Gullible Christians are helping to kill America



Gullible Christians are helping to kill America

By Mario Murillo

Satan’s masterstroke of deceiving, dividing and diluting Christians in America is now paying off.  He has fooled gullible Christians into helping kill America.

Millions of believers are blind to the disaster a Clinton presidency would be to their jobs, their church and their children.

They have been pickled by preaching that tells them Daddy with take care of everything; America will be okay no matter who you vote for.

Max Lucado tells us God is on the throne and that means that on November 9th, we will be fine.  History, the Bible, and the facts about Hillary Clinton refute this.

God was on the throne when Hitler rose to power.  God was on the throne when Stalin exterminated untold millions.

God is on the throne as Christians all over the world are being martyred by radical Islam.

God is looking for heroes to rise up, by His power, and intervene to save America. He uses people.

If Hillary wins on November 8th, we will not be fine. The Bible says in Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked person rules, the people groan.”  Prepare for years and years of groaning if she wins.

James Riley said: “Texas pastor Max Lucado leads what he calls a ‘red state’ church, but Max has a maxim: ‘I don’t want anybody to know how I vote.’ Max does this to make sure the Democratic voters in his church, the ones who support abortion on demand, Islamo-pandering, and class warfare are not made to feel uncomfortable. However, Max recently broke his neutrality pledge…  According to Max:

‘I would not have said anything about Mr. Trump, never — I would never have said anything if he didn’t call himself a Christian. It’d be none of my business whatsoever to make any comments about his language, his vulgarities, his slander of people, but I was deeply troubled … that here’s a man who holds up a Bible one day, and calls a lady “bimbo” the next.’”

Think on that for a moment. Max closes his eyes to another “Christian,” Barack Obama, who stands foursquare for the slaughter of millions of unborn babies, at your expense, but Donald Trump called a lady a “bimbo?”




Evangelist Beth Moore has also decided to help Hillary.  “Beth Moore is standing in the gap for Hillary.  Beth Moore is breaking away from fellow evangelical leaders/speakers who stand with Donald Trump, saying she can no longer do so after hearing the 2005 recording of his off-the-record conversation with Billy Bush.  Moore suggested that Trump’s words from 11 years ago highlight how men are “objectifying” women today, and she made clear that she will not support Trump over it. She issued a number of tweets on the topic, not one of which criticized Hillary Clinton for the way she has treated the women who allege Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them — women like Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick.” -Awr Hawkins, Britebart News.

The fact is, neither Max nor Beth have said anything about Bill and Hillary Clinton.  So, where is their Christianity when it comes to protecting America from tyranny?

Beth, what is your opinion of Hillary enabling a rapist?  What do you think about her laughing at a 12-year-old girl that was raped?  Why aren’t you talking about that?  If Hillary wins, Bill Clinton will be immoral in the White House. General Colin Powell said, in an email, that Bill Clinton is still committing adultery. What kind of a role model is that for men?

Max, Hillary said she will force religion to change its beliefs.  What are you doing to protect the sheep from that?

Eric Metaxas said, “If Hillary Clinton is elected, the country’s chance to have a Supreme Court that values the Constitution—and the genuine liberty and self-government for which millions have died—is gone. Not for four years, or eight, but forever.”

Instead of raising up an informed electorate who could vote as a moral bloc, the modern pulpit has created gullible Christians—Christians who are about to help Hillary push the nation over a cliff.



Is the motive really about women and love of people? Or is it, once again, political correctness?  Are popular leaders wanting to look good to outsiders, hedging their bet that Hillary is going to win and they will escape the wrath of the new order?  Are they living in denial about the evil that will befall America once she is in the White House?

One of the most amazing and revealing statements Trump ever made—he made to pastors.  He asked them why they let the country get in this condition when—all along—they had the power to get what they wanted.

He told them, “There are 50 million of you, and if you had worked together you could have elected everything from city councilmen, to state Assemblymen, to Congressmen and presidents.”  He is painfully correct.  That is not just a statement of our influence but of our responsibility.


We could stop this insanity if we unified against real—not imagined evil.  If we could see our real duty in this election, if we could get over our false sensibilities and hurt feelings, we could save the country.  The great heroes of our faith who witnessed tyranny would grab us and shake to our core if they saw our apathy and naivete in the face of this threat.


228 thoughts on “Gullible Christians are helping to kill America

  1. Thank you Mario! So many have lost their ability to discern. If they can be fooled by this what chance do they have of not being fooled by the anti-Christ. Isa 56:10
    His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.

    1. Wake up America ! If Hillary gets in there will be no more America , your faith being a Christian will be banned , more poverty, (Hillary thinks more food stamps will fix everything ) that is exactly what she wants,the poor do not speak out . We must all pray for Gods grace and mercy!

      1. Can’t you see that God has chosen Trump for such a time as this? There is a difference in a man being called by God (such as a preacher and one being chosen by God) Look at the men God chose in the Bible who in our opinion were immoral: David, Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar? Trump stands for biblical principles; you so called Christians need discernment indeed; can’t you see that God is using Trump to uncover all the corruptness in our government in both parties? The Devil is trying every tactic he can to deceive you and to bring Trump down. Trump met with the Evangelicals and humbly asked for prayer. Trump truly loves America and is fighting for us to keep us free and prospering, Wake up Church!!

      2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU MARIO !! ! ! ! CHRISTIANS AND just plain good people don’t get it. All of them need to read Frranklin Graham’s s summary of the Democrats vs the Republican’s agenda , called their PLATFORM. GO TO his face book and compare the two, and when you do there will be no doubt which party to vote for. Forget the name Trump ! ! ! go to the polls and vote STRAIGHT REPPUBLICAN TICKET. IF YOU DON’T, YOU ARE VOTING FOR KILLING BABIES IN A BARBARIC LATE TERM ABORTION. MAYBE EVEN BETH MOORE CAN FIGURE THAT OUT No mater what trump says or does “AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL VOTE FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS” WHICH IS THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM………straight republican ticket. .

      3. Trump, according to Dr. Carson, received the Lord in a meeting with James Robinson, this summer. Dr. Carson has stated that Trump has been praying with his group of pastors before the debates, etc. I know Trump is not perfect, but I’m not either and I’ve been with the Lord for over 62 years. At least he is being humbled by the people he meets and is willing to change. We must Seek His council, and choose peace.

      4. If Hillary becomes our next president and she does all she’s promising to do it will be the end of our country!

      5. Food stamps WILL fix everything for her! It keeps people poor and beholden to her! She gets their vote!

      6. These people that are not supporting Trump over what he said 11 years ago consider themselves Chriatian?, and yet they refuse to forgive a felow man, doesn’t sound so Christian to me or to all the other people looking at Christians wondering how we can say this is the way then lead them down a different path, a path of hypocrosy.

    2. they say they cant stand with him because of what he said 11-12 years ago does God not forgive ?
      He who is without sin cast the first stone !
      THE WORD SAYS we have all fallin short of the Glory Of God..
      This world is in a down ward spiral for the last 8 years.. makes me want to cry but what do you do when the people choose by the color of skin or by gender rather then what is important what do you do ?
      So I’m a Christian and this Nov 8TH I will be voting to save my country , to save my family my children and my grandchildren I’m voting TRUMP 2016. Hands down I know this is Americas last hope and chance.. with God all things are possible so with God and Mr. Trump were all gonna make America Great Again ..

      1. God forgives when one is repentant. Is Trump repentant? I’m not defending Hillary at all (definitely don’t want her in office), but I’m not going to pretend Trump is some shining moral beacon himself. He’s not sorry for anything he’s done. The world has been in downward spiral since Eden. In the times before the flood, things were so bad God wanted to wipe out all of creation, sooo, we’re not to that point yet, which tells me we may be getting close, but things were even worse back then. If the church wants to embrace Trump, it needs to be honest about what kind of man he is, though, and not try to justify or cover the fact that he’s a jerk.

      2. I agree. Christian could stand together and save our nation if they would open their eyes pray and open their hearts and minds to God and vote red on Nov 8th

      3. Yes thank you for hearing God’s heart. He could use a donkey if He wanted to! Hillary is anti Christ so why….. wouldn’t we vote opposite her! We don’t look to man we look to Jesus!!!!!!

    3. You referred to Barak Hussein Obama as a Christian,…really ? Obama is NO Christian, but is of that spirit of antichrist !…….and you will know them by their fruits ” deed’s ” and I am deeply offend by this !……….Those of us who have eyes to see & ears to hear, know this all too well.

      1. Forgive me Shelly, what Christians are saying we are oblivious to what sort of man Trump is? At least he is not sitting on his back side WATCHING it all continue to fall apart. What are you doing besides giving your opinion…. everybody has one of those.

      2. He was not saying he believed that Obama is a true Christian. He was saying that (by Obama’s own words) that he is a “professing Christian” and that Lucado never once ‘felt compelled’ to stand up and speak out about all of his atrocities. Or anyone else’s in the past for that matter. Why? Why now all of a sudden???

      3. Replying to Nancy: What makes you assume I am not doing anything? I don’t put my faith or hope or trust in man. I believe both candidates for this term perfectly illustrate the values of their respective parties, and the worst of those values at that. Neither one is suited for office. However, I am NOT afraid of what is to come because we are commanded not to live in fear. I refuse to lose my head no matter what happens because God is still in control either way. We should know what is coming and focus on our relationship with Him and being about His business with the time we are given.

      4. You will notice Mario put “Christian” in quotation marks when referring to Obama.
        A true spirit filled Christian could not possibly do the things Obama has done and said.
        Thank you Mario

      5. I think Mario called Obama a Christian in quotation marks because Obama describes himself as a Christian in word, but his deeds, well actions speak louder than words.

    4. My heart is saddened over this, and saddley the church will suffer tremendously. I think about our children & grandchildren & what they will suffer …. as for the so-called Christians that are allowing there own opinions lead them to vote, instead of seeking the Holy Spirit for guidance concerning this election!! They will have no one to blame but them selfs !! I’m so very dissapoited in Beth Moore & Max Lucado, what a tradgety 😞 It’s amazing what “Manna”can buy now in days !!!!

      1. Sometimes God will allow people(Beth Moore and Max Lucado, and many others) to believe a lie! That is the only excuse I can come up with for their actions!

      2. I agree totally with Shelly. When Jesus was in His ministry, a lot of His followers wanted Him to sit up His kingdom here on earth then, but He made it clear that His kingdom is not of this world. There is coming a time when , the bible says, Jesus will return as King of kings and Lord of lords and will then rule with iron fist. That time is nearer than we think, and is quiet obviously seen as so in the way both Christians and non-Christians are talking and acting in this election year! It’s time for all Christians to stand up all right! It’s time we all stop wollowing in all this political, hate, condemnation, and judgmental mire, and stand up and be true followers of Christ again! It’s time for Christians to remember that “we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of love and power and a sound mind! Paul told Timothy “do not entangle yourself in the affairs of this life.” And if Christians agree with the scripture that “our citizenship is not of this world”, and that “we are in this world, but we are not of this world”, and also to ” set your mind on things above where Christ is, and not on things below,” then we might conclude that we really have no legal right to be getting ourselves lost in all of this at all, but we are called to “go into all the world and make disciples”, winning souls for our own kingdom… The Kingdom of God! Hod has foretold the very things we are seeing and hearing. He foretold these very times! I don’ read anywhere where He tells us to be in so much fear as to try to change what He has already said will be! According to Romans chapter 13, God already has this, and any other election well in hand! Paul says so and Peter also agreed! We need to stop saying that God is in control, and then worry ourselves to death about what “WE” can do about it! That’s the epitome of hypocrisy! God created this world without my input, He will one day soon destroy this world without my input, and He is certainly capable of fulfilling His will and purpose for this world without my input in the mean time! The important question for all Christians to be asking everyone now and always is, “have you been born again?

      1. I said the same yesterday that if the bible was figurative and not literal she would be the Anti Christ. Look at everything she’s gotten away with. Every time you think she’s done she comes back again. 👹💩

      2. Lynne
        Yes God is in control and I am not fretting or “getting lost in all this”.
        We are commanded to be the light of the world and that includes standing up for what is moral, right and good. I believe our country is in trouble because Christians have been silent for a very long time. Where were we when they removed God from every part of our society? Where were we as planned parenthood grew into this monster? Precious little souls aborted everyday screaming out in pain. Where were we as 1 in 5 children in our America struggle with hunger on a daily basis. I could go on and on. I believe God will hold us accountable! There is a lot of “stuff ” going on right now but I have never heard people standing up for what is moral, right and good as they are right now. They are Christian and non Christian. God wants us to fight the good fight. The Church was never commanded to remain silent as we have for a long time now. I will not sit in my cozy home and go to church to listen to a cozy sermon and return home and remain silent anymore. It is that thing called silence that Satan loves.

      3. Lynne
        Yes God is in control and Iam not “getting lost in all this”.
        We are commanded to be the light of the world and that includes standing up for what is moral, right and good. I believe our country is in trouble because Christians have been silent for a very long time. Where were we when they removed God from every part of our society? Where were we as planned parenthood grew into this monster? Precious little souls aborted everyday screaming out in pain. Where were we as 1 in 5 children in our America struggle with hunger on a daily basis. I could go on and on. I believe God will hold us accountable! There is a lot of “stuff ” going on right now but I have never heard people standing up for what is moral, right and good as they are right now. They are Christian and non Christian. God wants us to fight the good fight. The Church was never commanded to remain silent as we have for a long time now. I will not sit in my cozy home and go to church to listen to a cozy sermon and return home and remain silent anymore. It is that thing called silence that Satan loves. Hillary Clinton will continue to bring America down. I will not be silent.

    5. Thank you Mario. Beth Moore and Max do not know the Word at all. If they have no sin in their lives, they can cast their “stone”. They have to answer to Jesus Christ on “that Day.”
      They probably cannot see because of the “beam/plank” in their eyes.

      1. They apparently have skeletons in their closets! Sounds fishy to me. I remember some years back Max teaching and brought up the fact he had an alcoholic problem and hid it for years and a minister to boot. Beth Moore I see things in her eyes that have never felt right. Eyes are windows to our soul! Just saying…..Thanks to Mario for hearing God and being bold enough to tell it! Love you Mario, always have. You tell it like it is.

      2. I am not sure why people are still talking about Lucado 8 months later.
        His commentary was during the Primary.
        I cannot find anything recent.

    6. Ok, so let’s take a 7th grade American civics quiz folks… Quiz question 1: The American President is elected by the popular vote? FALSE. The American President is elected by the Electoral College… OK Question 2…The popular vote controls the Electoral College… FALSE… the electoral college makes it’s choices based on a very complicated set of rules, but basically they pledge their allegiance to a particular candidate during the Primary Elections. Hence, the popular vote in November is a dim reflection of the electoral vote in the May Primaries. The Electoral College is a much better predictor of the Presidency than the popular vote. Question 3: The popular vote can change the electoral vote. Probably FALSE. Possibly, but historically false. Electoral votes are counted on a “winner takes all per state” basis (except in Maine and Nebraska). So when Mitt Romney won 48% of the popular vote across the US in 2012 , but only 38% of the electoral vote, Barak Obama won his second term in office. Liberal states like California have a LOT of electoral votes (55) while conservative states like Nebraska have few (5). It’s based on state population, not state size. So what about THIS election? Hillary Clinton, as of today has 307 electoral votes and Donald Trump has 187. 270 electoral college votes are required to win the Presidency. Do the math folks… we already know who our next President is. I don’t like it, you don’t like it, but it is what it is… SO, rather than continuing to feed the media machine with advertising revenue, let’s focus on what we can influence with the popular vote: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Find out if a Senator in your state is up for election (24 republican and 10 democrat Senators are up… you have to investigate your own state to see) and ALL 435 seats in the UA House of Representatives are up for election. If you want to have a conservative government, and you KNOW we’re going to have a very liberal President, what do you do? VOTE FOR CONSERVATIVE SENATORS AND HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES and paralyze the presidential office. If we continue to focus on the Presidency and silly Donald and Hillary, we miss the whole point of the American election process and we lose EVERYTHING… Do your homework… don’t listen to the media, and for goodness sake VOTE where you can make a difference!

      1. Very important point, except Al Gore sure made a big fuss over getting the popular vote for a reason. So…big picture, it ALL matters. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial ALL need conservatism, but especially Judges, which will NOT happen with Hillary. Laws and executive orders can both be shot down by the Supreme Court. I am not voting for a person, I am voting for a direction. Trump will put Judges in place who will more likely reverse the downward spiral than the Judges Hillary will put in place.

      2. You are absolutely right! There isn’t much we will be able to do in electing the President, but Congress is another matter. As you said, members of the House are ALL up for election/reelection as are some in the Senate. These are the law makers, not the President. Each person, Christian or not, should actually be paying closer attention to the record of those individuals running for office (especially the Christian).

      3. Finally, a common sense reply, instead of all of these Hillary Clinton is the AntiChrist” childish rants. You are correct Mary. The Republican party has failed once again and now we are paying for it. HRC will win in November because of the selection of Trump from a group of other highly respectable candidates in the Republication primary. I believe ANY of the other candidates would be beating HRC soundly at this point with all of her baggage, with the exception of the Donald Trump. So we made our bed, now we have to lie in it, for at least 4 more years. Only thing that we can do is make sure she doesn’t have unfettered control of the country by allowing the Democrats to control both houses of congress. That would be a disaster of epic proportions! So we can chalk this election up to a failure of true conservatives to get out and vote for a better candidate in the primaries and do our best to soften the blow.

    7. THANK YOU, THANK YOU MARIO !! ! ! ! CHRISTIANS AND just plain good people don’t get it. All of them need to read Frranklin Graham’s s summary of the Democrats vs the Republican’s agenda , called their PLATFORM. GO TO his face book and compare the two, and when you do there will be no doubt which party to vote for. Forget the name Trump ! ! ! go to the polls and vote STRAIGHT REPPUBLICAN TICKET. IF YOU DON’T, YOU ARE VOTING FOR KILLING BABIES IN A BARBARIC LATE TERM ABORTION. MAYBE EVEN BETH MOORE CAN FIGURE THAT OUT No mater what trump says or does “AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL VOTE FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS” WHICH IS THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM………straight republican ticket. .

      1. Sorry Mike Flaherty, we’ll have to agree to disagree……There was no other Republican candidate who had a chance to beat Hillary Clinton. She would have rolled over every other one of them. Trump is the only one with the resources, savy organization, and chutzpah to hold Hillary accountable for her words and actions. She may ultimately win (though I’m predicting a Trump win,and not by a little bit) but Trump was the only chance we had to overcome the Democratic Party, as well as the RINO Republican leadership which has enabled president Obama to pass his disastrous agenda. I don’t think it coincidental that Donald Trump has defied the odds at every step of the way for the last 18 months. All the “experts” have been wrong at every turn, I believe the polls are manipulated in Hillary’s favor and don’t reflect the true numbers of people who will vote for him. He’ll get record votes (for Republicans) from the black and hispanic communities, and he’ll also get large numbers of cross over votes from disgruntled Sanders Democrats. The only issue we’ll have to watch is will these defections offset the “never Trump” Republican. Of course to an earlier point, it’s not the popular vote that decides the election, it’s the electoral votes. But if in many of the 50 states Trump has a significant advantage, I’ll be surprised if many of the electoral voters have the stomach for bucking the voters in their particular states. They are, after all, also sensitive to the foils of politics…….Comparing the rally attendance between Trump and Clinton tells me that there’s a much bigger disparity in support between these two than anyone wants to believe, especially the lamestream media. I believe Trump will win, and not by a small margin, and all the same “experts” who have been wrong at every step throughout this journey will once again be left shaking their heads and wondering how they could have been so wrong…….Time will tell…..Just My Opinion

    8. Trump, Pence and the ‘Blessed Mother’ (the Patroness Saint of the United States) are ALL PRO-LIFE.

      Mr. Kaine should be ashamed of himself to be a running mate of Clinton – he, supposedly, is a Catholic.

    9. I don’t think the heart of Lucados blog was no matter what America will be okay. The heart was in a time of unrest, whoever is elected, or in the midst of whoever is being elected, the church has to be fearless. Neither candidate can stop Christians from being executed. Neither candidate can guarantee that Christians won’t be persecuted in America in the future. The reality… there is very little either candidate or humans in general can ever guarantee. God never promises that life will be easy or free of persecution. In fact he says “consider it pure joy my brother and sisters when you experience trials of many kinds.” But as a church we are called to be faithful and fearless, knowing that whatever happens God is good and the kingdom is coming. Im not arguing passivity here. It is totally understandable to be passionate and to vote for who you think would be the best president. But please, let’s be honest, neither candidate is an overly “righteous” choice. It sounds like youve prayed a lot about the election and see a clear answer. Many people don’t have the clarity or they have the clarity and feel it should go the other way. But fearing the outcome is in direct opposition of the Bible. Isaiah 41:10; Philippians 4:6-7; Psalm 23:4; Joshua 1:9; Matthew 6:34; Proverbs 29:25; 1 Peter 3:14; Revelation 1:17

      1. Elisabeth thank you for this. Clinton has many flaws so does Trump! Trump is not the savior neither is Hillary! God is! Vote who you are convinced has the best policy.

      2. Excellent point! We are not to fear man…only God. All I have witnessed from many is this ridiculous fear of Hillary. Why do American Christians think they are any better than our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world!! Or better yet the oringinal Apostles!! We are but visitors in this world…wake up American Christian! There will be no America in the Kingdom of God. Every kingdom of man shall fall and America began its descent long ago. Hate to say it but its true. I look forward to the true King’s return!!

      3. I agree with your statements. Whoever is in office there are some bible prophesies that must be fulfilled. Keep your eyes on Israel to sense the times and seasons of fulfillment. It didn’t begin with America and it won’t end with America. And yes no leader can totally prevent persecution to the church. I believe that truly Trump was allowed to win for a reason, but I wonder if the church in America is prepared for the outcomes of where is leadership is going to bring us. I believe to the front lines like never before in the history of this nation. Stay focused and keep track of Israel and Russia. I believe Christians are going to have to make some strong decisions regarding Israel and its going to cost some, but your enteral victory is in Christ. Amen!

    10. The ONLY Christian candidate running is Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party. Research and and vote truth. Stop being robot zombies. Our Spirit is suppose to guide us, not the establishment.

    11. Mario has hit it right out of the park and in no uncertain language spoke the truth. Thanks brother perhaps and praying for the Christians who have not the very traffic results of sitting at home in their religiosity. Jesus said to occupy until He comes and these folks need to understand that one of these two candidates are going to be potus and Hillary is total disaster for this land of the free and home of the brave. Yes Christians will survive but America will not.

    12. God’s word says that in the last days, even the elect will be deceived, and it’s already happening. I guess a lot of those Christians think that they are perfect and have never made a mistake.

  2. Excellent article!! Wake up Christians!! If you knew the Bible yourselves you wouldn’t be so easily swayed by those who just choose to be popular.

    1. Its true most people don’t know the bible .We are studying the book of Revelation at my church .It is well worth studying , maybe people would be more concerned ,if they understood ,what is , and what is going to happen .I am glad I am a Christian . Thank God for my salvation ! Wake up people !!!

      1. Excellent book! I just completed teaching it to a great group of women in my Sunday School class. We took 2 1/2 years to thoroughly study it. The only book with a blessing promised to the reader and keeper of the words in it. Jesus is coming soon and there’s no doubt! Even so, come
        Lord Jesus!

    2. That’s it, isnt it? Christians just dont know their bibles, plain and simple! This should be a no brainer on what to do if they did!

      1. Many who profess to be Christians think that an intimate relationship with Christ is not necessary. They believe they are okay because they made a public profession of faith in Christ, but they don’t want the Holy Spirit to butt into the way they have chosen to live. If an intimate relationship exists, the Bible is treasured, read, and obeyed. Its truth rules and reigns in ALL decisions, that person does not allow gossip, opinions of others, or political treachery to to influence. An old saying says “a sinner convinced against his will, is a sinner still.” I doubt the salvation of those who reject or twist the guidance of the WORD.

  3. Mario. I once had a dream I was walking down a mountain trail. Everything seemed so peaceful, serene and sweet. All of a sudden a huge razors edge came out of the ground right next to me. I immediately woke up with the conviction of the Holy Spirits message. We truly are being separated for a time such as this. Thanks again Mario for your stand. I am going to repost this because I truly could not have said it better. Hope to see you in one of your meetings soon. Paul Coca

  4. It is so sad how so many Christians are blinded by the devil. They tbink more about what Donald said many years ago, then what Hillary will do to this country if elected. I guess they don’t care when terrorists invade America and take over and kill us all, they don’t care about innocent babies, being killed, no they care more about what Donald said. Excuse me but what a bunch of IDIOTS!!!

    1. I hate to say it, but you are right! It’s unreal how blind they are! Makes me wonder if they are true Christians, as they have none of God’s wisdom and discernment! Makes me sick and sad!

      1. Agree! To lack the gift of discernment is to be adrift, rudderless, and lost at sea. So called Christians, certain of their rightness, are about to do America in again by their ignorant judgement and lack of spiritual marurity! Last time, they let the wolf in the door, by not voting. This time they’re voting, but the wolf is now fully dressed for dinner. What’s on the menu? America! Freedom! Democracy! Judeao-Christianity! Life of the unborn!
        “My people parish for lack of knowledge,” says the Lord!

    2. Sarah Larson- my thoughts exactly! I’m so frustrated at born again believers who are feeding into the lies and distractions of The Clinton Machine! Such corruption and absolutely NO shame for wrongdoing at all- past and present. Mr Trump did indeed apologize folks, although it seems there are those who refuse to believe so . I believe he is a man with character flaws BUT he sincerely LOVES America and is running to be able to bring us into a place of success and prosperity again- financially economically and spiritually! In a way this is deja vu. 8 and 4 yrs ago we were given options somewhat similar and we took the low road( I didn’t but many did) Please fellow believers let’s not do this again!! WAKE UP! OBAMA has been the most immoral Pres we’ve ever had and she will do much much more damage- perhaps to the point of no return. Please look beyond the trivial and look at the big picture. Trump is the first person to ever take such a moral stand as he did last Wed night. He stood his ground on LIFE and promised to appoint judges to the Supreme Ct who will be pro life and interpret the Constitution as our FF wrote it! This is amazing to me! Wonderful words to hear and I for one believe he’s FOR US!!! I’m proud to say I will vote for Mr Trump!

      1. Yes, Nancy, the devil has blinded the eyes of even Christians, as aVoids word say that in the last days,even the elect will be deceived. It’s coming to pass, but I believe that we still have a few more good years before Jesus comes for us. I have read that a few prophets have prophesied that God has chosen Donald to be our next President. I pray that it will come to pass I’m Jesus mighty nane!!!

  5. I am so grieved that the church is so split, what witness is this to the lost! I know so many that are voting for Hillary or writing in Bernie! I will not forget your words when you posted that on November 9th we will either be on the right track or we will become the underground church ( paraphrased) If I post or share in favor of Trump the attacks are immediate! Church where is your discernment!!!

    1. I dont get it either! Where is the wisdom and discernment that only God can give? I dont understand why it is SO clear to some of us and not at ALL to others!

      1. The reason you have a clear view of God’s Wisdom is that you are faithful to the Lord and have a Pastor who’s “feeding” you from the Word! The clarity issue stems from the Church Leadership-some are faithful to God others have been led astray by deception!

    2. Post anyway because it isn’t what people think or say that is important but what God thanks! Keep up the good work and be faithful to the end! We as Christians can no longer be intimidated but must proclaim the gospel message to the lost at whatever cost
      God Bkess!

    3. YES! Many other believers we know have said the same: so many Christians are being deceived right now. We pray for Max Lucado & Beth Moore, they are being used, and not by God – if this is what they’re truly saying from the ‘pulpit’ (that God has given them to preach from).

  6. I continue to pray, God show your people. But I am noticing they are still liking Hillary, or won’t vote at all. They are doing exactly what the enemy wants them to do. It will cost us something. I actually attended a church this last Sunday, and he spoke out against abortions. He said, I can’t tell you who to vote for, but it was clear. Do not vote Hillary, for she will increase the killing of innocent babies, and more.

    1. I ask if there is anything more we can do? So called Christians just dont want to vote, and we could take many of the elections if we just banded together. Lord, help us! Open their eyes for the sake of the remnant!

  7. Seems like Beth Moore would consider late term abortion and gay marriage. Most Christians I know think that the status Quo will be as it’s always been. They do not think that the globalists exist.
    Praying for their eyes to see.

      1. If she is for Hillary then she supports this 100% and I can not support her or ever listen to her again!!

      2. If she’s willing to stand in the gap for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, she’s painted herself that way with her own brush.

    1. I was very disapointed of Beth Moore i was a fun of her NO more and now about Max Lucado
      Whats wrong we this people,To me they are false christians and they are showing the tru colors.
      So sad for the people they influence.!!

  8. I agree w this article.
    We as Christians have been asleep or lazy or convenientized our walk w Christ. Its not about me. I am guilty of dragging my feet with watered down compassion for the cause of Christ. I getting drawn back into the game (fight?) And about time.

    1. My pray is awake believers what kind of country are our children and grandchildren going to inherit if she. Wins God help us

  9. Why don’t people check out the Clinton Foundation? Haiti !!! How about Bill Clinton on Anonymous raping a 13 year old girl. Or Hillary selling materials to make nukes to Russia for 145 million. Gullible is a nice word. 33,000 deleted emails, I could go on and on.
    We need warriors to rise up and go to churches and preach the truth during this election year. Why are the Christians soo afraid to speak out. Christians speak out !!!!!!!!!!

    1. They are asleep! Awake Oh Sleeper fits them! I just dont get it! I can picture myself in a huge crowd of Christians, going to the guillatine, and pausing to thank all the Christians out there for not voting and I get to die because of them. Thanks a LOT!

      1. I intend to sing “I’ll Fly Away” and “Amazing Grace” as I stand in line waiting to give my life back to Jesus in return for what He has done for us! Pray it doesn’t come to that.

    2. I think it is a disaster that so-called Christians are seemingly not aware of the evil shenanigans of Hillary & Bill Clinton! I am extremely offended by the CRIMES committed by the Clinton’s through their “Foundation.” When people can steal from the POOREST of the POOR, as with the Haitians, I think that they know NO SHAME & have no conscience! Such hypocrisy!! Professional thieves! So Christians stay at home and continue to NOT vote, because you are simply “above it all!” Meanwhile, America is going down the drain! May God have mercy on the USA, though we don’t deserve it! Grace to you.

  10. Watch the video on youtube called, Clinton Cash if you have any doubt as to what kind of person Hillary is and what evil she will do for power and money.

  11. Thank you again Mario for speaking out the truth. We as Christians must be informed about what is really going on in our country. We must speak out the truth to as many as we can about Hillary’s America. Her corruption as Secretary of State was criminal. What kind of damage do you think she would do as President. America will be gone if she is elected. A nuclear war will be eminent. We need to use all means to get the message out because of the corrupt media. Post on twitter or facebook. Forward Mario’s messages! Get the message out and pray, pray pray.

  12. My favorite 2 words for the last several months are ….’but God!’. Have lot of Christians been blinded to so many of the mainstream religious leaders? Emphatically YES! Greed is at the heart of so many church leaders. Thank you Mario for standing strong on what is Bibically correct. I think for those of us involved in spiritual warfare for our country, the next few weeks it will become more intense. As Jesus told his disciples regarding the demon possessed maniac, ‘this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting’. Can each of us prayer and fast for America and the election? Jesus and Paul constantly battled the religious spirits and now the true spirit filled believers who want to see America go forward with Trump are battling those same religious spirits. Together we can stand on God’s words that ‘he will never leave us or forsake us’.

    1. People like Beth Moore mix the Bible with their own opionion and they drown out the truth. God is against abortions, against gay marriages, and lies. Hilary is all about taking money for political favors as proven by Wikileaks. Anyone who supports and votes for Hilary will be partakers of her sins. Lost respect for Beth.

  13. I agree with everything you said. However you need a proof reader. Many typos and the election is November 8th, not 9th.

    1. Dear Kelly, My proof reader is curious..what typos? Also it was Lucado that said the day after the election–November 9th–we would be okay. That is why I mentioned that date. Thanks for watching over us.

      1. “Is” and “if” several times–distracting, correctable–but thought and content are what people need to read and understand. Thank you.

      2. Kelly, I see that you are fastidious about typos but where are your true convictions about this election. I don’t see any positive comments one way or the other which leaves me to draw a certain conclusion. To pick apart men who are taking a stand is to play right into the enemy’s hands. Now is the time to make YOUR stand!!! And what might that be Kelly?

      3. Mario: The typos are minor but the issues you raised are very disturbing and relevant. I am very concerned about our country after this election should Hillary win. It is so very sad to me, a politically active Christian woman, to see a woman who is so morally corrupt fool so many people. This past weekend I kept thinking that with the help of the very liberal media and misguided Christians, Hillary Clinton might make it into our country’s highest elected office. The thought of a female President of the USA should make me happy, but this is tragic for all of us. I am truly concerned for this nation and so very sad.

      4. Amen Mario, As for the “Christians” that point their finger at you: 1 Cor 3:18 “Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.” and as for those who judge Trump: Romans 14:4 “Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.” And, as for November 9th: “Without God’s providence we’re all dead!”

    2. Agree on the proofreader, but he meant the day after election “everything will be alright”. Well this is how I understood it.

      1. Mario, I realize that Donald Trump just received Jesus as his Savior through Bro. James Robinson . When I saw how the news media and The Clinton Camp has tried to crush Mr. Trump about his past sins of “Access Hollywood.” I knew that it was the Devil throwing his past up into his face. My heart breaks for him and Melania. He tells the truth, and that is what the devil hates. I believe he is the man for “Such A Time As This.” We will keep praying for our country. Lifting up our leaders, even Mrs. Clinton. I am praying for her and her family’s salvation.

  14. Ok, I will pull the lever for him because he is not Hillary if for no other reason, but the word “Gullible” was redefined the day the voters nominated Trump thinking he could actually win the general election.

  15. Thank you for sharing and spending so much time in attempt to save our country from what I believe would tear our country apart. Murder, disorder and violence would be the result if Hillary wins. What a mistake it would be to vote for her appears so obvious and yet, people (specially young men and women, minorities teachers, and the poor) don’t see it. Keep spreading the word and hopefully, enough will change their mind and not turn a blind eye to the deeds this woman has so blatantly committed yet receives a pass for all the lies and obstruction against our great country. God bless you and God bless America!

  16. Daniel 12:1 “At that time Michael, the archangela who stands guard over your nation, will arise. Then there will be a time of anguish greater than any since nations first came into existence. But at that time every one of your people whose name is written in the book will be rescued. 2Many of those whose bodies lie dead and buried will rise up, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting disgrace. 3Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever. 4But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase.”

    1. We Christians no longer pray in anguish, there isn’t travailing prayers going forth anymore nor is there much of the effectual ferverant prayers of the righteous. We must get back to the cross where we first saw the light by faith where we received our sight. At the cross! We are ALL guilty! SHAME!! We ought to be on our knees, the first thing we should ALL do is REPENT with true repentance

  17. When you take down the Ten Commandments like a Thief In The Night and Beth Moore is a well known Leader of Christianity you know so many are being Deceived. History is repeating itself and the evil around us is going to come into fruition. Words will Never hurt us in the way Actions will. I don’t care about what you think of me, what I care about is Saving your Souls and the suffering we are allowing for years to come because of our lack of Trust and Knowing the Holy Trinity. He gave us a will to make right choices and we’re not doing. We will be on our knees one way or another.
    In Jesus Name I pray he gives each and everyone of us the discernment and guidance to make right choices. God be with you in all you say and do. He will not intervene and override our choices, that’s why he had given us free will and died for our sins. May the Good Lord protect Trump-Pence and all their loved ones. Amen!

  18. I was a Pastor for 17 years. Most of my collegues can be described in 1 word “cowards” They cower in fear for their 501c3 status then to speak plainly and boldly the truth about our National Sin and Sins!

    The worst part is we are turning out Christians more concerned about PC rather than stand for the truth of the gospel. Truthfully the remedy is Hillary Clinton. The wheat will then be separated from the chaff. The real Church will finally standup and the false teachers will be shown for what they really are charlatans. Persecution in the Bible is the catalyst to spread the pure gospel. The American prosperity gospel has been poison in the water for too long.

  19. “Hilary Clinton just said that Christians must deny their Faith through the enforcement of laws, by stating that the Christian belief in being pro-life, and anti-abortion, must change,” warned, “and that this should be done through laws and ‘political will.’ If Christians must change Christian teachings in regards to abortion, then what Hilary Clinton is essentially saying is that Christians must deny their Faith. (
    In order to be a ‘Government Approved Church’ free of taxation these policies MUST be completely fulfilled without ANY differences from the Government Mandate under the Clinton Administration.
    1) ALL churches with 22 or more people must be registered. The name and denomination of the church and EVERY family and person MUST register and report yearly to the government their activities, roles and any other thing done within the church.
    2) The church MUST report every year at tax time their inflows of donations and outflows to what they support to determine IF it is Government Approved charities and causes.
    3) The church will NOT preach the exclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation from sin. They will NOT preach against immorality about rape, human trafficking, homosexuality and its marriage, government interference in church affairs and Creation Science.
    4) The church is required to preach these doctrines to be approved of the Federal Government.
    A) Universalism and the unity and love of humanity (all paths lead to God and everyone is already a child of God by natural birth). B) Evolution to fit their theology.
    C )Environmentalism and fighting Global Warming. D) The Social Gospel of Human Rights
    E) Israel must give ALL the land back to Palestine and shun Biblical ties to the Jewish People in the Land. Declare the Love of Zion and Zionism as hateful and racist.
    F) The Government is the main tool of God to manage the Church’s affairs and the support of the One Party policies is for its best interest.
    5) The churches are required to follow Every and Each of these policies in action for approval of tax free status from the government:
    Approve same sex marriage and must conduct every year at least two same sex wedding to have complete approval for tax reductions.
    Actively support Planned Parenthood with funding abortion with church funds and do community service for them helping women have safe and legal abortions.
    Get involved in the urban community in big cities for progressive social agenda of helping the people in their poverty and crime issues.
    The church must show it is actively activists and advocates for reducing carbon footprinting and reducing energy sources. They must become the leaders in using renewable resources of energy.
    They must also become advocates and leaders of the prevention of Global Warming and Climate Change to conserve our earth’s resources.
    The church must advocate for population reduction and euthanasia for the elderly and the handicap who cannot be a productive member of society.
    The churches and family member MUST use Common Core for education of their children in secular and religious education.
    Completely get rid of exclusivity and be a member to the ecumenical world church movement and eliminate all doctrinal and other differences for universalism even with Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.
    Actively be a world citizen of the one world new government being set up to come.
    6)The approved bibles that American churches are allowed to use are these version: The NIV bible (NVI in Spanish), the QJV (Queen James Bible) for the approval of the Gay Agenda, and the GASB Bible – the Government Approved Standard Bible that is revised by the Clinton Administration Religious affairs department set up by 2018-2019 to monitor all church affairs.
    Religious education literature and prayer books will be put out by the Government for ALL churches approved to use in compliance with the Nationalization Church Act to be passed by Hillary Clinton and the one party Democratic Congress and Senate along with the compliance of the Establishment Republicans in 2017.
    IF the churches comply with EVERY and EACH policy, then they are approved for tax free status as well as the individual members who comply as well. Otherwise ANY deviation in doctrine and action from any part of each policy results in a taxation amount and rate based on upon the severity of violation. It could be as minor as a rate of 5% tax rate up to a 60% plus rate. The factors included could also be the church size and income as well.

    Here is the story and the great possibility of the Curse of Hillary Rotten Clinton has for us in Christ.!

      1. Clinton and her people, Podesta and others, have a plan calling it a “Catholic Spring”, and they go into details on how to make people deny the authority of their faith, referring to it as a dark, middle aged religion, with aims of getting Catholics to start having abortions and reject the authority that God set up, similar to their startup of “Arab Springs” which has been disastrous in the mideast and spreading worldwide.

        It’s detailed in the latest investigative release. Search for “Podesta Catholic Spring”

    1. How can we publish this onto Facebook? I’ve been wondering how things would look with these details against the church and Christianity. People need to know don’t you think?

      1. He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” (Luke 10:27) This is not the whole message of the Christ, but it is the foundation of the Christian life. The Woman caught in adultery was guilty. She deserved being stoned to death by the law of her time. Jesus was called to be her judge. He did not declare her innocent, He did not, as was his right forgive her of her sin. He said go ahead torture and kill her, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Only when the lynch mob was gone did he forgive her, and charge her to sin no more. Law was made for man, not man for the law. We are Gods people. We are God’s children. “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold” ( John 10:16)
        Who is Jesus speaking of? The Church only was able to spread the Word to most of the Earth after 15 centuries. Hundreds of millions if not billions of people just like us (loving hating birthing killing sharing stealing) never had a chance to hear of Jesus. Does the loving God cast them into eternal doom? If yes he is not God He is the Devil. I believe He is God. I believe his mercy is wide and deep. I believe God will Save all his children. I believe God’s Victory will be complete. I believe God will protect the U..SA. or let it be destroyed because of its wickedness. I praise the Lord my God either way .

  20. I agree with this article and I’m saddened that prominent Christians have spoken against every important issue of this campaign, and have possibly influenced someone’s vote. As for personality and past sins what grieves me and I believe grieves the heart of God is people that are not able to forgive. Eleven years later it was put under the blood. That’s where it should stay and I believe Trump truly wants to do Gods will. Max and Beth got that opportunity why not Trump.We can’t be accusers of the brethren.Praying because a vote for Hillary is also turning your back on Israel. God help us!

  21. How can anyone say that they are Christian and vote for Hillary. Blind fools!!! Shame on Beth Moore and Max Lucado. There is so much at stake and we are upset at what Mr. Trump said 11 years ago. What happen to forgiveness. Hillary and Bill Stink of corruption and even murder. Wake up blind people. When Mr. Trump is elected it will take him and his team years to correct the corruption of Hillary , Bill and Obama. God help us!!!

    1. I sooooo agree….I am reminded of the scripture when Jesus talked about “straining at a gnat…and swallowing a camel”…..I see that the father of lies is even out to blind the eyes of the very elect….God give them eyes to see…..and the humility to, as the parable that Jesus spoke of…rather than being thankful that they aren’t “a sinner as that man”…rather having a heart of “God be merciful to ME….a sinner.” I think this kind of heart is the only thing that will keep us from this pharisaical type of judgment, judgment with no mercy. I have the wonderful gift (which didn’t SEEM like a gift at the time) of having had people with addictions in my family…and seeing how the mercy and grace of God can make amends…..the more I prayed…”bless them, change ME”….the more I got out of God’s way….I began to trust that when these persons said they made a mistake…I took it at face value and chose to believe them, (because it is up to God to weigh the depth of someone’s repentance)….that is how I am able to believe Trump, believe he came clean, and turn him over to God. And I can with clear conscience not let the media circus determine MY response. And THEN I can look at what is truly important….preserving the precious gift God has given us…..the Constitution…which has made this nation to be that “bright and shining city on the hill”. And vote for someone I believe will NOT choose someone to back their agenda, rather than honor that wonderful document, which honors MY right to worship. People need to look past their nose….

  22. For the last 20-25 years the preachers have focused on this prosperity message, building huge edifices, spiritual empires, etc. While we the Christians focused on that, the Left took it upon themselves to solidify their agenda Electing congressman, judges, supreme court justicies to implement their agenda. We are seeing it now. We are gullible Christians. Every nut case of a preacher with a feel good message we follow. We abandon our churches and follow the wolf in sheep clothing. Now we have a LEFT LEANING presidential candidate who supports this, baby crushing technique (called late term abortion) and has publically and without shame, supported abortion, same-sex marriage, and will fight every right leaning church till death. Just remember the lesbian mayor of Houston. she went as far as to demand all copies of sermon preached from their pulpits to see if they were not preaching a hate message. My question is then and is still now, “Did she require the same of the mosque, or Hindu temples?” No she did not. Why? because they fight even till death. this same-sex fiasco will not be tolerated or practice in/by the mosque or Hindu temples. But our feel good useless preachers that have not convictions, will remain silent on this issue. the solution is : Return to your churches. Walk out on this tele-evangelist and all other preachers that have no accountability. Return to your roots of your spiritual life. THE CHURCH.

  23. You are absolutely correct. I am saddened by the way many of my friends and family have voiced their “standing by my principles” objections to Mr. Trump. (Almost like I have none😉) They put him in the same camp as Hillary. Unbelievable! You cannot even have a civilized discussion with them. So much anger and rudeness coming from them. I will be ” Standing by my Principles” and voting for Donald Trump.

  24. Good article. Hard to believe people have No common sense. They must not be aware of what is going on in the country and certainly don’t know principles God has given us in his Word.
    Another problem they have been told they will fly away and not have to see what’s is ahead. What a shock for them. Christ is returning after all man n Satan’s mayham.
    The church going do not study God Word and preachers avoid Rev. And what Christ told the deciples about His return.

  25. Pray, America. Pray
    Mighty and everlasting Lord, we have sinned against you as a nation. We have put temporal interests ahead of eternal interests. We have sinned against you, God of heaven, and we have turned this nation which you have given to us into a whore committing adulteries and murders. We have not loved you with all our heart, mind, and soul. We have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. We have polluted that which is sacred, we have forsaken that which is holy, we have soiled and ruined that which was clean and washed in the blood of the Lamb. Forgive us, Lord. Forgive us and open our eyes to see our sins and repent. Bring us to our knees, Lord. Humble us. Help us to seek your face and pray, that our land would be restored and your name would be praised. Let it be to the praise of the glory of the name of Jesus, who is the Christ. AMEN!

  26. Joshua, there is a HUGE difference between a businessman with an ego and loose tongue who has very recently become a believer in Jesus Christ, and who loves America with all his heart, and a career politician who is willing to resort to murder to remove her opponents and who hates the “common American people” (a real quote from her lips) and has a traitorous heart. Find the interviews of those who have served Trump for many years, and you will find that he is generous, kind, and thoughtful to those around him, and NOT a racist. The opposite is true of Hillary. Please please please do not put in a vote for a third person who has no chance. Donald Trump loves this country and will do all in his power to bring back business and restore what is GOOD in this country. Quit focusing on the minor issues, remember King David screwed up (literally) but had a heart for God. The same will be true for Donald Trump. The Holy Spirit is already at work in his heart to humble him and direct him in the way of life and love and liberty. Do not call him evil, he is a born-again brother now. And he has a heart to put those around him who will help guide him (Pence, Ben Carson, etc.), and he will put those who respect the value of human life and unborn babies into the Supreme Court.

  27. Except, it is a binary choice. One or the other will be president. Trump has stated that he is now pro-life. Who are you to judge the whether he is sincere or not. He has stated he will appoint justices that are in the mold of Antonin Scalia. Voting for the lesser of two evils is not exactly wrong. Qaddafi was evil but he kept a greater evil, the muslim brotherhood at bay, as did Mubarak. Now a greater evil is murdering Christians that the lesser evil protected. The self righteousness of so many Christians just amazes me.

  28. This may be our only chance to save America. How can anyone justify a vote for the Democratic platform? If you are not voting republican you support their values.

  29. We need a miracle on Nov 8th! I’ve been praying for God’s divine intervention, not that we deserve it, we don’t, but praying for His mercy to grant us an opportunity (under Mr Trump) for this nation to get back on track. Thank you for standing & declaring the truth. How we need to look up to Him to bring deliverance for only He can orchestrate a landslide victory! With God all things are possible to them that believe. Matt 19:26 🙏🏻🇺🇸

  30. Here we all sit in judgement of our brother and sisters in Christ. I say “we all” because we are one Body. The last two commandments we were issued say “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and body, and LOVE your neighbor as yourself.”
    We are called to love. We are called to love our enemies, whoever they might be (Islam). Have any of you ever met a Muslim? Sat and dined with husband family? How about a Gay person? Have you loved them like Christ loved us, as we NAILED HIM TO A CROSS? Do you remember? Remember when we pledged allegiance to a state, instead of our Lord, and ended up murder ing the Son? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, EVERY ONE are IN this world, NOT OF IT. Every time a religious person stumps for a political leader, we are looking God in the face and telling Him His creation is STUPID. Dwell on that, and if you believe Jesus would have been a part of ANY political party, then I call on you to pray for understanding, seek the Christ and beg for understanding. I’ll be praying for the same.

    1. God also teaches us to love the person but not the sin. As Christains we are misunderstood by the secular world and called haters when that isn’t true. We don’t hate the homosexuals, only their sin- just like we continued to love our own children when they did something wrong. We don’t hate muslims, we disagee with their beliefs. Their god is not our God, and we would only want them to know the truth so they can be in heaven some day too. Christains are not haters !! I know muslims and homosexuals. My God loves them, therefore I do too. That does NOT mean I condone or accept their beliefs and lifestyle. God says what they do is wrong and he still loves them…they just don’t know it, or Him. Disgreeing is not hate. That word is so over-used.

  31. WOW . I agree Hillary and Billary are two scary individuals. I always thought that they might be the heads of the secret society Illuminate. So I know they are evil from something that personally happened to me concerning the white house last time they were in office. How I was treated by the pentagon, Whitehouse and local authority let me know they care nothing about me or the state of rape in the USA military and actually see any woman who stands up for herself as a threat to them personally. I am not sure what Trump will be handing out to the tax payers either but I know what Hillary will be taking from us in the form of college rates, taxes and from our Christian freedom of religion. Not standing for the things of God. Trump may be ADHD who need some Ritalin but meds can’t even begin to fix the Clintons regime! I ask one thing not to agree or disagree with all of the media and hog wash we see everywhere but this one thing people… get on your knees and pray before you vote asking God for guidance and listening to His answer. That is what I will bw doing and am doing before I make such a crucial decision! God bless America!

  32. Who gives the ok for the judges? The Senate, that is right, many judges have been denied because the president only can appoint- they have to be approved. There are 469 house and senate seats up for election, did you know that? That being almost just as, if not more important- but people aren’t talking about that, instead they are talking about the red and blue candidates. What a failure to miss this info. These are the ones who will hold the line and help hold these accountable. Saving America is about repentance- not Trump. This article of pinning ones who stand against his antics is to agree with his actions- even b/c he is better than her. Well, that is like the gutter is better than the sewer. Christian pro-life Conservative Constitutionalist….there is still on running that is on the ballot in 24 states with name, and 23 states as a write in- Constitution Party, but he is not in the red or blue. The red and blue ARE WHY WE ARE HERE. Yet we keep voting red or blue- If all the Christians would say, platform matters, and pro life matters looking at the candidates they are offering how much better is it when 43 YEARS Rove v Wade is still going strong at 2,000-3700 pre born killings are happening almost everyDAY? Didn’t they say we’d be in FEMA camps with Obama? The most pro abortion senator yet? That he would take our guns? This fear mongering is not becoming, what it is, is the red and it’s followers getting ppl’s vote out of fear. It’s not right, it’s not Godly and at this end time we are in, it’s just not the full truth. When God’s giving other options, moral and ability- to go the route of Red and Blue is foolish. They both are friends, they have been for decades-Remember Ross Perot? The millionaire that help get the last Clinton in there? Only difference He ran an Independent- Media bias was clear in Iowa at the start. Come on people. Unity can be had, but it will not happen with the red and blue. Look how long the red & blue have been in power, and that is what this is about. I choose to go with the opportunity of a moral and best choice, leaving Republicans to care more about beating the blue, to wanting a better, back to basics of our Constitution. If you feel that is a vote for Hillary- well, I assure you, as a American our choice should always be when voting is- who will defend the Constitution- Check out who is on your ballot for house & senate. We need them to hold the lines.

    1. they will do nothing to stop corrupt liar hillary killary, they did nothing to stop obama. but it’s a nice thought

  33. If Trump has become a Christian, and many religious leaders have confirmed they believe it to be true, when does he get forgiveness? When God looks down at him does he see Donald Trump, the sinner from 2005 or does he see the blood of Jesus? If God has forgiven his sins, who are we to proclaim be is beyond redemption? It seems that as Christians, we should lift him up in prayers and support his effort to do the right thing for our country. He has already done many good works, often with little or no fanfare. If God has chosen this man as our champion, are we really going to reject him, or be lukewarm about His choice? As we read about the churches in Revelation, we must decide which one we are and you can see what God thinks about lukewarm. God bless those who trust Him.

  34. The only problem I have with this article is that it proposes (by default) that Trump is even close to what we want for POTUS. I couldn’t care less what the media shows he says about women or how crass he is, I’m more concerned that he is friends with the Clintons, that he has flip flopped on abortion and just about every other topic you can imagine, and countless other things that were once pointed out by Republicans who were rooting for Cruz, Paul, or Carson. Remember them? If articles like this were written “before it’s too late” we might have had the best choice this round (Rand Paul) as an option rather than what the media left for us. I see a lot of comments about how dumb and asleep people are above…well, you were probably dumb and asleep when we could have had Ron Paul 4 years ago, too. I am disgusted by this election and will likely puke after casting my vote. And it’s every single ignorant person’s fault for paying attention to politics only months before we have to choose a candidate.

  35. “The Bible says, ‘Proverbs 29: 2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked person rules, the people groan.’ Prepare for years and years of groaning if she wins.”

    The problem is not in electing good or evil to authority. The problem is in a LOSS of authority by the people. We need to stop playing defense and re-establish our Republics over a LIMITED federal government, for the safety and happiness of our posterity. Christians have been duped in many more ways than just elections. We are being “destroyed for lack of knowledge” as the importance of state rights we held dear in the outset have been forgotten and neglected.

    Please search YouTube for my speech “Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge”, given in Yadkinville, NC on July 4th. It contains information VITAL to restoring lawful, Constitutional government.

  36. Those gullible “Christians” are not Christians ! This next administration wants to abolish Christianity. Scapegoat : Using slander against the other candidate from times past. People love to see Wrestling, where people hurt each other, shows where people put each other down and hurt each other, and all kind of violence catches peoples attention in the name of ,they don’t want to be bored. Our country has lost not only it’s values but morals. What happened to : Draw close to God and he will draw close to you, the ten commandments, the bible, and the holy spirit in mankind ??? We need to, as Christians stand for the TRUTH and if we deny GOD we will be denying ourselves a place in heaven, and our names in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE !!! We need to STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS and OUR GOD !!!!! Also, for you atheists out there; if it wasn’t for almighty GOD you wouldn’t be alive to not believe in him !!! There, I said it !!! It’s who I stand for !!!!

  37. Thank you Mario for speaking up. Silence gives consent and will be equally accountable to God. The Bible is clear the righteous will suffer along with the wicked especially when we are complicit in elevating evil into authority.

    1. ◄ Jeremiah 23 ►
      New American Standard Bible
      The Coming Messiah: the Righteous Branch

      1“Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!” declares the LORD. 2Therefore thus says the LORD God of Israel concerning the shepherds who are tending My people: “You have scattered My flock and driven them away, and have not attended to them; behold, I am about to attend to you for the evil of your deeds,” declares the LORD.

  38. This whole set-up, bringing out the video soundbite of Trump’s disgusting bragging from 11 years ago is a SMOKESCREEN, folks!! It is intended to get nice Christians to focus on the scum side of Trump’s identity so that you forget what really matters, the issues and the long term consequences of a Hillary presidency, the very moral and spiritual fiber of America!!! Hillary and her political machine are good at what they do. She knows how to manipulate the system and people, with lies and money, to win at any cost. Trump had no idea what he was coming up against Hillary when he got into this race. She will destroy anyone who comes against her. She was a dishonest lawyer years ago who was disbarred in her state, just as Bill has been. She is manipulating all of us into focusing on Trumps weaknesses and morals, so that we will not see the bigger picture of what she plans to do to America…take it down. She truly believes in what she is doing because she is blind to God’s purpose for us. She is NOT a Christian!! She can’t even describe Christian means. If she and Bill get in the whitehouse again, and put more progressive liberals on the judicial bench, Christians will have no voice, ever again, or a vote for what is good and right. We have seen how our nation’s morality has declined in the last 30 years while Bill, Hillary and Obama have been opening the floodgates to LGBGT, and thousands of unvetted refugees from Islamic countries, not knowing who are the good guys and who are the bad guys among them. Since Obama got in office, the blacks in our ghetto cties have risen up in rage against the very people who have tried to help them. Hillary will not help them if she gets in office, the racial tensions will only get worse because she will keep giving our tax dollars in welfare to the poor in order to keep them “in their place” as she has said in e-mails, so they will continue to vote democrat. Rather than help them get better schools and educations, or create jobs for them, she wants to keep them on hand outs, rather than hand ups. The inner cities are a mess. She has no idea what she is doing, except when it comes to manipulating us. Don’t focus on the morality of the candidates, they are both immoral. Look at the future of America that is at stake!!!! Don’t be fooled by Hillary!!!

  39. God is giving us a chance to get things right. I hope the Christians that vote against Trump will be able to live with themselves when Hillary takes over and her agenda is put into place. They will be standing at our church doors to arrest you if you dare to enter. I fear there will be a lot of Christians committing suicide because of what they have helped happen to this country. Like I said, God is giving us a chance to get this right. God help us if we blow it.

  40. I came across the link to this article in the comment section of Matt Walsh’s FB page. While it appears that much of the article itself is at odds with the teachings of Christianity (Ephesians 4:31; James 4:11-12; 2 Timothy 2:24-26; Matthew 5:22; etc) , this is the first I’ve seen of Mr. Murillo’s writing, so perhaps it’s just a passionate anomoly.


    Indeed, “nothing matters more in this election” or at any other time, than belief in Christ (which, by necessity, includes obedience to Him). Donald Trump certainly does not have more power over these matters than the Lord Himself – even though “God was on the throne when Hitler…when Stalin…as Christians all over the world are being killed…” I don’t understand the thinking, but what appears to be be argued here is that God is not sufficiently protecting His people, but Donald… Certainly, no Christian actually believes that?

    “We could stop this insanity if we unified against real—not imagined evil. If we could see our real duty in this election–if we could get over our false sensibilities and hurt feelings…we could save the country.”

    You say real evil vs. imagined evil – and yet, the examples we have of both Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump teem with evil-doing. As I’m sure you know, Paul gave the Romans a list of evil: “greed…envy…strife…deceit…malice…arrogant…boastful…unloving…unmerciful…etc…” Both candidates amply fit this bill (and some of the characteristics on Paul’s list but not mentioned here). Okay, so both are ensnared in evil behaviors, and many say we are to pick the lesser of the two evils, but here’s the catch: Paul says that we participate in their sin when we give approval to it (Romans 1:32). I can’t think of much heartier approval a person can give in our culture than to vote for someone for president.

    There are many Christians who have decided to “plug their nose” and vote for Mr. Trump. While I don’t agree with their logic, I see it and I do not fault them. However, there are a number of Christians who choose to take Romans 1 (and other Scriptures) at face value and choose not to open ourselves up for condemnation by giving approval to those who have participated in (indeed, appear to yet embrace) the sins Paul mentioned.

    “The great heroes of our faith, who witnessed tyranny would grab us and shake to our core if they saw our apathy and naiveté in the face of this threat.”

    You say apathy, some say peace (John 16:33). You say naivete, some say belief (John 14:1). But of which “heroes of the faith” are you speaking? Certainly not Christ, who told Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world; if it were, my servants would be fighting…” Indeed, the Christian heroes of the faith often meekly gave their lives under tyranny rather than “grab or shake” anyone – much less foment anger and animosity toward their brethren who merely trust God for their future.

    “I am not fretting over the fate of Christianity. I am fretting over my nation. I know Christianity will survive without America, but America will not survive without Christianity. America…as you have known it will not survive Hillary Clinton.”

    I suspect that America will survive Clinton or Trump (though neither of them can make a plausible claim to Christianity) as their presidential campaigns are nothing more than a reflection of the state of this country – not the savior or the undoing of it. The greater issue, I believe, is what appears to be an allegiance to a country over an allegiance to Christ. We are called to be strangers and exiles (1 Peter 2:11) on this earth; indeed, we are called to be ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). While I do not believe it is necessarily wrong (as some believe) for Christians to vote, Scripture clearly indicates that it is thoroughly wrong to have a higher allegiance to anything on this earth than to our heavenly kingdom and our King (Matthew 10:37-39).

    (As an aside, I suspect that neither Mr. Lucado or Mrs. Moore mentioned Hillary because it’s pretty commonly accepted in most Christian circles that voting for Hillary is not an option for Christians. Indeed, both have said they don’t support either candidate. What has, I believe, surprised many Christians is that the same obstacles that prevent us from voting for Hillary, are not a problem for so many Christians when it comes to Donald. As to Beth Moore, many (if not most) Christian women have been objectified by men (from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump and countless others) and our brothers’ blind eye to Trump’s sinful degredation and objectification of women was a slap in the face to many sisters. What jumps out at me is, if we sisters in Christ can be so hurt that our brothers have not sufficiently defended our value and humanity in dismissing Trump’s confession so as to not prevent his triumphant procession to the throne (only lacking a palm leaf path in some circles), how offensive it is to our God that our brothers (and many of our sisters) have completely tossed the teachings of Christ for the same reason.)

    For our family, this entire issue boils down to whether or not we’ll vote from fear… or from faith.

    “35 Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. 36 For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.

    37 For yet in a very little while,
    He who is coming will come, and will not delay.
    38 But My righteous one shall live by faith;
    And if he shrinks back, My soul has no pleasure in him.

    39 But we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the preserving of the soul.” (Hebrews 10)

    May the Lord give us each wisdom for the day, and may the church in America use this as an opportunity for reflection and realignment with the Word of God.

    1. Very Well Stated, In fact, It’s The Best Comment I Have Read All Week. Better Than Most Articles With It’s Clear Intention Of Truth. I Hope you don’t mind me sharing, With so much going on, we can see where faith is, and is not with this election and morals.

    2. Wow! Finally a common sense statement instead of all of this “Hillary is the Antichrist” rhetoric. I would never vote for HRC and like you, I suspect neither would most Christians. But some of these statement border on hysteria. The fact is, the odds are way against Trump becoming POTUS. He would almost have to win every state that is considered a toss-up. That won’t happen. And how many of you are sure that Trump will appoint conservative, pro-life justices. Are you at all aware of his past stance on abortion prior to running for office? He was unabashedly pro-choice for his whole life until he decided to run for the Republican Primary. I know… just a coincidence. Or maybe he got saved at just the right time? Trump supports whatever benefits Trump.. period. If you vote for him, you are most certainly voting for the lesser of two evils and if you can sleep at night knowing that, fine. Some of us can’t. And the notion that voting for Trump is a vote for HRC is simply nonsense. You need to understand what’s called the electoral college. I live in a state that Trump WILL WIN.. period. He has a base of support that will never abandon him, like many of you. He is leading by almost 15 points here. Like many other states, like California, the outcome has already been determined. So voting for a real conservative either as a write-in or on the ballot, will make little difference in the final outcome. Except it might just send a message to the Republican Party that there needs to be change toward real Reagan conservatism. So, you can shout the praises of Donald Trump all you like, but he’s most likely not going to win and he’s most likely going to forget about all of his promises as soon as he takes the oath. He will do what benefits himself and nothing more. I really hope I’m wrong about him, I really do. But nothing leads me to believe he has changed one bit since his pro Hillary and pro-choice days.. except for his newly found conservative political rhetoric. I’ll vote McMullin, who is a real conservative and a patriot, and although I know his chances to win are infinitesimal, my conscience will be intact and I will sleep soundly at night.

  41. This is so good. I also wonder where the church is in regards to medical freedom. Those in charge of this country are making us sick via food, air, water, and medicines (including vaccines).

  42. Thank you Mario for another well said article. As far as those Christian leaders who are hedging their bets, they make me sick. If you don’t stand on His Word then you are teaching error and the things of this world. They’ll have a congregation of foolish virgins and their blood will be on them.

  43. My pastor preached out of Ezekiel 4 on Sunday and said it was OK not to vote this year because both candidates are evil. I did write him to say that “the platforms matter and so does the VP. Not to vote is to give over the country to the evil one.” God help us!

  44. 1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.4 The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away. 5 Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.6 For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.
    KJV Pslams 1:1-6

  45. My heart hurts with this so call Christians! Max and Beth Moore the problem isn’t that they don’t know the Bible, you don’t know Jesus! They have head knowledge no heart. The church is weak, Jesus wants us to become strong, make right decisions. Hillary is against the “Word of God” Max, Beth if you are not with God then you are against God. Wake UP Hillary wants to murder the child in the womb. She has lied, murdered etc,

  46. Most Churches are more worry about having more members, pleasing the crowds, looking and sounding good than preaching the word of GOD and making disciples because it takes a lot more to make a disciples than just a few bible studies and a few patting in the back.

  47. ON a day with singing of the praises for David , King Sauls desire to eradicate the threat to his
    popularity,the brotherly bond between Saul’s son & David,all you care to recall. In an election who would pull the lever for (DAVID) ? God did, now who ? By all means guard your heart , feed your faith please be aware the evil one goes about (seeking who he can feed upon). While he was still in the womb {after whos heart was he?) . Now who would you vote for? I view that one of the MOST powerful unspoken facts aabout DT & MP, you would look is their families, children grandchildren, honest hard working ,the whole unit. “Psalms” what you say ,URIAH’S wife Solomon , that OLD TEST.
    is tough on us. We need to rend our garments to sack cloth & ashes for the state our sins have taken us. Please call to JESUS CHRIST & pray for direction ,but vote for who you believe would honor HIM.

  48. The people wanted a king, they chose Saul. Saul failed them and God, he was not willing to change. Hillary has failed, and is not willing to admit her faults, she still denies them today. There is plenty of proof that she’s a liar and plans to stay that way. David was chosen by God to be King, David was faithful to God, but he sinned, he took advantage of a women, and when he found out she was pregnant with his baby he had her husband killed, but David repented, he chose to change and went on to be a great King. I’m not saying that Trump is a David, but I did see a video of him apologizing for his unfaithfulness. Sounds like he could go on to being a great president. God’s will, will be accomplished whether Hillary or Trump are in office, but God has a permissible will and a perfect will. When the king of Niniva heard Jonah’s word from God, he repented and caused the whole kingdom to fast, God had mercy on them. Is this election our chance to heed to the word of God and save our country, or are we going to put Saul on the tbrine again. I say we put God back on the throne in our lives and do what we have to, to put God back on the throne in our Country. This should be our number 1 goal, the question is, how much resistance do you want to face when you try to reach that goal. You might sat that persecution is what drove the desciples out of Jerusalem to spread the Gospel and the only way the Christians of America will stand up with God is by persecution, and that can be obtained by having Hillary in office, but God would not of had to allow persecution to come to Jerusalem, if the desciples would have left in the first place. I believe it’s our chance to do what God intended us to do, to prevent heavy persecution to allow the Gospel to be more easily received, isn’t that his will too. Salvation is supposed to be easily obtained, that’s why Jesus died. The devil will always be against us, and there will be opposition until the end, but why would we give him our freedom just to have to fight him to get it back. I guess that’s what a lot of Christians are used to doing, surrendering to temptation and fighting for freedom. We have the freedom already this is our chance to keep it and not have to fight to get it back.

  49. I declare Donald Trump winner of this election in a landslide! We cannot allow witch Hillary Clinton
    into power – it would mean nothing but pain and suffering and the eventual loss of our freedoms, and everything good we know and love.

  50. “SHE WILL DESTROY OUR ECONOMY—SHE WILL CAUSE A WAR—ALL FORMS OF ABORTION WILL BE LEGAL” ….you sure you’re talking about Hillary? because that sounds EXACTLY like G W Bush…only “war” should read “wars”. ; )

  51. Trump should never have been selected to go against Hillary. Gullible Christians helped him secure the nomination, and many of the same are now trying to put the blame on other Christians for such a godless man and an his abject failure as a candidate. I am a very interested observer from the other side of the pond but I can’t help feeling that the Christians who backed Trump from the beginning made a huge error.

    1. When he ask god to forgive him, I wish people would stop putting Donald trump under microscope he is not perfect and neither are we ,we al have done thinks we are shame of as Christian and we have to remember one thing we are not prefect we are only made in his likenesses we are not prefect we are just forgiven.If Hillary is our next president god help this nation we are in trouble.Every Christian out there should pray for god mercy and forgiveness if you don’t vote for trump as president god can only do so much but we as Christians have to do the rest and what we need to do on November 8 is vote trump as president if we don’t we will never see peace and be safe again trump is our best choice for a president.christians ever where I am not asking I am begging you to vote for trump for the sake of our children and grandchildren and please don’t let anybody sway your vote we need to pray for our country and god mercy to vote in the right direction VOTE FOR TRUMP AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY OUT OF THE HANDS OF EVIL PEOPLE

  52. I am voting to save my country period. That means Trump/Pence. Donald Trump is no more a perfect person than I am but I do know he is the only one that will work to save our Constitutional Republic. Clinton will at the very least turn us into a socialist country and at worst a communist country. I read something interesting the other day. “Socialism is Communism without guns.”

  53. Right on! We all Know God is on his throne, and as you so rightly point out it time for Christians to take a stand for righteousness and vote! None of us are perfect and for sure Trump isn’t, but his Supreme Court picks should motivate every righteous person to vote for him. On Nov. 9, if Clinton is elected, you can be sure that God is judging America for its sins and using Hillary Clinton and her administration as the instrument…and yes, God will be sitting on His throne and in full control of the affairs of humanity.

  54. I want to say Christains should be united in prayer right now for america, asking God in the name of Jesus to forgive us to come back
    To our country our lives,to place His umbrella of protection over of us again.Thank him for His grace,love forgivness, another chance….God will not go where he isnt invited or stay where he isnt wanted, what mere mortal humanes cannot do on their own…..With God , with Jesus All Things Are Possible……..Trump made his apologizies, for Anyond to say he isnt sorry… do you know? He confessed his sins to God,God forgives, we are suppose to…Do any of beleive God wants you walking around constantly hanging your head, apologizing, God says onfess your sins before man ask forgivness,
    Ask it shall be given….Jesus told Mary, your sins are forgiven, go your way and sin no more…..The Bible also says there will be as many christains and pasgors in hell as there are sinners…..I hear alot of Talk about Second chances…..God Restores….alot of preaching on the same…..Words are cheap a dime a dozen..zIts when you Practice what you preach…put those words into action…I have 2 mottos in life…1.Man/woman should not be judged by the life that they Led,but rather by the life thst they Lead.2.Man/woman should not be judged by the words they Speak but by the word they Keep…..
    When God calls Christains together……I want to be in the group that
    Forgives,Believes, Praises, Thanks, and acknowledges change…I want Jesus to say your sins were forgiven, these are the things I judge you by today……I pray for our country, the world, the by the grace of God thru the Blood of Christ, in the name of Jesus that our Father forgives our ignorance,our sins, our selfishness, heals our land,comes back with force,strength,places His umbrella of protection over us, gives us a president we can stand by,trust, one who will stand up for all americans no matter color of skin,whos rich or poor…..and i thank God now in the name of Jesus and accept his grace,forgiveness and all blessings he can pour down upon us…We have an awesome living forgiving God…..Amen! Where 2 or more are in agreement so it shall be done……where 2 or more are gathered in My name there Iam also…Maybe people should think about that! AWESOME!!!!!

  55. It’s very simple folks, which candidate will stand with Israel, support our Constitution, choose Supreme Court judges that will make morally right decisions, stand up for religious freedoms, remove the curse of Common Core, and make our nation a safe place for our children. We need to be on our knees begging for forgiveness for casting Him out of our nation and praying for right to prevail in this election.

  56. America is losing herself, and a majority of God’s people are spiritual, but not realistic about the situation facing America today. It is really sad!

  57. Thank you. Thank you for putting into words and publishing some of the exact questions and feelings I’ve been having after seeing what they said. It truly astounds and horrifies me how very deceived so many in the Church really are. And I don’t think it’s an accident that just “happened” over night from all that I’ve been learning lately. I completely understand the “other side” and why they think and beleive what they do. But the Christians who refuse to see what’s going on, I just don’t understand at all.

  58. Thank you Mario for this timely message. Sadly, many Christians are falling into the trap. The enemy of our souls seeks to divide and conquer and many are too blind to see. I met you many years ago when you spoke at a discipleship training school in Northern California called Agape Force. Thank you for ministry and timely message. I pray that the church will not be irreparably divided over this election.

  59. amazing ! thank you.
    there are pastors working for the Gov now.. or will be soon.
    they are to calm all Christians by quoting scriptures to them about following the Gov.. !
    like people who said , not to worry.. leave all your belongings here & take a shower !
    one pastor we had tried that line with me. I said you know what. I AM THRILLED many Christians & non Christians defied the laws of hitler & saved so many Jews !! ( He didn’t have a come back for that one !)
    I was SICK to hear some in our church say they were sorry they voted for Obummer. !
    I said WHAT ?? you support abortion ?? they said , well no………….. but ………..
    Makes me furious that so many pastors are wimps.. scared to stand for TRUTH !!

    1. I don’t know anyone who supports abortion. People support a woman’s right to choose.
      Doctors knew the woman whose fetus was missing a brain and had all heart arteries fused together, would die the moment it was born (detached from the mother’s umbilical cord). The doctor’s recommended saving the mother’s life, since the fetus would die either way. Since Florida law required both of them die, the mother went to another state where at least the mother would be allowed to live.

      1. Woman’s right to choose ? really ? that is a lie… you need to do some real research instead of falling for the propaganda of the 70’s that is still being spread today… You think you know the truth of WHO started the lies of PPH & CHOICE.. bet you dont’ . & I talk to nurses & Dr all day long that have had deliver babies that aren’t going to live……… never was the mother’s life in danger because the child didn’t have a brain ! Common sense will tell you that . NOR would Florida want her or the baby to die. Also many MANY mothers have the babies & get to spend some time with them , time they never regret. ALSO .. Thousands are told their baby is sick or deformed & told the ‘best thing for the child’ is to abort aka suck it out or cut it into pieces.. Woman that have decided NOT to abort have had healthy , loving children..
        SO please , do yourself a favor & research the MEN behind the lies.. Abortion never had anything to with rights.. That my dear, IS Propaganda..

      2. LOL.. the mother would not die from child birth ! that is barbaric thinking.
        Sad to think many still use that excuse .
        I have seen more then one case where a dr said the baby had this or that deformity & yet the child was born healthy.
        NO FL law requried both to die ! LOL
        you act as tho the dr would let her die .. it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ignorant.
        please get educated on this subject.. PLEASE !!!!

      3. One of my own grandchildren was identified as a predetermined, immature fetus that would be born with multiple malformations and missing or undeveloped parts according to multiple ultrasounds performed throughout my daughter-in-law’s pregnancy. Both she and her husband (my son) agreed that God was far bigger than the report that had been given them, along with the advice to terminate her pregnancy. As a result of their decision, and the necessity of questioning their stand throughout the balance of the pregnancy, she delivered a robust, healthy, perfectly formed daughter with not a sign of mental deficiency. Our granddaughter (the one they would have terminated) recently had her own healthy child 16 months ago and received him in the same condition she was delivered in.

        God makes no mistakes. “The eyes of the Lord search throughout the whole earth seeking those on whose behalf He might show Himself strong!”Extemporaneously quoted.

        Our problem in America is we have too many Christians that refuse to assume responsibility for searching the truth out for themselves in the b-i-b-l-e and then boldly stand up for what is right when they are assured they have located it. Paul reported: “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” (Acts 17:11) Find out if what your pastor and your church are teaching you agrees with God’s position in His own Word. If it doesn’t, then you will be held responsible for your decision to either embrace the truth or cowardly opt for comfort rather than honor and good character.
        Jesus made a whole lot of people uncomfortable with His outspoken confrontation of those who — in their false piety — pretended to be taking a stand for the truth when, in reality, they are more concerned with the opinions of men rather than God. True Wimps!!!

        God help us raise up men and women in this country who cannot and will not be intimidated by the PC Police.

  60. Thank you for this. Excellent. One thing I would add, though: Hillary Clinton ALSO claims to be a Christian… so why aren’t Beth Moore, Max Lucado, etc. calling her out on her blatantly anti-Christian principles? Why is it just Trump? #hypocrisy

  61. Thought provoking article until this comment:

    mariomurilloministries says:
    October 20, 2016 at 1:32 pm
    Nancy why aren’t you talking about Hillary Clinton?

    Did you comprehend what Nancy was saying? What is your motivation?

  62. FROM WHERE I SIT: Call me cynical, but those televangelists, like Max Lucado and Beth Moore, are supporting Hillary Clinton with the realization she supports Partial Birth Abortion. Clinton will select jurists to the Supreme Court that will be hostile to Christians. Hate crime legislation that impacts pastors and their sermons will be enacted and found Constitutional. A tax code that eliminates deductions for faith based charitable giving and tithing will be enacted out of “fairness”. Many local churches will suffer the consequences of this anti Christian bias while televangelists will be well positioned to fill the breach.

  63. Donald J Trump is an enigma. On the one hand he has been married three times to women who look good standing beside him but on the other-hand the resulting family seems grounded, supportive and loving. He uses the words of a bar-room brawler however he vocally stands up for the unborn, minorities and weakest among up. He is hated by the left and the right but is the voice of millions. His rhetoric combative yet he promotes peace. I do not know what a Trump presidency will look like but I would love to find out.

  64. Great comment “Another SB” – October 19, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    God’s purpose is bigger than this nation in a political sense. But certainly with respect to the people, that the people of this nation may come to a full understanding of His kingdom is important to God and doesn’t depend upon this election. God in His sovereignty will use the events around us to cause us to see. He is causing His church to arise and shine and return to simplicity of devotion to Christ, loving Christ, obeying Him, & loving our neighbor. If we were truly being salt and light, all aspects of our society would be very different, through the kingdom of God in us, not merely through external, political control.
    For more insight:

  65. I am replying to myself here because I just realized that my comment is tainted with some guilt manipulation. God is shaking the systems of the earth and we must DELIGHT in His ways, embrace His discipline, and not be motivated by condemnation! His heart is ALWAYS for redemption! 🙂

  66. Great comment “Another SB” –
    October 19, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    God’s purposes are much bigger than the salvation of this nation in a political sense. But from the perspective of the people of the USA, God is very interested in us being in line with His kingdom purpose which doesn’t depend upon this election. God is causing systems not built on His principles to fall and His church to arise and shine, to be Christ in the midst of the chaos; simplicity of devotion to Christ, loving Christ, obeying Him, & loving our neighbor. This is being salt and light, to produce the fruit God is desiring in all aspects of our society, through the kingdom of God in us, not merely through external, political control.

  67. Well…. I agree with a guy who once said “there are two kinds of people who Hate Trump. One is the liberal globalists who hate all that is moral. And the second is the Pharisee, self righteous Christians.” (my paraphrase) I think there is a third group too of average American people who are just not properly informed.
    As far as this ridiculous “trump tape” from a decade ago…. since when do we hold a heathen accountable to God’s standards? So when some rich guy on a bus with other guys decide to talk ‘guytalk” with each other, like they always do…. it no longer qualifies them TO EVER be a Christian or the President? I am not floored to hear that an unsaved man once talked about some woman sexually (who was flirting with him, she said).
    God has chosen men all throughout history to accomplish his will. And those men weren’t always a moral being. If God had to pick perfect people, He would be on His own.
    Stop judging Trump by your standards and start asking God what His plan is. YOU obviously weren’t good enough for God to choose to do this work, He has to pass you by to find a heathen to do it. Now stand behind God’s find and help get this work done.

  68. There are two evils running for president , The only thing to do is vote for the lesser of these two evils, and the lesser is definitely not the Clinton machine. Pray before you vote and ask God to guide your hand to make the right decision. This may be your last and final vote of your lifetime.

    1. That is just it Johnit is not the lesser of two evils and this where I ask….. How many quote unquoted Christians are blind and do not understand Christianity at all!!! I see so much self righteousness in people who think they are truly Christian but they are simply not! They are blind and just don’t get it! Like Beth Moore or lucado. What you miss is Hillary is evil and every kind of corrupt she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Trump has a heart fiercely loves this country. He is generous and shares he is bold and tells the truth of what he sees!!!!!! That is what you and so many others do not get or see how can you be so incredibly BLIND!!!! It is mind boggling and exhausting for those who do see. One heart is right and one is evil! Concerning that so many cannot see! Hillary could care less about this country she cares about what she wants and what she thinks this country should instead of what it was! And Trump sees what it was is what works or how frustrating people like you are!!!!!!!!!! You are blind and what you need to pray for is GOD to open your eyes and to show you truth real truth not self righteous truth.

      I’m sure you are from traditional doctrine satans weapon. But you walk by your works not by Jesus’. You need to reread and reread JOB until you understand this isn’t about JOB but about GRACE! let me say it again GRACE!

    2 Thessalonians 2:10-13
    And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. …

  70. Oh please get off your high horse. Trump said what he said and most of us don’t care, they are words. Hillary on the other hand has committed crimes worst then any few words said by Mr. Trump. If Hillary is elected we will suffer dearly as she cares for nothing but power, money and her own well being. Vote Trump 2016.

  71. I dont think there is anything worse than our society murdering millions of unborn children created by the Lord for his great purposes.

  72. Beth Moore is a comedian , she has nothing but stories to tell,so i dont care what she does . God cares what she does about her way to get rich off people . Do you think for one moment that God is going to listen to them talk to him this way . Stop giving people like her your time, it makes her think she is important. Max i dont watch . GOD warned you about Wolves in Sheeps Clothing , dont be decived !

  73. Brilliant read….however I would like to add that the greatest thing Trump has said, in my opinion, is telling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that under a Trump presidency Jerusalem will remain the undivided capital of Israel.

  74. Speak for yourself. Me? I refuse to give Satan the credit for this one. We’re in this boat because we the people chose to be. We chose to stray from the Lord God long ago and now we are here in the dung heap.
    Until we choose to open our eyes to this and repent, we’ll remain in the dung heap. Hillary is disgusting and dangerous. So are we if we’re steeped in pride and unwilling to run to Christ and His Word as our ONLY guidance and way forward.
    God alone will save America through His HERO Christ and we must cling to Him as He does it.
    We’ll groan ONLY if Hillary wins? We better groan NOW in repentance.
    It’s sad that you feel the need to accuse fellow believers and to include second-hand information in your arguments. Did you forget who your enemy is?
    I hear the ACCUSER in your words, Mario. The fruit of your words is divisiveness. You’ve tried to motivate through fear.
    My God is not the author of confusion and He reigns in righteousness and peace.
    I have yet to hear Beth Moore “help Hillary”. That article “Beth Moore stands in the gap for Hillary” is man-made falsehood. I am ashamed that fellow believers would take second-hand words and embrace them.
    You summed it up when you stated “NOTHING MATTERS MORE IN THIS ELECTION THAN WHAT HILLARY WILL DO TO AMERICA.” This indeed reveals where you’re coming from.
    “WE could save the country.” Oh really? You’d better find your plumb line in the Word of God and recognize WHO exactly could save the country.
    Wake up Believers. Don’t trust someone’s words just because he/she is loud and seemingly confident and passionate. We’d best be going up the mountain into the presence of God Himself rather than settling for someone else’s second-hand god.
    A Christ-Follower who recognizes her need and her country’s need for Revival, who will NOT be voting for Hillary and who trusts the Holy Spirit to guide because He said that He would and He’s never once gone back on His Word.

    1. Sounds To Me like you are doing the very thing you are accusing Mr Murrillo of doing. If Max Luccado, and Beth Moore want to remain silent and sit this one out… No one is stopping them, but to step forward and criticize Trump to the extent they have( and Trump is not Perfect… Neither is Luccado or Moore, or any of us for that matter) and criticize him to the high heavens, and not one word… not a peep … about the Corruption of Trumps opponent is Hypocricy of the greatest nature and is equivalent to an endorsement of Clinton. He must have a lot of Hillary supporters in his church, and probably big money people he don’t want to offend. He sounds like the perfect example of the Pharisee, that Jesus could not stand… and consistently spoke out against.. Mr Murrillo is simply following Jesus ex ample, and I thank God For him. I am not deceived by these pharisaical hypocrits, but there may be some who can benefit greatly from Mr. Murrillos Words of wisdom!!! I Bid him Godspeed!!! Jeri Stone

  75. Max Lucado and Beth Moore have now shown who they really are! They are people who lead others astray from The Truth! God knows and believe me He will deal with them. They are nothing more than money/fame oriented name only Christians. They are using their popularity to lead many down the wrong path. No integrity!

  76. I am wondering how Christians let go of their right mind in not being able to see what is just before our eyes! Two clear choices: one of tyranny by organized politician and the other: to take back America to its original ideals and values. Just like in the old testament, God has put before the people two choices-one of choosing the good and the other of evil, just the kind we are forced upon now. Why Christians can’t choose the obvious! In Paul’s words, ‘who has bewitched these Christians, not to understand what is good and what is evil? Thanks brother Murillo for telling the truth

  77. To be fair, Hillary did not actually laugh at the 12-year old rape victim. She laughed over the fact that the perpetrator passed the lie-detector test and about how clever she was in getting him off for time served by finding someone to testify on the lack of evidence after said evidence was mishandled. She was required by her position at the time to defend him. The callousness of her attitude toward that young girl is evident. Yes, Trump said some vulgar things about women. Bill did vulgar things and Hillary defended him. By many accounts, she also did everything she could to intimidate and discredit the women making accusations against him.
    We need to pray carefully that God’s Will will be known and shown in this election.

  78. Well said! I have had to stay off of social media because the Ignorance of so many Christians is beyond frustrating. Lord help us! Wake up America! We have to do our part to vote strategically! We don’t have to like the candidate- but we do need to make sure God’s word is upheld in the policies they represent. It’s clear here who the choice is. Praying for Beth Moore and Max Lucado. It’s not too late for them to see the error in their judgement.

  79. Thank you so much for your honesty wisdom and boldness! I couldn’t agree more. Thank you and support your comments!! Thank you!!!

  80. God gave satan rule over this Earth or did this rich preacher forget this? Any kind of government is of satan, lol..divided kingdoms ARE satan’s. The mark of the beast, the mark of a man..the man is Solomon. Right there in the bible for all to see and understand but instead, yes..gullible people believe their shepherds who are leading their flocks to slaughter, blindly! Paid rule over people..IS the beast.

    Jesus was born with the government on His shoulders, ONLY burden He had. Biggest clue I can give you all. WAKE UP!

  81. Thanks for your voice of reason — but you _must_ realize that there is a strangely powerful, subversive influence exerted by the incessant bombardment by the anything-but-objective media — which tends to foster a farcical world view based largely on lies and deception. But you’re right – we need to stand our ground!!!

    One thing perhaps worth considering: in the Bible there were several instances where a kingdom or nation or people were given a generous period of grace to show their fruit, but eventually their cup was filled, their grace period expired and God oversaw their just end. In like fashion, I believe our country will be allowed to continue until and unless it repudiates the just principles upon which it was founded.

    PS — perhaps you’d be interested in editing these two type-Os for the benefit of subsequent readers:

    Edits your spell checker couldn’t know:

    “…tells them Daddy with take care…” WILL take?
    “The asked them why…” HE asked?

  82. I find it so sad that religion is being used to denigrate those who are being described using terms like “anti Christ”, evil, murderer and other very derogatory terms. You say God and Christ are on your side. How do you know as you offer up Mr. Trump as the answer and anyone who disagrees with you as a person of questionable religious beliefs. I saw the President described as a non-christian and yet he has shown more empathy to the plight of the poor and under privileged than most presidents. He has kept his religion personal instead of standing on the corner so all can year. Then you overlook the traits of the man you want to lead this country. Both are flawed as God said we all would be. Forecasting the destruction of this country if Mrs.Clinton gets elected and the survival if Mr. Trump gets elected means you have a crystal ball. I will bet the country survives if either gets elected, we can stop with the hyperbole.

  83. Brother Mario thank you for speaking out. I can’t understand how any true follower of Jesus Christ can vote for what is blatantly evil and all the things that God hates. My father is a Pastor who voted twice for Obama even after I expressed concerns over the issues that he stood for. All I got was a blank stare. Our Bishop at the time couldn’t wait to vote early for him because he was black. I told her that although I would love to vote for a black candidate or even a woman, I could not do it because of the evil they stood for. All that fell on deaf ears. I was so upset by Christians who refused to vote. Don’t they realize that a no vote is a vote? I believe that because of the prayers of intercessors God is exposing all the lies in such a very clear and transparent way that no Christian will have an excuse if they still choose evil. I am saddened regarding Beth Moore and Max Lucado. But they aren’t the only ones. I saw an interview of Oprah with TD Jakes recently. I was speechless. You are so right by calling out gullible Christians. I don’t get it..if we love truth and The Truth shouldn’t we vote for truth? God is showing us very clearly so that we can make the right choice. He is exposing the liars so clearly that even the most undiscerning of Christians can see the truth. We will have no excuse if we continue to deny what is being revealed to us. May more Christian leaders speak out boldly for truth. God bless you and thank you.

  84. When public figures or organizations that don’t normally endorse or attack candidates weigh in on an election, it is wise to listen. Different people no doubt have different reasons for remaining silent most of the time about elections. I know for me, it was because despite my concerns about the Republican Party, I didn’t think it would be helpful for me to publicly oppose the nominee in a general election. That changed this year. I have never voted for a Democrat Presidential candidate, and I do not believe I ever will. However, I think the Republican Party is no longer worthy of support. We need another option.

  85. ok I get it. I realize now this will never be posted…it’s your blog. It is scary that you find the most important thing about this election to be what Hillary thinks and does. If we don’t repent it doesn’t matter who is president.

  86. If you are really a christian. You will vote for whoever is the closet to the word of God. Look at what they stand for, their morals, family values, abortion. supreme court judges. Its time for you to start doing as God said . Yes God is on the throne but he already did everything he had too. Its our turn to take back the territory that the enemy stoled. Its time to stand up for God. I am so grateful for so many great man and women of God that actually believe and stand up for the word of God. As the Body of Christ we must Pray, Fast and Vote. I feel if you do vote against Gods commandments we will be held accountable for every evil thing that happens . The government has to change and yes the church has to do what it was called for. If we don’t speak against the lives they been taking (killing in abortion ) then what kind of christians are we. I also believe in marriage between a man and a woman. I don’t hate the people doing things against Gods word but i do hate the sin they are doing against God. I guess I actually believe Gods word. If this offends anyone . Please take time with God in prayer and reading his word and let him talk to you. I will also pray for God to open people eyes and hearts to see what this election is. Its a spiritual battle (warefare). Pastor Jentezen Franklin is asking churches to Pray fast and vote also other churches are joining. Hope you all take time with God and follow his prompting. Yes I am voting for Trump. May God Bless you and Keep you. Your sister in Christ

    1. Does that include third party candidates. Because im doing the same thing and that is why im voting for Darrell Castle. Mcmullin would be my second choice and Trump third. I base this on there beliefs and life choices.

      1. Corey the only bad thing about that is, They have no chance of winning and this will benefit Hillary. But its your vote and that your choice. May God Bless you and your family

  87. As I understand all this I reflect upon my nearly 75 years of living and listening and being involved in Life. I have seen and been in a war for a year, been wounded, shot at, blown up, seen fellow warrior soldiers wounded and killed….. have witnessed the gradual killing of logical and Godly reasoning in the educational system of our public schools, continued Indoctrination in our colleges, the propaganda and evil bias in our media, in ‘Follywood’ ENTERTAINMENT, in the lust of Idol worship for American sports, and even in many pulpits there has been a ‘Compromise’ in the Word of God and little preaching of the Relevancy of current events to Scripture….. I see the ‘pattern’ of evil here that will bring about Biblical Prophecy, but I don’t believe God has ever meant for his people to sit back and simply be ‘spectators’ in this world of Life and Death struggle! We need to be involved in life for the Praise, Glory and Will of God…this of course with PRAYER, FERVANT PRAYER. Opening and actually reading the Bible with understanding, living God’s Word. We as God’s people need to stand up for what is true and right in God’s eyes, be ready to defend the Word od God, defend our families, our nation that God has created and blessed for us, reach the Harvest of lost souls….. this is the beginning of how we fight first and foremost. Then, as God directs us, and as we use the Talents God has given and blessed for each of us, we move ahead in Unity, believing God’s Promises of Deliverance from an evil world and lost generation by bringing the Gospel to all. We are an army of God….. let’s “fight the good fight” while we still have time, let’s be discerning and led by God’s Holy Spirit and put on All the Armor of God and WIN THIS BATTLE with the Creator of the Universe and all His people!

  88. God spoke through a donkey. Is God limited to speak through a Presidential incumbent who claims abortion will be stopped? Over 4200 unborn children are murdered every day up to 9 months. Do you want the blood of the unborn on your hands? See Ezekiel Chapters 3 & 33. Your vote could help save a life. We call it ‘abortion’, God calls it ‘Murder of the unborn’. Vote for ‘Life’, not the personality of a Presidential Incumbent who supports murder (abortion) of the unborn.

    If your vote could help save a life, wouldn’t you want to be a Part of God’s Plan by voting for a Presidential incumbent who believes in eliminating the murder of the unborn? Wouldn’t you want to vote for the saving of unborn babies, who are created in God’s Image? Don’t be an accomplice to murder by voting for a Presidential incumbent who supports abortion.
    The day is here. The 9th of November will be too late to make up your minds to vote for life for the over 4200 unborn babies, created in God’s Image, that are murdered every day, up to 9 months in the womb.

    Please know if you have had an abortion, or accompanied someone to have an abortion, through belief and acceptance of Christ Jesus, asking Him for forgiveness for this action, you can be freely forgiven as though you never had an abortion. And now is a wonderful time to support “Life’ and saving the unborn by voting for a Presidential incumbent who supports ‘Life’ of the unborn.

  89. I just saw President Trump take a stand on human trafficking (FOX Business) and pledge to do something about this horrific problem. I’m reminded how God uses imperfect people to do his work. I know that we can’t solve our spiritual problem in this country with a political solution, but at least now we have an honorable man as President standing up for what’s right. As I reflect on this article from the past, I’m so grateful that Mario Murillo had the courage to write such an honest piece. We are so blessed that God gave us the opportunity and or reprieve to save souls, to do His will and to make a difference in our world. I encourage you to take this opportunity and get out there and do your part. I’ve decided to get involved in a pro-life ministry counseling women who are contemplating abortion. I hope and pray that I can make a difference in a woman’s life with her new-born child.

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