Whatever happened to the Branson Outbreak?


Whatever happened to the Branson Outbreak?

By Mario Murillo

The last time sermon I preached in Branson was on December 6th.   That was 45 days ago! We faithfully reported to you the supernatural events that began last August 23rd.  It has been described by many different people as a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   Many have stately flatly that they were healed by the power of God and that subsequent exams prove their miracles.  A steady stream of souls overflowed the front night after night giving their lives to Christ.

An unintended consequence of the Branson Outbreak was the impact it had on pastors—many who travelled to Branson from thousands of miles away.  They came from 20 different states expecting their ministries to be revolutionized.   Many have testified that they got more than they could have imagined after they were overcome by the Glory of God.

garycarol copyThe question remains…what happened?  Did it lose steam? Was it a flash-in-the-pan emotional high?  Whatever you do—don’t let the vibrant army in Branson hear you say these things—you will be roundly but lovingly rebuked!

“This revival must not be in your feelings or in human excitement.  It must be in your hearts.  The fire must be within.”  Those are virtually the last words I said before leaving Branson.  They truly took it to heart.

The only thing that left Branson was the evangelist.  The fire stayed.  The glory stayed. And the momentum stayed.   Here are the heroes who kept the fires burning.

Pastor Gary and Carol McSpadden lead Faith and Wisdom Church.  This is the present home of the Branson Outbreak.  Millions have followed Gary’s singing career through the years.  Today he is a powerful preacher/teacher of the word of God.  His lovely wife Carol is a wonderful woman of God who is greatly gifted in ministry.  They are also pastoring a revival!  They are not just keeping the fire before the people—they have stoked the flames!   It is a joy to work with a powerfully anointed couple who know how to facilitate the moving of the Holy Spirit.

John and Deb

John and Deb Davis are revivalists.  John is the official ambassador at large of the Pensacola revival.  Today he works closely with John Kilpatrick starting revival fires all over America.  John Davis is a mighty preacher and revivalist in his own right who has had extended meetings that have gone for several months at a time.   It has been humbling to see John and Deb come almost every night to the Branson Outbreak on top of their already busy schedule.   They have consistently promoted the Branson Outbreak to pastors and they are still spreading the word!

Tony and Brenda Krukow are a priceless gift to this revival in Branson.  Brenda of course, is the daughter of Billye Brim.  The first thing that Jesus revealed to me about the GLORY that was coming to Branson was the key role that Billye Brim has in revival here.  Prayer Mountain is a sacred place of power.  I am the beneficiary of their years of prayer!   Tony is an attorney but even more a powerful man of God.  Brenda has all of the firepower of her mom!   They have been at almost every meeting since it began and I am indebted to them for their prayers and support.

Tony and Brenda Krukow copy

Branson has always been a special place.  Now it is going to be a strategic place—a stronghold of GLORY for America and the world!

Oh, and to answer your question about what happened…I am on my way back to Branson!  The fire is going to burn hotter and bigger in 2016!   On Friday night January 29th at 7 PM—on Saturday Morning January 30th at 10 AM—and on Sunday January 31st at 6 PM I will again team up with these amazing people.   The army will be back together.  The miracles will come in abundance and we will be drenched in the Glory of God!

still-burning-copy1 copy

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      1. sad I am not going to vote if the leadership continues to give America to OBAMA. Guns taken away, Marshall law. Mitch and Ryan need to be hung in the mall. We have given away our precious country to a terrorist President. Christian church is blind. Your Cory vision, and now your not coming back her to light the fires of revival.

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