What Matters is what Bill Clinton has done and continues to do. Here’s why…

You should be way more horrified of the Clintons bringing back low-life sleaze, crime-family corruption, and Obama’s death spiral than you are of the 11 year old remarks of a man who may no longer even exist.  


Here now are my first public comments on this firestorm surrounding Trump’s lewd audio comments 11 years ago.  My earlier blog entitled What Matters was posted before any of us knew about the notorious audio.  I am not going to defend the lewd comments on that tape.  They are reprehensible…but so is the reaction by many Christians.

There is a sickening way that the puritanical and the prurient  have co mingled in this storm.  Many Christians scream “shame, shame,” but can’t get enough of the sleazy details.  They read all they can about the sexual immorality with a religious relish and then call down the wrath of God.

What I am going to talk about is WHAT MATTERS!   Are you truly outraged by sexual immorality?  Are you sincere in wanting to keep it out of the White House?  Then here is my emphatic message to you: What matters is what Bill Clinton has done and is doing to women and not what Donald Trump said 11 years ago.  Here are my points:

We need more audios:  It is too bad—for those who dabble in sordid audio recordings—that we do not have an audio of Kathleen Willey screaming and begging Bill Clinton to stop raping her.

How sad that we do not have an audio of Hillary Clinton verbally castigating and trying to destroy the victims of her husband’s sexual predatory behavior.  We do have this tweet that came out today: “The Hag has called us bimbos, sluts, trailer trash, whores, skanks. From one woman to her rapist’s victims. When will u resign from ur campaign?” – Kathleen Willey.

How sad that we do not have an audio of Hillary Clinton laughing at a 12-year-old girl who was raped. Oh wait, I forgot, we do have that one.

Bill is still being sexually immoral:  General Colin Powell said that Bill Clinton is still bedding down bimbos.  Only he didn’t use the term bedding down.  That’s right, Bill is still at it.

Odd, don’t you think?   Christians are outraged and will not vote for Trump because they don’t want sexual immorality in the White House…yet, they will guarantee it—by default—by letting Hillary win.

Donald has changed Bill has not: The way many Christians reacted to the audio of Donald Trump makes you think he said these things yesterday and not 11 years ago. According to Doctor James Dobson, Trump is a baby Christian still struggling to make sense of his new found faith.

This is exactly what happened to Chuck Colson—the notorious Watergate criminal—who became one of the 20th Centuries most powerful Christians.

Eric Metaxas, in his book Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness describes the 2 years in Chuck Colson’s life where he tried to sort out what it meant to follow Christ.

You could be right that Trump is staging a conversion for votes…but what if you are wrong?  What if Trump—instead of being a famous billionaire running for president—was just a womanizer who repented at your church? What if a tape came out of remarks he made over a decade before his conversion?  Would you still say the things so many Christians said yesterday?

– “Once an adulterer always an adulterer!”

– “Out of the abundance of his heart, Trump is speaking.”

– “people who say these things, have done these things.”

As I said, you may be right…but what if you are wrong?  Then you are trashing a young believer and confirming all of the worst stereotypes that people have about Christians.

Hillary is not a wronged wife.  She is enabling Bill to keep up a front.  Nothing baffles me more than feminists who hold up Hillary as a role model for young women.  Excuse me but wasn’t the whole point of the women’s movement to stop this kind of woman?

Feminists say they want a fair shot at success.  They want to come by it honestly.  They don’t want the old roles of gold-digger and Jezebel.  They want to be respected for honest achievement.  They do not want to destroy other women on their way up.

Hillary embodies the climber—the grasper-the one who would hold on to a man solely for career goals and destroy women who get in her way.

Loss of innocent life does not bother her. She is not queasy about late term abortion.  She can sleep through a Benghazi.

She is telling young girls, by example, to stay with a sexual predator if it means getting what you want.

You should be way more horrified by the existential threat of the Clintons to bring low-life sleaze, crime-family corruption, and the continuation of Obama’s death spiral than you are of the 11 year old remarks of a man who may no longer even exist.

As a matter of fairness and for no other reason look at this video of Juanita Broaddrick recounting the attack by Bill Clinton.


10 thoughts on “What Matters is what Bill Clinton has done and continues to do. Here’s why…

  1. I agree 100% with what you have said. Christians are suppose to forgive as Christ forgave us. This happened over a decade ago. Mr. Trump himself said he is not the same man now he was back then. There is such hypocrisy in the church. An unforgiving spirit is a wicked ,file, gross sin. It is in the same category as stealing or blasphemy. God’s nature is to forgive and if we don’t forgive we are not like our Father God and He won’t forgive us. Voting for Donald Trump means voting for Life of the unborn and that is the most important reason of all to me as a Christian. God bless you Mario for standing for the truth!

  2. I am voting for Donald Trump . I will never want Rapist Bill Clinton or his wife Hillary who destroyed the lives of women Bill took advantage of in the White House again . Thank you for taking a stand in the matter, Mario Murillo!

  3. I agree Mario! Thanks for posting! ! I’m praying right now for Mr Trump town hall meeting. Trump is not a season Christian, he’s going to need our prayers . You know all the demons are out to destroy this man. I see Gods
    humbling this man so God can use him and he’s apologized, Have you ever heard Hilary, or Bill, apologized for anything.? I hope we don’t miss who I believe God sent to expose all the corruption that’s in both parties because some Christians become so holy !! God has answered the prayers of his people. He sent us Mr Trump🙏🏼🇺🇸 …

  4. I have been trying to explain this exact thing to believers and non-believers. Yes, Trump is a new believer and it is important to remember that change does not come over night. I remember what happened to me when i first give my live to Christ. First, the joy and peace is beyond words. Then comes the cleansing. Boy, that can be pretty painful for some of us.
    The more dirt you have, the more deeper the cleaning. And not just dirt, but painful experiences. People seem to forget that God wants us all saved and when we are, He has to reach deep down inside to remove the sin and help us to see how lost and apart we were from Him.
    I have tried by explaining to peolpe that there were many men in the bible that were awful people before God got a hold of them. Moses was not only a stutterer, but was a weakling. He needed his brother to help him pretty much all the time.
    David was a womanizer and murderer. Paul, also known as Saul, was a persecutor of the Jews. And many more. So many low lives, you might say, God used.
    I see Trump as one of these types of men that God has called to do His work.
    Think about it.
    Now here is man with great financial power, experience in the corporate world and is not only running for president but has a Christian man as his running mate. Sound familiar?
    I was talking to our Lord the other day about all of this and telling Him that i see a plan in progress. I was also questioning why other Christians are not sympathetic/supportive towards him and why they forgot what it was like to first be saved? I told God that I remembered how He allowed me to be publicly humiliated before my friends inorder to keep from falling away any further. I thank Him for what He all the time. It was a very painful time but i finally surrendered 100%. I understand what is happening to Trump. Sometimes because of our past, our bag of sins, the Holy Spirit has to do a deep cleaning and everyone will be witness to it. Because Trump is in the limelight, his trash is publicly exposed and the devil is mean in doing so.
    But as Christians, we should understand what is happening to him and pray for him as he goes through this.
    This has to be done inorder to open his eyes and bring him to his knees. God has a plan in all things.
    As I was espressing my thoughts to God the other day and basically complaining why others cannot see what He is doing, I heard Him say,
    I understood exactly how He meant it. I was to not stress on it or try to push people to understand but I was to pray, believing and knowing that He knew this was coming and I was going to see His miraculous plan birthed.
    Whether Trump wins or not, God is going to change his life like He did for me.
    Out if this, Trumps family will be saved. That’s what matters. Amen!
    I recently heard a pastor say,
    ” The United States isn’t God’s chosen land and He’s not trying to save it.
    He’s into saving lives.”
    Makes sense.
    If Christians, believers and followers of Christ Jesus would just for a moment believe that God is still moving in great ways today, using the most unlikely people to get His work done, and pray, believing so, then just imagine what is to come?
    Jesus said we would see miracles and wonders in the end times. Let us not forget that we serve a might great God. The only true living God.
    God bless and pray!🙏

  5. Why are you the only pastor standing up? I am so proud of you!!! I have not seen anyone else doing the work that you are doing, getting out the word. Is the church afraid or what? I keep posting as well and get hardly any support, in what brothers and sisters might be thinking. When I hear Hillary wanting to kill more babies, and pretending to be the friends to millions of women, it makes me sick. This is how we come in the form of a baby. I see through her wickedness. She tries condemning Trump, but she promotes women with women and men with men? Far worse than I can imagine. She encourages more confusion for boys and girls and says, she is good for our country? God have mercy and remove her completely, for she will cause even more stumbling for the people and our beloved families. We are to point people to God, not hell.

  6. As a pastor I have been sharing Mario’s pages via text with all my contacts and other pastors.
    Hopefully they in turn forward these to others who do the same.

  7. If Trump is elected at least he has a God fearing Christian man with him.  To help guide him.  If Hillary is elected the first thing she will do is make a law that christian churches are illegal.  There will be no churches to go to to Praise our God. The bible will be banned.  We will have to have church in secret like the 3rd world countries that still need us. To bring the gospel to them. It’s not just about America it is about the whole world and everyone on it.  How can Christians go minister  to the world when we won’t be able to do it hear in america. Yes Hillary wants open borders but do you think you will be allowed to go to other countries  to help save their souls. To bring them to Jesus . To tell them about the Cross the blood Jesus shed  for us for them , for every single person on this planet.  Including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  If Hillary is elected how are we going to get God’s word to the world.  Sonlife will not be on the air. TBN will not be on tv. Td Jakes will not be broadcasting there will be NO christian broadcasting of any kind.   This is not an election of morals, who is lieing, who did this or that . This is an election for survival.  Please everyone pray before you vote on  Nov. 8 .  It’s not just America that will suffer it’s the whole world.

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