How is voting for Ted Cruz, voting your conscience?

How is voting for Ted Cruz, voting your conscience?

By Mario Murillo

I am a simple man asking some simple questions.  If the reason you can’t vote for Trump is that he has sinned then please tell me something:  How then, is voting for Cruz voting your conscience? 

-His super PAC released photos of Melania—with Ted’s full knowledge—before Trump said anything about Heidi. 

-The Cruz campaign lied about Ben Carson dropping out of the race to help Ted win Iowa. 

-He mailed out a fraudulent “VOTING VIOLATION,” form.

Donald Trump has never claimed to be the super-Christian that Ted Cruz claims.  Trump even humbly said to evangelicals “I am grateful for your support even though sometimes I don’t feel I deserve it.”

Isn’t Cruz just the opposite?   Didn’t his campaign feel entitled to the evangelical vote? Haven’t they castigated us and questioned our Christianity for not supporting him?  

Didn’t he stand stand foursquare with Mormon commentator Glenn Beck—and, in my opinion, his tacit approval made it look like Mormonism is the same as Christianity.  Ted never condemned Glenn’s decreed to southern evangelicals: “You are not obeying your God!” because they voted for Trump.

However, the thing that seals the deal for me was his behavior at the Republican National Convention.   Wasn’t Ted standing there like a smug martyr parsing words?  Wouldn’t  King Solomon have seen right through him?

In 1 Kings 3, Solomon discovers who the real mom is by threatening to cut the child in half.  The real mom says, “let her have the child but don’t divide it.”  Didn’t Ted Cruz prefer to divide the child?  

I am sorry, but I can’t see how this was courageous conviction. This did not look like Martin Luther nailing truth to the Wittenberg Door—this looked like a man simply out for himself.


Was he so filled with revenge (for a fight he started) that he had to lie one more time?  Didn’t he lie when he wrote his name on a pledge and gave his word to endorse the eventual nominee?   Proverbs 15: 4 “ But he honors those who fear the Lord;  He who swears to his own hurt and does not change.”

As I said in the beginning…I am a simple man asking simple questions.




P.S.  None of this is said in anger or disrespect…I am a simple man asking simple questions.  Please don’t tell me I am lying about Ted Cruz.  These are all facts.  Please comment but be aware that it is a waste of time to post vitriol, abusive language or nutty spiritual gobbly-gook.  Thoughtful rebuttals are most welcome.



42 thoughts on “How is voting for Ted Cruz, voting your conscience?

    1. A simple answer from an equally simple man is that the positions and policies advocated by Cruz line up better with God’s Law than those advocated by Mr. Trump do. Plus, a long consistent history of advocacy of these positions gives confidence he will stick to it while Trump’s more fluid history of positions gives less confidence.

      1. Read all of this before I went public about Cruz. Bottom line is that we are left with he said, he said. We have only Ted Cruz’s word that he did not know about the savage attack on Melania. In court the circumstantial evidence is accepted when the court sees a pattern of behavior. Ted’s other acts are consistent with this act. Moreover, he never made a full-throated condemnation of the photos. To Trump this was Cruz’s operatives shaming his wife…take it from there.

  1. In no way as a rebuttal or rebuke, you know how much I respect you and hold you in high esteem giving the honor due you and your ministry. I am not voting for Mr. Trump because he is a sinner, I am certain you can find sin in Mr. Cruz. Heck I sure you could find some sin around here if you looked long enough. I do not trust Donald Trump, in fact in my view he is a plant to disrupt, and divide the GOP which he has successfully done. With Hillary’s baggage we could have ran the dog catcher and defeated her. In my view, many let their emotions rule the day and to show the establishment a thing or two, went out and nominated the one candidate who could not defeat her in the general election. “Don’t cut off your nose to spite you face” comes to mind. Christians at an alarming rate are hanging there hopes on “God’s anointed one” to save the day. I see no such savior in Donald Trump. Ever the optimist however I am not in despair, I trust beyond all doubt that God has a thing or two up his sleeve to counter this perfect storm that Satan has launched against the church. Christians are at each others throats over all of this and I am convinced that Satan is trying to muck up the water prior to what God is about to unleash in the earth.

    1. Mr. John,
      This is the scripture that helped me, Acts 5:38,39
      Also,Paul the Apostle was a great example of how God uses the most unlikely person! All of “The Way” were terrified of Paul! But, he was Gods choice.
      I pray God gives u peace about the election. But, please vote!

      1. Saul, later Paul was visited by Christ with an audible voice, led away blind for a time, later baptized with the Holy Ghost and “Straightway preached Christ” I haven’t heard any such news regarding Mr. Trump.

    2. If your waiting for a sinless person in the White House you’re going to waiting untill Jesus comes back because all people are sinners. He without sin cast the first stone. Trump is our best option hands down.

  2. I’m a Christian from the UK, in fact from Lancashire, (I believe in Eph 2:8-9) I listened to Mr Cruz and at first I felt that’s good, the man is being gracious and getting behind Mr Trump, how very sad to see and hear how he conducted himself and how he came across like a naughty jealous school boy, in fact so puerile, although he had promised one thing, he just had to go against his responsibility, like that sneaky school boy, thinking now I’m here I’ll spoil it, as I mentioned he’s just jealous full of envy, I don’t mean to be so personal but come on, I wonder just what people like him know about the word of God, and it’s with such a relief that God chooses and put in place leaders the good and the bad, and we’re commanded to pray for whoever we get. And I think that as a nation you should be asking God not to give you Clinton! Thank you.

  3. I totally agree with your comments. I was a Cruz supporter until the last few months of the primary when he started his personal attacks against Trump instead of sticking to the issues. I had some concern about Cruz’s connection with the Bush family and his wife’s connection with Goldman Sachs. Cruz has professesd to be a Christian and Constitutionalist. Therefore; he should have shown love and forgiveness and been a man of his word and supported Trump. Where is Cruz’s integrity?
    From the very beginning of the run for the nomination there was always this small still voice saying maybe God could use Trump to bring down the corruption in Washington. He stands for Biblical values and is for Israel and does not like the UN or Global Governess. He may be a little rough on the edges but God looks on the heart. Who are we to say that God has not chosen him for such a time as this.

    1. I agree with you kay392, as well as with Mario. I believe his stand for Israel is worth more than any thing. I also think he will make positive changes in our country.

  4. I agree 100% Mario, i see exactly what you see, and I have made these points with other Cruz supporters, at least Donald is honest and shows all his colors. God showed me Trumps heart and soul back when he first announced he was running for president. No Trump is not perfect but then again who is? I got excited when he first announced he was running the Holy Spirit said this man is here to save our country this man truly loves in this country and its people he does not have to do this but yet he is doing this for the love of his people and his country, he truly cares he is making a great sacrifice he has no agenda except to save this nation. Vote for this man and tell the others. Now i have been a watchman on the wall paying close attention to the election and doing my homework and I have been telling anyone who will listen. Keep up the great work Mario telling it like it is the truth. You are one of the best pastors there is that I have ever seen God bless you and your family.

  5. Mario keep preaching the truth you are a man of God .some people are just blinded. Thy only see what thy want to see .

  6. For me, to “vote your conscience” actually does mean a vote for Donald Trump. I am not holding my nose either. When I see the kind of relationship that he has with his children, I think he is more qualified than most to rule this country because he “rules his own house” with love and encouragement and justice. I have made it a practice to carefully watch the body language of the spouses and children of leaders. I have seen only a few families that appear to have relationships that are genuine. However, having said that, I do not think that Donald Trump can unify the conservatives and evangelicals because they don’t want to be unified. They want to have their way. They want to be right no matter which way the wind blows. It is my opinion that they are going to cause his defeat and ensure the continuation of the current regime. That is what they did for the Obama election, and that is what they are going to do with the Clinton election. President Obama did not openly flaunt his true colors until he was in his second term. She is going to be able to step right into eight years of preparation and ramp it up without delay. I think that the “sleeping giant” has been trying to wake up. But right now, that giant is mostly lost in the shadow-lands, still somewhere in between, still not fully aware that the enemy is systematically plundering his house while he sleeps. If the giant does not wake up, or he wakes up too late, and we do fall, I am convinced that our Gracious God will give us one more opportunity to repent, and to stand back up, and to walk in His righteous ways. I have children and grandchildren. It is impossible for me to believe anything else.

  7. Mario, dead on. I was a Cruz supporter and scheduled to be a convention delegate. You nailed the facts about Iowa and his Super PAC & the photos. I still backed Ted. Then his cahoots with Kasich trying to swing the votes his way in the primary was a classic insiders trick which he had adamantly said he was not. Go back & watch the video, Ted gave his word that he would support the parties nominee with his own mouth & I think they all did, never excpecting Trump to be that person. I like Cruz but I believe he ended his political career Wednesday night. For John and the others, I’m voting for a president and not a pastor. Any defacto vote or no vote is a vote from Hillary. We can all say we trust God but He told us to “occupy” & staying home in November is not occupying.

    1. Looking through my comments to see where I was voting for a pastor…Nope, can find them Jim. I did say I think Trump was a plant to rip the GOP apart and insure a Clinton victory. Even if he is unaware of it, that is exactly what is happening. I actually hope that I am wrong, although I don’t know what Trump would do as president, I don’t Trump knows what he would do as president, depends on which way the wind is blowing the day you ask him. What scares me is I predicted the 2nd Obama term (in writing) when everyone in the know was predicting Romney would win. I don’t even have a problem with those who vote for Trump believing he would make the better president, it’s the ones saying “God told me he was going to be president that scare me” That is dangerous! Prophecies, visions, heard it all. There’s an old saying “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” I’ll be here Nov. 9th, and if I’m wrong I’ll be here front and center to eat my crow.

  8. I truly agree with you and wrote this on my Facebook today
    Some of you need to stop arguing over Donald Trump Christianity or not that’s none of yours nor my business only God knows the heart. And stop trying to back something God has refused including ted Cruz Remember what God said to Samuel
    “And the Lord said unto Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Beth–lehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.”
    1 Samuel 16:1 KJV
    “And call Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will shew thee what thou shalt do: and thou shalt anoint unto me him whom I name unto thee.”
    1 Samuel 16:3 KJV
    It makes me sick every time one of you mourn over Cruz whom God has proven that he did not choose to reign
    God can use a donkey if he wants to We have all prayed for years for God to remove this administration and now some of you want to tell God whom he is allow to choose to be the one You already voted now shut up and except God will and please don’t tell me your will is better than God will God only knows the heart
    “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid. For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy
    Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?”
    Romans 9:13-16, 21 KJV

  9. I voted for Trump in the primary. I deemed him to be the most honest of the 4 that were left by the time my state voted. Yes, I find a few things about him vile, but less disgusting than those that use the Gospel for their selfish ambitions. Yes I hold those that profess the king to a higher standard. Unless God moves my heart another way before the election, my vote is Trump. I perceive he is the lesser of evil of the choices we have made for ourselves. Going forward we should pray for Trump! And, as difficult for me to say, and pray for Hillary, those that are in authority, God specializes in the impossible! On target Mario!

  10. Yes, plain & simple selfishness. I believe the Lord gave him multiple opportunities through Mr Trump to reconcile & restore, but he refused. Bad choices have far reaching consequences. Good choices & everyone wins!

  11. It was not “his super pac.” Others released same information about Carson. You seem to be getting the supposed “FACTS” from the liberal media. 😦

      1. 100% agreement with you on CNN. It seems that no liberal is ever fact-checked on any mainstream media!

  12. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Mario.
    I would like to ask everyone; what about God’s thoughts on this? Is it just possible that He has a plan that is greater and wiser than anything we can imagine? Hasn’t He taken the foolish things in the past and turned them into something truly incredible?
    Here is one of 4 prophecies concerning Trump, from Charisma News, as being God’s chosen for the presidency: “Prophetic Dream: From Trump to Triumph”. Plus I’ve heard of numerous folks having dreams and visions of this man in the same light. Here’s another: Biblical Numerology Predicts Trump Will Usher in Messiah
    We must be ever vigilent to not allow ourselves to become offended, for that is a devicive tool of the enemy. It will only separate us and will will not be effective in doing the will of God.
    If you listen to the prophesy from The Jim Baker’s Show, it becomes clear that the Lord is wanting to protect us from the “one world order”, “mark of the beas”t, UN, corruption; etc…regarding the recent ssues we’ve been hearing so much about. He needs someone who’s strong enough, bold enough and with enough insights to what’s going on to stop the mess. And according to that prophecy, Trump is the man for that job, the demons are terrified of him and so is DC!
    Sorry, I don’t believe Cruz can beat Clinton. And by choosing him, we become more divided and fractured, just what the enemy wants!
    If all the prophecies regarding Trump are from the Lord, and we decide to ignore them, then we could be going against God and truly miss His mark, like so many have done in the past. And if God is sending us Prophets and prophetic words, why would we ever turn a deaf ear to them? In doing so we would be worse than the Israelites of old. Therefore, I encourage all of us to put aside our own agenda and be in prayer to align ourselves with God’s! I pray you will impart upon us your wisdom oh Lord.
    Thanks for your time and God bless!

  13. I have been telling people who are on the fence about Trump….because you think he is brash, bold or insensitive at times….vote HEART…look at Donald’s heart, he has been generous for decades when he was not running for office, helping people, buying them homes, cars and making their lives better….the condition of ones heart speaks volumns….look at hilliarys heart, it is dispicable, wicked and merciless……you know them by their fruits…..we have 2 candidates, the supreme court justices should be on all our minds….Trump, is and will be the only one to protect the Supreme court….Trump gave his heart to the Lord, and we all can say, he needs discipled for sure…but give him a chance…the Lord gave Cyrus a chance, he anointed him for a task and Cyrus neither knew him or obeyed him…YET, God chose him…if we don’t vote Trump, I believe we will be punished with hilliary and lose America and never recover. There is too much at stake to not vote Trump!

  14. The majority of Republican voters support Donald Trump. Only a smalL percentage still support Cruz. It is not Trump who has divided the party. He has unified the party and the voters like no other Republican candidate in history. He received more votes in the primary than any Republican candidate in history.

    Cruz has released a spirit of bitterness upon the evangelicals that still support him. These same people have never really researched Trump, they feed their minds daily on the hate speech against Trump from the Cruz videos and ads. The videos against Trump from the Cruz campaign have been full of so many lies, directly from Cruz mouth. Cruz is a great deceiver, but has a way of acting like the ultimate Christian candidate. We almost fell for it too until Cruz lied boldface right to our faces on live TV, again and again. How do Cruz supporters hold Trump to one standard and Cruz to another? Perhaps they still believe the fake videos and ads about Trump that Cruz put out?

    Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to America in years.

    We pray that the root of bitterness that has defiled many and the veil of deception that has been put upon evangelicals by the Cruz group is broken in the name of Jesus.

  15. Very well said, Mario. Cruz could have supported Trump and shown God’s LOVE. Instead, he pouted and threw a tantrum – that is not Christ-like. Trump shows us that the old Republican party is dead. Millions of people have ‘spoken’; we don’t want the same-old politicians. We want someone with a heart and Trump is that man. No, he is not perfect; none of us are. But he may be the one for such a time as this.

    1. The issue is not that Reagan did not endorse Ford…the issue is that Reagan never pledged to support Ford. Ted did and went back on his word. Reagan had the bigger beef: President Gerald Ford 1,187 52.57%
      Ronald Reagan 1,070 47.39

      GOP Delegates Trump 1543 Cruz 559
      Trump +984

  16. Stop and think for just a moment. Ted Cruz is not running for President. His campaign is over as he was trumped by Donald Trump. If you are a Republican or Independent at heart and don’t vote for Trump you are throwing your vote away. Basically giving your vote to Clinton, who no thinking person would vote for. Even a write in vote basically goes to Clinton as no third party will win. I am 100% on Trumps Train, have been since he decided to run. He may not be perfect but he is definitely not Hillary Clinton!
    Please vote Trump!

  17. Mario,

    I concur with you and several others on this forum. I was a very strong Cruz supporter going back to when he ran for the Senate in Texas when I started to support him. I was an unwavering supporter up through Super Tuesday after I voted for him. I then began to observe things about him that started to trouble me about him. In fact the whole Trump-Cruz feud disturbed me as it was confusing to many. I prayed my way through this not asking to favor a particular candidate in the spirit of being just as God’s Word says in Proverbs 11:1 “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but an accurate weight is his delight. ” I prayed that God would bring forth His choice to lead our nation clearly and the way it worked out Mr. Trump is God’s choice for the GOP. I have also been disturbed over the behavior of the Pro-Cruz Never Trump crowd and I have inquired of the Lord to discern this movement as whether it was justified in His eyes or not. I prayed about this for several days and the Holy Spirit led me to Proverbs 30:12 “There are those who are pure in their own eyes, yet are not cleansed of their filthiness. ” Needless to say when I read this verse it was affirming to me that God is not pleased with those professing His name to be behaving this way. I know this to be true in my own life when I struggled with self-righteousness in my life 10 years ago where God humbled me in a situation where I led a friend of mine to Christ who had murdered a family member who was in prison who reached out to me and I rejected him in a manner I see many Never Trump people engage in. After I repented and humbled myself I experienced an amazing release of God’s power and grace in my life. That is what we need in our country desperately right now. To those who are currently bitter and angry over this election process t I exhort you to examine yourselves in the light of this testimony to repent of your unforgiveness. You are not as clean as you think you are and you are on the wrong side of things spiritually in this matter. The Lord’s prayer is clear and tells us to “Forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” I assure you that over time you will experience trouble in your lives because of this. So far as Mr. Trump is concerned we need to pray for him and support him as he is clearly better than Clinton who has a proven pattern or corruption and criminal behavior. Proverbs 21:1 says “The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; he turns it wherever he will. ” Donald as crude and unrefined as he is in many ways looks to have a good and just heart which is what we require.

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