Should Christians Vote for Trump?

Should Christians Vote for Trump?

By Eric Metaxas

Over this past year many of Donald Trump’s comments have made me almost literally hopping mad. The hot-mic comments from 2005 are especially horrifying. Can there be any question we should denounce them with flailing arms and screeching volume?

Trump’s behavior is odious, but Clinton has a deplorable basketful of deal breakers.

This question should hardly require an essay, but let’s face it: We’re living in strange times. America is in trouble.

Over this past year many of Donald Trump’s comments have made me almost literally hopping mad. The hot-mic comments from 2005 are especially horrifying. Can there be any question we should denounce them with flailing arms and screeching volume? I must not hang out in the right locker rooms, because if anyone I know said such things I might assault him physically (and repent later). So yes, many see these comments as a deal breaker.

But we have a very knotty and larger problem. What if the other candidate also has deal breakers? Even a whole deplorable basketful? Suddenly things become horribly awkward. Would God want me simply not to vote? Is that a serious option?

-What if not pulling the lever for Mr. Trump effectively means electing someone who has actively enabled sexual predation in her husband before—and while—he was president?

-Won’t God hold me responsible for that? What if she defended a man who raped a 12-year-old and in recalling the case laughed about getting away with it? Will I be excused from letting this person become president?

-What if she used her position as secretary of state to funnel hundreds of millions into her own foundation, much of it from nations that treat women and gay people worse than dogs? Since these things are true, can I escape responsibility for them by simply not voting?

Many say they won’t vote because choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. But this is sophistry. Neither candidate is pure evil. They are human beings. We cannot escape the uncomfortable obligation to soberly choose between them.


Not voting—or voting for a third candidate who cannot win—is a rationalization designed more than anything to assuage our consciences. Yet people in America and abroad depend on voters to make this very difficult choice.

Children in the Middle East are forced to watch their fathers drowned in cages by ISIS. Kids in inner-city America are condemned to lives of poverty, hopelessness and increasing violence. Shall we sit on our hands and simply trust “the least of these” to God, as though that were our only option? Don’t we have an obligation to them?

Two heroes about whom I’ve written faced similar difficulties. William Wilberforce, who ended the slave trade in the British Empire, often worked with other parliamentarians he knew to be vile and immoral in their personal lives.

Why did he? First, because as a sincere Christian he knew he must extend grace and forgiveness to others, since he desperately needed them himself. Second, because he knew the main issue was not his moral purity, nor the moral impurity of his colleagues, but rather the injustices and horrors suffered by the African slaves whose cause he championed. He knew that before God his first obligation was to them, and he must do what he could to help them.

The anti-Nazi martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer also did things most Christians of his day were disgusted by. He most infamously joined a plot to kill the head of his government. He was horrified by it, but he did it nonetheless because he knew that to stay “morally pure” would allow the murder of millions to continue. Doing nothing or merely “praying” was not an option. He understood that God was merciful, and that even if his actions were wrong, God saw his heart and could forgive him. But he knew he must act.

Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer knew it was an audience of One to whom they would ultimately answer. And He asks, “What did you do to the least of these?”


It’s a fact that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the country’s chance to have a Supreme Court that values the Constitution—and the genuine liberty and self-government for which millions have died—is gone. Not for four years, or eight, but forever.

Many say Mr. Trump can’t be trusted to deliver on this score, but Mrs. Clinton certainly can be trusted in the opposite direction. For our kids and grandkids, are we not obliged to take our best shot at this? Shall we sit on our hands and refuse to choose?

If imperiously flouting the rules by having a private server endangered American lives and secrets and may lead to more deaths, if she cynically deleted thousands of emails, and if her foreign-policy judgment led to the rise of Islamic State, won’t refusing to vote make me responsible for those suffering as a result of these things?


How do I squirm out of this horrific conundrum? It’s unavoidable: We who can vote must answer to God for these people, whom He loves. We are indeed our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

We would be responsible for passively electing someone who champions the abomination of partial-birth abortion, someone who is celebrated by an organization that sells baby parts. We already live in a country where judges force bakers, florists and photographers to violate their consciences and faith—and Mrs. Clinton has zealously ratified this. If we believe this ends with bakers and photographers, we are horribly mistaken. No matter your faith or lack of faith, this statist view of America will dramatically affect you and your children.

For many of us, this is very painful, pulling the lever for someone many think odious. But please consider this: A vote for Donald Trump is not necessarily a vote for Donald Trump himself. It is a vote for those who will be affected by the results of this election. Not to vote is to vote. God will not hold us guiltless.

40 thoughts on “Should Christians Vote for Trump?

  1. Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven. What about abortion, we will have that on our hands. Look Trump is not perfect. But think about this!!! Trump doesn’t need the money and he doesn’t need to make himself known. I believe he is running as president for the country and for the people. If we don’t make the right choice America will be lost and only Gid knows what her outcome will be. Jesus came for the sinners and he said I desire mercy and not sacrifice. I’m still voting for trump.

    1. You are right, we are not voting for a preacher, but for some one that cares enough for our countryAmerica, that he was willing to leave his lucrative job,and to have his personal life exposed,for millions of people to judge him for a mistake he made many years ago. Even so called Christians are judging him as if they are too good to be true and they never make mistakes. He didn’t have to do this, but he is and thank God that he is not giving up, as Christians we should all be praying for him and for God’s protection over him and his family, God is changing and humbling him, he is a vessel in God’s hands.

      1. I agree! I have made some really bad mistakes and said some things I will forever regret! That dosn’t mean God can’t use me! God will use anyone he choose to use.

  2. These are issues that create immense dilemmas for voters especially who claim to be driven by conscience as well as politics, so how is it that many believers will “pray” about how to vote and they will get a different answer as to who to vote for????…then for sure both candidates are seriously flawed so then its a choice of do you trust the abrasive raw profile of Trump or the polished but scheming lying corruption that Clinton is openly accused of doing over her 30 years in Politics///hhhmmm???

    1. A vote for Hillary means open borders. That sounds like anyone can come and go anytime….it’s as though there is no fence. Hillary is a Socialist. Under her we likely could become a Socialist/communist nation. She does not like Christians and says we as Christians need to change whatever that means. Millions of people’s lives have changed for the good by becoming Christian. I will vote for Trump. He will have fine people working with him in the White House. Governor Pense is a fine man and will make a fine Vice President. Dr. Ben Carson will be there in some capasity. He is a superb human being. It’s not all about Trump, it’s about him making himself available to save our country as a nation under God.

    2. But look at all of the combined things hillary has done,now donald is not perfect either but look at the overall track record of both then go from there

  3. We have a responsibility as Christians to vote for the candidate who stands for Biblical values and that is Donald Trump. I worked as a teacher in Chicago for over twenty years. I always told my students and colleagues when asked who I voted for that I would only vote for a candidate who is pro life because I would have to stand before God one day and give account.

  4. You need a live or die operation. You have a choice of two doctors. One says all the right words but checking his record you find some of his patience made through surgeryy, others had complications and some died. The other surgeon was foul mouthed but had 100% success rate with his patiences. Who would you choose to do your surgery?

  5. I like this narrative. It provides a content that will help those struggling with guilt or for those who fear the choice they make is not Christ-like. Is money the root of all evil? How many times have we heard follow the money trail? Both candidates are wealthy but I listen to what they do not say. I do hear passion for the country from one, but not the other. Time served in a position does not make an expert – sometimes fresh eyes are best to use. I am not voting for Donald Trump because of who he is – I feel compelled to protect my family’s future for religious choice, freedom and citizenship. I want God to receive the glory from this President, someone who will pray and who can repent and apologize. I pray that all unite to vote for Trump. He listens and while his passion can be overwhelming, sometimes unfiltered (Jesus is his judge), he will surround himself with those that have knowledge. I strongly believe if we all lift him in prayer to our Lord – he will become filled with the spirit of knowledge and ability to make decisions but most of all – so God will receive the glory from His great Nation.

    1. In our country we the people are responsible for who our elected officials are, as well as the non-elected officials they appoint. We alone are responsible, for we decide whether to take time to find out about them before the elections, support them prior to the elections and then vote for them during the elections. If they deceived us, then we certainly don’t re-elect them!

      If you’re happy with the way our Country has been run in the past decades, and feel comfortable before God about the results; then vote Clinton. If you’re ashamed of what our Country has done in the past decades (as I am), then give Trump a chance.

  6. We are not looking to vote in a Saint in Chief i will still vote for him because he knows what the problems are and because he knows this and exposes it, he can fix them God helping him. The other candidate does not know we have any problem in this country she says America is already great.

  7. Today, right now, before we go on dialoging about who to vote for or should we vote. Fall before the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ doing a II Chronicles 7:14. We spend so much time talking about all of the stuff pertaining to Trump and Hillary but the true answer is being ignored. The enemy is at the door and the next shoe is in place to fall and to change our lives forever and it has nothing to do with this election. We need to fall before God and ask Him to go before us like Joshua did. Who ever the man is and however godly or wonderful, he is powerless with out the unction from God. For Trump to successful in this election and possible presidency is us as Christians to daily commit this man to the Lord.

      1. There are a lot of antichrists out there. God says we will know them by their fruits. Their fruits have been rotten and falling off the vine for the past 7 years. Too bad that too many who profess to be Christians are blinded and deceived by satan. NO ONE who is for Christ can vote for a party that is for the LGBT community, abortions, etc. All “real” Christians will vote TRUMP!

  8. I completely agree🇺🇸🙏🏼 God is going to hold us accountable for who we vote for. I have to vote for the person whose values line up with mine, pro-life & constitutional rights, like the first & second amendments. Supreme justices, congressmen and women & senators. There is so much more at stake, we have a moral and ethical obligation to vote for Donald Trump, for our countries sake🇺🇸🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼

  9. We have been praying against abortion and homosexual marriage. Hillary is for late term abortion and gay marriage. Donald Trump says he is against those issues. Who would be most pleasing to God? Trump is the only one who could stand against Hillary and her corrupt cronies.
    Check out WikiLeaks !!!!!!

    1. If wikileaks put their sights I believe it would be very interesting…especially the tax statements….to lie to the people including his own about not being “allowed” to submit the tax info bc he’s being audited is severely bogus excuses….you would think he would want to release them to prove his point so that tells me there is a deal breaker hidden in there but he wants to wait till he secures the position and then wont have a reason to release them….how sneaky do we want our next Prez?

      1. Willy, We know why Trump has held back his tax return…he is being audited. Mike Huckabee said that the worst mistake he ever made as a politician was to release the forms while he was still being audited. How can you compare 1 tax form–which will never impact national security–with 33,000 emails, many of which were marked classifed and do impact national security?

      2. WikiLeaks would put Trump in their sight but Trump has zero whistleblowers and that’s because is not dishonest. Wikileaks is not biased. They released info on Bush. Their goal is to expose corruption so the people of different nations could not be deceived. Julian Assange of Wikileaks suggested that Seth Rich who was working for the DNC was his source of the DNC leaks. Someone murdered him in DC right after the leaks came out. Check out the Clinton foundation and what they did with Haiti’s donations after the earthquake. I challenge you to YouTube the Clinton Foundation and see what it is really about. You might want to check out YouTube Bill Clinton’s many, many affairs and how he has gone to pedophile island 26 times and was filmed raping a 13 year-old girl. YouTube Anonymous Bill Clinton raging a 13 year-old.
        Please get your head out of the sand. If we elect Hillary, the America as we know it is over. Hillary is a dictator and will bring the New World Order.
        Trumps taxes are the least of our worries. If you are a Christian and want late term abortion, gay marriage to be recognized, open boarders, guns taken and Christian freedoms gone then vote for Hillary.

      3. Right there is how a lot of crap gets started. He never said he wasn’t “allowed” to release them by law. He said his attorneys advised him to NOT release them until the audit was over. And frankly I don’t care about his taxes. He files his financial statement and that tells me all I need to know. Of he used the tax laws that were in place when he filed good for him. If the clintons are PO,d about that then they should have changed the laws a long time ago but they have used those same laws themselves so they can take their hypocrisy and stuff it. So no I don’t care about his taxes nearly as much as I care about her lies, and cheating and all the dead bodies in her wake. That’s what I care about. I will vote for Trump proudly.

  10. Refusing to vote for Trump is effectively voting for Hillary. My conscience cannot allow me to enable the election of someone with the beliefs and intentions that Hillary Clinton has, can yours?

  11. Everyone needs to quit being so pious!!! Sin is sin….and we ALL are guilty. There is no gray area! It is all deplorable no matter who does it. (Have you looked at the 7 things that God hates? Prov. 6 ?) What King David did was deplorable. We are so quick to judge the other person when it is a sin that we wouldn’t commit, but fail to look in the mirror at our own sins. Hillary is as guilty of sinning as Donald is; of things just as deplorable. We Have to get past the people who are running and look at the platforms and what each party stands for. Also, we have to consider the future of our country…or decide to let it go to Hell in a handbasket. I’ve heard so many people say that it doesn’t matter….God is in control and His will will be done. That is a cop-out of responsibility. You are expected to do your part after educating yourself about the issues and consequences. By all means don’t stay home on voting day!!

  12. What shakes me to my core…. Men of God like you warning America….Is it a Prophets cry to awaken or is it a warning for things to come? Will Almighty God give this Nation what they allowed or will our God deliver us from the bondage to come?

  13. I’m pretty sure that many of the charges against Trump are “trumped up.” Even the 2005 video – I’ve heard it’s easy to change the sound bite from “shoulder” to “________”.
    Also, Trump has been improving over the years. When younger he was a crazy playboy. He’s not that. He’s a real father to his family and his businesses.
    As evidence, as “fruit” (Mt 7) look at his family and look at his businesses. Successful in both areas. I hop my kids are somewhere near the Trump kids when they’re that age. He has to be doing something very, very right behind the scenes to have that kind of classy family. I think the “fruit” test shows him winning exceedingly. And shows Hillary failing exceeding: the mess in the Mid east and Lybia, the terrible “deal’ with Iran, Bill’s unfaithfulness. Chelsea seems like a sweet kid, but nothing like the extremely competent Trump children.
    So, I pray that people get over their offenses at some of Trump’s words, and look past it to the fruit. Also please consider he’s up against the most powerful and demonic political machine this country has ever seen. They’ll stop at nothing to stop him.

  14. This is the most important election of my life time. A vote for Trump is a vote for revival and healing for our nation. He will defend our religious liberties. Right now there is so much prejudice and disrespect. People are living in fear under Obama, we need to stand for what is right and good and true and noble and virtuous. Hillary exemplifies the opposite. Trump has a calling on his life to do this in spite of all the mud slinging, he certainly doesn’t need the job. He is a born, bred, made in America, regular guy, not a polished politician and I believe he genuinely loves the USA. It is obvious that Hillary hates we the people. She loves herself. She lies, who can say they love children and promote murdering over 61M as a convenience…….more than the population of the 28 smallest states. Vote Trump, keep praying that he will be used of God to do the right things, I for one believe he is going too.

  15. Who knows but for such a time as this that God, in His infinite mercy and love is giving one more opportunity for a space of time to turn individuals to Him? With HER, we know that she disdains and laughs at all Christians of any stripe or color. Babies will still be killed by the millions, illegal persons will still flood our borders, our taxes WILL be increased and anything she can do that undermines our freedoms promised to US citizens freeborn or naturalized she will do. We are NOT voting for the best CHRISTIAN to run this country but for a fallible man willing to do what he can to effect a change away from the present policies of one of the most destructive, anti-constitution, liberty hating presidents ever. SHE will be WORSE!!! You can take it to the bank!!!

  16. The ones before my post have spelled out quite well why we cannot vote Hillary into the Oval Office. Thank you. You are absolutely right. This election will cause a ripple effect that will affect our entire culture as a people. God can work on Donald Trump and I believe through him if the Body of Christ continues to humble themselves and pray–AND VOTE their biblical values!

  17. A man clinging to his rooftop during a flood called out to God to come save him. A rowboat came along to save him but he went them away saying God was going to save him. This happened two more times and he went them away too stating that God was coming to save him. Well he drowned and when he got to Heaven he asked God why he didn’t come to save him and God said “my son, I sent you three rowboats.” We need to think about this because I truly believe Trump is our row boat and if we don’t get that then we can’t blame God, we can only blame ourselves.

    1. My own version of that parable is a man hanging from a cliff, he cries out to God for aid. A helicopter, approaches and the man thinks, “I’m saved” but then he sees the pilot taking a slug from a bottle. The pilot leans out his window and in a tirade of profane language tells the man to grab hold of his aircraft and he’ll rescue him. Repulsed by the pilot’s vulgar manner, because obviously God would never use a man of such crudity, the man waves him away. Again and again the pilot tries to rescue him, and again the man refuses. Finally, discouraged, the pilot flies away and the man falls to his death.

      Finally he meets God, and asks, “why didn’t you rescue me?” God asks in return, “why didn’t you allow the pilot I sent, to rescue you?” The man, “but he was a profane drunk”, God, “closest guy I could find who could fly”.

  18. que dios ilumine .al mas capacitado.para el futuro de los estados unidos..GODBLESS.AMERICA

  19. I will vote for Trump based on his plans for America. I pray for him . He is not a politician so when he speaks it’s just him being himself and not being well rehearsed as Hillary is. I like his honesty and he may not say the right things sometimes but he is being who he is. No ones perfect! Please Vote on Nov 8, must register!

  20. YES voting for TRUMP all the way. He was born again a few months back and is no longer the man that he once was. And like all of us, he does unfortunately have a sordid past. A man asked me recently will you pray for me? I said if you knew me as well as I know me, you would not want me to pray for you, any more than you have faith in yourself. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
    It’s all in our perspectives, what you believe to be true in others, could also be true with you. We are all a work in progress. that said. I believe he is God’s chosen, for this hour in which we live. So I am for Donald Trump.

  21. Thank-you Mario for speaking the truth in love and in courage. We need to vote.
    I am voting for Trump. Thank God for someone who surrounds himself with strong Christian leaders.

  22. If you call yourself a Christian, a believer in Christ Jesus and still endorse Hillary Clinton and her agenda on abortions and everything about her, your endorsing every foul thing she Hillary Clinton has ever done. You may as well write 666 on your forehead, or in your hand… Because as sure as I’m living, and the sun comes up every morning, you are not a child of God and you are none of his.

    Meaning you may as well shut your mouth when you try to pray because he will not hear you. Except for the prayers of repentance or forgiveness. He, the Living God will say to you on that day, I never knew you, depart from me you workers of iniquity into outer Darkness.
    James 4:17 >> Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it …

    This is Steven James
    And now you definitely! know the rest of the story have a
    Good Day

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