‘That’s the real question for all of these people talking about their ‘conscience”

By Pastor  Carl Gallups Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Florida

Sen. Ted Cruz told conservatives at the Republican National Convention to “vote your conscience.”  Republican strategists linked to establishment figures like Jeb Bush are leaving the GOP because they can’t bring themselves to vote for Donald Trump.   Elected Republicans, cowed by the media, are piling on Trump in defense of Khizr Kahn.   And Marvin Bush, brother of George W. Bush and Jeb Bush, has endorsed Gary Johnson for President because he “wants to have a conscience.”

But pastor Carl Gallups, author of “Be Thou Prepared” and a prominent Christian supporter of Republican nominee Donald Trump, suggests the real moral burden lies with those who refuse to oppose what he believes is the frightening candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

“Will my conscience allow me to act in a manner so that Hillary Clinton will win the presidency and thus destroy this nation and the future of my children and grandchildren?” asked Gallups rhetorically. “That’s the real question for all of these people talking about their ‘conscience.’ Everyone else is going to have to live with the consequences of all of those who simply opt out of this election by not doing what they can to stop Hillary Clinton.”

Gallups recently appeared on The Jim Bakker show to explain what he said was the critical importance of Christian participation in politics. He was critical of those who said Christians should stay out of the political process.

“We’re citizens and we have a right to be a part of the political process but more than that, we have a responsibility to be a part of all of that,” he said.

Gallups suggested many pastors have been convinced, incorrectly, they don’t have the right to speak out about political issues from the pulpit. The leader of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Florida said the difference between “political: and “spiritual” issues is often overstated.

“Pastors have been brainwashed, not all pastors, but a ton of them have been brainwashed or intimidated into believing that they can’t stand in their pulpits and say, ‘Thus sayeth the Lord,’” said Gallups. “Regardless of what the government says about it.

“That’s the dirty little trick that’s been played on the church, the pervasive politically correct atmosphere. Let’s take an issue like abortion – is that not a biblical issue? That’s a biblical issue, that’s a deeply spiritual issue. It goes to the demonic. But the government has stepped in over the decades and said this is a political issue. And we always hear the phrase ‘separation of church and state.’”

Gallups argued Christians need to understand they are not electing a pastor but someone who will set policies for the nation. The best they can hope for, said Gallups, is to have a leader who can provide space for Christians to promote their faith and create a revival.

“We need people who love America and love the Constitution,” said Gallups. “We need people who understand America’s history and its foundation, who love the rule of law. And who will protect that, because if that’s in place, then we are free to do what we’re supposed to do. It’s not the president that’s supposed to be preaching the Gospel, it’s you and me. But we can’t do it if we have people in power who are constantly holding us down and trying to crush us out of existence.”

Gallups told WND that is precisely what Hillary Clinton is trying to do. He urged Christians to understand the dire consequences which will result if another President Clinton gets to determine the Supreme Court.

“These are just the facts – Hillary Clinton would replace Justice Scalia with another liberal, perhaps even ultra-liberal justice,” he said. “This devastating maneuver would give the ‘progressives’ a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court. And that doesn’t count the times that Justice Kennedy might vote with the liberals (as we have seen him do on several occasions), giving them a 6-3 majority decision.

“And don’t forget: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83. She has had numerous and serious health problems, including pancreatic and colon cancer, and heart problems. Justice Breyer is 78. Justice Kennedy is 80.”

Gallups said the ironic result of Christians sitting out of the election because of “conscience” could be the end of America itself.

“It is entirely within the realm of possibilities that the next president could nominate up to four justices to the Supreme Court in the next few years,” Gallups warned. “If that president happens to be Hillary Clinton, because millions of Christians ‘couldn’t vote against their conscience’, she would seal a far-left activist Supreme Court for many decades to come. And don’t forget, she will be appointing numerous lower federal court justices on top of that! America as we have known it would be toast. Plain and simple. And the end would come like a flood.

“Our nation would be ruled by unelected and largely unaccountable far-left judges. An uncooperative legislative branch would be ignored, as Hillary’s government would merely rely upon liberal judicial fiat for its law.”

Gallups cautioned Americans against assuming the Constitution would protect their rights, as the Supreme Court has shown it is willing to radically reinterpret the supreme law of the land.

“If you have a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court, for starters, many of your First Amendment rights would be gone,” Gallups said of the consequences. “Your right to bear arms would be ancient history. Whatever privacy rights you have left now will also evaporate. Government intrusions and atrocities, all committed with the Supreme Court’s sanction, will sweep down upon us. Look what has happened, even without a liberal majority on the Supreme Court. Listen to what Hillary is openly and currently boasting about doing should she become the president. Her agenda is evil – and it is clear.”

Gallups urged Christians to examine their conscience in a different way. He asked believers to really ask themselves if they are willing to inflict such a fate on their fellow Americans and fellow Christians.

“Do you really want to take this chance?” he asked. “Do you really want a president that couldn’t even pass an FBI background check to be employed as an agent? Do you really want Bill Clinton back in the White House and thrust onto the world scene as a world leader? Do you really want all the Clinton baggage we were so glad to see leave the White House years ago simply step back in for four or, perhaps, eight more years?”

Gallups told Jim Bakker he doesn’t believe Donald Trump will somehow save the country by himself. But he said as a Christian the stakes are too high to do anything but stand with the Republican nominee.

“I don’t think Donald Trump is the savior of America,” concluded Gallups. “I don’t think he is the perfect candidate. There are parts of his platform I don’t agree with. But I’m saying on November the ninth, after the election, it is going to be one of those two people, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So that’s what I tell Christians – get out, get engaged, be the salt, be the light, or we’re going to lose everything we have.”



  1. Excellent discourse. Some people are just brainwashed and not up to date with the facts on this woman who has a history of death surrounding her. The waste, corruption and scandals that surround her have flowed off of her as if she wears a slick willy raincoat.

  2. I agree with all that is said here. My prayer is that this message would go viral and all of us who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ become doers (vote) and not hearers only (refuse the responsibility asked of us as citizens and members of Christs’ body).
    We are the ones who will be held accountable by God as his children for the outcome, and how it will affect our nation.

  3. Thank you so much for your information! I will vote by the Bible! I want to keep our Constitutional rights! I have my children whom I care deeply for also my grandchild whom I love so much! I pray for our nation to have mercy from our heavenly Father God! I pray he will heal our nation in Jesus name! Amen! Amen! Amen!

  4. Articles like this are the reason we have these problems. In the primary we are told ” you have to vote for the person most likely to win…” Then after we are told ” you have to vote for the (insert name) because he is the (R)… This rhetoric is the very thing that gets us to the point of having to decide between the “less of 2 evils”. The only problem as that we have allowed it to go on for so long that the 2 evils are the same evil with a different letter behind the name. America, it is time for the people to decide not for the (R) or (D) but who is the best person for the job. Who is the person that most lines up with your values. Vote for something instead of against something.

    1. I’m sick and tired of people calling Trump evil. Trump isn’t evil. If you think Trump is evil it tells me you know nothing about about evil and you lived a shelter life……..

      1. Those who call Mr. Trump evil lack spiritual discernment.
        The church means all believers and all believers should be involved in all things affecting mankind.
        Mr. Trump loves our temporary home, The U.S.A. that we presently inhabit. Even temporary abodes need to be safe for habitation.

  5. As a prayer warrior, 2x ordained minister of the gospel and believer for 51 years, I can tell you the Church’s political stance comes from a body.of lazy prayerless believers. As belivers, we have been given authority in the earth. Prayer moves and changes things. Lazy believers would rather have godless senators and representatives delegate laws to make people live what they think is righteous. Righteousness cannot be delegated. The Church needs to get off its lazy butts and fulfill the Commission Jesus gave it! Nations/people will change when believers “…seek ye FIRST the Kingom of God.” I lived in New York 57 years and I could tell you the evils of Donald Trump were headlines for almost 40 years and counting. The prophet Isaiah said it best: Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil. ” Preach the Gospel and stay out of politics. Let every believer vote as he/she sees fit. Pastors and Church leaders should be spending time studying and praying instead of getting in bed with politicians!

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