Poll: Evangelicals flocking to Trump
By NICK GASS 01/26/16 06:06 AM EST

Donald Trump’s outreach to Christians is bearing fruit, if results of the NBC News/Survey Monkey weekly online tracking poll out Tuesday are any indication.

Among white evangelical Republican voters nationally, Trump earned the support of 37 percent, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, whose father is a pastor and has played a key role in recruiting faith leaders to support his son, is at 20 percent. In the same survey conducted the previous week, Cruz registered 9 percentage points higher. Below the top two contenders, Ben Carson earned 11 percent among evangelicals, and Marco Rubio took 10 percent.

The Manhattan business mogul, who is Presbyterian, made headlines throughout the course of the past week for his various interactions with fellow Christians, including a stop at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, last Monday. Delivering the weekly convocation address, Trump caused a stir when he made reference to a book in the Bible a “Two Corinthians,” rather than the usual nomenclature, “Second Corinthians.” (Trump later claimed that it was written that way in his notes, and besides, his mother was Scottish and would have said it that way.)

Trump also attended a Presbyterian service in Muscatine, Iowa, on Sunday, at which the pastor made reference to the ongoing immigration crisis, a central plank in the Republican’s campaign, and humility, in general. “I don’t know if that was aimed at me,” Trump said later.

The poll’s overall week-to-week standings show little shift with Trump leading the field at 39 percent, Cruz at 17 percent and Rubio at 10 percent. No other candidate received double-digit support.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton’s advantage remained in double digits, at 51 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 37 percent.

The poll was conducted online from Jan. 18 to 24, surveying a national sample of 9,690 adults, including 8,215 who indicated that they are registered to vote. The poll included 2,327 Republicans and 2,780 Democratswith margins of error of 2.8 percentage points and 2.2 percentage points, respectively.
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Mario’s note:  This is not presented as an endorsement of Donald Trump but to report what is going on.  Something is happening in our nation that we should be paying attention to.  In the coming months the church will have to pray through on whether Trump  is a blessing or a curse.


  1. Trump is using Conservatives because he sees them as a group that he can easily manipulate. There is not a conservative bone in his body, either fiscal or social. This may very well be the biggest ruse every pulled on the American voter. A Trump candidacy is certain to bring about a Clinton president in my view. If “born again Christians” can support a candidate who is on record supporting partial birth abortion, gay marriage as well as many other progressive positions, then they have sold their conscience to what they perceive as a man who will give them safety and prosperity while ignoring his amoral positions. I doubt they shall have either.

    1. Ted Cruz and Beck are both the same, I would not listen to any of them. Trump is the only one who tells the truth and is a christian, you can tell by his morals and his children. One GREAT MAN!
      These posts dont sound like christian to me.

      1. Trump a “Christian “? There’s one I hadn’t heard. He who fancies himself the “Savior of America and doesn’t care about someone who goes and gets himself nailed to a cross” ? (His words) A Christian? Trump who see’s no need to repent and ask God’s forgiveness (his words) A “Christian ” ? That’s rich right there!

  2. I totally agree with John Willis’ comment. My spirit has been troubled from the beginning about Trump, especially when I see fellow Christians clamoring for more of Trump. It appears too much like what people were doing over Obama when he was first running for President. But at first, I was just being cautious and not jumping on board right away. Besides the fact that I’ve been for Ted Cruz from the day he announced his presidential candidacy. He is TRULY a Born-again believer and will listen to what God tells him to do rather than make himself God the way Trump appears to be doing and only do what he thinks should be done. Then I started reading about Trump’s liberal record. And now I know that my spirit was giving me a check about Trump. He really is just an opportunist and knows what we Conservatives want to hear. Yes, we Conservatives need a voice but Trump is NOT our voice. And he’s not born-again even though he professes to be a Presbyterian. This is not judging on my part, it’s a fact. He stated that he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness because he is good, he tries to be good. He has no idea that “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God” and therefore we ALL need to ask for forgiveness from God for our sins and give our lives TOTALLY to God. That’s the ONLY way to be born again. If he’s not born again then he is not going to consult God about whatever needs to be done as president. The ONLY way this country is going to be saved from the path of destruction it is on is if we ALL pray for our nation, including our president. And seek God’s guidance. Trump is too full of himself to humble himself before God or anyone.

    1. your right about trump, but wrong about cruz, he doesn’t act like a christian either, except when he’s acting, he does his best to keep it under wraps but he get very nasty sometimes and what his campaign manager did to Carson was unthinkably evil, but then little angel Cruz didn’t know a thing about it did he ? No that is exactly why he has such an evil man at the head of his campaign and shows he is no real christian and can’t be trusted, he is an underhanded politician and will do anything to win, you need to check your spirit and pray and seek Gods face on this one. if he were really sorry about what happened he would get the evil out.

  3. Unfortunately the Presidential selection process on the Republican side has been calculated by the Republican elite for along time and this has caused great disgust by the party voters. Just like the last election the party elite have candidates they have chosen to represent them in the election and they use their power to push those candidates upon the masses. It doesn’t matter to them if the candidate is the best person for the job. I think that this is one of the reasons Mr. Trump is doing so well in the polls. He beats to his own drum and doesn’t seem to be under anyone’s control and America likes that.

    I like Senator Cruz myself, not only because he is a Christian, but also that he is a man of character. He has a record of defending the Constitution and has represented the State of Texas well by doing the things he promised his constituents he would do when he was elected. He has fought against the Democrat Party as well as his own when nobody else had the courage to do so. His integrity and character are a fine example of his faith and what it means to him to represent what a Christian man should be!

    This election is far from over and a lot can change from now to election time. I do believe that God chooses our leaders and we all have our own thoughts about who it should be, but this is possibly the most important election of our lifetime and a lot is at stake. It is not going to be an easy battle, but I don’t think we should count him out just yet!

  4. Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck stood in front of Iowans today and announced they need to bring in many, many Atheist Marxist into this country…They are New America proponents .. the very same as Fox News Open Borders..who Fox is owned as well by Saudi Arabia..Now if you people who can’t see or don’t investigate what is right in front of your noses…You have a Cuban immigrant, a Canadian immigrant and Jeb who is in love with Open Borders and NAFTA…wake up…the Plan is to have NO BORDER AT ALL…Fox’s Murdoch with 24 million viewers slurps in money to bring immigrants in this country at an astounding rate..They are “personnel” hired by foreign owned countries that are here invested in…H1B Visas Cruz proposed (on video) to increase them by 500%..350,000 immigrants to take jobs in America…He states on the video that then this will create jobs under them for some Americans…A spokesman wrote that there are 11 million degreed Americans who are STEM prepared…will not hire them..not an immigrant. Your cost? Your way of life…they are taking our land, our jobs and you might read Steve Goode as he reports on the White Genocide..your faith will be rolled over. You will find Cruz spouting it, but you won’t find him looking for persecuted Christians, in fact, you can find him on video in a speech and he flat screamed his denouncement of them…Trump has totally volunteered his seriousness in stopping this MADNESS that has reached epidemic saw how fast Europe folded (by Soros) who took down the Soviet Union and other countries…Trump has the power to fight him because if you are not a billionaire..your elevator does not go up to their level and their level is turning the world inside out…Trump is the knight in shining armor, but because he is throwing everything he has into the demise of America…some of you sit there and tout criticism at him not even knowing anything deeper than men on a stage barking at each other…Trump is going to be the President and you all need to drop these Open Border bought out idiots and help us put him in office to tear the living crap out of DC and put that power into the Executive Branch…If you need further proof…go to Lou Dobbs. Go study and research…Ck out Gen Petraeus as he spends his new life promoting the North American Union. Say No to this stuff and get this country evacuated of Saudi Arabia and take their “personnel” with them and get Americans working…Trump will have to get companies back in here…omg…it is horrible…Just vote Trump.

    1. Ask yourself this question; How does Donald Trump measure up to the Ten Commandments? i.e. What is Trump’s view of the Ten Commandments?

      1) No other gods- Who is Trumps god? I think we all know, hint $$
      2 No Idols of silver or gold etc.- nuff said
      3) Do not misuse God’s name- Does anyone really believe that this (publicly) foul-mouthed and vulgar man does not do this, not even off mic?
      4) Keep the Sabbath (things of God) holy- Trump made fun of the transforming power of Christ; he said Ben Carson (violent temper) is “like a pedophile you can’t change that” and the Christian people of Iowa are stupid to believe that.
      5) Honor parents- I guess he’s ok there… since his daddy gave him a couple million bucks.
      6) Do not murder- Jesus said in (Matthew 5:21-22) “You have heard that our ancestors were told, ‘You must not murder. If you commit murder, you are subject to judgment.’ But I say, if you are even angry with someone, you are subject to judgment! If you call someone an idiot, you are in danger of being brought before the court. And if you curse someone, you are in danger of the fires of hell.
      7) Do not commit adultery- Trump has bragged about his sexual escapades, and that he probably won’t stay married to his current wife, and even said that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter.. he’d probably date her.
      8) Don’t steal- Trump believes in using eminent domain, and tried to use it to take property from people for his benefit.
      9) Don’t bare false witness- Even according to the NY Times, Trump is the most dishonest of all the candidates.
      10) Do not covet- Again, Trump coveted the property of others, including an old widow. Trump also believes in government subsidies, which is nothing more than legalized theft.

      We are also told in the New Testament;
      Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is NOT in him. (1 John 2:15)

      Perhaps you are considering voting for this wolf in old goat’s clothing because you think he might be good for the economy i.e. YOUR pocket, then consider what Jesus himself said;

      “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24)

      Say NO to Don the deceiver!!

  5. If God used murderers Moses and Paul to accomplish his purposes, and not the ones you would’ve thought best, then he could use Trump if he wanted to…just saying

  6. Moses, Paul, David, Elijah…all flawed but their hearts were in the right place, I question whether that can be said about Trump.

  7. It’s a blessing ! Trump is the ONLY candidate running for office who opposes the North American Union. He will eliminate ISIS – a threat to Christianity. He’s NOT weak on our national security…and he doesn’t care who he ticks off because our safety comes first. I compare him to Cyrus, another builder, one who didn’t know God, but was called a nd qualified to do the bidding of the Most High. He restored Jerusalem and the Temple, and Trump (through the anointing of God) will restore America !!!

  8. the comment that came from Trump where he said, “I’ve never asked God for forgiveness exemplifies an incredible, almost unimagniable, amount of pride and arrogance. He doesn’t know the Jesus of the Bible or he could never say that. I like his anti-PC stance, but, his arrogance and cut throat style is not befitting the office.

  9. Oh my God. He said 2 Corinthians? He MUST be burned at the stake!!! Seriously? I’ve heard the term “2 Timothy” for as long as I can recall and it never seemed to cause a scandal.

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