By Mario Murillo


Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

There are pastors who refuse to vote for Trump because they believe that God is bringing judgement to America through Hillary Clinton.  I find their viewpoint abhorrent but I can at least respect their honesty:  They admit their non-vote helps elect Hillary Clinton.  What I cannot stomach are those who won’t admit it.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes certain anti-Trump ministers more defensive than to tell them that if they don’t vote for Trump, they are voting for Hillary.  The quasi-religious hissy fit that ensues is truly remarkable.   They will uncork an exercise in mental gymnastics that exceeds anything we have seen at the Rio Olympics.   They will pour out high-sounding religious non sequitur like a cuttlefish squirting ink.  Pastor why not just admit the obvious?  You are helping Hillary.

Earth to Pastors: There are only two candidates for president.  The one with the most electoral votes wins.  Take a deep breath and try it again: Only Clinton or Trump will be elected president.  All of the others on the ballot are window dressing.  None of them can win.

Here is simple science: When you are down to two choices if you do not help one  you are helping the other one.

We have no doubt what will happen if Hillary wins.  She has made it clear she will continue the Obama disaster.

Trump is not the perfect candidate—he is the only candidate.  Trump is not the best choice—he is the only choice.

Okay, we admit it.  We are accusing you of: HELPING HILLARY WIN.

At least be truthful about why you are not voting for Trump.  You don’t like him.  You wanted Ted Cruz… which is strange—if I you are using the standard “I won’t choose the lesser of two evils” escape clause—because Mr. Cruz comes with baggage also.

Be honest: Just admit that your religious fever means more to you than the damage Hillary will do to America.  Don’t tell us you are being noble if you are spiritualizing desertion.  You are not taking a moral stand when you deny the damage of your decision.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 18: Laura Ingraham visits Extra at The Grove on July 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Extra)

Laura Ingraham told us what you are really doing when you waste  your vote:

“It means aligning yourself, at least temporarily, with left-wing nightmares Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all the other radicals who want Trump to lose.

It means turning a deaf ear to your fellow Americans who can’t take four more years of decline, and who are desperate for new leadership.

It means allowing another four or eight years of flat-lining wages and growth, and high taxes on American businesses.

It means hardening your heart against people those who have spent 40 years trying to stop abortion.

It means rejecting the advice of Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and the vast majority of elected Republican officials — all of whom are supporting Trump.

It means doing nothing when The New York Times, and The Washington Post, and every other left-wing outlet mocks and ridicules the Trump supporters as racists and bigots.

It means cheering (silently or not) along with every smear and every snide comment that Hollywood and the media can use to attack Trump’s voters.

That’s the choice the NeverTrumpers have made — a decision to do nothing, to wash their hands of the election, of the Republican Party, of the country itself.”

All it takes for evil to win is for Christians to do nothing.  Don’t tell me that you won’t vote for the lesser of two evils when you are helping elect the greatest evil.



  1. Thank you for writing this. I am from Denmark but deeply involved in praying for the election as I find it so crucial who wins. The outcome influences us all. Trump is for the Christians and for the Jews how difficult can it be for Christians to vote for him?

    1. Remember not all who call themselves Christs are His. There is a huge lack of spirit filled Christians and the nominal christian is all over the charts. Modern liberal teaching and a loose interpretation of scripture is to blame. We have all the technology. Translations, study materials but the truth is :
      ” they error, knowing not the scriptures” Each to his own way. Doing what is right in their own eyes. sounds like the book of Judges to me, but because the people refuse to be led by the Spririt of the Living God…. once again they are doomed to follow men, whether that be in the ‘Church’ or out in political platform. Once again we must pray that each individual person seek the LORD and do what they feel is what the Lord is telling them. His sheep will hear HIS voice and the voice of another they will not follow. Why are we crying that they wont listen to us? seriously….have you EVER worked with SHEEP?????????????

  2. there is a spirit of deception so strong in the so called church it’s crazy, do these people not hear from GOD of course not or they wouldn’t say thing’s like this, if God pour’s out his judgement, the ground will open up and swallow them, it’s not time for God’s judgement, that will come, we are just getting the result’s of bad prayerless decission they called Obama there messiah, there comforter, there salvation, so God allowed Obama, a very bad choice on the people’s part, he turned out to be the devil, why because Jesus Christ is our deliver, our messiah, and the Holy Spirit is our comforter, and Jesus Christ is our salvation, if God was trying to place judgement on us, why when I was praying the other night, I saw to pray for LA. I had not had the new’s on, I knew nothing about it, I had been in prayer for a couple of day’s, but the Holy Spirit showed me to pray for them, God don’t need any help placing judgement on any one, the cities he destroyed are still destroyed, we are destroying our self’s, and if people can’t see Trump has a chamce to turn this country around, I feel sorry for them, yes some bad thing’s are going to happen, but they have to to stop some of this madness going on, but we will not have a country if she get’s it, it will become a muslim nation, why do they think Obama bought a house as close to the white house as he could, not to even speak of the babies they will kill but they will come after all Christian’s and start beheading them, Lord open some eye’s of people who claim to be your’s I got my doubt’s my self, because there brain don’t seem to be working, Lord help us, sorry but I have had enough of people playing Christian, how you walk tell’s whether you are or not. and we have to many player’s and pretender’s

    1. I don’t know him, but there’s a good chance of it, not to many Culwell’s, my grand parent’s came out of west Virg.

  3. God is still on the throne, and he still answer’s prayer’s, seem’s to me we have a few people having a problem hearing him, my guess we could maybe stay on our face until we hear from him, if you claim to be a preacher and you do not hear from God either get on your face until you do, or find another job, because something is bad wrong some where, sorry I am just tired of people playing church and pretending they hear from God, that’s the problem with this world and America right now, we need some people who really hear from God instead of some big shot’s claiming to and can’t even here who to vote for, like there even a choice, it’s like voting to save America or to destroy it, and if you let Clinton win you have destroyed America just as if you drop a nuke bomb on it, it will just be a little slower, and that’s the cold hard truth. get mad if you want

  4. There are many presidential candidates this year. You made a false statement in this article. Please correct.

    1. I would not call that a false statement — it was poorly worded. You only need to add one word to convey what he meant — “there are only two VIABLE candidates for president this year…”

  5. HELLO!!! Thank you for this article. I think it’s spot on. Let’s not forget that many Christians helped to vote for Obama because they refused to vote for a Mormon which was bigoted and utterly ridiculous. I don’t understand why they want to do that all over again by not voting for Trump. Do I like him? Not really. I don’t think I’d like to even have dinner with the man, but I do think he can do the job AND I absolutely think Hillary will continue to take this country to Hell in a handbasket. I’m not voting for Trump–I’m voting against Hillary.

  6. One critical concern not addressed is the makeup of the Supreme Court. Our next president will fill an opening, and possibly more than one as aging justices retire. Clinton winning means our nation’s Supreme Court is packed with left leaning judges for the foreseeable future.

  7. Also — what many do not realize is that Trump has been surrounding himself with many top Christian leaders (I know one personally). He has been turning to these people for advise.

  8. Mario I so appreciate your article. It was around the first of the year, when I was just waking up. I saw it being said, almost like a vision. That a great deception, almost a three fold deception, coming in waves. I believe it is upon us now.

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