David Wilkerson and Kenneth Hagin

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David Wilkerson and Kenneth Hagin

By Mario Murillo

1 Corinthians 12: 4 “There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. 5 There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. 6 And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all.”

Am I one of a few that has equal love and respect for Kenneth Hagin and David Wilkerson?  I hope not!  Both were true men of God.  Both walked in deep prayer.  Both valued the Word of God.  Both had total love for God and compassion for humanity.  Both were prophets.  Both of them made mistakes.

I can already feel my audience choosing sides.  Some who love David’s passionate calls for repentance will attack dad Hagin for being “a prosperity and blessing preacher.”   Some who love Kenneth Hagin will say that David was always angry and negative.

If you love David’s ministry, then you know that he would fearlessly name names and attack false doctrine.  Sometimes—even a few of his most ardent admirers would secretly cringe at his rebukes of the Body of Christ.

If you loved dad Hagin’s ministry then you know that he was just the opposite.  The earth had to shake before he would name names.  Sometimes, his friends wished he would have defended himself but that was not his heart—he walked in love.  Don’t get me wrong…dad could deliver a rebuke when God said to.

Here is the bottom line:  Hagin taught faith and love.  His revelation taught the church to fight back and stand in victory with all of the authority that was provided at the Cross.   Yes, he rightly stated that we can be prospered—we should be prospered—in order to bless others.

Wilkerson was right to correct the church abandoning for her duty to love God with all of her might and to do reach out to all who groped in darkness.   But he also displayed tenderness toward lost souls and wounded Christians that was stunning to behold.  His compassion broke me and put me under the greatest conviction of my life.

Yes, he did often rebuke the church for compromise and spiritual adultery.  So if you are spiritually lazy you can say that David spanked the church and Kenneth taught prosperity.  Here’s the thing…we need the spanking and we need the money.  We need to be right and we need to establish God’s covenant in the earth.  Is that so hard to grasp?

Be careful not to reject either of these men…or you will offend God.  You cannot tell God not to use diverse voices the balance the church and push her to her duty and her destiny.

Stay tuned for Mario’s blog at 5 PM Today:   WHAT DO WE DO WITH DIRE PREDICTIONS?

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6 thoughts on “David Wilkerson and Kenneth Hagin

  1. Amen! We can’t accept Grace only without a call for Holiness, nor should we shout truth only without the love and grace! But as you said, we may have one that is more strongly proclaimed in our lives due to the gifts and calling of the Father. But we need all those gifts and ministry to make us complete as the body of Christ. Thank you for sharing. I used to watch your ministry online but lost sight of you for a long time. So glad to see you again online. God bless and keep you. Have a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

  2. I love this message and yes both are men of God now in glory, both were used of God and I deeply respect both.

  3. I don’t think David Wilkerson would like this comparison Mario. The prosperity doctrine would not stand if it were to be weighed in the light of persecution and self denial which are also scriptural. You are trying to justify a perversion of the scriptures. I’ve seen how these preachers line their own pockets with excess.

  4. I thought I was alone. We need holiness first and also prosperity (the blessings of the Lord that maketh rich and addeth no sorrow and not greed/covetousness). I love both Wilkerson and Hagin just like I have been blessed by both Leonard Ravenhill and Lester Sumrall. There is a balance. Few find it but I pray God will keep us there. Thank you for this post Mario. I thought I was alone 🙂

  5. today (10/28/2020)there are well over 100 different Bibles all claim to be God’s Word. At times one Bible directly contradicts another; this does not seem to be a concern to most people even most people who are in full time ministry. Psalms 12;6-7 in the KJV says “The words of the Lord are pure words tried in a furnace of earth purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them oh Lord , thou shalt preserve from this generation forever.” I believe the King James Bible is the best Bible if any other or others contradict it I always hold to the KJV. THANK YOU

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