The Panther Prophecy: Last words.

my last words

The Panther Prophecy:  My Last words.

By Mario Murillo

I really hate to be the one to tell you this.  Okay be honest…what was your immediate reaction when you heard the Carolina Panthers Prophecy?    If it baffled you, you are in the extreme majority.  Not only this, but it gave vent to a growing suspicion about the prophetic movement itself.  A host of people believe it has been drifting into unscriptural waters for a long time.

About 5% of those who commented disagreed with the blog.  That is lower than normal.  I was very surprised.  Because I broke from tradition by naming names—I expected a much bigger firestorm.

However, for the honest hearts who were pained by the whole affair I wish to make some clarifying remarks.

What I wrote, I wrote with tears and a heavy heart.  There was no anger or ridicule in my words.  I wrote it because I felt the Holy Spirit urge me to address this issue.  His reasons were very compelling:

Young people everywhere are seeing what we do.  Websites that are youth oriented carried mocking references to this prediction.  It fit into the narrative that Spirit-filled believers are loons.  However—as you will see later—I am addressing a far greater issue than a prediction about the Panthers.

Someone else was supposed to correct this privately and they did not.  When I prayed about this it was very clear to me that the Holy Spirit had chosen someone—in fact several people—much closer to the situation to speak wisdom.  It was only after many attempts to get others to obey that the Holy Spirit tapped me for this sad assignment.

The Lord took me to Job 32 to understand the example of Elihu.  He waited to speak because he assumed that the elders sitting with Job would say something rational but they did not.


greater issue

Sincere hearts asked why I didn’t talk to Mr. Joyner first.  They cited Matthew 5: 23 “Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.”  If indeed I had aught against Mr. Joyner I would have done so—this situation fits a different model in the Word of God.

We are to judge public prophecy…publicly. 1 Corinthians 14: 29 teaches us to “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge.”  The clear instruction is that when a prophecy comes forth publicly it is judged publicly—on the spot.   Paul did not say when prophets prophesy, take them in a private room and commiserate about the validity of what he said and if he should have gone public with it.

I was told to judge the prophecy itself.  It’s clear and undeniable inference was: simply because the Panthers won…it would bring revival. Charisma Magazine did not help matters by asking, “Are the Carolina Panthers prophesied to win the Super Bowl to bring about national revival?”   What about prayer, fasting and repentance?   Show us in the Word of God how simply winning a game will ignite awakening?

The Bible never said “If my team”—it says “if my people.” God has often used athletes to bring the WORD to the world.  C.T. Studd was a famed Cricket player who became a legendary missionary. Eric Liddell was a track star that brought a powerful witness by a supernatural performance in the Paris Olympics.  Billy Sunday was a famous baseball player before he became a great evangelist.  God will use individuals in an event but the event itself is not an intrinsic catalyst or sign of revival.

Maybe next year: Lance Wallnau defended Bob Jones’ prediction by saying, “well, he never named a year.”  That’s just it!  Prophecies like these can put people’s lives on hold—create false preconditions and agendas.  Ask yourself should anyone be waiting for the Panthers to win the Superbowl so we can have national revival?  Like it or not—whether you intend it or not—that is what impressionable hearts take away from this.

I really hate to be the one

That leads me to the much larger point of my action: I am not harping on just one prophecy but an alarming trend.  It has become common for people to consult “words” from a prophet more than pastors, or the Bible.  People are not seeking wise counsel.  They are making tragic mistakes.

It breaks my heart to be the one to tell you this…the prophecy movement is coming off the rails.  The tragedy is that we desperately need the prophetic!  We need all of the gifts of the Spirit.

This crisis has been building up for a long time.  The goal—of the enemy—is to discredit the Spirit-filled church.  I am speaking out because I am a soul winner.  I see the damage this is doing to youth…who now consider us a bunch of loons.  I have to take valuable Gospel time to differentiate between the Bible and this bizarre behavior to young lost souls.

You have seen it for yourself.  Many prophetic teachers barely, ever, quote scripture.  They are almost purely anecdotal—they string a bunch of stories of their own exotic experiences together to enchant their audiences.   They may not realize that they are building new doctrines—but they are.

They often tell us not to put God in a box.  What they forget is the God put Himself into a book.  Psalm 138: 2 says, “I will worship toward Your holy temple, And praise Your name For Your loving-kindness and Your truth; For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.”

A young student approached the head of one of our most famous revival/prophetic schools because he was concerned that some of the teaching was outside of scripture.  This well-known writer and head of that school rebuked him by saying “you are worshiping a book!”  Wow, what an illogical and scary thing to say to anyone, let alone a young man seeking to go into ministry.

I issue this warning with a broken heart:  Every movement that has lost its Bible base has been washed away like footprints on the beach.

Of course I will lose friends because of this…but not any true friends.  Doors will close for me and that’s okay—I am a soul winner—the doors to reach the lost will always be open.  I have peace because I know I did not say one thing in anger or of my own volition.

The good news is that God not man is in control.  He moved me to issue a warning but He is doing so much more than any of us realize.  If we admit our error and humble ourselves before Jesus we will rise up again with greater power and impact on our nation.

Mario you embarrassed and humiliated people…actually that would be me.  Obeying God to write this has been one of the most embarrassing and humiliating things in my life…but, it is okay because that is what disciples do.  It’s like I told you in the beginning: I really, really hated to be the one to have to tell you this.  But I had to tell you.


37 thoughts on “The Panther Prophecy: Last words.

  1. I have heard that prophet instruct how to leave your body, go before the throne in heaven, worship, then return to your body ! (I do not recall if he mentioned a SILVER THREAD would be attached to the soul while soul-traveling.) I also remember a prophet from a few years ago that was famous for playing a keyboard while singing prophecies.He once said the mighty revival that was coming would be so big that Johnny Carson would be talking about it and the prophet gave dates/window of time. Nope. The problem is that people don’t listen and if they DO happen to REMEMBER the previous prophecies , and KNOW they did not happen, they are afraid to remind people that nothing happened, etc. People are told not to touch God’s annointed. I believe in the gift of prophecy and the office of Prophet. I have seen and heard true proohets and I know what is real.

  2. Have no regrets Mario for speaking the truth to this issue. I must say that you are much kinder than I; When I first heard that someone was prophesying the outcome of a football game would signal a great revival, my first reaction was hilarity…Really? God is now using football games to signal his intentions? It would be funny if not so sad.

  3. Many many of us are praying for and believing for true revival….this kind of prophetic nonsense just hinders the work of the Holy Spirit, because unfortunately sheep fall for it if they are not founded on the Word..

  4. These so called prophets are deeply hurting the church today. The body of Christ needs true Holy Ghost reality.

    Mario keep up the word. We need you.

  5. Either God’s Word is true or we have No Hope! God said, All things work together for good to those who Love the Lord and are called according to His Purpose! There is no doubt in anyone’s mind, Brother, that you are qualified for this promise! God laid this on your heart… You obeyed and now it will be good to see what God does with this! God Bless you is my prayer! It’s not over yet! Let’s just see what God does! He certainly will turn this for good for His Kingdom and that’s what we all want! I never miss a day praying for you, your family, your ministry, etc. I know you will see God’s Hand moving! So for now… rejoice in the Lord, Wait upon the Lord and to God be the Glory!

  6. God is not a man that he should lie, nor a son of man that he would change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? Numbers 23:19. Even a heathen prophet – Balaam , knew to only speak what he heard the Lord God tell him. The ‘prophetic’ melange that has been endorsed and caused to gain credibility for too long now is most likely the result of folks who have a certain gift of ‘insight’ – rather than a true calling of a prophet. Prophets were never folks who spoke with uncertainty as you stated in your article, nor were they popular either. Few people – unfortunately – have ever headed the warnings of a true prophet or prophetess of God. Hardened hearts make it truly difficult to humble oneself, fall prostrate before the Lord, and ask him to burn away the dross of sin, disobedience and sad to say our cultural tendency to do it on our own. We have erected altars to our self sufficiency. God is clear that he will have no other Gods before him and yet we put ourselves on the front row of prayer time. Instead of waiting on Him. Sound bites and pandering to the sensitivities of the people will only lead to their eternal death. Preach on Bro Mario – Godspeed to you and speak the word you hear from the throne of God – we have ears to hear. Let us pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are asleep in their pews, get a good shaking – the kind that leads to redemption – not complacency.

  7. Thanks for taking this stand. As a preacher’s kid, I have seen it all. And much of what I saw would have turned me away from God had I not had a real grip on my experience with Him. Blessings to you in your boldness, sir.

  8. Someone ha tos stand for truth and righteousness…David Wilkerson would have…we don’t need wimps we need warriors to take a stance against the corruption in the church…

  9. Mario, thank you for speaking the truth!!!! When my wife and I heard this prophecy we couldn’t believe it!!!! that if a football team won the super bowl revival would come!!!! and people believe this!!!! God bless you keep letting God use you…. Pastor Virgil Long

  10. Thank you brother Mario for saying what needed to be said! My 13 year old daughter said after church Sunday with reflective revelation, “Mom, I have a feeling God is NOT a force to be reckoned with!” God will not be mocked. May your boldness and obedience start the return to sanity and to a holy fear of the Lord within the body of Christ and especially in our leaders. Praying and standing with you!

  11. I don’t normally respond to this kind of controversy. But I guess I just want to say that Bob Jones had an amazing track record as a prophetic voice. I have heard dozens and dozens of testimonies from men and women who are in fruitful ministry who were given a prophetic word from Bob Jones that came to pass. And in a healthy and holy way. Do I think he was always right? No. He missed it here and there. Do I think the Panthers prophecy will come to pass? The first part of it did, and perhaps the second part will as well. Do I think that Rick Joyner was completely out of line to talk about this particular Bob Jones prophecy because the Panthers were in the Super Bowl? No, I don’t. And the reason I don’t is that he did not say it was a prerequisite for revival. He just said that this was one of Bob’s unfulfilled prophecies and that he had no idea what would happen. I really don’t think he was saying that unless the Panthers won the game that revival was just out of the question forevermore. And after listening to the entire program, I was left with the impression that it was really about a specific revival in Charlotte, and not about the whole world.

    When God decides to pour out His Spirit in revival, He does not need a game or anyone’s permission. But He sometimes uses events as markers so that people know when to move and when not to move. A good example is found in II Samuel 5. David is instructed by the LORD to wait until he hears “the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees.” What if the LORD wants to instruct some wonderful revivalist to position himself or herself in Charlotte and be ready to move quickly when the Panthers win the Super Bowl? I could find many examples in Scripture and in the history of revivals just like this. Timing is essential.

    I do have to say that positioning this example next to the Paula White example was really not very fair. There is no equivalency in my opinion. If Rick Joyner had said the Panthers are going to win without a doubt, and this is the season, and all you young people go stand outside the stadium and be ready for the revival, then I would agree that it might have some equivalency in terms of causing damage to the young and the immature and those without proper discernment. But he didn’t say that.

    I agree that the current prophetic movement is mainly going off the tracks. I agree entirely that the Word of God is the most important prophetic framework of all. If any prophetic word does not agree with the Word of God, then it is just plain wrong. No exceptions. And I don’t mind being told that I worship a Book. I do. The Bible is a living document. The words of the Book are alive and drenched with the Blood of the Lamb. John calls Jesus the Logos; the Word. Every word and letter of the Bible is written and inspired by God Himself. From the first book to the last, it is the testimony of “the God over the whole earth.” I do worship the Book. The Book and the God who wrote it are indivisible to me.

    Having said all that: I love Mario Murillo. I was healed in a Mario Murillo crusade. I think his heart is a heart that Jesus loves. I just think he went a little overboard on Rick Joyner. As always with great love!

  12. 1 Corinthians 14: 29 teaches us to “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge.” The clear instruction is that when a prophecy comes forth publicly it is judged publicly—on the spot. I like that scripture Mario! Thanks for reminding us. I have also seen many new believers or non believers, decide to stay away from churches and preachers that allow speaking in tongues without any interpretation, or with questionable interpretation.

    Let’s not let uncontrolled emotion make us appear crazy to unbelievers, who need saved!

  13. This needed to be said. It is long over due. It is a sad truth acknowledging that the church is slipping away from the one thing that keeps it foundational. Gods word. The gifts of the Spirit should never override, or have privilege over, the Word of the Spirit otherwise we lose our focus and it becomes about us.

  14. For a long time counterfeit Prophesy and Word of knowledge has been creeping into our church to make it seem phony so people would not believe in the real. It is so much as a trick of collecting money in a church sitting. I have been waiting for Jesus to come in with a whip and drive them out. When I was Pastor I would not allow that tom-foolery to happen. I never begged if God really told me something to do with money I had to check my heart and mind to make sure. Usually without fanfare I would state why an offering was need or extra given in the regular offering the have the ushers collect it with prayer. God always met the need because I didn’t do any of the hype and the people accepted that and gave. But others use other phony prophecies all ending with the result of crowds and money.

  15. What is not mentioned is that there are lots of true prophets of God seeing the lying prophets and lying prophetics and pointing them out. It is the wayward people listening to and following these lies in the churches. These wayward people are most often rejecting the true prophets, their words and warnings; as they are often leading to opposing directions and goals. The evil wayward people are to blame. They insist in their blindness, lest they be warned turned and be healed and led by God.

  16. Hi Mario, Be encouraged dear brother. Thank you for standing for truth and having the courage to call out error. I have had the same concerns about the direction towhere the prophecy movement has drifted. I feel that prophecy has been elevated to a god like status, and sometimes I think there isn’t much difference between “prophecy” and 1-900-psychic hotline. I believe that Bethel in Ca. Has moved past their anointing and is now functioning in much error.
    Thank you again for having the courage to say that ‘the emperor has no clothes’. God bless you and your ministry! Lynne. W. In Eugene, Or.

  17. If one thing should be clear it is that we see a church more and more that is part of the last one mentioned in Revelation, hot nor cold, and one that would be deceived easily, cause they will prefer to hear things that itch their ears…. Though this situation might be painful, in medics it is know that often only by causing pain, the harm can be undone and the healing can begin. Thanks for holding on to God’s word, for encouraging and warning us. We need more people like you.

  18. Andrea,if u please show me in scripture where a prophet sent from God was a liar,that would have to mean that God is a liar,show me in scripture where it says that it’s ok if we get 6 right and 4 wrong it’s ok,sorry,God doesn’t work that way,that is all man so that when something they said does not come to pass they can say they must have not heard God correctly,let’s be honest hear,they didn’t hear God in the first place,when God speaks what he says comes to pass,what Rick Joyner spoke was not true beacuse he did not hear God speak those words to him,so since he did not hear God who did he hear or did he just make it up himself and hope the panthers would win,in the end it is very sad that this kind of stuff is accepted in the body of Christ and passed off as being from God.This man makes God out to be a liar,unless he repents for his lies and error it will not go well for him or anyone like him in the end.

  19. Brother, this is from God’s heart as a warning that His Word must always be the foundation of all of our gifts, and when it’s not, voices like yours must speak out. Thanks for your wisdom and obedience to Holy Spirit.

  20. Amen and amen!!! I TOTALLY stand with you in agreement. The church, as in HIS people, are completely under attack and we are being shown to be lunatics, people on the edge, desperate, not to be trusted. It is a Satanic based movement and we all need to stand in agreement and bind these demonic forces seeking to make us all look unsound and weak, desperate and even unloving at times.

    I declare in Jesus name that we are Spirit filled followers of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit within each of us, HIS Spirit, is what leads us by HIS Word. We command in Jesus name for these mocking evil spirits to be gagged, bound and tossed into the abyss in Jesus name and NEVER return again.

    All praise, glory and honor to You Father for opening our eyes to see the truth, for hearing Your voice that leads us out of trouble and for giving us spokespersons who can get YOUR WORD and truth out…in Jesus holy name we pray. Amen.


  21. First time reader. Well said.
    For those who may be confused, Mario is not devaluing prophecy. He is actually esteeming it very highly by wanting to keep it in proper Biblical context. Mario is also not suggesting that prophecy is not for today. Prophecy is still real and valid for today, but it has to be measured and judged by Scripture and what we know to be true of God’s character. When prophetic people go outside the bounds to “help” things along, they do more harm than good.

  22. Sir I saw uu a few times in Houston, at BOLC, I realy as a guy did not like u, u seemed like the ready beautiful wife and a guy with outhers money, a than I saw your post, I can say that the inside is a hole lot bigger stronger, and true than the outside, thanks for posting, (truth)

  23. Thank you for speaking out, and I appreciate all the comments too. For fifteen years I have been preaching repentance but no one listens, I preach discipleship, one older mature Christian to mentor a newer Christian, unity between churches and brothers, but no one listens, God is trying all the time to get us together, to build us, to prepare us, but few are listening to truth because it means they need to get out of their comfort zone and do something besides getting dressed up for church. I preach about the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Holy Spirit but so many are afraid, skeptical, and think they already have it! Their lifestyle shows they do not. Yes, the church needs to repent first, come into unity, work with other churches together. Why would anyone want to go to church where there is gossip, control, competition for position, entertainment rather than rug time, no presence of the Lord, no healings, no deliverance, no miracles. I know so many kind Christians that no longer go to church because they are disgusted with it all. They love God, they read the word, they help people, but won’t go to church. Yes, revival is needed, revival is messy, it’s not one song, Bible scripture, three songs, announcements, preaching and go home early to watch the football game. Revival is work, a lot of work, it’s on your knees crying out to the Lord, its waiting on the Lord, its obeying what He says. Obeying what He says, no matter how much that disrupts your church schedule. I’m tired, but I won’t give up. I won’t keep preaching about revival, because it is needed so much, but it will only come with unity and prayer, a lot of prayer. Repentance? That will come when we pray and wait on the Lord until He shows up, when He enters the room with the Holy Spirit you will repent automatically. Its better to get before him now and get cleaned up now, forgive, forgive, forgive. Matthew 28:18 thru 20 is not going to happen without Acts 1:4-8, especially 14, Acts 2:1-4, there is no power without the baptism of the Holy Ghost. I just spent four years in Memphis, TN preaching this to every pastor I met, mostly Baptist along with that they needed to network with three to five other churches to get ready for the revival. Unity. The devil has divided the church into so many denominations its a joke to the world. I just came back from Ethiopia in January, and what amazed people the most was that all of on the team came from different parts of the USA and we didn’t know each other, but we helped each other and loved each other and we all go to different churches. That’s the church the body of Christ, unity of purpose, God’s purpose, not your own ministry, not your plans, but God’s plans. I believe this message is not only for Memphis, TN but for the whole United States. Revival brings deliverance, baptism of the Holy Spirit, time, much time and commitment. The harvest is ripe, the workers are few. I pray to the Lord of the harvest, Rise up your army of dedicated workers of the harvest full of integrity for your Word the Bible, and listening to your directions while they spend time in prayer, to learn to hear your voice, a clear sounding trumpet to go forth, Arise

  24. My sheep hear my voice & they follow me. For they do not know the voice of a stranger! God taught me these things himself when I was not attending any church! God help us all in the next move of God!

  25. I asked God to show me the truth regarding the prophetic gifts and the tendency of some to be frivolous. I felt bad as I was questioning the prophecy re: The Panthers because it seemed out of place. No 2 or 3 witnesses. And shouldn’t something like that be held quietly to see if it was actually God or the prophet getting into the flesh? I felt like it was a set up for other prophecies re: our next president which can affect the way many believers might vote instead of looking at the person and their policies, their faith in God. I was burdened and asked God for an answer and He has led me to your article. Thank you for obeying the voice of the Lord. Don’t want to discount every prophecy because in history God has sometimes used this gift to warn His people to protect them. But you have shed light as the Holy Spirit has shown you. Praise God.

  26. With the exception of one comment here, I see a user response of outrage at the audacity of the prophetic leaders mentioned.
    I too agree that if a student were told he was “worshiping a book” by trying to reconcile what was happening at the school to the Word of God, that most definately needs to be spoken out against, and corrected. I appreciate so much that Mario is, and as time has shown, always has been willing to be faithful to speak out the correction from the Lord that he receives without hesistation. Without leaders like him, who are not seeking their own gain, but the health of the sheep where would be.
    That being said, both Bob Jones and Rick Joyner are men that have been faithful to the Lord as well. Both have paid their own price in trying to the best of their ability to walk in what they hear the Lord speaking to their heart and life. Are they infalliable? No. Is any man? No. But is Rick Joyner and was Bob Jones our fellow servants of the Lord committed to releasing his kingdom on the earth? Not even a question. Absolutely.
    We desperately need to hear what they Lord is saying from all of his servants and be willing recognize if something in a movement goes astray or misses the mark. Everything needs to be brought into submission to Word of God. This Mario Murillo has been brave enough stand up and do but remember the Bible says in Galatians 6:1 Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted.
    When looking at the lifelong service of both of these men, you don’t attack a life of servant hood to Jesus without some form of brokenness that a servant of the Lord could have stumbled or missed the mark.
    The church is the last place where we should shoot, attack and destroy our wounded. Otherwise one must ask, are we really the church?

    1. I disagree especially with your view on Bob Jones. John Wimber warned Bob Jones was a false prophet even on his death bed. Jones also prophecied over women and told them to get naked before the Lord while prophesying over them while they were in the nude. That is just sick!

      1. No man is perfect, Jones or Wimber. However. If Jones did indeed do that, he was definitely in the wrong and that wad sinful. However, that doesn’t mean all of his work for the Lord is invalidated, but yes it does contribute to people questioning the validity. Only God knows for sure.

  27. Thank you Pastor Murillo. Praise God for your honesty and commitment to God’s word. I have heard you speak many times over the years , and you always line everything up with scripture. Christians seem to be easily pulled astray by the latest gimmick. Soul travel, looking for angels, orbs, weird phenomena . Holy Spirit increase our Godly discernment please.

  28. it has gotten crazy, I posted a post yesterday, Paul with stood Peter face to face over the circumcision, there’s a lot of bull being said, and we are just allowing it, lie’s being told from the pulpit, clarvo., soothsayer’s physic’s, operating in the church, I just read in that magz. today Jesus translaite’s so one to a buddist temple and run’s out the demon’s, demon’s have a right in a buddist temple, we need decerning of spirit’s, this junk has just gotten crazy and this passive junk, we can’t say any thing hog wash, the Apostle’s didn’t allow this false mess in the church, and we better not either, the demonic has taken over our churches, we have to stand Preacher’s and preach the word and correct if need be, it’s so sad what ever lie they want to tell they tell it from the pulpit, and that’s wrong, they have all ready twisted the word and made it all about prosperity, and what you can get, nothing about getting the inside right, but what you can get money wise, or a new grace that allow’s you to sin, HOGWASH, they need to turn from there sin’s like we did, and preach Holiness and live it, go job brother Mario, we have to make a stand, God Bless You, they hate me too, but they will hear the truth

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