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By Mario Murillo

Stefan Schlogl president of ICFM New Zealand asked me to come and be the keynote speaker at their convention in Hastings, NZ.  It would be the culmination of a tour that began in Australia on May 26th

ICFM Australia president Dale Smith is a remarkable leader who did an awesome job to make room for the moving of the Holy Spirit. The acts of God that were worked among us in Australia deserve to be highlighted and then spread far and wide.  However, I will reserve that report for a soon-to-be-released blog. 

While it is still fresh on my mind and aflame in my spirit, I want to relate to you why these meetings in Hastings will most assuredly rock an entire nation.  While I can still muster the words I want to impress upon you the unique fire of God that blazed in these 4 unforgettable nights.

The day after a wonderful Sunday morning service in Wellington at the fine church where Stephan and Vanessa Schlogl pastor we made our way 4 hours north to Hastings.  During the drive expectancy kept building inside me.  I felt a deep purpose for being in New Zealand.  I sensed that something could happen if I immersed myself in prayer and got out of God’s way.

Even the breathtaking scenery could not distract me from the inner fire and conviction that was building up in me.  I was not desperate to get alone with Jesus and receive proper instructions.

Once in my room, I began praying in the Holy Ghost.  I looked at the brochure for the convention. I was struck by the bold theme of the convention: REVIVAL NOW!

The stream of tongues would occasionally be interrupted by outbursts in English and then sudden silence as Christ made His priorities known to me:  “Speak as I give you utterance and then leave room for me to confirm My word with signs and wonders.”

It is beyond impossible for this brief report to do justice to the meetings.  The Holy Spirit seemed to be on a mission to prove that miracle power was real to these Kiwis.  First of all the house was packed, second of all the people sang with total abandonment onto Jesus.  It is sufficient to tell you that when I stood to speak GLORY filled the room and the hunger of the audience seemed to take the oxygen out of the room.  The moment I finished preaching people began to be healed.

We have come to the part that is most difficult for me to talk about.  I want all of the glory to go to Jesus. Gifts of power took control of the meeting.  God was not content to give people general descriptions of their needs.  He revealed the name of the disease.  He insisted that they be told how long they had battled the various illnesses.

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You want specifics?  Specifically, people could see, walk, hear and breathe.  They simply could not do any of that before.

People would shriek as God detailed their innermost needs.  They would shriek again when pains, lumps, paralysis and all agonies in their bodies would vanish.  They would lose all shyness and run, jump and just generally show how could not do something that moments before would have leveled them with pain.

Again and again I compelled pastors, leaders and everyone in the house to embrace revival now.  I told them to go and bring the sick and the unchurched.  Every night the crowds, the intensity, and the power grew.

By Friday Night it was pure fire.  Not a seat was empty.  After preaching on how to receive…they began to receive. I know it seems that we talk in superlatives but in some cases you can’t help it.   To do otherwise would be lying.

Dozens and dozens exclaimed that they were healed.  They refused to sit still and busted out showing how Jesus has made them whole.

The call to come and drink freely from the well of salvation was met by  a stampede.  The front of the house was flooded with souls seeking Jesus Christ.

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone.  They wanted us to return quickly.  I reminded them of my calling to America.  I asked for their prayers, turned the meeting back to pastor Stephan and excused myself.

Something happened at the door.  One of the sharpest young men I have ever met insisted and telling me this: “Thank you for obeying God.  Something has started tonight that will not stop here!”  Revival now in New Zealand.




After nearly 50 years of preaching I have concluded that there are three skills every believer must have.  I have come to believe that we can turn America around if we fill the churches with believers who possess these 3 skills.   That is how we forged this new weapon…a weapon that took nearly half a century to create.

It is called The Warriors Workshop…a workshop I will teach myself.  Be careful not to stumble over the simplicity of these 3 skills.  I have spent a lifetime narrowing them down.

At the Warriors Worship you will be trained  to own 3 skills:

  1. How to convert someone to Christ.

  2. How to heal the sick.  

  3. How to live in victory.

I warned you about their simplicity…but they are anything but simple.  Their power reminds me of something Winston Churchill once said, “He who enjoys it wields a power more durable than a great king.  He is an independent force in the world.  Abandoned by his party, betrayed by his friends, stripped of his offices, whoever can command this power is still formidable.”

Saturday July 9th 10:AM  Spirit Filled Church    3175 Goldy Way, Sparks, NV 89434  Call 775 358 2842

Wednesday July 27th 7 PM The Bridge of Yuba City 424 Epley Drive, Yuba City Call 530-674-0400

Saturday August 20th 10:AM New Life Church 10800 Hammerly Blvd, Houston, TX 77043  Call (713) 932-1479 


The Warrior’s Workshop is free but you must register.  Register by clicking on this link


workshop schedule

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