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The quest for the perfect candidate

By Mario Murillo

Christians who are ardent supporters of Ted Cruz or Donald Trump have ended friendships with fellow believers—even lifelong friends.   The damage of lost fellowship will go on long after this election is over.  The goal of Satan is to divide and conquer (more on this in a moment).

The world will not end if Cruz becomes president.  The world will not end if Trump becomes president.  Hillary is the apocalypse.   She is the true end of all things because she promises to continue Obama’s legacy.  How insane is that?!

Consider these facts:

There is no perfect candidate.  All of them are flawed.  Both of the candidates have done—or allowed—things that are reprehensible.  There is nothing close to a Ronald Reagan in this race.

NEW YORK - MAY 10: Donald Trump attends "The Celebrity Apprentice" season finale at the at American Museum of Natural History on May 10, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

We are not electing a pastor.   There is truth in that statement.  But we are electing a president and moral conviction should matter.  On the other hand—we should remember—we can’t even find a perfect pastor!

I get it!  We need as godly a president as possible…but we also need a leader.   If we get an ideologue—who can debate Christianity and conservatism—but who is powerless to make changes… what is the point?  On the other hand, if we get a celebrity—who can make deals—but has a broken moral compass…how does that help?  It’s a big fat mess…but there is hope.

I have two mighty, wise and famous Christian friends.  One can convince you that your only choice is Cruz and make it seem that you have committed the unpardonable sin by uttering the word “Trump.”

The other spiritual legend can show you how it is the prophetic destiny of America to have Trump as president.   I do not agree with either of them.   I believe that we can work with either one if we pray and obey.

Not only this, but the enemy wants you to be so angry about who gets the Republican nomination that you will sit out the general election.

Glenn Beck hates Trump so much that he has vowed to vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee.  That is wacko!   Rush Limbaugh agrees that is wacko: “I’m not voting for Hillary.  If Trump’s the nominee I’m voting for him.  I’m gonna vote for anybody but Hillary Clinton.  I’m not voting for her no matter what.  Daffy Duck could be our nominee.  He gets my vote.  I am not voting for Hillary or Bernie or Biden or whoever ends up being the nominee, pure and simple.  The Democrat Party is the most destructive force; the American left the most destructive force in this country today.”


The idea of running a third party candidate is also loony and will guarantee a Clinton victory.

FILE - In this Sept. 26, 2014 file photo, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas speaks at the 2014 Values Voter Summit in Washington. Top Texas Republicans are holding their election night party on Nov. 4 with a concert by country star Pat Green at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas, best-known for hosting a weekly music show. Gov. Rick Perry isn’t seeking re-election but is considering a second run for the White House and is expected to attend. Also planning to be there, according to spokeswoman Catherine Frazier, is tea party-backed Sen. Ted Cruz, who appears likely to test the presidential waters. Same goes for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a possible 2016er some Republicans hope will enter the race to stand up to conservative firebrands like Cruz. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

Ted and Donald carry baggage that is disconcerting to me…but when you consider whom they are replacing—the worst leader we have ever known—you can see how Cruz or Trump is a massive improvement.    Not only this, but If you combed our entire galaxy it would be nigh unto impossible to find a more incompetent or despicable leader than Barack.  Yet, somehow, the Democrats have managed to do just that in Hillary.

By all means debate your cause.  Defend your candidate.  Vote with both heart and brain!  Let’s just dial down the vitriol, the anger, and self-righteous vindictive rhetoric.  We have a flawed election, two flawed candidates heading into a flawed election.  It is what it is, and we must be wise.  It doesn’t help when believers say, “you are not a Christian if you vote for Trump.”  And no believer should be saying “you are an idiot to vote for Cruz.”  No friendship should end over Trump or Cruz.

Whoever is nominated will need to be rehabilitated and transformed into a viable opponent to Hillary Clinton.  Prayer, unity and bringing righteous pressure to bear on that nominee will be our best course of action.  And yet I show you a more excellent way…

The answer to America will not come out of the White House but out of God’s house.  It is Lucifer’s intention to divide and conquer.  Satan understands that revival is the only thing that will stop him.  He has created the perfect storm to get us at each other’s throat instead of his throat.

NOVI, MI - MAY 3: Radio talk show host and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh speaks at "An Evenining With Rush Limbaugh" event May 3, 2007 in Novi, Michigan. The event was sponsored by WJR radio station as part of their 85th birthday celebration festivities. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

His goal is to get us to make the same mistake the disciples made with Jesus.  They tried to make Jesus a temporal king and establish a theocracy…looking to a politician to save us.   Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”   Those who would attempt to create a theocratic state are misguided and anti-Bible.

America’s hope lies in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit where the preaching is confirmed with signs and wonders.   We need widespread conviction—people openly sobbing over their sin and violently turning to Christ.

We need what the forest fire fighters call Area Ignition: when separate forest fires burn toward each other and finally form a regional wall of fire where the air gets so hot it ignites flames.  We need a reformation led not by supermen but supernatural men and women!


  1. Good and needed word Mario. Especially..”The answer to America will not come out of the White House but out of God’s house” And..”America’s hope lies in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit where the preaching is confirmed with signs and wonders.” I see no saviors in the field, Only lesser’s of evils. I do see the nomination of Trump as a win for Hillary, but that’s just my opinion from the polls I’m reading. Kasich polls the best against Hillary but he can’t get the nod barring a brokered convention in which case Trump likely runs 3rd party, again a win for Hillary. I have begun backing away from the daily political fight and spending more time doing 1st Tim 2. Revival is our one hope.

  2. Totally agree. A Hillary Clinton presidency would spell gloom and doom for America. Why doesnt the word get out that Hillary is on record for saying the bible is NOT God’s Word? I get my facts here from author Texe Marrs. Too much griping and not enough encouragement from the pulpit to get down on our knees and pray in God’s best choice?


  4. I’ll probably lose friends for posting this, but that’s okay. A vote for either of these candidates IS a vote AGAINST Hillary, and I truly believe this. I’m not a fan of either candidate. I voted my conviction at the TX primary and my candidate did not win. That tells me God has different plans–I will cast my vote against Hillary Clinton in November. My prayer is that it will lead to a few less million dead aborted babies on the conscience of my country. And that is just the beginning.

  5. There isn’t anyone who is worthy to lead this country, I don’t care if they use Christianity to get you to buy their sales pitch. every last five presidents except for John F. Kennedy were a bunch of liars and those so called Christians have pulled this country so far down that if we ever get back up , it will be by the grace of GOD. I don’t know any thing bout a shaking, it seems to me we already had the shake down by this poor excuse for a human being and a Christian who is actually a Muslim and bad one at that. SO Mario, don’t tell Christians not to vote for Trump. GOD used Cyrus to help get Israel on its feet, So if Ya, has to use a Trump to blow and get his sheep to pray, so be it. He used a Jackass for a president and that barely woke up American’s, just a bit late. Whoever becomes President it will Be God’s will not man.

  6. Dominionism, is an evil cult.

    The Trans Pacific Partnership is designed to terminate the US Constitution and transfer America’s sovereignty to the United Nations, making America, Canada, and Mexico one entity as the EU is one entity with one currency. NAFTA fully engages the TPP’s design, as well. EACH of these are among the secret designs of one of the candidates you have mentioned. TED CRUZ and his wife were among the chief architects of the TPP and NAFTA. He was also involved in the planning underlying the “Gang of 8”.

    Further, this man was not born in the United States and yet he claims to be a great constitutional protector, while subverting this issue of being qualified to run for the Presidency. Ted Cruz is as bad as Hillary Clinton and as grave a deceiver. He claims christianity, but does not serve the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that Christianity proclaims.

    I urge everyone to INVESTIGATE each of these issues mentioned and their ties directly to Ted Cruz and see the truth for yourself. DOMINIONISM is an evil CULT – LINK:

    1. I knew that all of those proclaiming to be Christians were full of lies. At least I can say one thing for Donald Trump He isn’t going around using His Presbyterian background to get votes. These so called Christians are giving my Jewish Messiah a bad rep. This is all of Ya’s working in the mist, weeding out the tares from the Sheep.

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