The Shocking Reason millions of born again Christians will still vote for Hillary

The Shocking Reason millions of born again Christians will still vote for Hillary

By Mario Murillo

She is a smooth criminal. She is the consort of a sexual addict.  She is chugging the longest train of scandal and lawlessness in history toward the White House.  Box cars overflow with federal crimes, defilement, unexplained deaths, pathological lies, and an insatiable lust for power.  She wants the savagery of late term abortion.  She believes marriage is between a man and anything.

However, the greatest horror resides in the caboose: She will feed and expand the cancer of Obama’s policies.  Thus, she will turn up the blood-letting of government spending and doom our children.  Our foreign policy will be one big blazing Benghazi. Our Supreme Court will become a left-wing meat grinder. Obamacare is dead; no mind, she will manage the morgue so the corpse putrefies our health care system indefinitely.

Say you wanted to craft the quintessential anti-Christian candidate. Monger a politician that is the most anti-Bible, anti-church, anti-Israel, anti-God human being on the planet: thy name is Hillary Clinton.

Yet, with all of this, millions of born again, holiness, tongue-talking, Bible-thumping Christians are dutifully and catatonically pulling the lever for her.   She has also said that religious beliefs need to be changed.  Think of that…she would change Christian beliefs and millions of Christians will help her do it.

Maybe you’ll do it because you are more feminist, union, or minority than you are Christian.

The article in Dallas Morning News reads: “I am a pro-life Christian woman voting for Hillary.”  The author Shannon Dingle says, “So buckle up, y’all. We’re in for a ride.”  Sadly, I took the ride and it was even murkier by the end than it was at the beginning.


The polls say 80% percent of all African Americans will vote for Hillary.  Thirty-eight million of them live in the U.S. Do you think for a moment, 80% of the black Christians you know are anti-Bible?

We also know that many Christian white women are for Hillary.  Women who listen to Joyce Meyers, women who attend prophetic conferences, women who pray in tongues…yet, still, they will vote Clinton.

One of the biggest reasons for this breathtaking contradiction will shock you: IT IS MODERN PREACHING. Have you even wondered why your pastor is not warning you that we are about to lose our nation forever?  Have you not noticed the blinding contradiction when your pastor says he believes in the Word of God and then tells you to vote for Hillary?

The preaching that allows believers to act in opposition to their faith comes in many packages.  But they all carry these traits.

  1. It teaches there is a higher standard than the Bible.  This comes at you in all kinds of ways. There is the preaching that omits scripture.  There is the preaching that magically mixes opposing ideas so they fit together in blissful repose, i.e. Chrislam.  You don’t even notice the teaching is not anchored to the Bible.

The Bible may be diminished by a pastor.  They say things like: “I still revere scripture but the modern mind finds it objectionable so we must downplay it.”

Then there are Spirit-filled teachers who imply—or outright say—that personal prophetic words or supernatural encounters trump the Bible.

Is there any wonder millions of Christians sitting under such verbiage lack the moral clarity to do the right thing in this election?

hillary vicious


2. It desperately wants cultural acceptance.   So much of the confusing waffling you hear from celebrity pastors is not a conviction; it is a need for acceptance from the culture.  When virtually every news outlet, Hollywood, pop stars and secular universities are in lockstep with Hillary, the pressure to conform is overwhelming.

A pastor tosses his Bible values and suddenly becomes a darling to millions who declare that pastor open-minded, inclusive and tolerant.

Regardless of how glaring the evil, this preaching refuses to offend.  Joel Osteen said to Larry King, “I know Homosexuality is a sin but I am not going to preach it.”

Here is preaching that calculates truth with a wet finger raised to cultural breezes instead of a heart that discerns the wind of the Holy Spirit.

Moral clarity is almost nonexistent. If it is gone from the sermon, small wonder it is gone from the voting booth.

3. It teaches elitism that exempts Christians from consequences.  This pernicious teaching places the Christian above Scripture, above consequence and even above God.

It begins with true statements about the authority of the believer or the wonders of the love and grace of God.  The teacher, seeing the delight he awakens in his audience, increases the dosage beyond Bible limits.

Soon you are hearing that you never have to repent of sin.  You hear of astounding dominion you have over all of the earth.  You are fed a constant diet of how God is so, so into you.

You are too valuable to suffer (like other Christians around the world).  No matter how bad it looks, you do not have to worry or take action because God will simply take care of it all.

Revival becomes “if God wants it” and not “if my people.”

jmOneNationUnderSocialism 001

Will Christians be judged by God for voting for Hillary?  Eric Metaxas not only thinks so…he makes a compelling appeal for voting for Donald Trump:

“How do I squirm out of this horrific conundrum? It’s unavoidable: We who can vote must answer to God for these people, whom He loves. We are indeed our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

We would be responsible for passively electing someone who champions the abomination of partial-birth abortion, someone who is celebrated by an organization that sells baby parts. We already live in a country where judges force bakers, florists and photographers to violate their consciences and faith—and Mrs. Clinton has zealously ratified this. If we believe this ends with bakers and photographers, we are horribly mistaken. No matter your faith or lack of faith, this statist view of America will dramatically affect you and your children.

For many of us, this is very painful, pulling the lever for someone many think odious. But please consider this: A vote for Donald Trump is not necessarily a vote for Donald Trump himself. It is a vote for those who will be affected by the results of this election. Not to vote is to vote. God will not hold us guiltless.”

Hillary just said this about the new FBI investigation of her: “People Have Already “Factored” In Emails in How They Think about Me.”  She also believes this is true of millions of born Christians.  have factored what she is but they will vote for her anyway.


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      1. Well spoken and I wholeheartedly agree. ADONAI warns that any/everyone who votes for Hillary Clinton HE will send them a delusion from which they will never recover.

      2. It’s not a choice between Cyrus and Jezebel; it’s a choice between Saul and Jezebel. Neither are worthy leaders. Surely the End of Times is close at hand.

      3. They’re already under a delusion or they wouldn’t be supporting her. Maybe that is why it is so difficult to reason with them. Impossible really.

      4. As God said in Isaiah 45 that he would raise up and anoint a man who did not know him ,just as God said he raised up Moses in the way of the Egyptians but yet he humbled himself and became a vessel used by God and than God said he hardend Pharaohs heart so yes God can and does his good pleasure even if we can’t understand for his ways are higher then ours and his thoughts higher then ours who can know the mind of God thank god in Christ Jesus that we now have the mind of Christ and hold his thoughts feelings and purposes of his heart

      5. But wasn’t Saul of Tarsus a Killer of Christians, a man with a huge sinful past? Didn’t Jesus knock him off his horse and changed saul’s life to the point that Saul who became Paul wrote more than half of the New Teatament? No one is holy, only God is holy, yet we are saved by grace through Jesus. Are you saying that God can not use a Donald Trump for His purpose? Is the fullness of God limited to an inside the box only application? Have you not considered that maybe the Donald is God’s chaos candidate to turn Washington, DC, upside down, destroy politically correct institutions, uproot the status quo, and challenge the elites like Hillary who are owned by the multinational conglomerate corporations, banks and the banking institutions that control what is and is not allowed? Just some thoughts.

      6. How can Donald Trump be empowered by God’s Spirit with all the sins he has done? God can use anybody. He used King David and David had a man murdered in war to cover his sin of adultery and fornication and getting the man’s wife pregnant. God can use anybody. We have all sinned. He could even use Hillary as further judgment on our nation. I guess the question is, “Did God’s people in Ameirca humble themselves and pray? Did the Church repent and turn from Her wicked ways?” Because if not, then He did not hear from heaven and He will not forgive Her sins, and He will not heal Her land.” I’m praying the Church did humble Herself and pray and turned from her wicked ways.

      7. We the body of Christ in the United States get what we deserve. Instead of seeking God with our whole hearts, we seek our wants and desires by compromising and capitulating. In the future the church will let gays get married so we can continue using our 501(c) and picking up the collection plate on Sundays instead of standing for the truth! There are churches here in America that will stand on the word of God and won’t compromise but the mega churches may be a different story… We as Christians need to draw closer to Christ now more so than ever before!

      8. WOW! Brother this is one of the most accurate words for this very time and season. The Spirit of truth brother the Spirit of truth!

      9. Most of the greatest leaders in the Bible and in the today churches where peoples with a past full of sins. Who was Paul before he committed his life to Jesus? David is anther great examples and much much more. However there is something in common with all these figures. REPENTANCE!
        Donald Trump has confessed and ask for forgiving publicly and let everyone knows what he stands for. Hillary Clinton never repented from her terrible mistakes and she want to empower and double-down on her awkward actions. She also let everyone knows her plans and her plans have nothing pro Christianity in it. God help us all!

      10. When God choses someone he does so to further His will. A chosen is selected by God and He goes before him and opens doors …
        Trumps past sins arent a priority at this point, its about what God wants to do through him. TRump doesnt have to fit a profile as some in the church seem to think, God has used an ass to speak through, He will use anything, He can, He is God

      11. How about King David in the bible. With all of his sins, he is and always will be said of that “A man after Gods own heart”. The bible speaks of forgiveness and I believe that Trump has received that forgiveness. I believe Christians and The Church Must Stand up together in this election to fight off the evil Corruption of Hillary Clinton

      12. There was a roman who killed christians in the beginning. I dont remember his name but he became later on a prophet of god

      13. Maybe he has ask forgiveness for his sins, has anyone thought of that?? once he has done that the he is Clean before God, and we can not know or judge that for sure.. you have not been with him 24/7!! I believe he is Gods man for this hour… Americans, Christians WAKE UP!! Trump is our last real hope!

        In the past. Each of us has one but the future was changed when we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior in our lives. I understand Donald Trump has accepted The Lord Jesus as his personal Savior and I pray this is true as I look to see what is in his future. So long as he walks with God, Donald’s future and that of our nation may be more positive than we can “think or imagine”.
        I pray it is so as Hillary would like us to change our religious beliefs and may even legislate as to “make it so”.
        Rob Gingrich
        Frisco Texas

      15. Well, I had to separate morals from politics. At least Trump is not IN the White House yet, … doing all that Clinton and JFK did while IN the White House. When Trump asks for prayer … I consider that positive. When he selects a Christian Vice President that is to our advantage should anything happen to Trump.
        Hillary doesn’t even recognize Christianity at all. She heard her own assigned lady not even stating the pledge of allegiance right when it came to saying “under God”. That got left out. Trump has a very bad character. He is mouthy. He says terrible things but however he can do it … He does not tramp on our “Faith”! JFK WAS A DESPERATE WOMANIZER. CLINTON TOO!
        No respect for the office they were voted into. Nixon was a destroyer of the integrity of the Ocal office also!
        So… The lesser of two evils for the presidency IS Trump. At least he will endeavor to evaluate the abortion issue and get it either nullified or revised. Do you know, as a Christian, how much God detests the killing of HIS creation? We do not have that right. We DO NOT have the right to kill and murder the creation God has formed within the woman’s womb. At least Trump sees the value of life and will endeavor to do something about it.
        Our nation is in a deplorable situation. Neither candidates should have been allowed to progress forward to where they are at now but no one has the guts to do anything about it so here is what we are left with. Franklin Graham should be our write in, as Christians, for President. We are in for a long four year “nightmare”. But the lesser of two evils is Trump! Vote Trump!

      16. Well said. The biggest reason for a Christian not voting for Hillary should be the abortion issue, everything else comes after that. And there is plenty. This is a Spiritual Issue, whatever happens God is in control, nothing happens here that He does’nt know about, Blessings Donald Trump. God can do anything!!!!!!!

    2. Wrong wring wrong . . . I am a born again Christian and I wouldn’t vote for Hillary even if you put a gun to my head. I have been praying fir Mr. Trump, entire family and anyone else that has access to him in person for strength, wisdom, protection and blessings. I thank God for using him. I see Trumps transformation and believe the Holy Spirit is within him. Now with that said and knowing how Born Again Christians are voting in my circle not one will vote for Hillary Clinton. I would bet my life on this article being inaccurate. Lastly, never ever under estimate the power of God almighty. He can change anything in a snap. You might see Trump struggle from the hanging up of evil doers but make no mistake the Trump is not a quitter. Now he has God on his side and nothing can stop him. Trump to me s a precious gift, a true leader, a hero and someone to look up to including his family. All of them are amazing people.

    3. Trump is being humbled by God. We ALL have a past life before Christ, so does Trump. God can use anyone (even Saul) to do His work. There is no mention of the United States in end time prophecy. God can use either one to usher in the end time. Regardless of who the president is, Jesus is still King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. The question is, which side are you on?

    4. We all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, but we seek forgiveness through Jesus Christ! Hillary have never been remorseful for anything, even Benghazi. Trump will at least say he is sorry , he will be good for America!

    5. The main thing is to do your research, pray that God open’s your eyes and your hearts to be able to make an informed decision. We are all sinners and all candidates are sinners as well. Count on God to give you the answer. If you wholly believe that He will answer your prayer, you will know for whom to vote. If your candidate doesn’t win the election, just know that it is in God’s hands and that there is a reason for it. He will take it from there. Many times in our lives we don’t understand why things turn out the way they do. But I believe that everything happens for a reason, both good and bad. Our faith will bring us the peace we crave amidst all the conflict. Focus on Jesus and pray as much as you can. Pray for Christians, pray for our country, pray for deliverance from all evil.

    6. Anyone who can vote for Hillary Clinton is lying to themselves if they claim they are born again Christians. Christians are by definition are supposed to be disciples of Christ. There is no way that abortion, gay marriage, lying every time she speaks, collecting charitable funds under false colors, and supporting Islam that is killing Christians can be considered as God’s will. At least we won’t have to listen to these people in Heaven, because I do believe a person will be judged by their actions. Jesus said, Many will cry, Abba, Abba on judgement day, and he will reply, I never knew you. I want Jesus to know me. I am a sinner, and sin every day, but not to support killing babies and destroying Christ church.

    7. The Clintons (and MOST of our gov’t, I suspect) are reprobates. What is a reprobate? They cannot repent !!! They cannot see God or know His Word !! For them, there is no way back from depravity !! Romans 1 warns us of this consequence !! There is NO difference between good and evil, lies or truth, it is all the same to a reprobate mind. Their conscience has long ago been seared, while a true believer maintains a child-like ability to feel guilt, repent and accept forgiveness !!

    8. I’ve been a member on the ‘Christian Chat Forum’ site for years.
      Today i wrote about the block of black christians that continually vote the pro baby butchering party. I said that they would have to give an account before God with the innocent blood dripping from their hands.
      I was banned. The reason? They said I was way over the top, this was the last straw.

      I thought voting for the party of baby killing was ‘over the top’. Silly me.

      I Wrote much about the first century gathering contrasted to what is mis-called church today. I stick with scripture. A no, no in the organized church.

      Anyway, i stood up against the pro abortion ‘christians’ and got booted.

      How precious is that?

    9. I was just thrown off a Christian forum for saying that a bulk of black christians will have to stand before God with hands dripping with blood because they continue to support the abortion democratic party. How prcious is that? The blood of little boys and girls for a plate of pottage(free stuff).

  1. In my discussions I hear your three points all the time. I advance scripture, facts, etc. And still they say I am a liar/racist/ignorant, etc. Nothing can change them. Yesterday I even got a “you must be from the south. We northern Christians don’t put our faith out there like that.” Basically, because I talk bible, I’m “lower class.” haha.

    I’ll be honest, I think we need a good old “fire n brimstone” Awakening, with truth, miracles following. People are so busy cursing the world that it will get worse and worse (when actually its gotten better than the ancient world, Muslims getting saved daily, miracles, etc) waiting for Jesus come get them rather than occupying like he told them to.

    1. Amen!!surprises me how many see the evil in Clinton but turn a blind eye,for those who are sayingi wont give my vote to trump cause of something he said or did in the past consider this,Jesus look at the criminal on a cross next to him and the criminal says we are suffering just for our actions but this man Jesus has done nothing Jesus looks at the CRIMINAL and says for today this day you will be with me in paradise!!

      1. I like what you said.
        I’ve heard Donald admit to what he said/did, then asked forgiveness. I’ve seen’s a process.
        Has anyone heard Hillary admit anything, let alone ask to be forgiven and repent.
        I have however heard her boo God.

  2. God bless you man of God for having the backbone and courage to stand up for the truth. It is embarrassing to me as a disciple of Christ and American that a woman such as this is allowed to run for President when she should be in jail for her crimes . Thank you for being a light in the darkness enveloping our country. You are so on target with this word!

  3. I early voted for Trump, I felt like I was going to throw up in my mouth a little but the alternative is unthinkable. All the polls say Hillary wins, but “with God nothing shall be impossible” Who knows…wouldn’t be the first time God used a jackass to accomplish his will…

      1. Yes he did, and We look at the outside but He looks at the heart. I’m not So sure Hillary has one.

    1. Sad people feel the way you do when we’ve all have regrets. They just haven’t been advertised to the world or are hidden from the world. Trump has so many good qualities which he was admired for until he ran for publi office. Yes, I’m one of those 100% for Trump people who knows we need to drain the swamp and he’s the only one whose ran for the office that could make it happen. I truly believe he’s been prepared fore such a time as this.
      Signed…wishing I were perfect.

      1. Chuck, I agree with you 100%. I have been listening to some prophecy pastors and teachers. We believe God has raised Trump up from among the people. No, he is not a perfect man! There are none. God has used some really “not so perfect” men to do his will. Wanda


    3. Trump is a babe in Christ! Pastor Dobson made a statement several months back that Trump received Christ as his saviour at one of the meetings with a group of pastors. When he announced his running for president I started praying for his salvation immediately and encouraged all the brothers and sisters at my church to do the same, I am amazed at so called born again believers that instead of being quick to pray were quick to judge. As the apostle Paul said “and of such were some of you” don’t forget where you came from: I once was lost but now I’m saved was blind but now I see ! We have a God that can save the worst of sinners.

  4. This morning in prayer over the nation the famous sermon, and great piece of American literature, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” by Jonathan Edwards came to mind. Today that call to the unrepentent and unsaved sinner sadly, and frighteningly, will apply to the millions of born again Christians pulling the lever this year for Hillary Clinton. Fellow Christians, God will not take that act lightly.

    1. I beg the difference, I don’t believe a born from above person, could humiliate Jesus, by totally rejecting his righteousness, his Holiness, and his preeminence. John said love not the world, neither the things in it, for all that is in it, is the lust of eyes, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Every so called Christian voting for Hiliary, are doing all the above. They are putting Jesus to shame, and supporting the works of the Devil. My advice to these so called Christians is that they repent to Jesus, and become born Again

  5. That Christian women will vote for Hillary breaks my heart. Integrity is an essential part of Christianity. How do they rationalize voting for a criminal?

    1. Because like some of my friends and my sisters.. they dont know the truth because they believe the mainstream media who is bought and paid for by Hillary.. and They wont go searching for the other viewpoints.They actually have said to me they feel so sorry for Hillary and what republicans are doing to her. I feel sorry for them because it seems to me the enemy is keeping them blinded..It is a matter of being under some sort of spell and they refuse to believe in God’s authority in all areas of their lives. Sin in one area carries over into all areas.. refusal to ask God what He wants.

  6. I think if you vote for Hillary your are guilt as she is. The word of God is against murder, homer sexual ‘s gays. ect. You will stand before God as guilty as Hillary. There is no fear in her. She wants to be president and she will do any thing to get it. Trump is not perfect . He said he got saved and who are we to say otherwise. He is a baby Christian still on the milk of the Word. We all have things in our past we are not proud of. This nation is headed down the road to no return if she is elected. All we can do is pray come quickly Lord Kesus!!

    1. God bless you. I totally agree with you. I do believe we will be held accountable for the way we vote. The statement was made that born again Christians will vote for Hillary. Christians? Are you kidding me? How could a Christian vote for someone who believes in killing innocent babies, gay marriage , all her other ungodly beliefs and the ungodly things she has done. Remember the Word of God says not everyone who says Lord lord will enter in, but he that doth the will of the Father. Wake up America and realize that sad as it is just because someone says they are a Christian doesn’t mean they are. God have mercy upon us and help us to wake up. A Christian is one who lives Christ like.

  7. You are right, very few Ministers or Christians will stand up for God and his word. My Christian friends that have been going to church for years just say why worry, God is in control. ….. Really? ???? God tells us to subdue. We are to rule and reign. Blow the trumpet !!!!! Not submit to evil !!! New York city just erected the arch of Baal. No one is fighting back.
    Christians you better wake up and fight for righteousness…I pray for the Christians to wake up….. If Hillary is elected the NWO will be ushered in. Then the fat, lazy American church will either turn to God or fall away.

    1. The church doesn’t care because they believe they will be raptured away and they won’t have to face any tribulation. So if they vote for Hillary, so what? They believe they won’t be around to face the consequences of their vote since they’ll be gone if Hillary gets elected and continues to usher in the NWO. They will be greatly surprised when they don’t get beamed up.

    2. My Grandmother had a saying, there are too many Christians so Heavenly minded that they are no earthly good. I was reminded of this as I was reading all of these great responses.

  8. We will be held accountable by God for our actions, thoughts and yes, even the way we vote. We are voting for or against the life of an unborn child. We can vote for or against saving a life, that God had a future planned before the life was even formed. What could we say to God to justify our actions? We can only live by God’s Word, not man’s ideas, opinions nor sitting on the fence.
    There is only one way to our Heavenly home, thru CHRIST. We can not share the path to eternal life with Jesus, with the followers of other gods. He is the One and Only True God. No other than CHRIST JESUS can save us from sin, redeem us by His Blood and Heal our bodies. We need to do all we can and ask Him to help us align ourselves with God’s Word.
    Remember, we as Christians are to be Christlike, not as the world.

  9. There are a lot of “christians” that want be a part of history and abortion. I hope they have a good answer to God come judgement day. I know several “christian left” that believe in abortion and a different form of marriage.

  10. Every word that you spoke is so true but some will turn a deaf ear to what was said just like they do God’s Word but just because they don’t belive it does not make it untrue God’s Word is the only thing that will last the only real truth

    1. We VOTE for Trump…Always encouraged that in our Church…especially where they stand on Abortion and Isreal!! Our Supreme Court also! God Bless America!

  11. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Church has lost its way UTTERLY in the U.S. Trump is a merciful delay to give us time to repent. I see the church as we know it, crumbling. Men like you, Mr. Murillo (forgive me if I’m addressing you with the wrong title) and many lay people will take the lead. I’m afraid many have defected. I’m scared to say that, but if the current climate in America doesn’t have them telling us GOD’S TRUE WORD, what will? I think they’ll have to lose their empires. We need you, sir! I also have a question. Do you operate under a 501c3 organization?

  12. Forget the personality. Look at the platform. Consider the appointment of Supreme Court Justices and the balance of Left and Right in the Judicial Branch. Vote for the platform that most closely aligns with your beliefs. Whatever you do, VOTE!

  13. I get so angry at these Christians that choose to vote for this criminal, this woman is against God’s values, morals. Yet they will vote for her. Yet there are Pastors that tell their congreation not to vote at all because both candidates are corrupted, so they don’t vote. I can’t understand and I get so angry and they will be the same people to complain. Thank you Pastor Murillo for your message. God help us.

  14. My Yeshua sees all these things, and knows the beat to my heart. Yet I do all I can, to please Him. I pray and watch for Him, and Him alone. Help us Lord, save us from all, who are against You. May His Church repent and turn back to Him. Where else shall we turn in, there is no other Name but His Name. Keep us from the evil and deliver us, who look to you Yeshua. Wash me with your blood and anoint my head and let my knees bow in reverence to your perfect will. Yeshua, you are a God of War…war against those who war against your Holy Spirit…We love you Father

  15. Thank you for this….. We need men and women of God to stand and give voice to the truth and call it like it is… No more sugar coated baby food watered down messages that are so far from the true Gospel!!! We need to hear the pure unadulterated Gospel message of Jesus Christ which convicts and makes the crooked places straight… One of the reason Christians but into false teachings is because they don’t read the word of God… My people perish for lack knowledge!!!! In the same way every prayer counts….EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!!!

  16. Some of us have been taught that God will swoop us up and put us in an “ark of safety” when the flood comes. That’s just what we want to hear.

    But there would be no martyred Christians if that were so.

    Were Corrie Ten Boom and her Christian family exempted from consequences because they were “serving the Lord” by rescuing Jews? No, they were not. Eventually they were discovered and sent to the concentration camps where they suffered and died, also. Corrie alone survived to tell of the grace of God during suffering, but how much better to never have had a Holocaust at all if it could have been prevented?

    The future is not set in stone. The future is what human beings choose it to be. So choose a president, who though far from perfect, understands who our national enemies are and is willing to act decisively. Or chose a candidate who appears smooth and polished, but considers herself above the law and is giving our country away to ISIS in exchange for global power. If you don’t vote for either, you are only giving the worst one the advantage.

  17. Refreshing to hear a man of God tell America the TRUTH! Wake up, Christians, and do your part to keep America a light in darkness. We do have a responsibility to vote and will be held responsible for that. Thanks, Mario Murillo, for posting. My Dad was saved under your preaching!

  18. The headline is incorrect. It should say “Millions who think they are born again will vote for Hillary”…In reality sin by proxy is a very real thing…If you vote for Hillary (or any democrat) that supports Abortion on demand or immorality you are sinning..These people who vote for democrats and think they are Christian are delusional.

  19. Trump is a reprieve from judgment… Killary would bring it sooner… Either way discipline starts with the house of Israel as Paul states and if your a believer in Yeshua and He only came for the lost sheep of Israel then bam we will be getting disciplined for all the paganism we are involved in…example today, how many churches mix Halloween with silly outreach programs…

  20. I believe Trump has the Cyrus anointing (Isaiah 45). Cyrus wasn’t even born yet and did not know God but God anoints him. God uses a lying Abraham to be the father of Israel. God uses a womanizing Sampson to deliver Israel. God uses a prostitute, Rahab, where the lineage of Jesus Christ will come. God declares King David has a perfect heart toward God, even though he was a murderer and adultery. God uses a fouled mouth, impulsive Peter to be one of the founding fathers of the present day church. God uses a ruthless terrorist, Paul to become the greatest apostle and penned much of the new testament. God can use anyone he chooses. I believe God has anointed Trump to lead our country, for such a time as this. Perhaps Pence and others will be “Josephs” and “Daniels” to provide amazing wisdom to Trump to help navigate our country through the tough times that are ahead.

  21. Lots of the people that God used in the furtherance of the gospel were pretty odious characters. Paul, David and others come to mind. Hillary and her very pro abortion views tell me trump is the guy.
    Mario, about 45 years ago, I gave life to Christ during an AG youth gathering that you preached. Now I am an old preacher preaching to mostly old people in AZ. GOD bless you my friend.

  22. These liars promise to follow Jesus, to put his yoke on their necks, and they promise to lift up the name of Jesus, and never put him to shame. They promise they would not support the works of darkness/sin, And as a Christian, they promise they would obey Paul command in Colossians 3:17. that states this, in whatsoever you do in word, or deeds, do all in the name of Jesus, giving thanks unto Jehovah by him. Hiliary believe in murdering children in the wombs, she believe in same sex marriage, she believe Jehovah/Jesus lie when the said they made a man, and a woman period. To vote for Hiliary, is to say you to believe God the father, and Jesus his son lied. Do you want to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire?

  23. Election and the Christian
    Michael Pearl
    Our nation stands at a dangerous crossroads in this coming election. History reveals that national judgments which brings misery and suffering come from two hands—the hand of God who deems it best for the people to suffer so they will turn back to him, and the hand of men who through their actions and political policies design their own destruction.

    I fear that time has finally come for America to reap what it has sown. Of course, we expect nothing of unbelievers; the Christians are marching us to judgment. The freedom to homeschool, the right to bear arms, the freedom to worship and proclaim Bible truth, the freedom of speech and assembly, and all the great things we have enjoyed about America may soon be snatched away. Judgment must begin at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17).
    November 8th is the day of reckoning, and many Christians are blinded by their pride.
    The Old Testament provides a window into how God relates to his people, what he tolerates and what will cause him to bring national judgment on a people—the guilty and innocent alike.
    There are two things that provoke God to judge a nation. The Old Testament provides abundant examples of judgment falling on those who “dash their children, and rip up their women with child” (2 Kings 8:12). God commanded the total genocide of the Canaanites race because they offered their children in sacrifice. Hillary Clinton promises that she will appoint justices who will support partial birth abortions.
    The second thing that stirs God to wrath is homosexuality. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is famous for its bold declaration that God hates homosexual acts (Genesis 18-19). Romans Chapter One reveals the mind of God when it declares that not only those who do acts of homosexuality warrant death from God, but those who take pleasure in watching others perform same sex acts also deserve death. Every man, woman, boy and girl who have taken pleasure in movies or pornography of same sex acts are worthy of death (Romans 1:32). Hillary Clinton has promoted not only the equal rights of Sodomites, but she has denied the rights of the rest of us to reject that lifestyle as evil. Under a Clinton regime, through the Supreme Court Justices she appoints, the church will lose it liberty to preach and live by the Word of God.
    The next president of the Unites States, through the appointment of Supreme Court Justices, is going to open the door to baby killing and normalization of homosexuality even further, or is going to appoint justices who stay the advance of the two things that provoke God to terrible judgment.
    This November 8th the people of this United States will chose one of two viable candidates to lead this nation deeper into that which will bring judgment or may stay the hand of wrath a little longer. There is no third party candidate that has any chance to take the helm. Many Christians say they will not vote for the narcissistic Trump because he is a great sinner. A great sinner he is, as are many political leaders. God chose the wicked unbeliever of Nebuchadnezzar to be the king of Babylon, saying to him, “Thou, O king, art a king of kings: for the God of heaven hath given thee a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory” (Daniel 2:37).
    Likewise God chose the wicked king Cyrus of Persia to be his instrument in delivering the children of Israel, saying of Cyrus, “He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure” Isaiah 44:28–45:3.
    Samson, with his philandering and groping, is no doubt the poorest example of a supposed Believer found in the Bible. Yet God chose him to protect the righteous. And Samson is listed in Hebrews 11 among the heroes of the faith.
    Some of the founding fathers of our nation were unbelievers, yet we honor them, for God used them to establish the greatest nation on earth.
    I have pondered the strange phenomenon of Christians choosing not to vote for a man who has clearly denounced abortion more than most any man, who has ever run for office, and who supports our Christian freedoms. My conclusions are sad. I do believe that Christians are frustrated with the state of the church and the lack of conviction. The day of power is long gone. Preachers are wimps, and there is no man to lead us back to God. In the absence of a prophet to lead the church, Christians have placed their hope in political figures. In short, we are looking to a politician to save us. The occasional evangelical believer who runs for office has never gained sufficient traction to get close to taking the commanding seat in the White House. I believe Christians are rejecting Trump because he does not fulfill the role of Moses or the Apostle Paul. He is an unholy man who is disgusting in his manner and lifestyle, but his political positions would be appealing if they came from a professing Christian gentleman whose life was above approach. So in the name of “holding to my principles” many Christians are cutting off their children to spite the up-turned noses on their faces. Not voting for Donald is a vote for more abortions, the end of homeschooling, the policing of religious speech in churches and public forums, the termination of the right to bear arms, and much, much more.
    A vote for Trump is not an endorsement of the man; it is sadly the only option to prevent a great leap into an anti-Christian Supreme Court.
    Finally, there is a truth in Scripture little spoken of: When God is ready to judge a nation, he actually sends strong delusions that people will believe a lie and act contrary to their own best interests. It may be that many of my blinded friends have succumbed to the delusion that “standing on principle” will somehow work to their good. Like it or not, every election since George Washington has been a choice between the lesser of two evils. There is one principle to be applied to close friends and pastors, and another to be applied to the corrupt world of politics.
    It may be that the time has come for God to judge America, end homeschooling, put homosexuals in our church pulpits, and strip us of our civil rights. If so, the delusion that entangles so many may be of God’s doing. Personally, I could not live with the guilt of not voting for Trump and allowing Clinton to become the minister of God’s judgment upon my family and friends. When it all hits the fan, I want to know that it is not my fault. I was not deluded.
    Finally again, it is entirely possible that Trump could be the minister of judgment upon us. He could get us into a world war. But I can only go with what I know, not what might be, and I know from what she stands for that Clinton is against all that is wholesome and the constitution.

    1. Good Biblical comments. David, in his wisdom choose to fall under the mercy hand of God’s judgment rather than into the hand of man. 2 Samuel 24:14. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…. Isaiah 5:20. Pray that many of them are able to read your comments before the election.

  24. The road to destruction is wide and the road to salvation is narrow and few are they that enter in. Seems that most commenters believe that those “Christians” that are voting for Hillary ARE believers. Not all that call themselves His are anything more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. Not all that vote for Hillary are lost, but many are and many are also deceived by the words of Hillary that tickle their ears. Not all that vote for Trump are saved, some are as lost as those “believers” that follow Hillary.

    When the end comes, these deceived and lost will eagerly take the mark of the beast because of the enticing words. This is just a precursor of what is to come.

  25. Not being american, but thanks God, being saved by Jesuschrist, because a servant of God, an american, came to my country and preach the Gospel (1 Cor 15:1-4). Now It is sad to see how far from the Word of God, America as a nation has departed:
    1. Killing of unnborn babies: PP program
    2. Support of gay marriage, instead of helping them to be a female (XX) or male (XY)
    3. Clinton getting rich using a foundation to collect money from ME countries that do not support democracy, or women rights.
    4. Toppling stablished governments, like Kadafi in Libia, support to Morsi in Egypt, and supportin a rebelion to topple Assad (liked or not, he is an elected President).
    5. Being manipulate by the rite Guys:

    6. Hillary talking to the dead

    Come on christians there is enough information on the table, in order to make a correct decsition, Trump is not the best of all, but if you guys have to choose, do not be deceived by the deceiver himself.

  26. Please listen up n lend me your ears for a moment, i believe this is urgent; we are in a time of war, if you had eyes to see the fight that is going on in the heavens for this country right now it would blow your mind, i have shared this before more then once but about 18 months ago, the lord woke me up at 3:am i heard him say, “i want donald Trump to be the next president: i responded “but he is not a politician, the lord spoke again and said “if he survies” hearing this i wondered would he be assasinated” but the lord spoke one more time and said “then there will be a war, at the time i could not comprehend what type of war would ensue, but today i can clearly see it now, it is not only a spiritual war for this country but one only won on our knees….we are also in a time where God is separating the chaff from the wheat, I saw an article where preacher Beth moore was supporting Hillery and today it was Max lucado, just because someone is popular with man does not mean they have Gods stamp of approval…wake up church!

    1. Yes, WAKE UP CHURCH!!!
      ISAIAH 45…Gods chosen (they had sin, but they were annointed by God to do His work….like the Cyrus leader.) The religious church people, who arent standing for anything arent stepping up to do anything so God picks someone and they arent from the church and Christians want to turn away from him, when he-Trump- could do more for this whole country than you know. Its pretty sad, the state of the church…WAKE UP BEFORE ITS OVER!!!
      WE need to come together as one church for our country and its not Hillary people-she doesnt care about this country, you are believing a lie…elect a leader that wont destroy the country we live in and make it impossible for our kids and grandkids to live as we once did…….please, people WAKE UP!!!….

  27. I used to wonder how it was possible that the Egyptians could be so foolish to not put lambs blood over their door even when they heard the truth of what was to come………I see it now, even in the face of truth people think they know better……me and my house I’ll be “applying lambs blood over our door” and voting for trump and praying. I know Trump isn’t a lamb…..far from it…..but seeing and hearing the truth and not making a choice for it makes me so sad……

  28. There are more candidates than Hillary or Trump. Do your research and vote your beliefs. If enough of us stand up for this country, for what is moral and right, we can get a President in office that stands for truth, The Bible, and The Constitution. We have to vote our beliefs, not our party. Otherwise, we get what we deserve. Trump or Clinton. If we don’t stand up now, then when?

  29. There’s been a lot of Christian bashing on here, statements that people voting for Hillary could not really be born again.

    Think back to a time in your Christian life when you have been deceived by some bad teaching. It happens to the best of us. Maybe it’s because we are so hungry for the things of God that we are vulnerable. But God brings us around and shows us the error if our ears are open.

    The Clintons are professional con artists and the MSM is their prophet. People’s emotions are ftargeted and inflamed against Trump, and unfortunately he has given them plenty of ammunition. It is very hard to reason with a person who is so mad that a gnat flew into his soup that he doesn’t see the camel slurping it up.

    Rage and offense are like a mental filter, blocking out other reasonable information. The only way I know of to deal with an emotional thinker is to throw them another emotional curveball to get their attention.

    If they are offended by Trump’s past womanizing, lay down some specific information on the many women who were assaulted by Bill Clinton and intimidated by Hillary into silence. Try to get them equally enraged about the Clintons’ behavior because really, the three of them cancel each other out. Then lead them back to comparing the candidate’s stated political goals and for Clinton, her voting record and political behavior in office.

    I’m not good at this–still trying to figure out what is the most effective way to communicate because I get passionate and they get passionate and then the conversation nosedives. Ravi Zacharias is my model for calm dialogue.

  30. It’s about time someone stepped up to the plate to tell the truth about this.
    Also, True Feminist’s believe women, and our children, deserve better than abortion.
    Not the fake feminist’s anti woman/child agenda.

    1. Amen!! why does people keep throwing the mans sins I his face, maybe he has repented, we cant know what all he has repented for, and if he has then he is clean before God…

  31. The times may be changing, and people may be calling the church out dated, but one thing remains the same, THE BIBLE. Gods Word never changes and neither will my church.

  32. Clinton talks to Eleanor the dead isinit her husband that put the perimed on the money how com she don’t talk to God to gide her

  33. God bless you, brother Murillo. Thank you that God is speaking through you to the Church. Many of us so agree with you and we continue to pray and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in standing for Truth and Righteousness according to the Word of God. May God prosper your ministry to encourage the body of Christ and the lost to Jesus Christ our Lord. Keep on!

  34. A quote from a Trump speech: “I am have received so many endorsements from evangelicals……and frankly, I’m not that I deserve it.”
    That is a man who is willing to humble himself before God.

  35. This was a rough article from beginning to end. If I was a democrat that fit that profile I would be irate…
    If I was a pastor I would either be blind sided as to what was truly happening, or thinking that If I changed my style now it could effect my pocket book. These pastors that have gone outside the scripture to speak what comes so that their audience ears can be tickled. Bring your Bible to church and see if your Pastor challenges you to open it.
    What needs to come next that also has been tossed to the way side, is the repentance of sin and assurance found in the Holy Spirit, that when we repent God extends his hands and honors his promises in our lives.
    Consequences: We can try to escape the consequences but they always rear their ugly heads. IE Trump tapes , Emails, …None of us are sinless except Jesus Himself who represented the Father in earthly form, Who gave his mercy at the cross for those who believe in Him. If you profess to Know Jesus Please represent , seek Him in all truth.
    Until then Knees first! And I pray God Bless the USA!

  36. Wow, her views on abortion alone should be the reason Christians do not vote for her. I am adopted and if abortion had been legal when I was born, I might not be here, so I have a somewhat unique perspective on the abortion issue. But that is not the reason I am not voting for her, I am not voting for her because she is a pathological LIAR and does not deserve our support. She could not even handle the Benghazi situation, why should we think that she could handle ANY situation that will come up when she is president. Is TRUMP perfect? No. But he is a whole lot better than HilLIARy. And I believe he really cares about this country. I don’t believe that HilLIARy cares about anything but herself. Her actions when she was First Lady show that. Her SS Detail was not there to carry her luggage, they were there to protect her and did not deserve to be cussed out on a regular basis. Her her handling of the reporter who was gang raped while in Egypt shows us that she does not care about women. She wants you to vote for her because she is a woman. Well I would love to have a woman president, but we need a woman who is really qualified, not a former First Lady who just wants to make history. Now I can’t tell you who to vote for but I can make a suggestion. I voted for TRUMP/PENCE because I believe that he can clean up the corruption in Washington, and I believe that he can Make America Great Again.

  37. Don’t mean to be cryptic however scripture also say that narrow is the way to righteousness and few find it. Basically in plain English, the majority of these so called “Born Again Christians” may end up fuel for hell’s fires.

  38. All I know is this, If Clinton is elected, say good-bye to America as we’ve come to know it and Christianity will become a fairy tale. Trump gives us all a fighting chance to keep our faith in tact.

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