if she wins


By Mario Murillo

It does not take a prophet to predict that Hillary will do irreparable harm.  That likely hood is well supported by a shipload of scandals, criminal acts and an endless trail of lies.    No sane person believes that she will automatically reverse course and be a decent competent president.

Hillary will destroy America with stunning finality.   For anyone pining to see the demise of America…Hillary is the ideal next step.  She is Obama 3.0…and something worse.


How she is worse is seen in a simple comparison.  Obama is a malice-driven ideologue.  His passion is to dismantle the United States.  His hate for America, Christianity and Israel informs every policy.

Hillary is not an ideologue.  There are no code, any manifesto or core beliefs with this one.   She lusts for power.  She will say and do anything in order to hold on to power.  Even her marital martyrdom to a serial adulterer is all for show to keep her in the game.

If she is elected president there are 4 things that will happen.  There is no maybe in this—these 4 things are guaranteed to take place.

 Economic collapse: She will continue secular progressive bloodletting.  She will increase addiction to government handouts.   We are nearing $20 trillion in debt.  Under her influence we will reach economic critical mass:  a debt we can never pay off.  America’s standard of living will never recover.


Moral nuclear winter:   Islam and immorality will enjoy widespread appeal as despair overtakes the nation.    The rights of Churches, Christian hospitals and colleges will be wiped out.  Free speech will evaporate.  Believers will be unable to move up in corporations or will be fired for their faith.    She will also abandon Israel with the same heartless ease that she abandoned the Americans in Benghazi.

Violence and death will overtake our children:   Discard morals—throw God out—honor debauchery and you will turn entire urban areas into killing fields.  The disregard that Obama engendered toward police will become outright rejection of law and order under Hillary.  Crimes will not be reported.  Guns will be confiscated leaving the average citizen utterly helpless.

She will also import criminals and terrorists.  Obama opened the borders—she will open the floodgates.  The cops will be hog-tied and violent offenders will avoid prosecution.

We will lose our Constitution:  Hillary has already boasted that she will exceed Barack Obama’s use of executive orders.  She will add justices to the Supreme Court that favor her mission to sidestep the constitution of the United States when it interferes with her ambitions.    She has repeatedly said that she wants to rewrite parts of the Constitution.

If she wins—historians will not ask “how did Barack Obama get elected” or even “how on earth did they reelect him?”  They will ask: “Why did they guarantee the death of the nation by electing Hillary Clinton?”


  1. Prayer is our only hope here in America. We must hold on and fight for the outcome with the faith of God to manifest the outcome. Not our faith but the faith of God. ll Chronicles 7:14 If my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from there wicked ways; then I will hear from Heaven, I will forgive there sins, and heal and restore their land. We are starting a
    “PRAYER FORCE”, like we have not seen since
    WW l l. We here in Chandler AZ. Are doing just that. So be informed of that very fact. We are not playing church here. Although we don’t belong to an organization or church group we meet at one designated area or home and pray and study God’s Word most every night… I will be in touch Mario let you know how things are going. We stand with you, one nation under God indivisible an undefeatable-body, one in Christ Jesus, the spirit of the living God. My prayers are continually going upward for Mario Murillo and his team. Thank Mario as he continues his fight in defeating the powers of hell.
    Steve and Glenda Ellison aka

  2. strong words but I agree with them why we must work hard to elect pro-life pro family candidates to office this year.

  3. Reblogged this on Yahushua's Cleansing Reign and commented:
    This is so frightening and SO true. I, personally believe so far, that Trump is our best decision mainly because he can’t be bought, he is funding his own campaign which means he is NOT a puppet. Then of course, there is always the chance that that is all staged as well. But ANY choice, of just about anyone would be a better choice than Hillary.

    1. Trump has not allegiance to anyone but his own beleofs and desires – and he as demonstrated them as a liberal Democrat until he began to think about being President, three years ago. Hitler wasn’t anyone’s puppet, either. That is a very poor single issue for considering someone to become president. While he is certainly liable to be better than a candidate from the party of Death and Hell, he is a deal cutter, and we don’t need deals ANYMORE! We need to the rule of law that treats all men equally and someone who is absolutely committed to execute the Law as a Constitutional Executive. Trump doesn’t fit this mold at all.

    2. John D. Rockefeller, an Ohio native, started Standard Oil. Rockefeller was at one point the world’s richest man and first ever American billionaire. Considering he was a billionaire in the early 1900’s he is still considered as the richest person in modern history. When a reporter asked him, “How much money is enough?” He responded, “Just a little bit more.” Just because Trump has money doesn’t mean he can’t be bought. People with money and power always want more; that’s why he’s even running for president in the first place, for more power.

      1. Matt 19:23-24 … this is talking about the rich man and heaven.

    3. Trump might be finding his own campaign but that doesn’t mean he does not have an agenda! Plus he lacks many skills needed to be a leader. Multiple companies under his leadership have declared bankruptcy on multiple occasions. Not just one but I believe 4 different companies have gone into bankruptcy under his leadership. Plus he lacks tact in delicate situations. He is a bull in a China shop. He would ruin this country. Just because he is personally wealthy doesn’t mean he is a good presidential choice. If he gets elected it would be worse than Hillary. I hope neither one wins but trump would be a nightmare in office. I understand people like him because he is not a politician but he is going to drive off every single one of our allies. Why would you vote for him aside from the fact he is finding his own campaign? Have you listened to anything he says? He argues like a 5 yr old with anyone who opposes anything he says. It’s ridiculous!

      1. On Trump, you hit it. He’s Ross Perot without the screechy voice and DNC backing.

  4. OBAMA + HILLARY = ABSOLUTE DEATH to our Beloved Republic! It will not matter how we vote at all if we don’t start right now with feet on the ground working in each of our own areas to change the voting system! Computers are too easily rigged!
    1. All votes must be by indelible pen on a ballot card with a serial number and the Voters Social Security Number added at the time of voting!
    2. All voters must be on a Voter’s Roll for their area! It is the voter’s responsibility to be sure they are on this “Voter’s Roll”.
    3. The Voter must show a Valid Vote ID Card which includes a photo and Fingerprint on a secure card such as a Credit Card.
    4. These Voter ID Cards are scanned at the polling station! If a duplicate vote is detected, following the voting these Duplicate Votes must be investigated.
    5. After voting, These Voter ballot cards are inserted into a transparent ballot box. The ballot cards are printed with a fluorescent dye to ensure authenticity. Ballot boxes to be boxed and sealed, only to be opened in front of all Observers at the polling station! Any tampered boxes to be scrapped.
    5. Spoiled vote cards should be eliminated from the election. Abstentions should be an option for votes from the whole election.
    6. Votes may be counted by machine, though all parties at the election should have the right to count the vote with their own machines. The final tally has to be agreed between the observers.. Not the counting machines!
    7. The vote should ALWAYS be countable by hand. This is crucial. We must have a ballot that can be determined by physically counting either by machine or by hand. In the UK, all counting is done by Government Officers in front of representatives from the political parties as well as a representative for the Independents. These representatives sign off on all votes counted BEFORE the count numbers are reported. Judicial Oversight is available at the count and the reporting with power to annul an election and call a thoroughly scrutinized/supervised byelection.
    8. When investigated, any person guilty of Voter Fraud or attempting same must be sent to prison and excluded from voting for LIFE! If they attempt to vote again, return them to prison! http://www.ObamaVoterFraud.com/

    1. Contrary to what many are saying about Trump, he is pro Constitution, pro America, pro freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion as Hillary is. Of course Obama was and is a Muslin, not a Christian. He promoted Islam constantly and worked feverishly through Executive Orders to squelch Christianity, especially in the military. Obama’s and Hillary’s agenda is to turn America into a Socialist state. Please observe that Full Socialism has never worked anywhere-and never will. Any large government that gives you everything can turn around and take everything away and that leaves you a SLAVE! Trump wants free enterprise, capitalism, low taxes, smaller government and a truly GREAT AMERICA…

  5. How can any sane sincere American christian discount what you have written? I might add as well, Hillary (a professed christian) is on record for saying/believing that the bible is not the word of God, in other words cannot be taken literally. Maybe if the christians? who voted for Obama had had knowledge of what Obama’s pastor Rev. Wright preached, Obama would not have been elected. Who also in their right mind would want a repeat of the Clinton presidency? A half impeached president involved in a sordid sex scandal with an intern. What evidence is there to lead “we the people” to believe that the “other half” of this deadly political Bonnie and Clyde is any better?

    AUSTIN, TEXAS! The Real Ideals Of Freedom Murder By The One Who Would Tell The People They Work For Freedom, And “I Say Yes They Do It’s The Freedom To Seal From The People And The Freedom To Kill Your Children When Wont Too!
    So what everyone deserves the chance to make money to eat, feed their families, and other things that are important for FAMILY SERVIVAL!
    BESIDES: “What of the people that be afforded the opportunity to sieve in Washington how continue to lie to the people call for are Military for the continually cause distraction to innocent Families, and the distraction of properties which people have built”!

  7. Many years ago in a church I was attending there was a word of Prophecy that someday a woman will become president and ruin America.. If this is time for that prophecy to be fulfilled we will just have to lean on God for our preservation

  8. Well if America believes Obama is a born again Christian born in HAWII. They will believe anything spoon feed them. Educate the people if possible?

  9. If you understand Revelation in the Bible, I don’t think the USA will survive Obama. I think there will be a WWIII and that Russia will destroy us. We are the Mystery Babylon in the bible, I can see it so plainly. It will be the end of the USA.

    1. Gen. G. Washington at Valley Forge gave orders one evening he was not to be disturbed. The war was at its lowest ebb for the colonies. We were losing on all front, men were starving to death. He went into his tent to pray and work on his journal when a child appeared. He was displeased, but found himself unable to speak. This ‘child’ gave him 3 prophecies about America. The first showed America growing across the continent–which at the time was impossible, Spain and France were world powers. The second, a terrible war of brother against brother. The third, black clouds (or humanity) come from N. Africa and Asia and cover the nation. As the cloud was blown away, the cities were ruins, and few people remained, but Americans were singing praises to God for deliverance. These were published in the 1850s, but atheists try to late-date them. But, apparently, many people knew of them.

      When I was a very young child, I had a dream of a city. People were cold-spirited, the place dirty, and crowded. Then a cloud appeared, covering everything. Dust blew all over and I couldn’t see anything. As it cleared, the city was in ruins and perhaps one-in-ten were there, all singing praises to God and though they were poor and hungry, they delighted in the Lord. I told my father about the dream and he got very quiet, then changed the subject. Years later, I was shown the prophecies. Since then, I’ve come across a number of people with similar prophecies. America belongs to God. Babylon never did.

      Hillary is not God’s will, but if enough Christians refuse to battle for the nation, she’ll win because He’s tired of us. Yes, I believe she’ll win, that Trump is a spoiler or at best just having fun again.

      Who is the Whore of Babylon? I’m guessing, but I’d say Jerusalem, the apostates. A huge percentage of Jews are atheists or apostates. The nation declared herself an atheist nation. People who work against God are condemned to death. Keep the faith and remember to hide in the secret place in our Father when you pray. That’s what prayer in truth and Spirit is, hiding with God 🙂

  10. All Christians need to get on their knees repent and pray for the nation. I believe that if Hillary wins, America as we knew her will be gone.

  11. Lets be honest with one another, At Least Now that we are at the cross-roads that will either destroy Our America as we have known it or the 2016 Election will be the one in which we “Take-Back-Our-Nation from the grips of Islamic Communistic Socialism that has been going on since 2006 to date.

    There have been many a prophet … Many “Watchmen-On-The-Walls” within our society that have WARNED our nation’s leadership, voters and the American people as a whole for over this past decade (2006 – 2016) …

    Many have heard the cries of the Watchmen concerning the threats that the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), their strongman Barack Hussein Obama and those who seek America into Islam, socialism and finally into the New World Order (N.W.O.) … While other Americans, Many Christians as well hav a distorted view about Islam and Socialism that has deceived even some of God’s own elect … But the TRUTH of the matter is, God Almighty Jehovah has WARNED us all through those prophets and Watchmen of the impending attack so that we can prepare for both Spiritual and Physical Attack against Him, His Kingdom, Our Free Constitutional Republic and our way of life …


    Even now in this article, one of God’s own elect has a Warning to the Voters of our nation to truly PRAY and SEEK the Face of God before you go into that election booth at the Caucus’, the Primaries and in the General Election this November … When Millions of Jews and Christians alike have had track records of voting for the DSP since 2006 up to, to date …

    We MUST ask ourselves; WHY … Why would those who are called by the name of God as CHRISTIANS would they vote for those from our local, state and federal governments that is TOTALLY against God, His Creative and Kingdom principles, His Word and against ALL Godly Morals, ethics and integrity … Why would they Vote Against their Constitutional Republic and the future of their families as well as their Freedoms and their own way of life … WHY … Why are they allowing themselves to be led as sheep to the slaughter rather than being led by the precious Holy Spirit ???

    1. Amen, bro. In the 30s, Joe Kennedy read Mein Kamph and became a staunch Nazi. He tried to blackmail FDR into declaring the US a Nazi state. Then we entered the war. Post war, he was still trying, but subdued. Soros, one of the owners of the DNC, became a Nazi at age 14. He gave the Gestapo a list of wealthy Jews in his city, and where they were, where they hid their wealth, and became wealthy doing it. since then, he’s been a firm believer in Nazism. Obama is worried, he claims, over the state of nuclear affairs. He should be. Hillary sold China and N. Korea our secrets. Since her presidency, we’ve moved far up, and now she has new and improved things to sell them. Lean on Father God, because He’s always been our only prosperity.

  12. Melissa, my son-in-law is Sunni, foreign born. Do you remember from history about the massacre of Armenian Christians in Turkey? Most Turks then considered themselves moderates and modern. They intermarried with Armenians and Kurds and got along fine. Then a imam preached hate and lies about an Armenian burning a Qur’an. Violence was small, at first, then the haters used violence against moderates, forcing them to join the killings. It escalated and how many Armenians died from that? My son-in-law loves me like I was his father. He’s one of the nicest people I ever met. He’s welcome in this house any times and knows it. In fact, I get along far better with him than my daughter. He wants to be all-American, not just a foreign-born citizen. He told me once, that if his children were ever in danger and killing me would save them, he’d do it in a heartbeat. That was on an anniversary of the massacre. I agreed he could try. I witness to a lot of Muslims, most of whom want to learn about Jesus, if they’re treated as normal, intelligent humans. But when the trouble starts, there will be no moderates. Not when there are children being threatened.

  13. I love and respect you Evangelist Murillo But I don’t believe 6 million born-again Christians voted for Obama.
    Any born-again Christian would not do that
    I believe Obama was either put it in there by fraud or 13 million blacks voted for him.
    And a few Bible ignorant Americans.

  14. 6 million born again believers put Obama in by NOT voting. They had better change that trend. There is no bellowing voice in the Christian community right now. Farakan had a 6 million man march on Washington. The liberals had occupy Wall Street. Their voices were heard and plastered all over the news. Where is the Christian outrage and visibility. We need someone to organize and call for a march on Washington DC….not that Obama or Hillary would pay attention, but to wake up Christians.

    1. Perhaps a first, the old-women in the family are working towards voting for a liberal. Prior to this, most Native Americans would stay out of the ballot booth. Hillary Clinton has a variety of names in Native America, none of which are complimentary, but very telling. Hilda-Beast, for one, for her callous disregard for human suffering. She tried to stop Reagan from stopping the Moskitos Indian genocide in Nicaragua (who were Christians, but pacifistic before Reagan talked them into fighting back), refused to say anything on the Tarahumara famine which killed 9,000 people, the Waco horror, the Navajo destruction and deaths of many under the Clinton rule of avarice. The list is endless and her racism blatant, earning her the name Hitlery for that and her hatred of Israel.

      We are in a Wiemar Republic, which set the agenda for a socialist take-over of Germany. The socialist they got was Hitler. The DNC had chosen Hillary to run right after Pres. Obama’s first win. That was the deal they set up, why Bill made racist comments against Obama in public. To make certain Obama was the DNC choice.

      Yet, God chose Obama. the nation was moving too far from the Lord and we needed a little spanking. If we continue to walk away as a nation, then the Black Clouds prophecy by Gen. Washington will occur. It’s set. 18.5 million Muslim voters are going to come in to replace Hispanics disgusted by the DNC, and are now against them. Fight while you can, or be fighting in the streets when the Muslims revolt against the DNC and attempt to take over. It’s begun. They started the war and all that’s left is Christ to return and ‘go from nation to nation with blood spattered on His robes’. According to the prophecy by Washington, America will be left devastated. Look at what we’re against, la Raza, started by Franco, a Nazi. The DNC, which became the American Nazi Party under Soros. Europe is heading into Nazism from atheism. Islam, which took in all those SS to train them to kill Christians and Jews. The gay agenda, and Hitler was a gay. The green eco movement, Hitler declared it a natural part of his party.

      Because the powers that run things are antichrist, we’re due for another, worse, spanking from a loving Father. Israel survived and so will we, but at what cost? so, having gone on too long, all I can add is VOTE! At least be heard by voting against the Nazis or you’re part of them.

  15. Written by a seasoned, prophetic woman of God now serving on the M.E. mission field.

    April 1, 2016

    Many years ago I was quite active in politics, voting since I was of age, but that all stopped completely after the first George W. Bush election, when Father began showing me the reality of how both political parties are basically the same, controlled by those with the same evil agenda.  I never imagined I could be writing something like this at this point, but after much research, prayer & contemplation, feel I must. 
         One month ago I was sent an email very strongly warning against Donald Trump as president of America.  I was shocked & replied that what was written didn’t witness in my spirit at all, & had watched only a couple debates with numerous candidates that were still involved.  I had no intention of following the whole fiasco, but then I was sent a second email about Trump, with totally different, but negative information.  Now I felt inclined to look into this further, so spent many, many hours online, watching many debates, news programs, interviews with him, his wife & children, reading about his parents, siblings, ex-wives, & how it is he became who he is today.  I have never been a “Trump” fan, knew very little about the man, had never watched his “Apprentice” program & had no desire or reason to investigate him, but was led to learn more because of the warnings.
    I have seen & heard how Mr. Trump’s words have been twisted & quoted as something completely different than what was spoken many times.  One example of this is the fact that he has stated that SOME of the “illegal immigrants” coming into the U.S.A. are rapists, criminals, which is why he wants to build a wall to keep them from walking in from Mexico & wherever else they’re coming from without undergoing the LEGAL process.  Now any of you with common sense know this is the truth, but it’s been perverted to say that he is a “racist” who hates Mexicans, blacks, & many other people, which is totally FALSE.  He wants to put a TEMPORARY ban on muslims coming into the country, because of all the terrorist attacks going on around the world, which is not because he hates these people, but because he wants to protect our country & the people in it, something any GOOD & honorable president would do.
         I realize that Donald Trump tends to appear as a very bombastic loose canon at times, but if you dig deeper, he is an extremely intelligent, energetic, type A, workaholic, but loving & compassionate man, who is also an extreme patriot, who has watched the disintegration of our country, & believes with all his heart that he is capable of fixing it.  He has been taking broken, dilapidated, malfunctioning buildings & other things for years & years, & now, as a man who will turn 70 years old in a few months, he wants to do with America what he has done so many times before.  He is the ONLY candidate that is not OWNED by anyone else, is NOT part of the establishment, including Ted Cruz, who when I first saw him, not knowing anything about him, could only “see” slick, slithering, slimy snake with incredible, evil deception.  I’m sorry to say this, as I’ve now learned that he claims to be a “Christian”, but watched carefully how he avoided answering every question he was asked during the debates, & what he spewed at Trump showed his true colors & character, even as Marco Rubio, but more importantly, what I see in his countenance is why I say this.  The candidates in the other party will only bring more of the same, the final destruction of what was once a great country.
          The only candidate I believe is a truly born again believer, who lives according to scripture, is Dr. Ben Carson, who would have been my first choice in this race, but I want to share what I have been seeing.
    As I sat here many times until 2, 3, & 4 o’clock in the morning, every day for nearly a month, watching & listening to many videos, reading many articles, wondering why at times my eyes welled up with tears, as I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me, praying for Donald Trump & that Father would protect him & his family, pleading with Him to open the eyes of the American people to know & love the truth, & obey Father’s will.  I couldn’t believe what I was sensing, that the Almighty was willing to show mercy one last time, & have to admit that I felt like Jonah, asking why He should do this for the U.S.A., after years of warning about the judgment that’s already started, including those currently in the white house & all his minions that are in control of the government. 
         I am not saying this is a “thus says the Lord” word, but feel I must share what I keep “seeing” as I contemplate all of this.  IF people would lay down their erroneous mindsets, listening to the lies & deception from others, IF they would earnestly pray & seek Father’s will, IF Donald Trump were elected president, IF he would select Dr. Ben Carson as the V.P., I believe there could be drastic change in America for the good of the land & the people.  I “see” Dr. Carson whispering words of wisdom & truth into Mr. Trump’s ear, I “see” him showing Donald the unconditional love of the Father, & I “see” Donald’s pride being broken by the humility & genuine love of Ben, to the point of kneeling together in prayer & repentance, receiving true salvation, & leading the country in the same way.  I’m not saying this is what is going to happen, because I believe I’ve been shown it’s ALL conditional on the prayers of the saints & their efforts, which I have to admit surprised me, as I thought it’s already decided.  I do not send this email out lightly & have procrastinated doing it at all, because after being gone from our country for nearly 5 years, sometimes even embarrassed admitting where I’m from, had no hope that anything positive could happen at this late hour, but have to be honest & say that as I’ve listened, watched, prayed & thought, I felt a hope rising up in me that felt very strange because of what I’ve been shown for many years.  I’m not saying judgment still won’t come, but Father’s revealed that He delights in mercy more than judgment, desires for true revival & for many to be brought into the Kingdom.  I hope & pray that you will seriously take this to prayer, asking Father IF it could be so, & following what He shows you is His perfect will. 

    Love & Blessings,

    1. Thank you for this insight. I believe in what you are saying. That the Father does deal in Mercy more than judgement. I do fear for America for they are turning their back on God. But also believing that God the Father will give us another chance.. We have taken the road like Israel did so many times, but God came and blessed them many, many times. Praying for Gods blessing on us, and letting the right candidate for President get in office. Praying for God to make America great again.

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