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On November the 9th there will be a big change at Mario Murillo Ministries.  This announcement has been in the planning stages for years but Mario feels that now is the right time to go public.

We have reached a historic milestone:  2 million people have now read Mario Murillo’s blog.

This does not include videos—this is people sitting down to read.  The fact that reading is dying—especially on social media which is overrun by video blogs—makes this achievement even more amazing.

We also know that the blog has been quietly censored…even throttled.  This means that our actual readership is probably much higher.

This blog was one of the very first Christian blogs to openly oppose Barack Obama.  At the time, Obama had a 68% approval rating and it was uncool to criticize him.

Some pastors told Mario he was no longer welcomed in their pulpits.

A large Christian network took him off the air because of his oppositional papers on Obama, Islam and same sex marriage…yes, same sex marriage.

Mario’s blog was one of the very first to publicly support Trump for president—another unpopular stance.   He did not call it prophetic…just common sense.  Once again, the blog endured critical headwinds…but readers kept coming back and the audience kept growing.

Astoundingly, the blog has been read in 174 of the 176 nations of the world.  (Why embarrass the two tiny nations that have not read the blog).

Now Mario is making another ground breaking announcement.  He says that the mantle for his political commentary is being lifted by the Holy Spirit.  He even has a date for the blog’s transformation: November 9th.

It’s not that his writings will never again rebuke government it’s just that he feels something will change drastically on November 9th.

When pressed he could only speculate on why the Holy Spirit will lift this mantle of warning, correcting and exposing the corruption of Washington:

“I believe God had me speak out because America was on the brink of an unalterable disaster.  On November 8th, we will either be rescued by Trump or driven into the ground by Hillary. 

If we are rescued, then my work in this arena is done.  I must leave this kind of commentary to others.


If Hillary wins, we must assume we will become the underground church.  Her appointments to the Supreme court will be the finishing touch to the already contaminated IRS, FBI and Justice Department.   How can anyone suppose that freedom of speech or freedom of religion will survive her?  How can anyone think this is not our last free election if she comes to power? 

Her unholy alliance with Google, Facebook, Apple, Youtube, Twitter and Hollywood will guarantee that any opposing thought will be smothered.  They will be the propaganda machine to justify criminalizing Christianity.

In such a case, I must proceed as if I am in Russia, China or even North Korea.  I must weigh my writings for the impact they will have on the church under a government that will openly punish citizens for reading ‘subversive material.’

When she refers to us as ‘deplorables that cannot be redeemed’ how do you think she will treat us when she has the power?”

So what does he think he will write after November 9th?   “I will occasionally rebuke government.  However, I must declare signs, wonders and miracles more than ever.  I must speak fire and faith to the soldiers of God who may, by then, suffer beneath the lash of a hostile government.”

In either case…November 9th is the start of a whole new kind of blog from Mario Murillo.  Stay tuned!


31 thoughts on “Breaking news about Mario Murillo

  1. My brother I’m a pastor and I support you. I believe truth is our call to many people speaking to itchy ears what they want not what’s good for them.

  2. Since you were a teen, I’ve watched your ministry grow & change and as you were led by God’s Spirit, you’ve been protected. Keep on fire, dear brother, God is is charge of even Hillary & our liberties. He has a plan! Love in Christ, Partha Hamilton

  3. Thank you for speaking out , we blood bought Christians are living in dangerous time ,, I agree with you 100 percent, God Bless You

  4. We love Mario Murillo Ministrie and we so appreciate your stand for The Truth!!! Keep it up– we know you will never compromise! Praying for you. Jill West founder Loud Voice For Truth & Justice

  5. I pastor Goodnews Riverside and these blogs always pour great Godly LIGHT INTO MY MINISTRY! As this revealing is taking place in the body of Christ, Mario has stood no matter the cost. Truly a prophet of God, thanks

  6. Thanks for using your gift of leadership.

    I’ve felt God released the “spirit of courage” in our country through Mr TRUMP.

    We certainly need many more demonstrating this quality.
    You would be one of them.

  7. Mario,
    I’ve been cheering you on and at times being out there ministering the Good News on the streets to the lost, lonely, much loved by our Lord and Savior with you. Since Berkley you’ve been one of the Lord’s leader’s in the charge of His army! A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all the strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Therefore we are told to put on every piece of God’s armor so we will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. Eph. 6:10-13 The armor is Eph. 6:14-17 Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. Eph. 6:18 And remember our Captain Jesus Christ said on the rock of the revelation that He was the Christ, the Son of the Living God He was building His church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The talk with His disciples is in Matthew 16:13-20 & 16:24 And look at Mt.16:27- 28!!! Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Gal. 6:14 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!!!

  8. Thank you Mario for a voice that is willing to shout from the rooftops when too many pastors in pulpits today are talking about everything except what’s relevant and reality!

  9. Wow Mario,
    I respect you and thank you for speaking up in our nation, in this hour. You have been a resource of truth and integrity and we appreciate your honesty and genuine heart for the people in Christ’s name.
    God’s grace and peace be with you.

  10. My Dear Friend. I can imagine this blog was not written lightly.
    I remember the night at Dream House when Obama was reelected that there would be no stopping him. I could not forsee what you were talking about. But time has shown how correct you were.
    I have been praying and encouraging friends to do the same.
    God Bless you Mario & Mechelle
    With love, Hope

  11. God has not called Christians to be popular, but to be prophetic! Sadly, very few choose to speak out against evil.

  12. Thank you, my brother in the mission, for speaking out not only for MMM, but for many prophets out here perplexed at the rug being pulled out from under our “wall.” We too are doing church as a third world country. Just last month, Obama has turned over internet monitoring to the UN now and they will control and censorship what can and can’t be said under their laws. This is how he will let Muslims in to view internet messages. The whole agenda of Obama and Clinton is to set the “new world order” in stone by implementing the UN laws over America’s Constitution. This is what you call a silent takeover of America. I stand with you 100+% Mario. God has revealed this to those who have trusted in Him to know the signs of the end. It has escalated and the enemy knows his time is very short, so it has all be set in fast forward and the Church wasn’t prepared. It is our mission to speak the word of the Lord and prepare the Church by educating and prophesying God’s will for His people in this hour. We need you here in Tulsa where many of the saints are perplexed and blinded by racism and religion! I’m also praying someone with the internet skills will create a private social media for the Church. Keep in touch and will be praying for you and your ministry direction. Blessings – Pr. Linda Montgomery

  13. Dear Pastor Mario Murillo…I’m An Ordained Native Minister On Native American Land…And I Support You Whole Heartily, many Of My People Adore Obama So Much That They Truly Think He’s A Saint, if Not God !…Yes Our Country Is In Dire Danger And We Must Pray For Her Protection And The Churches !…God Have Mercy If Hillary Should Be Elected…The Scriptures Clearly Warns Us These Days Were Coming…We Must Fight…Even Onto Death For What We Preach…Because If We Don’t, then We’re Defeated !…God Bless Your Ministry And Please Never Cease Praying For Us On Indian Land !…Blessings…Darryl Stanger

  14. Hearts & prayers with you…..supported you in prayers sine your visit to New Hope Center in 1986 in Vancouver,WA….& SOS Hollywood……..
    Thank you….for your many sacrifices & transparentcy to the body……you are a blessing to us all……..our nation, Israel & the world…..”for such a time as this”

  15. Mario you’ve got guts!!! Be encouraged in all of this because you’re making a difference amen? And please DONT stop! Your words give hope and identification of who the Real God is through Jesus Christ. Preach the miracles! That’s what I do in my services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! By the way Mario, when are you coming this way? Please inform? God Bless You my friend.

  16. Yes, thank you very much Mario, you have brought to light a very great illumination into the hearts and minds of christians everywhere of the enormity of the political and spiritual darkness that is and has been upon us as a nation, especially under Emperor Obama. Let us all unite in prayer from now until the election for righteousness once more to reign in our land.

  17. I truly love all your writings and warnings I also feel as you that Churches need wake up. The one I attend “The Father’s House” is for real with a Pastor who speaks truth and has warn the people about election and 200 hundred have left when he took a stand. We are now a remnant left who have not left and speak truth. Thank you for your ministry and few are as you. I know of another Pastor Rodney Howard Brown who feels as you and preaches so. But we know our hope lies in Jesus, keep doing what your doing for many have not forsaken truth!

  18. Thank you Mario for being on my program in Las Vegas, “Jesus and tim in Las Vegas.”
    God really used you! I’m at the crusade tonight in Vegas with two of my friends.
    I’m older than the State of Israel and am looking forward to how God can use me before I go Home. Thanks for being such a wonder motivator!

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