.  Imagine the finest and most anointed living pianist and the best and most anointed saxophonist together in an atmosphere of GLORY!  Do not miss this night

Diners gather on a balcony overlooking the Branson Landing to en

14 thoughts on “I am about to preach the most important message of my life

  1. I wish I could come there and bring my
    Husband Steve but he in the hospital with breathing ventilator and tubes in his stomach Shasta Commuity hospital redding calif

  2. “America is spiritually dying because God has sales reps and not channels of His glory. We feverishly do the right things, almost as a bribe to postpone the needed pouring out of ourselves as a living sacrifice.”
    “Spiritual awakening means that the faithful become fiery, the decent become dynamic, and the acceptable become excellent. But, most of all, we become disgusted with our evil, and totally dissatisfied with our good.
    We realize that now is the time to pull out all the stops. No program is sacred, no worthy project is worth enough. None of the ointment can be spared. It is revival or death!”
    YES! YES! YES!!!!
    Your words, Mario, and yes, how true they are!!!! It is revival or death!!!
    AWAKEN to righteousness, Oh people of God!! Let the church arise, filled with faith and the Holy Spirit!!! Prayers for you & Mechelle, prayers for Friday evening service, and prayers for revival!!!

  3. Praying and glorifying God for WHO He is and what He is doing! He is equipping Pastors and the people, as they come to Him in Branson. He is changing and refining the rest of us out here, as He wills – and i am so glad in Him! I have waited to see this since the early seventies, may God blow His mighty wind of repentance and revival, restoration, salvation, healing,deliverance and shake up whatever He has to, in order for HIS perfect will to be done. Please God, save America and deliver us from evil! Hoshienu! Let us return to You, O LORD and stand in You, clothed in your righteousness. Come and walk among Your people! Save, LORD! We bless Your Name.

  4. Hi, I have no doubt that Branson is the epicentre of a great move of Abba God… I am called to Branson too. My love for America runs very deep, I am a Brit, and in order to return I now have to have a visa, which I will get as soon as my wasted air ticket there is paid for. I believe Abba God wants to rescue America totally. I want to be a part of that move. ThankYou for keeping the meetings open there.

    1. Amen! I believe God wants to rescue America! That is why we need revival!! Jehovah Jireh will provide for you for the way He leads you to go!!

  5. Amen, I can see this revival going on for years like The Lakeland and Toronto revivals did. Branson is in a central location and is The Heart of America. There’s a high percentage of Christians in The Bible Belt Area. I beleive that the Lord is calling many to “Go See” for a season.There will be much impartation and revalation on how to deal with living in these days, come hungry their will be a banquet of warfare strategys and our main weapon will be Love. God Bless

  6. Glory, Glory, Glory be to GOD! We are most blessed to live in Branson, and look forward to Friday night, as we have each meeting, with much expectation, anticipation and excitement, praising and worshipping our Lord with each soul saved, each person healed, and the life of each person forever changed at having been in the awesome presence of Almighty God! We now know why we were so compelled to move to Branson two years ago. Continuing to pray for you, dear Brother Mario, Mechelle, Branson and America! Hallelujah! All Praise Be to GOD!

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