The Holy Spirit warns,”America, It’s now or never.

By Mario Murillo


Sin is one thing…but sin that is designed to provoke God is quite another.  Our leaders are now shaking their fist at God.  Our decadence is now a frenzied decadence.  At home and abroad our elected officials are hard selling immorality and false Gods.  The left is using Hollywood and the media to punish the righteous.   We have taunted God to the point that we are now seeing the result in our daily life.

The Holy Spirit–through many vessels is declaring a dire warning: “America, it’s now or never!”

Bloomberg news made this chilling statement today: “No President can save the American Economy.”    Hillary Clinton said yesterday that the leaders of the world are sternly warning America who not to vote for in our presidential election.  Universities and the media are siding with rioters and looters against the police causing a spike in crime, the lowest morale among cops in our history, and—worst of all—an end to free speech.  78% of all Americans are using or abusing prescription drugs making us the most addicted Americans in history.  No living American has seen our nation in such a terrible conditionBut that fact is but the tip of the iceberg.

America has been beaten into submission.  We are now—in the eyes of the world—a client state that must fall into line.  Until now, no nation would dare to intimidate our elections.   Billionaire George Soros openly announces he will finance demonstrations and riots.   Until now, no one could do that without being prosecuted.  Our drug addled state makes us easy prey for mass manipulation and foreign invasion.  Until now, no country in a pandemic of drugs would decriminalize even more drugs.  If America was a patient, the doctor would deliver a terrifying tale of multiple terminal conditions.   The only question left: which disease will deliver the fatal blow?  Is there any hope left for America?

IT IS NOW OR NEVER FOR AMERICA: embracing the reality of that statement is our major hope.  Whatever we are going to do—we must do now.  Don’t delude yourself into thinking we have more time.   You deceive yourself at your own peril.    Those who handle warnings carelessly, will almost certainly be fatalities in the maelstrom.

In the midst of these great horrors we are still a divided church.  This is the most jaw dropping fact of all: U.S. Christians refuse to unify.   Everything is at stake—how is this possible?  What decadent arrogance allows Christian leaders to keep building empires?  Why do they steadfastly refuse to join their brothers and sisters in the struggle to save the nation?   How can they ignore the deafening air raid siren?  What will they do if the church is driven underground and their little kingdoms are gone in an instant?

GOD SEEKS A CORE.  What has happened to America and the church is dreadful.   But just as dreadful as these things are that is how wonderful it is to know that all God needs is a core.   1 Samuel 14: 6 says, “Then Jonathan said to the young man who bore his armor, “Come, let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; it may be that the Lord will work for us. For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few.”

Martin Luther said, “One with God is a majority.”  Gideon proved this.  When all of Israel was dulled by immorality, and failed to rally to the cause, God honed 300 men to save the nation.  God seeks a core that will not hold back in prayer, action and sacrifice.  He seeks you.

You and I can’t wait for the church to wake up.  No pastor should stall revival in committee.  No soldier of Jesus should look for the right amount of support or a consensus.  There is nothing—and no one to wait for.

The Bible and Church history have taught one undeniable fact:  One person full of fire will ignite a generation to watch them burn.   Satan has made a mistake and we must make him pay for that mistake.   Satan plunged America so quickly and forcefully into dark perversion that he has nauseated them with wickedness.

The anger you see in the election is not political…it is rooted in their spirits.  They are sick to death of the lies of our culture.  They feel outrage at the betrayal of our leaders.  If we seize this moment—if we go full bore—if we abandon ourselves to outreach—we will see the greatest harvest in 40 years.

However, this door will close and this priceless moment will pass into the night where no man can work.  Since it is now or never…whatever we are going to do for Christ in America must be done now.  I place before you—my beloved partner—a do or die situation and I am praying with all of my heart that you will heed the urgent call of God in what I know will be our finest hour.

12 thoughts on “AMERICA, IT’S NOW OR NEVER

  1. We are with you. There is a core in Antioch/Brentwood, CA area. We are all in! Praying, reaching out on the streets, feeding the homeless, ministering in the marketplace, taking every opportunity to win souls.

  2. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!! O God, let the fire of the Holy Ghost consume us and that fire spread throughout our nation!!! May our hearts be filled with vision and passion of what is in Your Heart, O God!!

  3. Mario, you are still a voice that the enemy cannot silence, Praise the LORD!!! You have spoken truth for decades. Blessings to you and thank you for standing, and standing, and standing, and speaking truth. Blessings to your family and ministry. Love you in the Lord.

  4. I’m a Pastor of a smaller church in a small city in Central Ca. I’ve heard Pastor speak over the years & highly respect him.

    Any way to have him speak at or near my church. I feel it would mean a great deal to the whole city & area.

    Roger Wright, New Life Assembly of God Church in Lindsay, Ca.

  5. You mentioned 7 Mountains Dominion. All the research I’ve done on it just confuses me more. So is this a good thing or a bad thing?

  6. The Republican leaders want a brokered convention. Before that happens I pray that Trump and Cruz will talk privately and agree to team up together and tell the power brokers to go home. Together they could win this election and make America great and run George Soros and all people like him out of this country. Trump can run it 8 years then Cruz for 8 years and by then we could get rid of all the carpet baggers and thieves in Washington. Next they could stop the welfare and make it work fare. If people have some skin in the game they will rise!

  7. You write like a Leader, Brother Mario, very exhorting, standing on the side of the Lord,
    Francine Lovell from Branson.

  8. Which is why I created this gofundme. Brother Mario, please pray for me that God will provide for me to go to the world. And anyone else seeing this please pray. Your messages are ALWAYS in lock step with what I am also hearing from the Lord and it pains me that I am “on hold” when I want desperately to be released. It is very urgent in my spirit and very discouraging as I have zero support from family and friends with exception of maybe 5 who are praying for me. Like Jonathan said, “God can save by many or few.” Thank you so much!

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