Let me open my heart to you about Branson

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Let me open my heart to you about Branson

By Mario Murillo


How much do we love Branson?   In 2015 we preached there more than any other city.   From August until January we faithfully reached out to the city.   We paid for every hotel bill for ourselves, our team and our musical guests…with the exception of one room for the first week.    We paid for all of the airfares.  We paid for most of the advertising.  We paid for our own meals.  We paid all of the guest speakers and singers we brought into Branson.  On top of all of this, we gave back offerings to churches.

Why am I telling you this?  Especially, since it is a core conviction of mine to keep our giving a secret.  I am telling you this because we had to reschedule Branson.   We were to be there this weekend March 18-20.  I am as disappointed by this as anyone.  I was truly looking forward to an explosive weekend.

I am explaining all of this to you because some may be more than disappointed in us.  They may be upset as if we were being irresponsible in making this change.  I can assure you we had very good reasons to postpone our return…and that we are fully committed to Branson.

A big factor in rescheduling was the success of our World Convention in Houston.  We did not anticipate the massive workload that this convention would generate even after it was over.    When we finally got home, it was painfully clear that my staff could not finish the work on the convention and also organize the outreach in Branson.  The welfare of my staff and their families had to take priority.

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However, the biggest reason for the postponement is something that I am sensing in the Spirit.  The revival in Branson must go to a new level.  Branson has a destiny that goes far beyond its city limits.  In fact, it has a prophetic mandate to touch the whole world with the glory of God.  That destiny is far, far bigger than any one man, or any one ministry.  We see our role as a support and a compliment to a growing army of revivalists who should operate out of Branson.

Moreover, the Lord wants to grant a higher and deeper level of His presence with signs and wonders.  The tendency to hoard blessings is a constant drag on revival.  We need to be contending for events in Branson where multitudes are saved and discipled.

Having good meetings can seem to be progress but they can in themselves become a distraction to the higher purpose of revival.  All I am saying is that Christ wants to impart an infrastructure to make revival permanent and expansive.

Here are the things I am prayerfully contending for in Branson:

1. A revival prayer network. We need dozens of homes where people bombard heaven for greater conviction of sin—greater unity among leaders—greater signs and wonders—greater impact on the community, and greater outflow of ministry to the world.

2. A consortium of leaders. The dictionary defines consortium as: an agreement, combination, or group formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member. This includes pastors, leaders and community officials who can join hearts for a vision to see Branson touch the whole world.

3. A neutral theater. The events that Christ desires in Branson must touch thousands not just hundreds. Frankly, He wants to touch millions!   This is best done in a neutral theater.   In this setting the lost feel free to come and interestingly, pastors feel it is a better place to bring their people.  Since Branson is loaded with theaters…surely God has something special for His army!


4. Revival training: America became the greatest military power for many reasons—but one big reason is that they learned from their mistakes. Understanding the mistakes of past revivals will dramatically increase our chances for prolonged revival.  Training also equips.  When people gain confidence for Jesus to heal and deliver through them we multiply our firepower.

My friend, we are losing our nation.  We do not have the luxury of doing events that are half-cures.  We are duty bound to obey God with all of our heart and all of our might.

If you hear someone question Mario Murillo Ministries and our connection to Branson—remember this…we have paid a high price out of love and we love Branson too much to do anything less than what is excellent and effective.  Stay tuned for big news in the coming weeks.

7 thoughts on “Let me open my heart to you about Branson

  1. Amen Mario! We need a Spirit-led revival across the nation from coast to coast from border to border. Nothing less will suffice! I am praying for a revival to begin here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This western area of Arizona is in great need of revival. While there are many churches here, there is little evidence of their existence outside their walls. Believing and getting ready! I would love to have you here Mario! We go back a long, long time!

  2. Brother I do believe in what you are saying reason being is that we are in a place in time that God is after Cities not buildings and for this to happen must bring unity in tne leadership of that city beginning with the local Church (people of the Kingdom that have a larger perspective than that which they have however, because of the old order teaching they are unable(in their own mind) to make those decisions that would free them to do what it takes for this larger move. We must bring in teachers that would dismantle the religion in their minds that keeps them blind as a stronghold. We have come across these barriers where The Spirit of God was looking to move but failure of renewing the minds stopped what was happening.

  3. Hi, I am the husband of the lady who stood with hands raised for almost an hour at FWC. However, In my prayer time with God, He told me that this should not be called Revival but Harvest and that means outside of church building! May I recommend the old Tri-Lakes church that is now being rented out a convention center and holds 2600 people ( if your faith is high enough) God showed me a vision 5 years ago with that being full of people praising God and seeing miracles! God bless you.

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