Trump is not a pastor or a moral reformer.  Trump is a foot in the door—a stay of execution.  He is an act of God to buy the church time to repent and return to her rightful role in American life.

The King Cyrus Crisis: If we blow this…disaster will strike

By Mario Murillo

Something worse than Obama looms.  Something indescribably bad can take over for the agony we have just left.  It will be more hellish than Hillary.  You can already see the evil forming.

Meanwhile, American Christians claim Trump is a miracle like King Cyrus.  In 536 B.C. God moved King Cyrus to fulfill the prophecy of Jeremiah who said that after 70 years the Jews would be sent home from bondage in Babylon.  Cyrus even provided resources to help rebuild Israel.

If history is repeating itself, we had better remember what happened next.  The restoration of Israel faced multiple warheads:

Pagan tribes:  The pagan tribes who settled in Israel set a sophisticated trap for the returning Jews.  At first, they acted like they wanted to help.  Instead, they hampered the work.  When that failed, they launched terror attacks.

Political backlash:  After Cyrus, the enemies of Israel lied to King Artaxerxes, accusing Israel of preparing for war, so the king stopped the work.

Morally corrupted Jews:  Many Jews wanted to stay in Babylon.  Some who came back to Israel were half-hearted in their mission to restore the nation.  Those who were left behind during the 70 years became pagans.  They knew nothing about Scripture or the laws of God.

If not for the astonishing endurance of a handful of priests, prophets, and one notable cupbearer, Israel would have remained in ruins.  (Read Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai).  It took nearly 80 years after the king’s decree before the Temple and the wall were finished.

Let me let you in on a secret: we can’t wait 80 years—we don’t have 80 years.  Unlike Israel, this is our last chance.  If we do not learn from history—America will never be restored.  If we blow this…expect disaster.

The Christians who want to make America morally great again face significant headwinds and don’t realize it. Here are the threats:

-The left is staging a massive retaliation. A nefarious coalition of universities, billionaires and tech companies are ramping up their rhetoric, paying agitators and plotting against the church.


-The media doesn’t care that people know they are lying.  They are stepping up their lies. They learned nothing from Trump’s victory. The crocodile tears we saw from some media outlets meant nothing.  Their blatant falsehoods are back with a vengeance.

-Most Christians don’t know what to do because they don’t understand the miracle.  They thought Trump would save us.  They are not preparing for the work that we need to do right now.  They are already disappointed in Trump because they don’t get it.

Trump is not a pastor or a moral reformer.  He will not be a social conservative who will fight for family values.  If you look to him for that, you will be disappointed.  Worse still, it will distract you and you will miss your assignment in this miracle.

If you ever listened to anything I ever said, I beg you, listen now!  Trump is a foot in the door—a stay of execution.  He is an act of God to buy the church time to repent and return to her rightful role in American life.

Trump broke the political correctness that threatened to swallow us whole.  The revival is our job, not his.

-Morally corrupt Christians and lukewarm pastors don’t appreciate the miracle.   Why would we expect a generation of believers raised on Pablum to know what to do with this miracle?  They don’t read the Bible or pray.  They have never truly repented.  They have no concept of sacrifice.  There is no way they will stand in the heat of battle.

-We are not seizing the moment to repent because we do not appreciate God’s mercy.  The Jews did not appreciate the miracle of Cyrus’ decree.  It did not provoke them to repent.  Ezra the priest said, “And after all that has come upon us for our evil deeds and for our great guilt, since You our God have punished us less than our iniquities deserve, and have given us such deliverance as this, 14 should we again break Your commandments…” -Ezra 9:13,14.   This is a chilling warning to us.


-We want Trump to do things for us that we must do ourselves.   Winning the lost is up to us, not Trump.  Trump may not be a big help to the church.  The Jews thought they could keep going back and complaining to the King about the same thing.  They vainly tried to communicate with the King and found that it was a waste of time.

The American church must build on the opportunity that Trump gave us. We must wake up to our task!  Our disunity is killing our cause.  Petty differences have never looked so petty!  We must shake off the disastrous apathy and complacency that is dulling us to our duty.   Churches must come together in citywide prayer and soul winning.  Pastors must push back on the lies being perpetrated against orthodox Christianity—they must roar from their pulpits.

We must muster all our strength and stand strong.  Seize this miracle for what it is. Remember the words of the man who God told to make Israel great again and build the wall, “And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, ‘Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.’” -Nehemiah 4:14


  1. Dear God Church ….please hear
    what the spirit of the Lord is saying right now! We must represent Christ well to the world and snap out of complacency! If it were not for the days to be shorten ….even the elect would be deceived! Warn the idle…save the lost….heal the sick…prophesy to the dead bones! Awake and Rise and SHINE!!!!!!!

      1. When God spoke to Israel just before judgement , He spoke to to them, ” When you offer up your gifts”[the sacrifice of your children to your gods on every high mountain) the gods today are wealth , influence and social status) they abort God’s gifts to them (His children) rather than loving them and bringing them up in the nuture and admonition of the Lord as unto Him, people of the world show that they despise God by despising the children that He gives them. Then the Israelites said , “We want to be like the nations about us”, Is this not what the Liberal Left is saying ? The Supreme Court has said they will make their decisions not based on the US Constitution(and on the Bible ) but like the French philosophers,and Charles Darwin, and Hawkins. Did God not tell the Israelites that He would send them back to the countries(demons and their ancestoral curses ) where they came from ! And did He not say that there He would bring judgement on them? Instead we as Christians renounce our ties to ancestors idols. We renounce their way of life, to go to witch doctors , shamans, and medicine men(American Indians). God says ,” He will purge you out of those who revolt and rebel against Me.” “Because of open rebellion against God they were taken captive.” When they set their faces to serve the devil, they become possessed (rioting , looting, and blaspheming like the Democrats did when they lost to Trump). We need God’s compassion for them. Our country is going to Hell. If we do not intercede God could allow them maybe to be nuked by ISIS or Iran with the very weapons that they gave them. The four most populace places in the USA where Hillary got all of her populous votes from very well may be the ones that God uses Iran and ISIS to return them back on their heads “the destruction like lightning” any day now!

    1. Carol tell us how to do this I’ve been stuck in the death destructive prison of my past since Lakeland in 2008 at the revival in Florida and even before that so tell me without the Spirit of God and without him bringing new beginnings and change and filling his church with the New and take in
      Taking the old out can this possibly be done?

  2. Praying for all those in authority over me and liked this very much..Nehemiah rebuilt the walls and would not come down because he knew he was doing a great work…we shall stand for America and fight for what is just, right, and fair for all! Thank you sir!!

  3. In the 70s God used Brother Mario Murillo to heal my wife so she could have children and not die in the process from an infected colon. Later God used Mario Murillo to heal my knees, one was torn up playing football and the other from wrestling through a word of knowledge. I know Mario hears God’s voice. When the media showed up we had promised to pray (like we had before and saw great miracles) but we stopped speaking in tongues everyday so we did not “seed” for a miracle like Mario said and nothing happened when the cameras all showed up. Just think if every spirit filled Christian in the USA just spent 15 minutes every day speaking in tongues , the miracles we would see? Our country turning around is more important than our country being rich and making alot of money and being influential in the world.

  4. Excellent appraisal on the election and the state of professing believers. It is precisely so because Mario is looking to the scripture for answers to the west dilemma. This is not only about the USA.

    Paul exhorts believers to learn from the mistakes of Israel.

    “Now these things took place as examples for us, that we might not desire evil as they did. Do not be idolaters as some of them were; as it is written, “The people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play.” We must not indulge in sexual immorality as some of them did, and twenty-three thousand fell in a single day. We must not put Christ to the test, as some of them did and were destroyed by serpents, nor grumble, as some of them did and were destroyed by the Destroyer. Now these things happened to them as an example, but they were written down for our instruction, on whom the end of the ages has come.”

    ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭10:6-11‬

    We ignore this warning to our own peril.

    The scripture continually with me is Luke 18:8

    “I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?””

    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭18:8‬ ‭

  5. Hey Mario, what do you think? Does the ministry of remission of sins off of our land by prayer-walking play a part in this? Henry Gruver was a prayer-walker, pleading the blood of Jesus and remitting the sin off of the land wherever the Spirit lead him. He said he would pray over areas and remit the sin, and after leaving a town often times revival would break out. I heard him describe how he went to Ireland once and prayed over a Druid “holy” place, and later he was in a store or restaurant and one of them came in and Henry heard him telling how someone had ruined their “holy” place. Look him up if you haven’t heard of him. He was a very anointed and wise man of God.

    1. A brother mentioned Henry Gruver how God would send him to a certain area like where the Druids had sacrificed and he claim the remission or forgiveness of sins for the area. We have had a Muslim in power in DC for 8 years and Secretary Clinton whom we know is a member of a World Church of Satan. We need to plead the blood of Jesus over the White House , cast the devils out of the building, anoint it with Holy water and oil, drive around the building worshiping Jesus, and according to Psalm 149:5 the high praises of God in our mouths we bind the kings with chain and the nobles with fetters of iron and bring the judgement written… this is the honor of all Godly ones. In your worship time claim His Word His promises and bring the judgement on Obama and HIllary and the reigning demons over the White House and DC.

      1. Amazing my thoughts and prayers for cleansing of the White House… the plummline of Justice over those ( Soros, Obama, Hillary and unknown faces) that are carrying the spirit of the anti-Christ. Manipulation and control being rended torn and cast down. May the Lord provide mercy and open doors to revers damages and bring redemption and restoration. Praying for key people that are ready to position themselves for this very moment to take back what God had intended for goodness. May the people hear, see and have the heart of God in this time in which we live.

      2. Amen brother,Its so important we stay w/our faces set like flint only Seeking&reverencing,Loving GOD in intimate relationship&to pray HIS HEART-LOOKING ONLY AT WHAT HE SAYS&DOES.

  6. So true. The church is blinded an do not understand the grace and mercy of God. We must not loose this opportunity to repent and make it right with God. It will be devastated if we do not take this opportunity and bow down to Almighty God. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

  7. The Lord allowed me to enjoy this election win for about 5 minutes before He began speaking to me about the urgency to continue in fervent prayer for the nation, and for the Church. He said, “Even a peewee football team knows you can’t go back to the locker room after scoring one touchdown.” The battle is not over, but rather it has intensified. WE MUST PRAY!

    1. You’re the first one to hit my timing for the wake-up call from God. I also got to celebrate a very short time before I realized over half of the voting public had actually voted against God, not just Trump. Our nation has already passed the line! We have to face these people and all they can recruit or fudge as still alive in only two years!!! And again two years after that!!! But for the miraculous intervention of God Himself again and yet again, we could be only stalling the seeming inevitable. We must continue to pray with the same fervency and intensity for the regodlification of our country as we did to get our own version of Cyrus in a place to help us rebuild our temple of the Holy Ghost in a country we pray He hasn’t favored in vain for the last time.

  8. This is exactly correct. Too many Christians sit ring side and will not work or even take responsibility for believing or using their faith. Saving this country requires action!!! ‘God is in control’ is a cop-out for sitting back and doing nothing. Yes, God is there to help us but we have our parts too. Then also we must UNIFY! The devil uses and loves this protestant, Catholic, denominational divisiveness and will make us all losers!! Take some time to rest your eyes on the scriptures Pastor Murillo has used, study them, and get them into your heart so you can stand on them! When you do that, then you can pray, pray, pray, in faith! Think about future generations and not just yourselves! We cannot blow this chance. Thank you Pastor Murillo for your bold and timely word! Love and blessings in the name of Jesus!


  10. Thank you for this timely message . For the space of about a yr I put my ministery on cruise controll, that is when you only pray enough and fast little so that you never comitt any sin and study so you can bring a strong anointed word at the pulpit . 4 yrs prior my son and I had a experience of meeting two angels . Not if these messengers had prophetic messages that came to pass . If you look this testimony is posted on Alex Garcia fb post look on comments I think that’s how you spell his name ! Well the lord has used my ministery in the gift of prophesy for 44 yrs and all of the words that the lord gave us given publicly have come to pass 100 percent and God is 100 percent to get any credit because I said the word God spoke thru us . Well one day while walking thru my house I saw some pics of loved ones and I got this dumb idea . Why don’t I try to trick God into telling me when the rapture will take place ha . So I prayed how long before I see my loved ones and I was shocked because the lord spoke right back to saying 3 yrs . Wow I went to my church and told them what the lord had spoke to me . And kind of took it little easy some times really fasting and praying and then for a yr just doing enough to get by . This past March we were into the third yr and a terror griped my heart and I began to repent and call on God lime never before iny life . This when God gave me the prophetic dream about the cloud with a face that was attacking the world and the church . After prayer for anointed insite for the meaning of the Dream the lord said Isis is going to attack America 2 weeks later Isis attacked France . 3 weeks later Isis attacked America . Well I really cried out to God and the lord spoke to me and said these words if you don’t start doing what I called you to do this will be your last year on this earth . I repented and went on a 21 day Daniel fast that turned into a 70 day partial fast . The lord helped me and I went back to my old ways getting up some times At 3 am to pray and sometimes praying till 3 am . Ha ha I got the devil so confused he couldn’t figure out if I was coming or going . God did show up he gave me a supernatural sign and a prophetic word saying the greatest move of God ever see by man in fact greater than anything seen by mankind is coming soon . You can go to my fb and look on my wall and read my testimony on how God confirmed the message of the cross and the prophetic word he gave . Because one third of my ministery is prophetic and I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet but when the give falls me I am as much a prophet as any full time messenger . The church has no idea the peril and the tasks that God that God has put before us . This revival will not just on the church but will come oy as heart felt repentance and groaning with many tears and much trembling in the holy place . The question to be answered is will this be just a token move in mostly distant country’s and only spots in America like Brownsville . The church will decide . One thing I know for sure after the rapture takes place the backslid church will be ready to fast and pray . They will show up at church at 3 am to pray for revival till church starts . They will be there every Sunday and God will respond and the greatest revival the world has ever seen will take place after the rapture . Gods perfect plan is for that revival to come before and after the rapture. Will the CHURCH WAKE UP?????????? God bless you all please pray for us . Ps I’m sorry for yelling much almost non stop telling all I’m concerned that the rapture could take place this year . I know the lord Told me that I could go home but the thing that terrorizes me is some times there can be a double meaning to prophetic words I have never been more concerned than I am now because it was not me but God that spoke and let me tell you that makes me tremble next July wil be the 4 th yr . We must always be ready because no mAn knows the day or the hour God bless you all pray for us pastor Tom Williams

    1. Here’s my take…

      With killary we had a candidate that executed every point in the six things God hates, actually all seven are an abomination as found in Proverbs 6:16-19.

      Believers had a clear choice between manifest evil and possible evil… of a man’s past.

      No, I do not believe Trump will be able to deliver on all the actual and implied promises.

      They will hit the hard reality of Washington, DC political scene. But, I firmly believe he will try and try hard.

      But, Trump not being able to deliver everything is still worlds better than killary keeping even *ONE* of her promises.

      And, even those things he can deliver on will cause temporary hardship on many of us. Because change, any change, is costly, and can be expensive.

      Mario is absolutely correct, and he is not alone in his views.

      1. Yes. You are right. The heaviest war Lies ahead of us.
        Pablum? Absolutely. Yet God has a breed he has secretly prepared, trained, tried, tested, and found able and capable. Been through the fire and know this is a beginning. An act of MERCY. Called for such a time as this.
        God Bless
        We hold the keys. The Church. Awake, arise, don’t let up.And expect to carry the weight for the lazy, lacking in knowledge and WISDOM….LUKEWARM PIRATE CHRISTIANS ONE EYED JACKS.
        JAPANESE BONZAI TREES. Stunted growth.
        Souls, souls, souls and conTinue to bring in the HARVEST. God Bless,keep n protect you all your staff and fam, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor Mario.
        Greetings from the San Joaquin Valley.

    2. Even so are we not to pray for them. Does not the Bible say , “The god of this world (the devil) has blinded the eyes so that they see(perceive) not” Didn’t Jesus confront the Pharisees as those who saw , but could not see(perceive)? So let us intercede that the eyes of the blind (Trump and US Senate etc. ) will be open . Realize the struggle is not against flesh and blood , but with spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies. But we casting down imaginations(how Hillary claims she saw Eleanor Roosevelt and talked to her) and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge our Lord Jesus Christ.

  11. Thank you Pastor Murillo, your message is a timely word to the Church. Thank you and may God continue to use you to warn the Church.

  12. My heart’s cry is Lord God stir up our complacent hearts! Place a repetitive cry in US as only you can do! We cannot accomplish this within our own efforts. Help us Lord to rise up and shine Forth Your Glory! We humbly lean upon you and Trust in your strength to cause us to become your end time Warriors!!!

  13. Yes! We need to wake up to our destiny, to cross all the petty lines of division in the church and ready ourselves as the Lord’s army to do intercession, to call on the Lord’s angels and heaven to battle the forces of darkness that won’t stop attacking. We had better not slide back into our comfort zone but reach out to the lost with love and compassion as well as truth. As Pastor Murillo said, we don’t have much time. The Lord may call us to serve Him in the darkest places… to be the Light-bearers. Are we ready? Everyone who is willing to follow where He leads, regardless of the cost, even to death, is bringing hope and healing, the glory of God to help redeem humanity.

  14. Again, without any hesitation shared

    I’ve seen and heard so much haughtiness and “look what we’ve done” with an “aren’t we so great that God would do this!” attitude…

    And, I keep saying, that it wasn’t a righteous church without a spot or wrinkle that caused God to give us this break, it was killary’s evilness, and intent to wage war on God’s People, both the church and Israel.

    If there were no more to this message than this lead, It should be warning enough!

    [Trump is not a pastor or a moral reformer. Trump is a foot in the door—a stay of execution. He is an act of God to buy the church time to repent and return to her rightful role in American life.]

    But, I fear a self-satisfied prosperity at ease in Zion church will not, in the words of Petra, get on their knees and fight like men and women of God, until that disaster actually is upon them.

    I see the water receding and the tidal wave building but so few are sounding the larm.

    Thank You~!

  15. Hello Jaye Sekulow fights for Christians rights!757-226-2489 ACLJ Chief Counsel email if he can’t I’m sure he will refer you to someone who can help you!Contact him right away!God bless u hope you will get the help you need he’s a lawyer!He’ll blow them out of the water!

  16. Cry out to the Lord, He will hear us, pray in the spirit, walk the land, come together in unity to demonstrate the love of God and seek the truth that overcomes the darkness! The movie WAR ROOM may have been a hint that we need to pray and seek His face earnestly, and fasting like Esther!

  17. I thank God for brothers and sisters in Christ, who care and share their concerns and prayers for ALL of God’s children and for the Church as a WHOLE. I haven’t been in church in a long time, but I have remained faithful in my belief and in my confession. It blesses me to be hearing from so many in the family of faith, and encourages me to set about realigning my schedule and my life to whatever is needed for me to stand confident as a child of God, and be credible to those He leads me to. I have been praying for many many months already, but there is more I must do. Some of those things I was unable to see clearly before, but still in my heart, I knew what they were. I have read every word in the comments above, and I know now that it is more than time for me to correct any areas where I have strayed off the the right path, and to seek the Most High God with all my heart and soul and spirit as I did when I first turned to Him. Even when you know you are doing ‘right’, you also know where there is MORE that you could be doing that is also ‘right’. God deserves EVERY effort, and I’m grateful for a chance to make necessary corrections, and give God His due. But also wanted to take this moment to say thank you to the brothers and sisters out there who steadfastly remind those like me. God bless.

  18. I’ll immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Kindly let me understand so that I may just subscribe.

  19. Yes this is so true!!! I saw this before he was elected. Christians must learn to see things through their spiritual eyes to really see what’s happening. We can’t sit back and think that DJT is going to fix everything. That’s not what this is all about. God heard the prayers of His people and He has shown us mercy. We can no longer just sit back and call ourselves Christians and do nothing. This is a call to the church to repent and get right with God. Put away your sin for good and live for Christ, then God will heal our land!

  20. It is true that there were those in the Nominal Church at large who woke up to the fact that Hillary Clinton had to be stopped even if it meant voting for Donald Trump, however, a high percentage of those who voted for the Donald did not recognized the call of God on Donald Trump’s life. It is not just a question of supporting Donald Trump as a type of Cyrus to help overthrow and bring down Natural Babylon with their Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Socialistic, Globalist Agenda making a way for the establishing of God’s Kingdom on the earth it also has to with God’s dealings and Judgments of Spiritual Babylon the Nominal Church at large is Spiritual Babylon.

    The good old boy network in the Nominal Church is not much different then the good old boy network in the Whitehouse. The Nominal Church at large is not much different then those in the World. It is time to drain the swamp in the Nominal Church at large. It is not only Natural Babylon that is being judged and brought down it is Spiritual Babylon and the leaders who have been keeping God’s people in a perpetual state of immaturity keeping them bound and suppressed that are going to be judged. Jesus cannot find a place to lay his Head (Governments) in his own House with Leaders using others to build their own Little Kingdoms. In many cases what began in the Spirit ended up in the Flesh (Self-Serving).

    Even though there are many in the Nominal Church who voted for Donald Trump preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming our President which would have been a disaster there has not been any true repentance in the Nominal Church at large. The Spirit that was poured out during the so called renewal with the Laughing Gospel with people barking like dogs, roaring like Lions shaking and jerking like spastic was an Anti-Anointing, Anti- Christ Spirit it was not the Spirit of God. Antiochus Epiphanes defilement of the Holy Place in the Natural Temple was a Natural Type of the Holy Place (Charismatics) in God’s Spiritual Temple being defiled with Satan setting himself up in God’s Spiritual Temple (Naos) trying to take the Place of Christ in the Temple of God. Leaders in the Charismatic Churches supporting Pope Francis is no different than supporting Barack Obama with his Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Socialistic, Globalist Agenda.

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