Obama to Hillary: I own you

Obama to Hillary: I own you.

By Mario Murillo

America woke up this morning and found out that laws are for the little people.  This whole ugly, putrid affair was staged.  Hillary, Bill and Loretta Lynch and James Comey…are actors in a play directed by Obama.

Just days ago, Obama announced he would campaign with Hillary in North Carolina.  A sitting president would not appear on stage with a candidate facing indictment. It all unfolded according to plan.  He knew she would not be indicted…he ordered it.

He condoned (planned) the “chance” meeting of snakes on a plane: Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.  Someone had to tell her “play ball and you keep your job in the next administration.”  How blatant!

Air Force One—according to plan—landed in North Carolina right after the preapproved script was recited by the FBI.  She is conveniently cleared of all charges just as he takes the stage.

He did it with such disregard for appearances. He did it with impunity.  He did it with arrogance.  He wanted to display his power and put fear in the hearts of his enemies. He wanted to be caught so he could say, “what are you going to do about it?”


Not since the night he went to sleep peacefully as Americans died in Benghazi has Obama been this cold-blooded.

We wondered all along how Obama would stay in office.  Many thought he would foment riots and declare martial law.  No this is much smoother…a bloodless coup. He can now run things from behind the scenes.

His message to Hill and Bill is clear: I own you. You are my third term as president.

What happened between Obama and Hillary is a scene from the movie All about Eve.  A young actress thinks she has used a powerful news columnist to get her way.    Addison is infuriated that Eve has attempted to use him and reveals that he knows that her back story is all lies. Her real name is Gertrude Slojinski, she was never married, and she had been paid to leave her hometown over an affair with her boss, a brewer in Wisconsin. Addison blackmails Eve, informing her that she will not be marrying Lloyd or anyone else; in exchange for Addison’s silence, she now “belongs” to him.  Watch the scene below.

Hillary belongs to Obama and stopping this crime family is now the sworn duty of every God-fearing American.



7 thoughts on “Obama to Hillary: I own you

  1. I try and form no opinions of these people beyond what God shows me personally because then I know I am at least somewhat right in what I am saying. Also if God tries to call me out for judging, I can tell him that if he said it is the way it is, it is the way it is. Obama does seem to have an over-inflated opinion of himself that angers God.

    I had the strangest dream one time where I walked up on Obama. I felt this anger from God rise up in me and I told him he was “nothing before God.” I could sense an arrogance and a bigotry in him against white Americans that was causing this overwhelming urge to just pulverize him in the dream – like a bug meeting a bug zapper.

    Then another time I saw Obama was actually working to try and subvert the United States.

    I don’t know whether Trump will be elected or not, but every time I see him in a dream it is positive. I question what he is thinking sometimes, but I hope he is elected. If God wants him to be president, he will be president. I also hope Loretta Lynch surprises with latent integrity and indicts over that knuckleheads reading of the law, but I am not holding my breath.

    Ultimately, though, all these peoples’ plans are doomed anyway. Obama controls Hillary; maybe – it looks that way. Call me Pollyanna, but Bill Clinton can share a cigar with the Loretta Lynch, Hillary can stack the Supreme Court with 30-year-old tyrannies and everything else and we will overcome.

  2. My brilliant grandson! – If we expect someone within corruption to be the means to its end- then we will be sorely disappointed. This system can’t fix itself. What happened today concerning the Hillary case is a testament to that truth. There must be a voice that calls out from the outside. Someone willing to blow that trumpet. Someone who’s willing to march and declare the truth until the corrupt walls of this political Jericho crumble. Someone who’s not only willing to bust down the wall, but storm the city. We don’t need another politician- we need a leader.

  3. Last week I saw in a dream the face of Obama and a devil upon his face, thus 2 in 1. I had a knowing his evil, his arrogance would increase. I also knew he would do things in such a way that everyone would notice; in other words , he wasn’t hiding & he wanted to display his power! This story confirms exactly what I saw and what I knew in this dream. We fear no one , no man, no devil… Only , GOD!

  4. This should not be a suprise to the praying believer. Hillary Clinton is a “Jezebel”. Please pray for everything surrounding this person.

  5. This country is pretty much a lost cause now. Voting for any incumbent, regardless of party, is a vote for the status quo. Neither the CONgress or the courts will act against this lawlessness. They are fully under the control of obastard. It is now time, if at all possible to vote them out by any and all third party candidates. If not, good bye america.

  6. I will not accept the fact, that its too late to change rhings, i think , God is giving our country one more chance to change things, and turn it around, through our prayers and through our votes, we cant just throw in the towel, and say, that is just the way it is, we cant stop believing if we take a stand against the evil of this world, and we have to believe that God, will hear us and intervene…

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