Here’s why the protests and riots against Trump will backfire big time

Across the nation thousands of people are protesting the election of Donald Trump.  Someone who cares about secular progressivism should do everything in their power to stop these protests and riots.  The riots are about to set your cause back even further.  It is a huge mistake and it will backfire.

Here’s why the protests and riots against Trump will backfire big time.

By Mario Murillo

Across the nation thousands of people are protesting the election of Donald Trump.  Someone who cares about secular progressivism should do everything in their power to stop these protests and riots.  The riots are about to set your cause back even further.  It is a huge mistake and it will backfire.

You can see why these riots are a massive mistake by looking at the pattern in Trump’s rise.  It is a pattern of backlash.  When they attacked Trump he got stronger.  That pattern continued all the way to his election as President. Here are a few examples:

– It began as a backlash against smug politicians both Democrat and Republican.  When those politicians attacked Trump it backfired.

-The media bias against Trump helped elect him because the unfairness of it all disgusted not just conservatives but liberals. 

-Obama’s over the top ad hominem attacks galvanized support for Trump and also helped elect him.

-When Hillary attacked Trump for his lewd comments about women it backfired because it immediately brought attention to Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults on women and her role in enabling him.

-However, the grand champion of backlashes—the one that got him elected—was Hillary calling his supporters a basket of deplorables.  The death blow came not because she attacked him, but because she attacked his supporters.

These protests and riots are not just directed at Trump–they are directed at his supporters.  They are directed at the 60 million people who voted for him.  The message that these millions of people are getting from you enrages them.

You are telling them that they have no right to choose a leader.

You are telling them that you do not accept the results of a free and fair election.

You are telling them that they have no right to have a democratically elected leader because you don’t like their choice.

When you chant and accuse Trump of racism and xenophobia and move to nullify a legitimate election win, you are accusing his supporters as much as the candidate.  

Destroying property and disrupting traffic in protest of a clear victory will only deepen America’s commitment to Trump. 

Your cause is about to be set back yet again…big time.

62 thoughts on “Here’s why the protests and riots against Trump will backfire big time

  1. This is another organized attempt by aka George Soros to advance his agenda. He supported Hillary and is now using his minions for revenge because his plan was spoiled.

    1. You’re absolutely right on! And not just Soros….
      Obama Hillary Kaineabd all the huge $$$ put in their deep pockets AND elites on both sides including some Republicans.
      Prayers to stay the course until the Inauguration including safety protection for Trump. These progressives have hit men working on their behalf as we all know yet they have powerful coverups who won’t expose them and their murderous ways.
      This also angers these millions who voted Trump as Pres. These people are destructive to America. This is a movement to bring justice and law back to America.

    2. Soros is the devil incarnate. His agenda is spiritual and carnal, using his minions to do his dirty work. People need to unite in prayer and spiritual warfare. There are so many lunitics out there who have so much hate for righteousness that we need a huge prayer wall built around Donald Trump that no weapon used against him can prevail.

    3. Well someone should take him out I voted and as an American I have that right and nobody has the rights to take away my right away and that’s what they are trying to do take the American s rights away America is the land of the free we are not the land of dictators like they want it to be

      1. ‘Take him out’….sounds like you are condoning murder because you didn’t get your way. Would it help you feel better if we gave you a participation trophy and a safe space?

  2. Progressives always believe that what they do is correct, and no one can tell them otherwise. They don’t care about “backfires”. I believe this is just the beginning. Wait for the Black Lives Matter movement to “incite riots everywhere”. (God help us and protect us.)

    For dubious humor—liberals, BLM, the media, the elites, and Hollywood will have at least 4 years of brutal mockery! At this time, they are not realizing all the “fun” they’ll be having.

    1. If it happens when Pres elect Trump is in office, it won’t last very long. He vows to be tough on organized home grown terrorism and beyond. That includes BLM, which should be considered a terrorist group especially if they pose a threat against anyone , especially law enforcement etc.

    2. It’s a last ditch effort to remain in control. These riots are designed to create unrest and usher in marshal law so the progressives can remain in control. Let’s not play into the schemes. May the Holy Spirit peel back the darkness off these that are so miss guided, may they repent and turn from their wicked ways. May the body of Christ love them into the light and knowledge of Christ Jesus, so that they can grow into mature believers and fulfill they destinies and labor for the Kingdom! On earth just as it is in Heaven!

      1. Amennnnnnnnn
        It is the method of choice
        Always pray in the spirit
        God knows all and we should keep our spiritual eyes and ears open for guidance before moving forward. …the days we live in are Needy…and only God truly knows what those needs are and how to make it all work

      1. I meant to try and edit this comment to read, First, I’m a child of the King, then a deplorable and one of many Women for Trump. The groping charges were bogus and paid for by Hillary and the DNC.

    1. Me too.. Donald Trump needs to be given a chance the way obummer was given a chance. Only obummer did it twice.. He fooled us once shame on him he did it twice shame on us. But now i hope the new president does what he said or all this was for nothing..pray for him to have his wits and that he seek God in all matters.

  3. Dont forget, protestors, Trump will be Commander in Chief, and has promised to re-establish law and order. And the deplorables have most of the guns. You might want to play nice.

  4. By the authority given unto us by the Lord Jesus Christ, We the body of Jesus Christ bind up the sources that are causing the uproar throughout the USA and say no to you. We bind up powers,principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places and say no to you. Leave our country and leave our atmosphere in Jesus name. We now release the peace of God which passes all understanding in our atmosphere throughout all the USA and let it be known that the most High God is the god of this nation. All nations shall bow to Him and confess to Him that Jesus Christ is Lord. In Jesus name. AMEN!!! Do you agree?

  5. The hate speech seems to be that we knew the liberals would do ANYTHING to manipulate our country, so we should have all just given in. I predicted civil war about 6 months ago and it looks like it can happen.

  6. We need to seriously pray against any plan to use riots to bring in Marshal Law. The Soros-Hillary-Obama group helped by the media then would attempt to keep Obama in office.
    I remember Rick Joyner being warned regarding this awhile ago.

    1. Absolutely! This thought came to me as soon as I heard of riots and protesting. These are paid actors and the spiritual fight continues!

  7. Christians need to take Authority in their area. God has given us Authority over the devil and his angels. GET TO WORK CHRISTIANS IN THE SPIRIT!!! ~ BEHOLD! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you. ~ Luke 10:19 AMP

  8. Praying, Mario, that you are correct and praying for this issue to get corrected, quickly, in Jesus Name!!

  9. You got us to a Trump victory, Lord, we call on you to continu to send your angels to fight this battle that is not a battle against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers of darkness, wickedness in high places . We praise your Holy Name and thank you for your peace that surpasses all understanding . We pray that people who are so dissident at Trump’s victory can move as the promised to Dubai,Qatar,Saudi,Canada, Mexico, Or wherever with ease and grace.

  10. This is not about HRC or DJT, it is all about influencing public opinion against the electoral college still that Democrats = Progressives = Socalists will be elected president in all future elections.

  11. I was never an enthusiastic Trump supporter TBH I did vote for him because the alternative was unthinkable. I have him no shot to win because I looked at the whole thing through a political prism. What we have witnessed is an undeniable miracle from almighty God.
    A year ago I heard in prayer the word “reprieve” A reprieve is not necessarily permanent, it can also be a temporary putting off of impending judgment. God has given us a door of opportunity, a stay. Now is not the time to return to football and barbecue in the yard. God help us if we neglect this window of opportunity given by his grace to to reap the harvest.

    1. John, Your post really got my attention. Three times during the year of 2015, I heard that word “Reprieve: literally spoken to me, at different times during the year. It was not even a word in my vocabulary. I am 80 years old, and I could not accurately at that time define its true meaning, except that at each time I heard the Word spoken, it was followed with this Word… “Because my people have prayed, I have granted a reprieve, and judgement has been pushed ahead”I was not even familiar at the time, that the word was associated with mercy from judgement. I heard it spoken a fourth time, in January of 2016. At that time I was sitting in my chair, and it was whispered in my ear, with no additional words . By that time, I had made myself familiar with the true meaning of the word, and I smiled and said… “Thank you Lord.” We truly serve an awesome God, and He is concerned about those who are following Him with all their Heart… God Bless You…Blessings and Peace!

      1. Thank you for sharing – this is confirmation and addition to
        Ps. 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”v 11 “The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge, Selah.”

    2. @johnwillis Amen! This is the beginning of our opportunity to pray first and move on behalf of the Kingdom. Love your word about not returning to football & barbecues. check out 1 Peter 4:7. A good word for this season.

    3. Exactly, as I watched the map turn red, I heard in my spirit that we are being given a stay of execution for our nation. But it will come up for review of the Supreme Court of Heaven in four years. We need to keep on praying and holding our elected officials accountable, those that oppose the agenda God has anointed Trump for need to be removed. This will be a great time for young conservative Republicans to run against the liberal incumbents who refuse to work with him so that when four years is up he will be allowed another four. It will take eight to secure a full pardon from God.

    4. We are looking up for “our redemption draweth nigh”… Jesus is soon to come, by all the signs. But: if we are truly ~ are looking for Him, we will be about His business!! .. Not being lulled back to “sleep or be drunken” ~ on whatever dulls our minds/hearts. 1 Thess. 4. Appreciate the word “reprieve”… I have had a new burden for many… In the past, He has set up so many divine appointments, as I got cancer treatment, etc., I was amazed. I am 83 now, & He is doing it again. ! My Pastor, missionary, husband is in hospice here in our home, & so many come thru to be ministered to!! So many are wiped out with fear… & Satan is the one wiping out people with FEAR… I sense this is his greatest weapon, today, as Threats abound!! People are being so tried , too.
      ” but God…” ~ He would have us Awake trusting Him!!! Fully awake! ~ “butterfly n”

    1. Agree with you parents just let there children run wild no teaching of respect for anyone or anything never teach of our God if you are yellow ,black ,white we all bleed red .Jesus,died on the cross for all colors not just one people please turn you face to God,and ask forgiveness he is giving this Country another change and we should join together as one .

  12. This was an election ordained by God…….a reprieve because we called on God for forgiveness and mercy. He still left it up to us….we understood and responded in droves. Even with the corruption of reversed votes, the extra masses overcame.

  13. To all Christians we are in spiritual warfare. Our prayers will protect President Trump, stop the riots. It was our prayers and God’s mercy that elected President Trump.
    November 14th there is a sign in the heavens, a Super, Super Moon. Last time in 1948 was when a Super, Super Moon appeared in the heavens. After that moon appeared Israel went to war then became a nation.
    Alert to all intercessors, Obama is planning to divide Israel into an Israeli, Palestinian state. Sources say that Obama was waiting until after the election. Jerusalem divided then all heaven will break loose.
    We all need to rise up and pray for Donald Trump, his family and the Peace of Jerusalem !!!!!!!

  14. Kim Denney I reiterate your words. We have to pray & fast not forgetting 2Chron 7.14 through this dangerous time. The battle is not over yet, it’s only begun. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY & FAST TILL WE FEEL THE BURDEN LIFT. It’s a great victory but the battle has only begun. BE VIGILANT, BE SOBER, BE ALERT. WE ARE IN A SPIRITUAL WAR. WE’RE ON THE WINNING SIDE. LET’S KEEP IT THAT WAY.

  15. I read somewhere that somebody has been attempting to have the Temple Mount declared solely an Islamic site. They don’t realize they’re messing with Almighty God!

  16. All very true! Riots against law and order are another big reason I supported Trump. I don’t mind a peaceful protest. But blocking traffic on a freeway and destroying property are not acceptable actions by anyone. When the police ask you to disperse, and you do not follow those police orders, you have every right to be arrested. AND YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT OBEYING THE LAW OF THE LAND!!!! We, the silent majority, do follow rules and laws even if we don’t agree with them! We change those rules or laws in an acceptable manner provided by our constitution and laws. We are extremely tired of lawlessness in this country!!!!! Rioting only cements my resolve. Those people who are rioting only continue to show their ignorance of the proper ways to effect change in our great, peaceful country. I hold the media responsible for this mass hysteria because they only use sound bites and NEVER show the whole speech for either candidate. They are too busy acting like high school drama queens, who love to insight drama using half truths. If people were exposed to whole statements, there would be more understanding on both sides! Mike Wallace was the only debate moderator to actually address the actual issues of both candidates in a side-by side format so we could decide which candidate’s opinions we aligned with. My husband and I had to watch the debates on CSpan because all of the networks were so busy talking through the debates for us to be able to form our own opinion! We are intelligent people and fully capable of thinking for ourselves! Give us the facts and get out of the way please.

  17. I have two grandchildren in college, Texas Lutheran and Texas A&M and they are both much more intelligent that to protest against the President of the United States of America !!!

  18. YES we do need to pray!!!

    Thank You Father for Your mercy in granting us a reprieve in our government!

    And where is Hillary Clinton? The one voice that could settle these riots and unrest – a PRIME example of the lack of leadership!!

    Thank YOU Mario!!! Saints, our Father has work for us to do and for the first time in a long time, things are clearing! OCCUPY!!

  19. No matter if you play the trump bash or the trump clap. This guy will always shine. He isn’t a quitter. Set backs and losses are reflections to go back and do it better and wiser. This guy envokes you to want to do better and stand up for you believe in. He is an outisder among outsiders of the nation. He gave us who didnt have a voice, a voice. That’s my pure simple opinion.

  20. Another aspect I’ve seen, the news here covered the protest of hundreds in Seattle protesting Trump, hundreds? That is like the numbers who went to her rallys. Where are the thousands, tens of thousands? The population of Seattle could easily support such numbers, but the truth is the protesters are very few and main stream news is trying to present it as something big. Enough already, one more deceptive move by mainstream news which will not succeed. Sick and tired of lamestreet media, liberals who cry because they lose, and people who only believe in democracy when it’s their way only.

    1. When are we Christians going to have a united praise and prayer rally…..not one of tickle your ear rallies. I would love to see a humble servant of God weep over this land that we love and pray for revival as we have never seen before. I would love to see humbled Christian leaders (Mario Murillo, Franklin Graham, Marvin Gorman, Jimmy Swaggert, and so many others) organize a march on Washington DC and hold a prayer rally at the Washington Monument. I would love to hear the words shouted out, ” I plead the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over Donald Trump”. I would love to be in the midst of millions of Christians praying in one accord. I would love to see the media try and cover a story about what happened when the Glory of God descended on His people at the nation’s capital. I would love to see photographers try to capture the image of the fire of the Holy Spirit burning brightly and piercing men and women’s souls. I’d love to see the weathermen try to explain that mighty wind that came out of nowhere. I’d love to see the Holy Spirit draw people out of their homes and to the altar and accept Jesus and be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I’d love to see men and women of God set aside their petty quarrels and competitions with one another and repent and experience revival and resurgence. For I have called you for such a time as this. This reprieve that we have is but a short window and we had better make good use of it. It’s all about the salvation of the lost.

  21. THIS battle is being fought in the air. Whether you are witnessing it on your cell phones or TV screens, you are receiving your information through the air. The Bible tells us that satan is “the prince of the power of the air” and we can easily be intimated by such a lofty title UNLESS and UNTIL we remember that he is merely a prince and NOT the KING OF KINGS. This mere prince is waging the same war Absalom waged when he tried to take his father David’s throne. He set up his campaign by influencing people in the city gate which is where people communicated news in that day. Today’s gate looks a little different. It looks like a SCREEN. We need to take heart and pray knowing that the Bible tells us that EVERYTHING under heaven is God’s. That includes the air. BTW: Absalom lost his campaign to dethrone his father through a civil war and many lives were lost including Absalom’s. Let’s pray that today’s insurrectionists will lose their campaign against our legitimately elected president. Let’s win this battle in the airwaves by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, THE INCOMPARABLE AND POWERFUL WORD OF GOD. Pray for secular language that contains new and powerful terminologies to be given to God’s spokespeople in the media, new language, new titles that haven’t been hijacked yet. We need language to describe people who have a fear of a democratically elected government. What buzz word is there to address this? STATISTOPHOBIC?? What term describes people who suffer from an inability to share or even take turns? What word could be used to describe people who feel unfairly excluded from the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND program which they should have graduated from by now as adults? SHARING and TAKING TURNS is what children are taught to do on the playground. This is pretty basic stuff. We need terminology to describe fear of taking turns in a democratic political process that is based on taking turns. Stomping off the playground and shouting I’M NOT PLAYING WITH YOU ANYMORE! is not democratic behavior. It is a form of passive aggressive bullying but it needs a compelling NEW term to describe it in a media war of words. You would think words like “Selfish” or “Childish” or “not fair” would be sufficiently compelling but they aren’t. “Haters” would be very appropriate but it’s already been hijacked for exclusive use by the hemoraging left. Mario this is your TURF. Your voice is like balm in Gilead, a clarion cry that collapses Jericho’s walls. I’m praying for you for a louder audience, to have the authority of God’s shofar in the air.

  22. I love the USA . I love God. I love my freedom, I love the men and woman who died for this country. I elected who I know loves all the same things. Yod bless America.

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