Guess who is coordinating riots and attacks at Trump rallies


Guess who is coordinating riots and attacks at Trump rallies

By Tammy Bruce

It turns out many of the violent rioters who keep turning up at Trump events and attacking innocent Trump supporters are part of a coordinated effort.

Tammy Bruce explains in a new column at the Washington Times:

From Chicago to Albuquerque to San Diego, and now last week’s obscene riot in San Jose, California, Americans and the world saw supporters of the liberal agenda violently target Trump supporters, peacefully trying to attend a rally, as though they were prey.

Make no mistake — these supposed anti-Trump riots are not organic nor are they natural; they are the result of leftist organizing using paid stooges. Fox News reported in March a Craigslist ad posted by Bernie Sanderssupporters offering $15 an hour to protest at a Trump rally in Wisconsin. They would also provide shuttle bus transport, parking if you needed it and ready-made signs.

anti trump

Yeah, not organized at all. Just natural, upset citizens who are so passionate about the situation they just can’t help themselves. And if you believe that, I have a YouTube video for you that caused a bunch of passersby in Benghazi to riot, too.

When confronted with the fact that the organizers of these melees are Bernie Sanders supporters, and representatives from Democrat-allied groups, like La Raza and, the Democratic party establishment denies, denies, denies. They then condemn the violence with one hand, while their allies perpetuate it.

So let’s have a few facts about who has been organizing this from the beginning, shall we?

In March, Kelly Riddell of this newspaper reported the leftist agitating group, which has endorsed Bernie Sanders and is funded by Hillary supporter George Soros, sent out a fundraising email after liberal agitators managed to shut down a Trump rally in Chicago. In their email to supporters highlighted the support they provided those agitators:

 “We’ve been ramping up our efforts for months… to the support we provided students in Chicago last night by printing signs and a banner and recruiting members to join their peaceful protest,” the email continued, “We need to double-down in the face of direct attacks on our community,” reported Ms. Riddell.

The problem, of course, was the so-called protest in Chicago, like the one in San Jose, was anything but peaceful. Mr. Trump cancelled that event because of the unfolding violence against his supporters even prior to the rally’s start. No doubt the irony of that is lost on

The email confession continued:

“And to keep it going, we’re counting on you to donate whatever you can to cover the costs of everything involved — the organizers, signs, online recruitment ads, training, and more.”

Also playing a prominent role in the anti-Trump Chicago protest, obviously expanding into a national effort, was the Democratic Socialists of America, a group with which Bernie Sanders has been involved.

Breitbart reports additional groups involved in these political astro-turf events include professional liberal and leftist agitator groups Black Lives Matter Chicago,, La Raza Chicago, International ANSWER Chicago, SEIU Local 73, The Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and more.


Then there’s Hillary’s direct connection to a ‘spontaneous’ anti-Trump protest. Writing about a veteran’s protest against Mr. Trump, the Daily Beast reported last month:

“It seemed like an outpouring of veteran anger against Donald Trump: over a dozen former service members protesting outside Trump Tower. But the reality was more complicated. The protest was actually a coordinated effort, led in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign… It only looked like a grassroots demonstration…”

At first everyone lied about the fact that it was Hillary astro-turf protestors, but then it all fell apart. “A spokesman for the demonstrators insisted they had no affiliation with any campaign. Later he said the protesters had reached out to the Clinton campaign for press contacts, but that’s all. Then the activist finally admitted that, yes, the Clinton campaign had helped organize the protest,” reported the Daily Beast.

The latest embarrassment for the Democrats (and the country) was last Thursday, when Americans watched in horror the video of liberal “protestors” at a San Jose Trump rally violently attacking people who were trying to attend the event.

We watch a Trump supporter being sucker punched; then footage of a man being hit in the head with a metal box;Trump supporters being chased like animals by masked men waving the Mexican flag; a woman, in now viral footage, being surrounded by what can only be described as an angry pack of… liberals throwing food and bottles at her head and pushing the Mexican flag in her face.

Shockingly, some media and many liberals on social platforms were saying she provoked the mob by taunting them … by wearing a Trump T-shirt. Which I guess means a woman who’s wearing a short skirt deserves to be raped, right Democrats?

The American flag was burned, cars were attacked, people were spat upon, punched in the face, and beaten. It was a riot, but the media is still calling it a “clash,” as though it was a mutual little skirmish.

Eventually the mayor of San Jose made a statement blaming … Trump.

This is what liberals have been doing since the ‘60s. They’ve done it here, in Europe and South America. The left always resorts to violence because they cannot win on the issues. The policies of Hillary and Bernie destroy lives and the only way to keep you in line, like a batterer, is to keep you too afraid to leave them. They hope you’ll be intimidated into surrendering, or at least will be distracted to not notice that they’ve already set the nation on fire.

But it’s already too late. The Democrats and their allies simply don’t understand trying to beat us into submission reaffirms our determination to end this charade.

5 thoughts on “Guess who is coordinating riots and attacks at Trump rallies

  1. The liberal news media and most Americans know this is an organized attack,not just Trump,but against Christians….and against conservatives THIS IS ALL OUT WAR,PEOPLE! WE WILL NOT WIN IF WE DO NOT FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! Paul said…”I HAVE FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT…” CAN YOU SAY THAT?Cecil Todd

  2. Probably the same people who helped organize large numbers of Democrats to vote for Trump in the primaries…

  3. It doesn’t matter. What happens will happen, yet God will always be in control. These people forget that God also has people in high places, and when they call on him to remove things that need be, God will always come to their rescue according to his will.

    Trump may not be your choice, he may not do things they way you see fit but when a man stands up for God’s people out of his moral convictions and oppose those who comes against Isreal. Best believe he will not fight alone. The one who is in control (God, Jesus and Holy Ghost) will always win.

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