A Matter of Life and Death

Here is the plain truth: We are in a situation where the worst president we have ever had—may be replaced by the only person who could possibly be worse—at the worst time imaginable.  The odds of this are astronomical.

A Matter of Life and Death

By Mario Murillo

Here is the plain truth: We are in a situation where the worst president we have ever had—may be replaced by the only person who could possibly be worse—at the worst time imaginable.  The odds of this are astronomical.

Let me take that last one first.  This is the worst time imaginable because a blanket of delusion hangs over the general population.    They have been assaulted, robbed, lied to and cast aside by Obama.  Yet—like a battered wife—millions of Democrats have signed up for more.

Moreover, the media has lost its soul.  They are busy lying, manipulating, punishing opposing views and utterly selling out to elect Clinton.  At any other time, people would be horrified and disgusted.

This is the perfect storm.  To my mind, there are only two possible reasons that all of this could be happening at the same time:  1. Satan is making his stand to destroy America.  2. God has sent a strong delusion to judge America.

Let me take the first one next.  Obama is not merely the worst president ever.  He may be the worst thing that has ever happened to America.  He did the opposite of everything he ever promised.

-He said Obamacare would save you $2,500.  Arizona will see an increase of over 116%.  The average national increase will be 60%.

-He promised jobs and instead drove 95 million Americans out of the workforce.

-He promised to heal race relations. Instead, he started a race war that has killed scores of police across the nation.


-He said he would make life better for blacks.  Instead he set records for suffering.  Lowest home ownership.  Highest crime rates.  Highest poverty rates. Since he has been in office, 8 thousand have been murdered in Chicago alone.  he has divided the races and poisoned all race conversations.

-He promised to heal our relationship to the Middle East.  What he gave us was a world of terror, civil war and imminent world war.

This is the worst time for Hillary.  If you believe that Hillary’s corrupt, heinous, hideous, malevolent, malicious, nefarious, ugly, vicious, vile and depraved (words fail me) character in anyway compares to Trump’s failings…you are indeed under a strong delusion.

People think that the point I am making is “watch out, Hillary will make things bad!”   No, no it is much worse than that.   Things are already bad, horribly bad.  Obama has made us utterly miserable…instead of hope and change, he gave us fear and loathing.

When it seems that things cannot get worse, Hillary will find a way.   She is the finishing touch on a dying nation.

This is not a dire warning…the “dire” is already here.   This election is not a choice between a bad candidate and a worse candidate.  No matter how impossible this election seems, you must vote.  No matter what the outcome, you will be able to say that you voted to save the country.

The delusion can be broken by prayer and brave action by vessels of God.  We are long overdue for a miracle.  Whatever you do…vote.

It is no longer just a vote…it is a choice between life and death.

9 thoughts on “A Matter of Life and Death

  1. Liberals in power have herded their followers like a bunch of cattle. The leftist media AND the government schools have steared them (TAUGHT them) to think how they WANT them to think, programmed like a bunch of Borgs. They’ve labeled it ‘politically correct’ and used that term like a tuning fork to herd them in whatever direction they want them to go. They’ve LOST their individuality while they’re being told that they’ve FOUND it! They’re FREE from the controlling people on the RIGHT is how they think. They don’t even know HOW TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES ANYMORE. They have to be TOLD what to think. When I first told my aunt and my dad about partial birth abortion they looked at me like I would believe ANYTHING. They said there was NO WAY that would have even been thought up, let alone ALLOWED. Well, when I post something against it here on Facebook NOW my dad jumps on it and says it’s a woman’s right to choose! HERDED! And like a frog in a pot of tepid water they just keep adjusting to the ‘new morality’ they’re being programmed with, because, like that frog, they adjust for ONE REASON – THEIR OWN COMFORT!

  2. Our LORD has been gracious enough to of even sent TRUMP- Yea , but will we respond ?
    I pray for repentance and healing ….In Jesus…. I pray for life…O God save the babies I cannot bare anymore bloodshed. O God we humble ourselves and seek Your face sand we yield our hearts to Your love. We love You back and we are grateful for You Father in heaven…bring heaven down and heal the land O we pray . Love Sis. Jenny …

  3. O Father, we humble ourselves and seek Your face, we don’t want wicked ways. We want life and safety and love. Hear our prayer and thank You for sending TRUMP. I pray blessing, I pray You bring heaven down Father In Jesus we pray. Let Your will be done. Your ways are higher than our ways…..we trust You LORD.

  4. I am so blessed by Mario, and those that are praying, and leaving comments. God sees and hears our requests, may He move mightly to help us in time of need. He is the lifter of our heads. Looking up for His move in our behalf. We are in a battle for the souls of men. They are led astray by the swamp woman. Where we have a Shepherd, listening at His gate.

  5. Having just re-read The Silver Chair by of course CS Lewis it came to me we are under the spell of Satanic Enchantment. Using the media, education and culture much of the population is in a sort of stupor, stumbling through life and making choices contrary to their own survival. Looking at it this way same sex marriage, transgenderism, abortion, etc. begin to make sense as the foul withes brew designed to up end and unbalance humanity in an attempt to keep people bound and blind to the our Savior and Creator.

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