Most American Christians feel America is nearly out of time.  They are deeply frustrated because they believe we have wasted valuable time and resources on watered-down Christianity.  They see compromising the Gospel is a towering mistake.

Millions ask troubling questions.  Don’t we have the best message humanity has ever heard—and the best book ever written?   Don’t we have the Holy Spirit sent to give us power, strategy and wisdom to direct our operations?  Why have we put all of this down?   Why have we have accepted such sorry substitutes?

The frustration does not end there.  They want something anchored in truth and designed to tackle modern culture.  They seek an experience in the power and presence of God that fuels them with victory in everyday life.  They do not want merely survive and fight to hang on—they want to take territory held by the enemy.

It became clear to me that we needed something drastic.   I realized that teaching was everywhere but training was almost nowhere.   Experts in leadership excellence constantly emphasize training over teaching.  The reason is obvious.  In teaching you are asked to understand material.  In training, you must perform the material.   Training reduces fear.

The bottom line was, we needed something drastic.   So I went to prayer and I went to work.  I called on nearly 50 years of ministry experience.  I drenched it in prayer and study.   The result was THE WARRIORS WORKSHOP.   A new weapon from Mario Murillo Ministries, that answers the deepest frustrations of millions of believers.

The best way I can say it is this:  The object of military training is not to prepare men for war but to make them yearn for it.   The same is true of this workshop—it makes you yearn to reach out—heal the sick—and walk in total victory.

We just had our first workshop.  It was in Reno.  The results were startling.  Not only was the hall packed but the response was 100% positive.  It was everything we hoped for.  People were truly fired up!

Now comes our next one.  It is in Yuba City and it promises to be even more powerful.  If you live anywhere near Yuba City you must do all you can to register and be a part of this once in a life time event:  THE WARRIOR’S WORKSHOP.  The Workshop is free but you must register.  Group registrations accepted just tell us how many are in your group.

Wednesday July 27th 7 PM The Bridge of Yuba City

424 Epley Drive, Yuba City Call 530-674-0400





  1. Im from New York but if I lived in California, I would join too. Military training is not for teaching violence. It teaches men how to be men. It teaches the true value of hard work and effort.

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