Today, you’ll hear terrifying things about our government. But it may be a miracle.


Today, you’ll hear terrifying things about our government. But it may be a miracle.

By Mario Murillo

In the next few hours you are going to hear some truly terrifying things about our government.  Today you will find out things you were never supposed to know.  An avalanche of facts will confirm some of our worst fears and God’s great mercy.

Remember when you thought the president was supposed to protect us?  Remember when you thought the Department of Justice was supposed to bring justice?  Remember when you thought the State Department was supposed to keep us safe?

Well sit down…because here comes the truth: We have not had a democracy for 8 years.  We have been led by a junta—a crime family.  They have finally been outed.

Here is what you already know:

CNN fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

George Soros owns voting machines.

Barack Obama ordered the FBI not to indict Hillary and stopped them from convening a Grand Jury to indict the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton campaign paid people to start fights at Trump rallies.

Facebook, Google and Twitter conspired to manipulate information to place Hillary in a good light and Trump in a bad light.  They lied and censored to advance her campaign.

We know that 65% of all Americans believe Hillary has broken federal law.

We know that 53% believe it was wrong not to indict her.

Today you are going to find out how deep and wide this collusion really is.  You get to meet the many tentacled beast.

These people did not merely blur the Separation of Powers Act of the Constitution…they removed it.  They formed a legislative monopoly—one that pools power and freely operates above the law.

One of the first to discover this was Bernie Sanders.  Only, they scared him so badly that he is terrified to tell us the truth—he even turned on his own supporters.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, the Department of Justice, the State Department, the IRS and our mass media, newspapers, magazines and social media including Google, Facebook and Twitter all work together.  They collaborate… they plan things.


This was how John Podesta could tell Hillary every move the DOJ was making in advance.  Then it all came out in the open.

We now know that at least 5 nations have hacked and now own Hillary Clinton’s emails.

We now know there is a 99% chance that Bill and Hillary Clinton will be indicted for criminal activity involving hundreds of millions of dollars.  They are under suspicion for selling influence to enrich themselves.  They sold favors to nations that are sworn enemies of the U.S.!

We are still at the tip of the iceberg.  James Comey has been aware of this information for almost a year.  He has even more information…enough to fill an ocean liner.   He finally caved and sent a letter to Congress to announce he was reopening the Clinton email investigation.

Why did Comey brave the wrath of the ruling family?  Because  “Rogue”  FBI agents couldn’t take the filth, lies and abuse of power on the American people anymore.  They forced Comey’s hand.  These agents are true American heroes.

While I do not condone stealing emails, we must admit that WikiLeaks was key in finding out things we never would have known.  If it were not for Fox News you would not see it on television.

Today you will be hearing things even Thomas Wolfe could not put in a scandalous novel.  Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might as you hear the horrifying reality that God is trying to spare us from.  A tidal wave of information will be coming out within hours.

Again, you were never supposed to find out about this.  I believe this is an answer to the prayers of the saints.  You had better realize you have been given a miracle.  If you and I do not seize this miracle, then we deserve all the tyranny that Hillary will hand out.

Today I believe God has had mercy on us to expose this before the election.  Time to dump Bill and Hillary like nuclear waste…and drain the swamp.

31 thoughts on “Today, you’ll hear terrifying things about our government. But it may be a miracle.

    1. been praying constantly that God reveals everything and He is. Praise you Lord. I also am praying that every attempt to change or destroy a vote will be stopped. The devil is a liar and God is in complete control of this election.

      1. Those who have wisdom and discernment know the truth, but many are being deceived. Now that the truth is exposed people can’t say they didn’t know. It’s a choice. Right vs Wrong, Good vs Evil, Life vs Death. Now, the American people have to make a choice. We’ve been given more Grace by God than we deserve. Yet, half our country is still voting for HRC according to the polls, but those poll #’s are also rigged so, we’ll wait and see. Yes, there will be cheating, but nobody can cheat God. The American people have to stand up for Life, Liberty and Justice.

  1. Thank you Pastor Mario , I have had to stop going to my church- thank you for the truth, the love and the willingness to keep posting God’s heart and your being responsible in letting the people know. With love sis. Jenny.

  2. This is a total answer to my prayers.
    Thank you Father for exposing the truth, all the truth about the corruptness in our government.

  3. The prophets of God have seen this coming and God is the intervening force. It has been by his Spirit waking up the remenant to pray and intercede! This will be known as the greatest move of God since he dwelt among us. A cleansing of our nation is at hand and will bring many to their knees. Gid us humblibg this nation to bring about repentance! A great awakening is at hand to bring America back in full throttle to be a light to the nations! Remember Christ came to save the lost. To minister to the least if these and to love our enemies! Pray for our enemies, bless those who persecute you. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and one another. Let’s give God his hearts desire and be one with him as he is one with the Father and let’s be one with each other! Do not be afraid and be strong and of good courage he is with us!!

  4. I have known for several days that there is a silent cou going on between FBI and other intelligence agencies to stop a Clinton Presidency. My prayers have been that those true patriots would step up and expose the corruption of the Clintons and the White House administration. It runs very deep. The department of justice, state department and FBI and of course the President. I know from a former CIA agent who is still very connected and part of this cou that Hillary has been a Chinese operative.
    Major fraud is also taking place at the ballot box with early voting. The key has been discovered visit

  5. Many have been praying for exposure…the treacherous rooted out…the wicked cut off…Proverbs 2…THANKING YAHweh ELOHIM…it is happening…

  6. It is time for righteousness to prevail. It is time they are all exposed. How dare Obama take the public trust and try to trample our constitution. He will be led away in chains along with the rest if Trump prevails. Tell everyone you know toget out and vote!

  7. I strongly believe the Lord is drawing His church to a place of repentance right now! The responsibility for this election rests upon us His people! 2 Chron 7:14

  8. I have been pray in that God would expose the lies, plots and plans of the enemy. Thank you Pastor Mario Murillo!!!

  9. Thank You, My precious Brother in Christ Jesus The Lord. Again, you have hit the proverbial nail, on the head. Your posts are very timely… Very Relevant To The Body Of Christ, in A Very Difficult Time For Our Nation!!!

  10. God sees all and deals with it in ways that we’ll never understand. He knows all secrets and brings out the truth! No unjust act escapes him. He’ll NEVER leave his throne!

  11. May God be Glorified, and continue to reveal truth, and may His Church march right to the voting booths and vote Trump!

  12. I think so many Christians and prayer groups have been praying all the evil would be exposed. Quite a few months ago during orayer I saw this big burlap looking bag strung between two trees. It was so heavy and sagging. It was dripping with like sewage. I felt impressed that it was about to break open and all the evil was going to come pouring out for all to see who knew how bad it really is. Praise God for answered prayer. Just confirms He is with us. The bowl of our prayers has filled and tipped over. We keep praying and trusting!

  13. God is a Righteous Judge. Proverbs says “unjust scales are an abomination and I will judge”.

    God is now exposing the criminality at the top levels of our government. The Constitution is what provides protection, guidance and justice for all. We now see just how corrupt our leaders are.

    The shift has started!.

  14. Praying for God’s mercy and healing to our land. Thank you for revealing these truths.
    May God restore our country to a Christian nation again.

  15. If you call yourself a Christian, a believer in Christ Jesus and still endorse Hillary Clinton and her agenda on abortions and everything about her, your endorsing every foul thing she Hillary Clinton has ever done. You 6 may as well write 666 on your forehead, or in your hand… Because as sure as I’m living, and the sun comes up every morning, you are not a child of God and you are none of his.

    Meaning you may as well shut your mouth when you try to pray because he will not hear you. Except for the prayers of repentance or forgiveness. He, the Living God will say to you on that day, I never knew you, depart from me you workers of iniquity into outer Darkness.
    James 4:17 >> Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it …

    This is Steven James
    And now you definitely! know the rest of the story have a
    Good Day

    1. stevenjamesministry… You Are So Right On in your remarks. The wiki leaks(which I did not need to let me know how evil this woman really is) did add to the long list of abominable things that stack up with this individual. According to Wiki Leaks, she not only approves of and is involved in promoting abortion, but was also connected with the baby body parts selling business. Also her campaign crew… along with herself involved in the Occult…. Drudge Report showing a picture in its lead feed on Friday, of HER… involved… lifting her hand as though in a worship stance, and she is not a worshiper of the Almighty God, but makes statements that Christians are going to have to change their views, and a lot of us was going to have to be put in a reprograming. If some one says they are a Christian, and can vote for such evil, I agree with you . They will gladly receive the anti-Christ!!!

  16. A Christian choice she is not. I don’t understand how friends and family who pray every day and go to church every Sunday choose to ignore the evidence of evil. Seems hipocritical to me, am I missing something?

  17. Treason, pedophile, spirit cooking, pay for play, election fraud, Project Veritas, Soros, etc. etc.
    All the Wikileaks, Anonymous videos, testimonies, and NOW COMEY EXONERATED HILLARY !!!!!
    God is still God.!!!!
    Please fast and pray. We have 2 days left. We cannot let a witch into our Whitehouse.
    Kim Clement YouTube Satan will try to put a witch in the Whitehouse!!!!
    GOD we call on you to drain the Swamp… in the mighty name of JESUS. ..

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