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America is reeling under a downpour of bad news.  We are fed an unending diet of anger and violence.  It is never safe to describe the “mood of America.  No matter how hard you try, you will generalize. My take is that America is addicted, digitally distracted, angry, depressed and skeptical.  Americans see a general defeatism in their leaders—worst of all they feel no hope for the future.

Does sound like I see much good in America right now doesn’t it?  The fact is I feel just the opposite.  I believe Americans are still the best people in the world in the important categories of faith, generosity, and courage.  And this unfolding drama in Branson proves my point.

I am as aware as anyone alive how reports of revival are exaggerated.  I am very skeptical of reports of revival.  However, for the very first time in my ministry (48 years), I can say with conviction—all the elements of a true revival are present this event in Branson.

What I just said will have a real impact on the students of revival.  They know better than anyone that real revival can overtake the evil of its time and rise to sweep a nation.

Will this miracle that has now extended for 5 months weeks do that?   Only God knows. However, I am saying is that this phenomenon in Branson has a better chance to hit America than any meeting I have ever seen.  It is nothing short of a massive collision between human need and the power of God.

nothing short

Here are 4 reasons for you to be excited.

1. Revival anywhere helps churches everywhere. The power that has come to rest on these proceedings is touching hundreds of pastors. They come from thousands of miles to receive supernatural power.  Then, they take the fire they have received back to their city. 

There is no feeling in these meetings that we are special and we are going to show everyone else how to do it.  What guests take away from these meetings is boldness and encouragement.   This meeting is not intimidation it is contagious.

True revival is the property of all of the Body of Christ.  Today the local church is under terrible assault.  Branson proves that the local church is making a fiery comeback.

2. This is not simply a good meeting. I know what a good meeting is. We have had many good meetings.  This Branson Outbreak left the realm of a good meeting a long time ago. 

The crowds keep growing.  The Glory of God keeps intensifying.  The healings miracles keep increasing.   A surge of Heaven has enveloped this community.  The unfolding miracle in Branson is now undeniable. It is no longer open to speculation.

People receive the word of life gladly.  The front of faith and Wisdom Church is transformed into a healing pool for wounded and lost souls.  The harvest is led into the prayer room.  All of this can and has happened within moments of my taking the pulpit.

last-friday copy


Healings suddenly break out in all parts of the church.  Some actually shriek as they sense pain leaving their body.  Dozens begin trying out their new arms and legs.  Before the night ends we see a large number stand and confirm that they have been healed by Jesus.

3. It keeps growing! Of course some do not believe this burgeoning event in Branson will amount to anything.  Detractors say the anti-God mood of America will swallow it up.  The usual suspects dismiss it—mindless emotion they call it—riddled with exaggerated claims they say.

But from the thousands who have actually been there—you’ll get a completely different story.  With a straight face—and a burning heart—they will tell you what is flowing in these meetings can cover America.

They will gladly explain their conviction.  They will heartily describe miracles of healing—especially their own.  They will go on and on about the atmosphere.  They will tell you about power that is breaking chains—chains of despair—chains of religion—chains of addiction.

4.You still have a chance to come and see for yourself what Jesus is doing. The meetings continue! January 29-31 the Branson Outbreak starts its 6th month!!   Friday at 7 PM—Saturday at 10 AM and Sunday at 6 PM.

Should you come?   If you live reasonably near Branson the better question is—why wouldn’t you come and see something that if Jesus tarries this region will be talking about 30 years from now

At a time of intense darkness and widespread despair…our God is demonstrating living proof that American can be saved.   Come and see.

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  1. My wife and I believe everything Mario has said. We attended every meeting from August 23rd to the first week in October and witnessed about a 1,000 healings and miracles. When the Lord gave me a word and a healing through Mario August 24th that was only the beginning of being an observer and witness of many more miraculous healings claimed by others.

    We are very hungry and are not about to stop praying and believing for a greater manifestation of God’s Glory in Branson. We firmly believe the Glory will spread throughout this nation and the Church will soon become a bride without spot or wrinkle.

    Come soon Lord Jesus !!!!

  2. We are so excited about what God is doing here in Branson, MO… God is wrapping this city in his sweet presence and glory… “All glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!…We are so thankful that he brought Mario and Mechelle Murillo here. Praise God!!!!

  3. ps. Im coming for the first time this thursday thru sunday. I take Carter Conlons Miracles and the Coming Revival as medicine I take once in the morning and once before bed. I have only a tiny sack lunch and I cry out here Lord, take it! Take me, use me!

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