Ministers who do not love America


Ministers who do not love America

By Mario Murillo

Matthew Henry said, “Great pretenders to sanctity are commonly the worst enemies to those who are really sanctified.”

I collided with a false minister.  He attacked me and said, “you have become a politician,” (I could see right through him).  I asked him “what is a politician?”  He set a trap for himself by his own words.

So, then I asked him why he wasn’t speaking out against the destruction of America.  He told me that it would split his church.  I said, “you have just told me that a politician is someone who will say and do anything to stay in power.  I am not the politician you are!” 

Amos 7: 12-15 says, “Then Amaziah sent orders to Amos, “Get out of here, you prophet, you! Flee to the land of Judah and do your prophesying there! 13 Don’t bother us here with your visions, not here in the capital where the king’s chapel is!”  14 But Amos replied, “I am not really one of the prophets. I do not come from a family of prophets. I am just a herdsman and fruit picker. 15 But the Lord took me from caring for the flocks and told me, ‘Go and prophesy to my people Israel.”

Amaziah was a false priest who led Israel to worship Golden Calves.  He should never have interfered with the prophetic message of God.  Amos told him,“Hey, I didn’t ask for this job, God put me in this.”  Then God said this to Amaziah: “Now, therefore, listen to this message to you from the Lord. You say, ‘Don’t prophesy against Israel.’ The Lord’s reply is this: ‘Because of your interference, your wife will become a prostitute in this city, your sons and daughters will be killed, and your land divided up. You yourself will die in a heathen land, and the people of Israel will certainly become slaves in exile, far from their land.’” -Amos 7: 16-17

Like Amos, I had to be dragged into the political fray by the Holy Spirit.  I knew going in that it would touch off a firestorm of criticism.  But I had no choice.

It’s strange how few criticized me when I railed against gang violence, poverty, heroin and crystal meth, and how many attack me for exposing the worst gang and the most addictive narcotic in the ghetto: liberal government.   

The left sells a drug cocktail of atheism, Islam and the destruction of the family.   Not only this, but they viciously attack free speech—only their viewpoint is allowed.

I didn’t leave my calling—I am fulfilling it.  We are more active in inner city soul winning than ever—only now, we are getting to the root of the problem.

First and foremost—we preach Jesus to youth.  We make way for miraculous healings.  But we also train them on what made America great.  We honor the truths that made us blessed and we expose the lies that are destroying our nation.

Saving America should be a passion for all ministers.  Tell me what is wrong with that?  What is wrong with pointing out the fact that our greatness is tied to Christ?  I do not want a theocracy—to have “Christians run the country.”  I do not seek a sanctified sharia.  But who can deny the power, protection and prosperity we enjoyed when the teachings of Jesus were honored in the halls of our government?

Those who are called to preach to America should love the nation more than their financial security and reputation.

Those false ministers—who form covenants with darkness—who are muzzled by politics and can’t condemn abortion, the destruction of marriage, Islam and the anti-God violence and rebellion face special danger.  And I must ask all ministers a question:  DO YOU THINK YOU WILL ESCAPE?

“This was Mordecai’s reply to Esther: “Do you think you will escape there in the palace when all other Jews are killed?  14 If you keep quiet at a time like this, God will deliver the Jews from some other source, but you and your relatives will die; what’s more, who can say but that God has brought you into the palace for just such a time as this?” Esther 4: 13-14

Like Amos said to Amaziah—don’t interfere with God’s message of repentance or the wrath of God will fall on you!  The very disaster you are trying to escape by compromising will overtake you!  But those who faithfully preach the counsel of God will be spared from all destruction and thrive supernaturally.



16 thoughts on “Ministers who do not love America

  1. Awesome word for the body.. I agree totally.. The church has a voice but that PC spirit has come on it too..we need to be speaking truth to destroy all the lies of the evil one…love your input:)

  2. I am totally amazed at the lack of understanding and intolerance even from people I thought were my friends. Like they are blinded visually and their ears are closed up.
    Heartbreaking to see this happening.

  3. Thank You Brother ! I too have been called to deliver a word that is often times not received or makes people uncomfortable, but deliver it I must.

  4. The god of this age has blinded the minds of those who don’t have faith so they couldn’t see the light of the gospel that reveals Christ’s glory. Christ is the image of God.

  5. Well said Mario! I have long had little tolerance for wanna-be preachers/pastors who refuse to become involved and/or who preach less than the full Gospel or an “As you like it gospel”! So Kudos to you. I know God is pleased!

  6. I’m with you Mario. We are either going to seize the moment and reclaim our country and deliver it out of the hands of those who deny Jesus and His righteousness, or have our freedom and liberty taken from us. I for one will not be silent. Live or die I’m contending for my country by allowing my life to be His light in the darkness.

  7. My wife and I live in a metropolis of 4.5M people (read: Souls) and have looked diligently for a local church, denominational or not, where the pastor preaches the unadulterated Word rather than pontificated editorial opinion. We haven’t found that movement or man (woman). It hasn’t happened here that we are aware of.

    Obviously, we haven’t been to every local church or heard every preacher within this vast metro area. But, when our newly arrived friends from out-of-state, who have been to at least 25 local churches in this area in the last several months tell us the same thing, I don’t believe we can be completely incorrect.

    At present, we have found only a couple of other preacher / prophets that we place in your rank, the only issue is they are available almost exclusively via Internet, not by a local church. That is not to say we cannot reap the benefits of their Spirit inspired insight and anointing, (there is no distance in the Spirit), but the value of locality is minimized.

    Now in the third millennium of time from His resurrection, which we are in currently , we (the Church) should rise as Jesus the Christ rose on the third day. Yet, the impetus for this movement and those who should orchestrate and lead it, are missing. Not MIA, but just missing, no action evident almost anywhere.

    Where or whom is to blame for this?

    Government? Society? Seminaries? Parents? The devil? Perhaps the real culprit is a lack of conviction; conviction for anything and no moral obligation.

    When did it become acceptable to be spineless?; adrift and rudderless in a material culture and fearful of speaking against crass culture for fear of losing a congregation or a tax benefit? When did it become necessary to be subservient to a government of the people, by the people in order to maintain a charitable tax status?

    Where is the Love that overcomes hate militancy and that says we are the American Church, the Living Body of Christ on this earth, and that we will use every legal and substantial and demonstrable act to overcome the power of hell without fear of retribution?

    Church, Wake Up!

    Take a lesson from the Islamic religious type of militant conviction, the LGBT court directed militant conviction, the black lives matter style of militant conviction, American Civil Liberties court process of militant conviction or the Planned Parenthood forceful and homicidal militant conviction.

    Why can’t we be better than that when the Almighty God is on our side and all He asks is that we ask Him to act in our behalf? He will! He sees! And He has given His Church all authority. Use It! and use it in Love. But don’t back down. Be forceful! Right is Might and right is right now!

    Begin Now! Act Now! Make your position known. Make it known to your pastor. Make it known that you have his back if he (or she) will act. And if that doesn’t happen,… leave. Vote with your pocketbook. That has always had every politician’s attention. Maybe it’s time it had your pastor’s attention!

    David Larson

  8. Thank you, Mario! I have appreciated your ministry ever since I heard you speak at Jesus `76 in Florida. Keep it up! God has not called Christians to be popular, but to be prophetic!

  9. You have studied to show yourself approved, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, you are rightly dividing the word of truth! You have lined up with the Plumb Line of God! Strongholds are coming down!

  10. Thank you Mario for having the boldness to tell the truth in a time when truth no longer matters to the masses.

    I pray that more pastors will not abandon their duty at such a time as this.

    Same for the church. This is our time.
    This is the time we need to not fear and walk in the supernatural power of God.

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