What matters: What Hillary has done. Not what Donald has said

What matters: What Hillary has done. Not what Donald has said

By Mario Murillo

In an act of breathtaking hypocrisy, a very famous pastor and author from Texas explained why he opposes Trump: “If Obama had shown the same rudeness Donald Trump is showing I would have opposed him too.”

Here is his logic: Benghazi was the intentional loss of life but at least Obama and Hillary were not rude.  When they knowingly lied to the families of those that were killed—blaming the attack on a video to protect a reelection campaign—it was okay because they were polite.

Obama’s tone of voice was calm whenever he insulted the Bible and exalted the Koran.  His demeanor in ramming Obamacare, gay marriage and flooding our borders with people who would harm us was done courteously.

So, even though he is a pastor with a large following, he admits he did not fight to stop Obama in 2012.  He told his people, at that time, “I am staying out of politics.”  He remained silent as our morals were dismantled—our safety was compromised—our economy was trashed.


Political correctness bends the brain in unusual ways.  But it is most bizarre when it twists the logic of an otherwise respected man of God.  No wonder the Bible says, “A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well.” -Proverbs 25: 26

This blog is about a fat lie that is overruling common sense.  You hear it all of the time: “look at what Donald Trump said.”  This is a patently insane and false moral equivalence.   Here are examples:

  1. Trump not letting us see his tax forms makes him worse than Hillary.

Hillary erased 33,000 emails!   Putting these emails on a private server broke federal law and jeopardized national security.   She put all of us—you, me, and our children in danger!  How can anything on Trump’s tax forms compare to that?

Okay, one more time: 33,000 emails versus one tax form.  Top secret information that our enemies can use against us sat on a server that could be—and most likely was hacked by our enemies.

She covered her crime by erasing them even after she was ordered by Congress to protect them and turn them over.

Trump legally used tax laws—she deliberately violated federal law.

  1. Trump has called women names. He is worse for women.

Look at what she has done to women.  She took of millions of dollars from nations that treat women like indentured slaves and execute women for misdemeanors.

She tried to destroy women who were raped by her husband.

Can you think of a more horrendous role model for young girls than Hillary Clinton? Her message is: lie, cheat and discredit.  Stand by your man—not out of virtue—but to protect your ambitions.

  1. Trump has had bankruptcies that left contractors unpaid.

Hillary has been in a scandal or has bungled every single political project she has ever touched…no hyperbole here, just fact.   In 30+ years of politics, she has never created a single job or improved the situation.

Meanwhile: Trump took a one-million-dollar inheritance and built a company worth several billion employing thousands.  And he did in the most viciously competitive market on earth: New York City.

Nothing shows this demented form of false equivalency better that something Tim Kaine said in the debate against Mike Pence.  He spouted this: “The Clinton Foundation has a higher rating than the Red Cross.”   I am sure the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti can’t wait for the Clinton Foundation to show up.

  1. Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be allowed to have the nuclear codes.   Temperament?  Let’s talk about temperament: Hillary once asked in a political ad, “who do you want answering that phone call at 3 AM?”   Well we already know…she got the 3 AM call from Americans begging for their lives in Benghazi.  Hillary—in order to protect her career—has cost people their lives…and maybe even worse.

In 1975, Hillary the attorney defended a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl.  After she got him off.  Later,  she was caught on audio tape laughing about that little girl.   That rape victim now speaks out:

“It’s put a lot of anger back in me … Every time I see [Clinton] on TV I just want to reach in there and grab her, but I can’t do that,” 54-year-old Kathy Shelton told The Daily Mail, as Clinton tries to portray herself as a supporter of women and girls during the 2016 campaign.

“I don’t think [she’s] for women or girls. I think she’s lying, I think she said anything she can to get in the campaign and win … If she was [an advocate for women and children], she wouldn’t have done that to me at 12 years old,” said Shelton.

I heard you on tape laughing …. I just want to know, you’ve got a daughter and a grandbaby. What happens if that daughter of yours, if that would have been her [who was assaulted at age 12]?

You would have protected her. You don’t know me, so I’m a piece of crap to you … Who cares about me, as long as you can win your first case as an attorney?”  Her temperament has never changed…it has just gotten more sophisticated… is this the temperament we want with nuclear codes?

Pastor Stephen Jeffers from Dallas First Baptist Church has called this election a choice between Good and Evil.   I agree.  When you vote on November 8th you should think about what Hillary Clinton has done and not what Donald Trump has said.

54 thoughts on “What matters: What Hillary has done. Not what Donald has said

  1. Mario you nailed it. I totally agree I pray Christian will Vote based on the platform and not for a person, I agree Donald does say what’s on his mind I don’t agree with how he said things that hurt people but I know he will support the things we as Americans and Belivers want for America to be again. I believe this will give us more time to reach more lives for Christ.

    1. Tell Stephen Daly that I am a woman and I am insulted that he is trying to tell me what to think and feel about Donald Trump! Donald Trump loves women! Look at all the mothers whose children were killed by illegal immigrants, whom he has taken under his wing and lovingly sworn he would defend them and right the wrongs they’ve suffured! Actions speak louder than words and this and many more of his actions prove that Trump loves women, and I love Trumo! Plus, he is a brother in the Lord and the devil is the accuser of the bretheren, so that makes you Stephen ,and all others who wag their tongues against Trump because of a sin of his past that is under the blood of Jesus, that he has repented if, in league with the devil.

      1. Tanda, I say this with great humility and respect. I hear a lot of people make statements and then do not back up their words. What is the logic that bothers you? What can you say to refute the logic? How are my emotions clouded? It is highly emotional…isn’t it, to make a blanket statement with no evidence presented?

  2. Trump has made a statement about this new ploy by the devil to stop him. Trump is a great man. He apologized for something he did and said many years ago. I have a greater respect for him than I had. Trumps sins were washed away a year ago when he became a Christian. God cleans his fish after he catches them and we have seen changes every month. Trump is God’s Cyrus and now His David. Trump is God’s flashlight exposing evil. Trump is answered prayer for our America.

    1. Thank you Toni for your comment….I do believe that God sent Trump for such a time as this…when God chose Cyrus he did not choose a perfect man..he chose a man who did not know or serve the Lord…if God can use the wicked and ungodly to bring about His plans and purposes thousands of years ago He can still do the same thing again, especially in the midst of the crisis that we find America in today…

    2. I agree.

      I had already thought of him as God’s Cyrus, but, had not made the transition to seeing him as God’s David, I can tell that he is saved, his face and demeanor have softened remarkably this year.

      Either way, the heart of our leader IS in God’s hands, because God has declared it in His Word! 🙂

  3. This happened 11years ago. Trump has become a Christian recently. We should remember what Jesus said to the crowd who was ready to stone the woman caught in adultery “you who are without sin cast the first stone”. Hillary with her foreign policy is responsible for the death of four Americans in Bengazi. Her foreign policy is also responsible for thousands of women, men and children’s deaths in the Middle East which included many Christians by arming the terrorist in Lybia and Syria. Hillary supports abortion up to the third trimester. I would say actions speak louder than words!

    1. A candidate up for election suddenly starts spouting evangelical speak. We see it every presidential election, don’t we? I’m curious to see whether Trump’s new-found faith will survive the election. Time will tell!

      1. I understand that you question Mr. Trumps recently accepting Christ. However the question every Christian should have on their mind is “which candidate has the best track record of doing Godly things in their life” . Certainly Killary admitted her commitment to Roe v Wade and her next Supreme Court nominee last night in the debate. She signals her intent and has millions of innocent babies lives on her hands ; while she shelters Planned Parenthood and voted to fund them while in Congress. Babies body parts for sale to the highest bidder ??? Is that how she will create jobs while killing the unborn without the rights she gives them only after birth ? Looks like she is playing a cheap role as Solomon…cut the baby in half attitude.

        We should be praying for God’s Holy Spirit to fill every cell in Donald Trump’s body and mind. We should pray for God’s hand on The candidate who is going to become a man after God’s own heart( David) and have the wisdom of Solomon and not allow the money changers in the temple any more (Killary ) and temple prostitute ( Bill CLINTON ) into the White House

    2. We are in a spiritual war between good and evil! Our warfare is not with flesh and blood. We need to pray that the truth – the c while truth – and nothing but the truth be revealed! That’s what I’m doing!

  4. Thank you. Dr. Dobson and others have told us that Donald Trump is a newborn Christian. Forget what he did or said 20 years ago. He is now doing his best. Let’s hold him up in prayer. Look at the Godly men he has around him. None of them need immunity from the F.B.I.

  5. So well said. Kathy Shelton’s story brought me near tears. Hillary is SUCH a hypocrite.
    How did we wind up with such rotten, rotten choices this year??
    I’ll answer my own question. The Lord allowed it. We’re getting the leadership we as a nation deserve.

    1. I totally agree with you. The sins of America are coming back on us. God is a just God and will not allow iniquity to continue in the presence of His holiness. He judged nations in the past, and He will judge the USA for the awful way of life in America today. Hopefully God will use Mike Pence to influence Trumps faith in a deeper way. Hopefully God will forgive our nation if we humble ourselves and pray.

      1. DonnaLynn… God in his justice judged Jesus once for the sin of the world. If he was to judge America he would owe an apology to Jesus!!

  6. Problem with this country is that we’re teaching our children to be victims. We tell them that sticks and stones may break my bones and words hurt even worse, that’s ridiculous teach your children to have thicker skin. I’m a woman and I have a daughter what Trump says about women has no effect on us because we don’t believe it, we’ve had Obama for 8 years and all the crap that comes out of his mouth is bull. I could care less what Trump says he’s just a man without a filter. But Hillary she has a proven track record that disgusts me. And Hillary twisting Donald Trump’s words in her ridiculous ads as if he was talking about children when he said these comments is only teaching our daughters to become victims. I want my daughter to stand up for herself and know that no matter what anyone man or woman says about her as long as she knows her own truth she’s fine. I am 100% more worried about what Hillary will do then what Donald Trump will say.

    1. You don’t have to convince me…I’ll never change my vote to Hillary Clinton, and I will vote! And it won’t be for a 3rd party wasted vote. Mr. Pence will make a great VP and Trump’s rough corners will become smooth.

  7. This is just another left-wing smokescreen to detract from the REAL issues like jobs and national security. They trash Trump for something he said, but let Bill Clinton go for the things he has actually done. And they ignore Muslims who run sex-slave markets. Jesus said if anyone has never done anything wrong, they can throw the first stone. Will any volunteers please step forward…

  8. In the “unhurtful” words of the Secretary of State, “At this point, what difference does it make?” Those who throw stones, shouldn’t live in glass houses.

  9. Thank you Mario Murillo! Everything you said is sooo true! Please keep letting your voice be heard!!!

  10. Thank you Reverend Murillo. From the above responses, your comments about the lack of moral equivalency was well received, even by the women respondents.
    I doubt that there is not an honest man (or woman for that matter) who has not verbally ogled over sexy members of the opposite sex!!! If ya get a bunch of men or women by themselves energized by a few drinks, especially appreciators of the opposite sexes, we come up with with some “crude” forms of compliments! I am guilty as charged…and am a great appreciator of God’s greatest creations!!

  11. Trumps words killed no one! Hillary is a proven liar, thief and traitor. While Saudi Arabia bombs funerals and Russia and Syria bomb thousands in Aleppo (threatening nuclear retaliation while holding nuclear drills in Russia) our liberal media focuses on 11-year-old locker talk from a party bus. These people are criminally intent on destroying Trump. They are liars and charlatans.

  12. If young males see a person that behaved this way and was able to become president, I fear it will allow rape to become acceptable.

    1. Actions are stronger than words, what Clinton has done dilutes trump’ words. After all trump did not hold any responsible public office. Clinton has done all while in power and offices.

    2. Hillary Clinton tried to destroy the reputations of the many women her husband raped! That woman has created a culture of rape!

  13. Ted and I agree with you. They act like Hillary is so pure. Her and husband Bill
    are the worst. Praying for this election!!!

  14. Stephen, Mr. Marillo did not lie. All of his statements are fact. What a man says in a locker room is of no consequence. It was just bragging. It was a sign of the times. Much worse is the 33,000 confidential e-mails that were sent from an unsecured computer in Hillary’s BASEMENT, any of which could have been hacked and probably were by untold enemies. Then there is BENGHAZI where Hillary left those men to die a horrible death. Her refusal to send help, and her refusal to give them the proper tools to defend themselves. THAT
    She is pure UNCHRISTIAN evil. She should be in prison, NOT OUR WHITE HOUSE.

  15. The legalist wanting to hold everyone else to a standard that even themselves can’t live up to. We as Christian should also be the demonstration of God’s love and grace to those that are without. In fact Bro. Murillo is acting more like a Christian than the majority of the church. I think the mistakes (sins) of Mr. Trumps past have a twofold effect one is if he responds with humility then it can have a positive outcome second as believers it give us an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and forgiveness. In comparison to Hillary sin is sin, with one great exception she had done it all with intent and deception with grave consequences (leading to the death of Americans under her care).. Not to mention the Acts of adultery committed by her husband in the White House. I rest my case !!

  16. I don’t have much confidence in Trump, but considering that the alternative is Hillary… We may be sunk with a President Trump, we will be sunk with a president Hillary. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised at his confession of saying some stupid things, I would not have expected his pride to subside enough for that. And, I think Pence is probably the best person on any of the tickets. So, yeah, Trump is the only legitimate choice in my opinion.

  17. Reblogged this on Marvin Westbrook and commented:
    If there is anyone that has not made sly remarks about the opposite gender, let them cast the first stone towards Trump. Let those who have never committed murder, either knowingly or by association, throw those stones at Hillary.

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