Trump is crushing a corrupt system and teaching Christian leaders a lesson

Trump is crushing a corrupt system and teaching Christian leaders a lesson

By Mario Murillo

No he is not a fascist.  No he is not racist.  No, he does not think most Mexicans are rapists.  No, he does not want to herd Muslims into camps.  No I am not campaigning for him for president. If you believe any of that—save us both time and skip this blog. This blog is about how he is crushing a corrupt system and teaching Christian leaders a lesson.

Trump got the same say-this-and-die memo that the leftist media issues to all candidates. He refused to comply.   They hate him because he did not have the decency to die.   They have thrown everything at him and not only does he live—his poll numbers rise.

The state-sponsored media and the professional politicians are so desperate that they have been forced to take extreme measures.  Hollywood stars are threatening to leave America.  (They raise our hopes but never leave.)  RINOs are saying they’ll vote for Hillary.  This only makes them sound insane.

Trump met the Obamanable newsman and defeated it.   The corrupt, idiopathic spin machine of the left—which has gagged common sense, free exchange of ideas, for so long — is DOA.    MSNBC gave up and now rants about Star Wars being racist because Darth Vader is black.

What is the lesson to the church in America—especially pastors?

1 Trump says what everyone is thinking but is afraid to say. Who knew that you could say what Trump says and get away with it? No one knew until he said it. 

That is a very important thought.  Because preachers withhold vital truth based on fearful images of what might happen and not on actual crisis.

Pastors are afraid to tackle hot-button issues.  However, the Barna Group was not afraid to ask thousands of Christians and here is what they wished their pastor would preach on.

-91% want their pastor to take a public stand on abortion.

-86% want them to address the persecution of the church.

-85% want them to confront dependency on government programs.

-83% want them to speak out about restoring morals.

-82% want to know their position on traditional marriage.

Should you take a stand?  If God be for you…who can be against you?  The Bible demands it…the people want it…and God will mightily bless it.refuse

2. Trump doesn’t need your money. Trump does not study his donors. He lays out his convictions and people rally behind him.  He does not cater to special interests.  He will not get off a subject he believes in for fear that it will hurt his income.  He believes—in the end—truth will prevail.

How much more should men and women of God believe that God is their source?  Vessels of the Holy Spirit should not be hostages to boards or big tithers who have an agenda.   Truth is truth. Jesus Christ will finance His ministers.

3. He forces the question. Trump does not just disagree with Obama. He does not just rant against Obama…he forces the question.   He will not let secular progressives off the hook.   He makes them explain their stupidity.  Trump rips the mask off of a game that both Democrats and Republicans have played in Washington  for years.  He calls them on their waste, fraud and incompetence–dares them to deny it–and leaves them standing there without excuse.insert 3

Take our approach to millennials as an example.  We will not force the question on them.   We treat them with kid gloves—we allow them to terrorize the church.  We have no promise that they will ever make a commitment.

I am sick of the catering to millennials.  I am weary of those who withhold truth from them. They are not are some kind of exotic cupcake. They are young—they are afraid—and just like any youth that have ever lived–they need reality.  BOOM.

Elijah forced the question in 1 Kings 18…”How long will you halt between two opinions?”  Preachers need to force the question.  How long should a lukewarm congregation teeter between rot and revival?   Force the question!   Why can’t we have miracles in our services?  Force the question!   Do you want me to be a real pastor or a game show host?   Force the question!

4.Trump projects a vision of greatness. Donald Trump says “I want America to be great again…you got a problem with that?”   Love him, hate him, but understand why this statement resonates with millions.

It exposes his opponent’s true colors.  They do not want America great again.  They want us to fall in line with the one world government.  Manhood has been sissified by radical feminists… personal initiative has been beaten down by socialism…and Universities have become a course in self-pity.

Millions of believers are done with sermons…they want voices that declare that the Church can be great in America again—that the Gospel is too priceless to cheapen and too powerful to give an apology.  All of this was done to make us needy and compliant.

Bottom line:  I believe that a majority of preachers in America have two sermons:  The one they are preaching and the one they want to preach.  But, it is even worse than that—they have the sermon they are preaching, and the one that God wants them to preach.

Trump has no promise that the Holy Spirit will come behind him and confirm his words.  Trump has no anointing for signs and wonders.  If he then…can stand on his convictions and boldly go where no politician has gone before—then how much more should we be wholly given over to truth and dynamic acts of defiance and faith.





89 thoughts on “Trump is crushing a corrupt system and teaching Christian leaders a lesson

  1. Undeniable statements. “If God be for us who can be against us?” “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”

  2. I knew a preacher years ago before I moved out of the area that had no charisma to preach actually most of his sermons were flat out boring. Always the Same sermon with a little different twist every Sunday So When I moved back home I was so surprised to see he was now pastoring one of the largest churches in the area. I asked God one day
    Just how in the world did he build that church up to be that large. ? I heard God say to me .. Barbara , I can use anyone to fufill my purpose on earth , I gave him favor among the people … So Lately with all that’s happening in the world today I’ve asked God how in the world is Trump winning in the polls
    Are you giving this same favor to Mr. Trump so he can fufill your purpose on this earth. Just maybe it’s God favor that causing Mr. Trump. Polls to rise. I said Maybe. I’m still on the fence .. praying

  3. Thank you for being one of the few willing to speak truth. Probably the best analysis I have read from a Christian leader in a long rime.

    I am tired of 6 week sermons which are more like Bible studies, by pastors that refuse to deviate and address critical social and moral issues happening all around us, like we live in a bubble.

    The meat is bland because it is no longer seasoned with salt.

  4. My ancestors are half Muslims and half Hindu. I am now a Christian. I agree that most pastors are afraid to tell the truth or do not want to take stand strong on what the Bible teaches,

    My take on that is that they afraid that they will loose people who give money so they preach what they THINK people want to hear. Not so with Mr.Trump

    1- He tells the matter of fact
    2- He is rich and does not need financial favors from Washington
    3-He holds the valves and traditions of the USA to high standards.

    GO Trump!!!!!!!!!

  5. In your comment you say leftist say “say this or die” the right say ” say this or die”. However , the Independent party “the true Independent party” does not say this, wouldn’t do any good if they did a true independent does not follow a party line the is an individual. . The number of people that are Independent voters have grown .I’m not talking splinter groups of right or left I’m talking about INDEPENDENT FOR THE PROGRESS OF AMERICA.

    1. John the problem with what you are saying is this, NO 3rd Party can win an election!! A vote for a 3rd Party WILL ELECT HILLARY! Now is not the time to vote that way! The American People must vote for and demand that the Republican Party put Trump on the ticket! Also remember that Obama wants to remain President! He could and probably will find a way to declare Martial Law before the November election! What do we do then? We MUST raise our voices and make it clear that We the People are the ones in control, not the Republican Establishment! It is perfectly OK for Christians to get involved in the political system! Let our voices be heard!

  6. Some people may not know this . if a pastor gets “political” I.e. preaching against abortion or homosexuality then they and their church can lose its tax-free status. They become politicians and if someone pushes hard enough State/Federal tax agencys can pull their tax free status. I have seen it happen so yes pastors have to watch what they say from the pulpit . I disagree totally with this but a fact is a fact.

    1. Eric, I do not know of one instance where a church lost its exemption for preaching against abortion or homosexuality or for speaking out against a politician. If you know of one please let me know who lost their exemption. Thanks -Mario

    2. Thus why churches should willingly give up their tax free status. LikeTrump, they should beholden to no man or man-made institution. Once you accept handouts, you are being controlled. Yes, I have known churches to loose their tax-free status, it happens.

  7. He is not afraid to say what he thinks, and he really thinks a lot like we do. We just have to water what we say down to stay out of trouble. He doesn’t seem to care Who doesn’t like what he says, I Admire that.

  8. To me this is all so interesting. Trump is surrounding himself with born again professing Christians. HE WILL HEAR THE SALVATION MESSAGE! If being President gets this man to live for Jesus I am all for it.

  9. eventually i think as time goes by people that are not for trump will see the light or something will click and they will see how he can make us the envy of the world~God bless you our dear friend, Donald you are our only chance to make us proud of our president~commander and chief the real meaning of being our leader for the people and working for the people and not just the elite*


  11. You did it again Mario Murillo! I’m so excited to hear someone say what I have been feeling for years! Give ’em h…eaven, Mario! Go Trump!!!


    1. Your are talking about TED Cruze not TRUMP
      TRUMP 2016 and you can save the BS for some uneducated Christian
      If you want GOLDMAN SACHS to run the world, them YOUR A PART OF THE SYSTEM

    2. I believe King David was an adulterer and caused the death of the woman’s husband so he could have her. And how many Christian deaths did Saul (Paul) have his hand on?

  13. Remember Murillo said “No I am not campaigning for him for president. If you believe any of that—save us both time and skip this blog. This blog is about how he is crushing a corrupt system and teaching Christian leaders a lesson”. Murillo is only making a pount about truth. Vote for Cruz who is a true Christian and stands for truth.

    1. Luisa, how is it that Cruz’s wife is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, Which everyone knows thats an Illuminati organization and the vice president of Goldman Sachs and still be a CHRISTIAN?? NO WAY!!! YOU ARE DELUDED, and Foolish

  14. Mario, I love your heart and I whole heartedly respect your thoughts. But I have a couple of questions….not to be contrary or adverse, but it what you are saying is true, then why did the couple who owned the bakery and refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple have to pay such a huge fine? Why did the lady who refused to give a gay couple a marriage license get arrested and sent to jail? We are not Donald Trump and we don’t have his connections or money or influence. Yes, we do have a GREAT GOD, but somehow I don’t see that kind of power being activated until the Church unites as ONE VOICE in great number. I am enjoying what I am seeing God do through Donald Trump. I think it is pretty interesting indeed!! Love and blessings to you! Keep your thoughts coming. They’re thought provoking and makes us question what we have believed and why. ❤

  15. Amen and Thank you Mario I know with out a shadow of a doubt I am voting for the right man! Even if others don’t like it or believe it. It would be really nice to have a Common Sense President for a change.

    1. Amen, Bob…Mario has been consistent through the years. I took a “Strategy for Campus Awakening” course called Catalyst back in ’78 in San Jose that Mario taught. I was young in the faith, and it equipped me with such foundational truths, that have lasted my lifetime. Mario taught me that I can be bold and speak out against evil, and proclaim God’s truth in love.

  16. There are a LOT of people the Government hired pretending to be Christian
    trying to change peoples mind about trump for cruz. Christians are a lot of things, BUT>>>
    when it comes to this kind of stuff, We ask GOD OURSELVES to give us wisdom. NOT CBS or ABC news. I AM A CHRISTIAN, HAVE BEEN FOR OVER 30 YEARS
    TRUMP 2016

  17. A prophet, Jeremiah Johnson from Lakeland, FL spoke correctly about Trump being a trumpeter. Trump’s brash speech turned me off at first. But when I heard him address the Israel group I was won over by him. After all if God sent this man to us who are we to turn away? Let truth reign and let corruption leave the politics of America. God bless America.

  18. This is what happens when the voice of churches is silenced by accepting 501C-3 tax exempt status from the gov.. Churches willfully hung themselves.

  19. Thanks Mario, It’s been a long time sence I used to be blessed by you at Melodyland Old friend. Your right on and our pulpets need to get good old fashioned courage in them again.
    Courage to stand up for rightiousness. Courage to rattle the cages the people are trapped in. and open the cage doors and let the people out to step into the world and bring Heaven with them.
    David Martin

  20. Mario, I applaud you for saying this and agree with much of what you have said. It confirms much of what I have been saying for months now. I take exception though with two statements 1. “It exposes his opponent’s true colors. They do not want America great again.” – Are you sincerely implying that every other candidate WANTS America to fail? And you know this how? 2. “Trump says what everyone is thinking but is afraid to say.” Trump has said some vulgar, slanderous things that hopefully you don’t ascribe to.

  21. Reblogged this on MY HOPE FOR AMERICA UNDER GOD – "Hope is patience with the lamp lit." Tertulian "For we are saved by hope."Romans 8:24 I Shall not keep silent! and commented:
    I agree with you. Trouble is, no one reads anymore, knows history or cares, as it repeats itself. I believe that God’s hands are on Trump, and that he is going to be saved. Remember the Bible verse that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to come to God? Well, he DOES believe, is a Presbyterian, and THAT to me is for now enough. We are not to judge people but we are to judge their fruits. He helps people, has a heart, helped a marine who was jailed in Mexico sent his plane and gave him $25,000. Sent his plane to CA to pick up a 3 yr old who needed life surgery, as the airlines wouldn’t take him and all the hospital equipment. Look at his children. Those are the fruits of the man, Donald J. Trump. I respect him. He doesn’t drink, never smoked, has his health, is brilliant, has a phenomenal memory, has a degree in economics, and I think they are running afraid now because he will clean up Washington. While the Cruz’s are out to give us away..with this North American Union, so our Constitution will go out the window. I love Trump and respect this man who the media on the left hates. Thank you Jesus, I pray He comes to you Lord and receives salvation.

  22. Mario Murillo mentored me for several years while I was still in High school in Cameroon. The two books he sent to me, “Fresh Impact” & “Fresh Fire” are a must-read. The “Catalyst of Revival” is another powerful book of his, which I strongly recommend to all and sundry. Mario Murillo’s boldness in declaring the truth is a trait, which has characterised his ministry for several decades. Man of God, may the Lord bless you. You are one of the few living legends we still have in the body of Christ with the courage to speak the heart of God and to confront the Prophets of Baal. We of the emerging generation count it a great blessing to have you in a time like this and we pray the Lord to bless and keep you. Shalom! Dr.Etta

  23. I’m sorry. I am looking right at this and all I see is an absolute scammer who has no ethics. I don’t care what he says or what someone is afraid or not afraid to say. This mans history loudly proclaims he is more of a Bernie Madoff and Jerry Springer mix than anything. I wouldn’t work for him or have him lead me anywhere. When this demagogue is hugely defeated in the general election there will be much damage done to the Church. Many leaders will have lost their credibility and their voice. It’s a shame. You don’t need to be a high powered prophet to see that. Maybe it needs to happen so the real men and women of God will be seen.

    1. You have eyes but cannot see.
      The Last Trump is blowing in the whirlwind, the result of the Elite sewing the winds of change, through the perfidy of NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and now the TPP. He is on a mission from God, not because he is a Godly or pious man, oh no, but because God uses the most weird and unpopular men for His purposes, in this His horn is blowing and its message is clear; Sleeper Awaken.

      But you want those who have destroyed us, to continue business as usual, and do not understand, that that, is why we are dying as a country, a culture. You are Cruz man, and cannot see the inherent creepiness within him and his wife. Trump is ‘turning the tables’ on the money changers, can you not see now? Cruz and Hitlery are both bought and paid for…

      In this election, the choice is clear, The Last Trump of God, or Goldman sachs.

  24. My husband and I were born in the United States. We retired 4 years ago and are living on social security here in Cuenca, Ecuador. We have been watching the primary elections very closely. I must say the Trump is the voice of sanity and reason and confronting a corrupt government on every hand like David who slew the giant in the Bible. Trump is not afraid of thier lies, their threats, but stands tall and strong on his convictions. Go get em TRUMP and we are praying for you, your family, your businesses, and the people that surround you! God bless you Sir!

  25. While Mr. Trump seems to say what most, or at least what many people want to hear, my fear is that so did Barak Obama. While Obama didn’t seem to have much money, he certainly found a rich sponsor, to get from a nobody to a senator for a few months and then President of the USA? I was never convinced that he is a true USA citizen, qualified to hold this important office. I have the same concerns about Donald Trump. He is rich, but I don’t believe he earned his wealth or notoriety on his own, and has made his share of mistakes in business and social graces. How well does he know Jesus Christ? He is known worldwide as a business man, but what do foreign government leaders really think of him? Do they know his strengths and weaknesses? I’d bet they do, and how to push his buttons. It’s a good thing our founding fathers built a government / constitution with checks and balances. Mr. Obama nor Mr.Trump may be able to do whatever they choose to do, or are payed to do without the approval and blessing of our legislature and senate. However, even those are vulnerable to the people who have the money to manipulate the world and the people who have been imported to vote new legislature into our governmental system.
    Since the beginning of time on earth, men and women, created by God, have prospered while they obey and serve God and each other faithfully. When they deem themselves capable of making decisions on their own, without HIM, don’t serve Him, or each other, or choose leaders without concern for their relationship with God, they are betrayed by the evil one, the devil. Then they choose to live the high life in comfort and presumed safety but they remain separated from God and belong to Satan.
    One day their governments gradually remove their freedom and religion and soon abuse them, over tax them, imprison them, and kill them, UNTIL, the people realize where they went wrong and trusted in themselves rather than the one who created and loved them. Until they recognize their own sinfulness, repent and return to God and ask for forgiveness and His grace, they stay under the evil one’s oppressive control. I pray we are not too late.

    Personally, I believe we missed the boat and consistently removed candidates who know God personally and serve Him faithfully. I hope it is still not too late for this election, but whatever happens, I am confident it is in God’s plan to bring His Son Jesus back to earth to recover believers in Him. Are you one of them, or are you still separated from God
    Look at the signs in the heavens, Look at the events scheduled within the USA – even New York City Time Square, within the next few months. Jesus Christ will return soon. Are you ready? Ask your heart and pray before you vote.

  26. Am a Nigerian,but a i believe GOD wants to use DONALD TRUM to save the Americans and other Nations including my country.
    If a man that fears GOD rule,peace will reign..


  27. You should have seen Donald on Wrestlemania just a couple of years ago. He stood up to Vince McMahon and pushed him over a table right in the ring. Donald also said he’s been greedy in his life and now it’s time to get greedy for America, exciting! Donald’s third and current wife is so gorgeous she would make a great first lady. I don’t think he sleeps with married women anymore like he talked about in in book. Donald doesn’t need any special interest money he’s the guy who buys politicians. I know he has changed his stand on allot of issues and gave allot of money to Democrat politicians, but he says the right things now and that’s all that matters.

  28. Before we accept judges today and put them in position, shouldn’t we be asking them about what their opinion about Moses would be if he married homosexuals, and told everyone that if they ask them to bake a wedding cake, they would have to do it, by law….What should be our opinion about that?….Would he have broken the first and great commandment, or not?…Maybe we should think of our first amendment, as our first and great amendment.

  29. Donald Trump is a lech, and a angry people are being deluded by the thousands (I’m thinking wide and narrow gate here).

    Is a Christian REALLY supposed to delight in a filthy-minded and mouthed man who brags about his sexual exploits?

    Are Christians REALLY stupid enough to think that Trump is pro-life, when all his life he has been pro-abortion?

    As a businessman, am I REALLY supposed to be enamored with a man who – if he had simply invested all the money he was given in the stock market – would be worth more than double what he is worth now? And that without 4 bankruptcies!

    Donald Trump is a disgusting individual, and there is nothing about him that Christians should be celebrating.

    Thanks, but no thanks!

  30. As a born again, spirit-filled Christian, these truths are moving thru the Body of Christ. God is raising up a standard this yr.

  31. Great post. Wonderful comments. Someone said that voting independent was electing Hitlary. Well so be it. I have voted independent for more years than not because I refuse to vote for the lessor of two evils of the Uniparty. I pray this year will be different and that I can actually vote for some one and have peace that I did the right thing. The only difference between the two parties is the difference between white water rafting and a float trip. White water rafting you go down the river fast and furious while on the float trip you flow calmly and causually down enjoying the view and may even at times get bored. Thus this equals the Uniparty. However, Trump has changed that for this election cycle. May God Bless him.

  32. Finally someone who isn’t too tedious to beat around the bushes and tells it like it is. This speaks to my entire being. Have studied and cajoled people for 47 years and all I’ve ever got is alienation, black listed and shunned. Public, secular education has produced a generation who shuns hardcore facts but attend every collectivsing event society has to offer. Secularism also isolates the mind of children over into hedonism. They may think you are telling them truth, but!!! “it’s so out dated and old fashioned, who wants to hear that/” Truth is never “Old fashioned. Truth is always current. Secularism IS in the churche”s”. Secularized Public education is a cancer from kgn thru phd.——Parents, either home school your children or send them to a Christian School. Doesn’t God’s Word tell us to come out from among them and be separated. The answer is yes, so why do you still have your child (God’s gift to you) in and among the hedonists in secularized class rooms being taught secularism by questionable, desensitized teachers?

  33. He’s a fraud, but I am praying for his heart. God wants him saved and set free just like the rest of us. Stop pandering to politicians, church. Starting seeking the face face of God. God will give us the leadership we seek…that is a scary thought, but a scary word, but true (Israel finally got their King – it led them back to captivity in few generations).

    1. The question for me is — Do I vote for someone who is a light-weight Christian or do I vote for someone who is into a cult religion? Ever wonder why the Mormons are so cozy with the Cruz’s? In my opinion, and I no I do not want to hear the arguments pro and con, both the Mormons and the religion of the Cruz’s are cults.

      I have not voted for a main stream candidate, or an Uniparty candidate, in a very long time. I reached the point where I refused to vote for the lessor of two evils. I am praying that this election will be different by the time November 2016 arrives. If not, I will vote but not for the Uniparty.

  34. He’s teaching our children it’s OK to be rude, violent and to bully with others to get your point across… And we wonder why we have a violent society? I agree with many of his points, but how did we come to be today? We the people put these corrupt government politicians in place and supported them….. Ross Perot and Gebhart, two presidential candidates warned the American People what was going to happen back in the 90’s…. Like it or not, our government is a reflection of a good portion of our society…. Taking from the masses making the rich get richer
    “The end doesn’t always justify means…..”. I have never seen this behavior condoned in the Bible…

    1. @Protia,
      Yet, The Lord used whips and ‘turned the tables’ on the money changers… eh? Do we not understand that God uses people who are not ‘status quo ante’ to send messages?
      Ross was right, and do you think that turning the tables on the modern money changers will get us anywhere? Do you think JFK was killed by the lone gunman? Do you think the Evil ones who are the “spiritual wickedness in high places” are not the Oligarchs who sit in the high towers? Do you think playing nice, and business as usual is going to get us anywhere?

      Then you dear, are deluded in your own niceness.
      It is either gonna be, as JFK said, a peaceful revolution, or, if not allowed, will become violent. So which do you want?

  35. Reblogged this on The Devil We Know and commented:
    You know that feeling when you’ve had a festering splinter in your thumb and it finally comes out? That is the feeling I had when I read Mario Murillo’s blog post–not for his statements on Trump, but his statement on the contemporary church. The flaccid, effeminate church in America needs a vicious slap back to reality, and from the looks of the Barna poll, it’s the pastors–not the parishioners–who need the slap. I’ve fallen out of touch with Mario Murillo’s ministry over the years, but I heard him regularly back in the 1990s. It doesn’t sound like he’s gotten soft in the past twenty years.

  36. It looks to me like he has a lot of good fruit. He may not be able to quote scripture but quoting scripture does not make one a Christian. I think God looks at the heart and it has been proven over and over that Trump has a good heart. Maybe God is still working on him. I don’t choose to condemn him.

  37. I like the article! People that focus on whether Donald Trump makes a good Christian life example failed to grasp the article. It’s not even about whether you should vote for him. It’s basically about an example that he shows his kudos on dealing with not giving in to and actually pushing back on political correctness, and it shows the failing of the Christian Church leadership and membership in dealing with it. A good example: If a Christian Church member was a carpenter and he always made wobbly weak pews would you hire him to teach a volunteer church group to make the new pews for your church or would you have an expert non church member teach the volunteers?

    1. Love your example of the pews. This is so true. As Christian’s there are so many times we are our own worst enemy. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to choose a non-Christian to do business with because it got done, in a timely fashion, at a reasonable expense and the project was accomplished. Same thing happened when I moved back to the home town I grew up in. We wanted desparately to utilize as many locals as we could. That was Mistake Number 1!! Now we have no qualms about going out side the area.

      To me, I would prefer Trump over Cruz simply because I would prefer a weak Christian over a cult leader. Cruz and his family say all the right things but their religious doctrine is not sound. Trump openly admits that he is a weak Christian, but at least he believes in Jesus Christ.

      1. Thanks. We seemed to have learned the some same life experiences. I remember looking at buying a house and it was so small. The actual builder came by wearing a Christian Church shirt and was talking all Christianeze and acting so sweet and kind. When I decided that we weren’t interested as the new house had some less than desirable qualities he became rude and started using foul language. I know there are many good Christians who do good work also but that wasn’t the point here. God can use anyone whether they are Christian or not. Of course I want our President to be a good Christian that would be great!

  38. So many will read this and miss your points about pastors and just repeat that you are for Trump. Very sad for our nation.

  39. I agree about the ministers they are not what i grew up with they spoke on the bible, as children it scared us its not all flower and roses. We need to get back to the revivals and really preach gods word. Its like politics with the church also. They have to do what they are told to do.what happened to the ministers sho preach out of tents or build thier own small church and be like trump you only have god to nswer to

  40. I am not a tech-savvy woman. I “shared” the main body of this post, but I would like to post just THIS part that Mario Murillo has posted. Can someone PM me on Facebook and tell me how I can do that? I don’t know how to copy and paste, so you’ll have to keep it very simple for me. Thanks so much!! (plus, I don’t even have a smart phone…only a dumb one…haha!)

  41. Thank you for this post. It lays bare the thoughts and prayers, hopes and dreams of a restored America. Restored to truth and boldness. Our souls cry out for the truth, God’s truth.

  42. AMEN!! You’exactly right! Preachers need to preach the Truth like Trump, minus the cussing. The Church wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in if they did. The world might be able to tell the difference between a Christian and a heathen if Preachers would quit trying not to offend people and preach the Truth of the Word of God.

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