You better be praying because tonight’s debate is totally rigged

Mario wrote this before the debate. Everything he said happened the way he said it would.   If you haven’t read it read it now.  If you have read it—read it again…the most widely shared blog in our history.

You better be praying because tonight’s debate is totally rigged

There will be no fairness tonight.  There will be no balance.  You are about to witness a kangaroo court.  Hillary will get zero tough questions.  Trump will get only loaded questions.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that a plurality (46%) of Likely U.S. Voters believes most moderators will try to help Clinton in the upcoming debates. Only six percent (6%) think they will try to help Trump instead. Just 32% say most of the moderators will try to be unbiased, while 15% are undecided.

The entire night will be an infomercial for Hillary.  She will be declared the most experienced person ever to run for president. Trump will be portrayed a virtual Adolf Hitler.

Nothing will be said about Benghazi, Emails, Whitewater, The Clinton Foundation, and the 20 other scandals she has created.  You will only hear remarks about Trump that “prove” he is hateful to women, racist and lacks the temperament to be president.

The goal of tonight’s debate is to rescue Hillary and to repudiate Trump.

Here—by the numbers—is why I am right about tonight:

1. Lester Holt will go Candy Crowley.  Remember the 2012 debate? Candy Crowley repeatedly interrupted Mitt Romney and gave Obama much more time to speak.  When Romney raised a killer point about Obama, Crowley literally shut him down and went to a commercial.

Lester Holt has already signaled that he will do what Candy Crowley did.   CNN’s Brian Stelter says Lester Holt is signaling to his NBC colleagues that he may enter the fray in Monday night’s presidential debate as a participant rather than a moderator — thanks to intense left-wing backlash over Matt Lauer’s performance at the “Commander in Chief Forum” weeks ago.

lester-holt-candy-crowley-640x4802.  The left will destroy moderators who are fair to Trump.  Matt Lauer was eviscerated by the left for being fair to Trump in the Commander in Chief forum. All of the moderators are under intense pressure to see Hillary win the debate.  They know they it could be a career ender to let Trump win.

3. Obama. He ordered the FBI not to recommend an indictment against Hillary. He ordered the Justice Department to stone wall congress and refuse to release evidence that would incriminate her.  Obama has protected her every step of the way.  He has—without a doubt—exerted extreme pressure on the moderators to let her win.

4. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, USA Today, The New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and PBS are all firmly in Hillary’s camp. They will take tonight’s debate and spin it into a fair fight that Hillary won fair and square. Any reporting to the contrary will censored.

5. Total desperation: All of the people and media outlets I have named are now totally desperate.  They realize that Hillary is a terrible candidate.  They will gladly risk the appearance of bias if it is only the only way to save her.  It is now a no-holds-barred smack down of Trump by a band of bloodthirsty leftists who will stop at nothing to get her elected.

For his part Trump only has to do three things to win tonight and to become president.

  1. He has to remind America that her treatment of women is a basket of deplorables.  She—rather than blame her husband—has worked to ruin women that her husband raped.  I do not know any way to treat women worse.
2. He has to show that she will not keep America safe.  She has promised to make the Supreme Court a leftist activist arm of government. She will increase the number of Muslim immigrants from Syria by 500%.  She has promised to continue the failure of Obama in dealing with ISIS. She has sided with rioters against the police.  She will not hear America’s cry for help any more than she heard the cries of the 4 Americans who died in Benghazi.
3. He must expose the lie of her experience. The very experience she touts as qualifying her for the White House is—in fact—the very reason to reject her. She has been in government for 30 years and cannot point to one accomplishment.  Her record is a blank slate.  Now she says she is going to do all of these things if she is elected.  Why would anyone believe that?
In my opinion these are killer points that will destroy her candidacy.   If Donald Trump calmly makes these points, it is over for her.  It’s just too bad that he will not be allowed to make them…unless of course, there’s a miracle.  Pray.

29 thoughts on “You better be praying because tonight’s debate is totally rigged

    1. Father God I come before in unity with all who want justice! We are in agreement that whatever the enemy has planned tonight to make Donald look bad will backfire. And come back onto Hillary. Let all hidden agendas be brought to nothing in Jesus name. For your Glory

      1. he may be right but we the church can pray that justice will prevail, God will close the mouths of the lion and only words will come out that were meant for harm against Trump, will be words that will only work to strengthen Trumps case.

  1. The Bible says “where 2 or more agree as touching anything that they ask will be done”. Reading these comments clearly they show more than 2 are in agreement. Whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven is also in the Bible. It’s spiritual warfare big time and I count my country of America well worth the warfare! Who is with me? Let’s bombard the gates of Hell and bind these demons that want it destroyed!

    1. I stand in agreement with you. No weapons formed against Mr. Trump will prevail…we bind Satan and all of his ways.

    2. Amen Sheila … agreement !
      In Jesus Name truth will prevail over the enemy trying to bring our nation down …..God is
      Sovereign ….we must corporately agree in our petitions for our beloved America to be undefiled!

  2. I am praying also. I would like to ask that people spread the word and pray each day at 8 pm EST for one minute to ask God to save our country by whatever plan he has. We believe in the power of prayer!

  3. Our church has been praying each day at 7:14 ( 2Chron. 7:14) each day for 60 days. I knew it would be everything they do is rigged. We no longer have unbiased moderators or news. I believe that God can provide a miracle for our election and country!

  4. God knows the hearts of those who love Him. He hears our crys for America to change her path.God be with Donald Trump tonight for You know the heart of Hillary. No one is sinless but Hillary will not turn our country from its wicked ways. She supports what the Bible tells us is wrong. Trump has promised a change in America. God answer our crys.

  5. We decree and declare that all darkness be exposed and that righteousness prevail in Jesus name! All for the Glory of God! Carole

  6. It was rigged all right. Hillary went over her two minutes many times and Trump was interruped many times and called out like the Candy Crawley incident. Holt was wrong just as Candy Crawley was wrong.
    They have been informed that Hillary is to win the debates that is why she was so smug. she knew it.

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