Why Obama’s remarks in Dallas matter


Why Obama’s remarks in Dallas matter

By Mario Murillo


At a memorial for 5 police officers who were killed because they are white, Obama chose to make remarks about how police mistreat blacks.

Ask yourself: if a white president spoke at a funeral for a black man killed by a white police officer and said, “by the way, black men should not resist arrest.”  How would that go over?

I wonder how the families of those fallen officers felt sitting listening to the following statements:

“We also know that centuries of racial discrimination, of slavery, and subjugation, and Jim Crow; they didn’t simply vanish with the law against segregation…we know that bias remains. We know it, whether you are black, or white, or Hispanic, or Asian, or native American, or of Middle Eastern descent, we have all seen this bigotry in our own lives at some point. We’ve heard it at times in our own homes…. No institution is entirely immune, and that includes our police departments. We know this.”

Then he went on to paint an incomplete picture: “if you’re black, you’re more likely to be pulled over or searched or arrested; more likely to get longer sentences; more likely to get the death penalty for the same crime.”

Remember, Obama isn’t just wrong here – he’s being wrong in front of the families of officers killed by a black anti-cop, anti-white racist. Despicable.  Any other human being—possessing a particle of decency—would have seen how astronomically inappropriate and hurtful those remarks were.

5 cops killed in Dallas

DPD Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, age 48, who had been with the department since 2002

DPD Officer Michael Krol, 40, who had been with the department since 2007

DPD Sgt. Michael Smith, 55, a former Army Ranger who had been with the department since 1989

DART Officer Brent Thompson, 43, a former Marine who had been with the department since 2009 (Thompson was the first DART officer to be killed in the line of duty since the department’s inception in 1989.)

DPD Officer Patrick Zamarripa, 32, a former Navy sailor and Iraq War veteran who had been with the department since 2011.

Some of Obama’s most ardent supporters would love to believe he innocently forgot the purpose of this event. The facts are much darker.  As a Spirit-filled Christian Evangelist I discern that darkness.  These hurtful words speak to a malevolent invisible source.  The enemy of all of our souls wants to bring America down.  To do this, the evil one must bring incurable division—Obama’s words moves us further in that direction.  That’s why his words matter.

Obama mentioned himself 54 times in this speech meant to honor others.  He is so passionately in love with the sound of his own voice—so utterly narcissistic about his opinions—all decorum must bow to his essence.

His words in Dallas matter because they show us the man.  Obama can’t imagine his words ever being inappropriate.   He especially believes his rhetoric on race is omnipotent and must be omnipresent.  In his universe, his words are fitting simply because they are his words.

His words in Dallas matter because they drive home a vital truth:  Our nation will not be saved so long as we suffer under Obama’s abuse of power—and God forbid—we should allow it continue in the form of Hillary Clinton.

Some will point to the beautiful words Obama spoke.  Yes, but he trampled those words under foot.  Mr. President, you were charged with honoring the fallen and bringing the nation together.  Instead, like a doctor secretly wanting to kill the patient, you administered medicine in a way that only made things worse.


12 thoughts on “Why Obama’s remarks in Dallas matter

  1. His kind words drew people in so the hurtful words would go deeper … President Obama is calculating and has been a loyal soldier of the progressive left to degrade and dishonor if not destroy, not ISIS, but America that our Founders intended, under God, to bless a people who knew their liberty and freedom is not legislated by men but a gift from Almighty God … may God grant an abundance of mercy and Grace and forgive and restore America back to Himself.

    1. I’m feel the lord want’s us to fast and pray about all this for at least a day, I put it on fb but nobody is listening, you pray and see what you get, and set a day and I will join

  2. Thank you Mario I’m so grateful for all of your political posts and your take on things through the last year. It’s just a Despicable thing and still overwhelmingly sad my heart just went out to those families having to listen to him and now I’m praying that these plant disruptions don’t go forward and if nothing else he plans to do those forward as well. Thank you for calling the church to be aware and thank you for being a voice to the Latino Community as well, be blessed

    1. Amen he shouldn’t be still in office. it bother’s me so bad, I can’t even listen to him.he is a shame and disgrace to America, and in love with his self.

  3. It seems the silent majority continues to allow this to happen without comment. I wonder if there is anything we can do to show the public the complete disrespect this man is showing. Who do you write to him. How do you get your congressmen and senators to speak out. They all seem to be part of the system.

  4. God Help and Wake us all up to prayer/repentance/humbling ourselves before God. God is our only hope in this. Yes there is an evil behind Pres. Obama that he may or may not be aware of and in concert with. But God!!! But God. Help us or Lord.

  5. The contrast between his remarks and the address by former president George W. Bush is striking. Listen to them both and compare them for yourself. Obama is a disgrace to the American people, and to America. And we must not allow Hillary to be Obama II.

  6. God the Heavenly Father is SO much better at handling antichrist spirits than we ever could be, so let’s pray that His perfect will be done concerning all the antichrist spirits throughout our country, especially the ones in leadership.

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