I am asking you a simple question: Are you prepared to prosper?  The funny thing is that no matter how clearly, I condemn the materialist gospel…just using the word prosperity lumps me in with those vulgar preachers living in obscene luxury while begging for the widow’s mite.


By Mario Murillo

Are you prepared to prosper?

It is 200 times stronger than steel and six times lighter.  It can carry 1,000 times more electricity than copper.  It conducts electricity 250 times faster than silicon.  It bends light so that it can create invisibility in camouflage.

Its applications seem endless.  Astounding electric batteries, computers hundreds of times faster, many times lighter, and can bend.  Imagine a child carrying a 50-inch flat screen television because it only weighs 4 pounds. Imagine a powder that absorbs radioactive waste. It is called graphene, and only God knows how it will change the world.

This blog is not about graphene. It is about you!  It asks you a simple question: Are you prepared to prosper?  The funny thing is, no matter how clearly I condemn the materialist gospel, just using the word “prosperity” lumps me in with those vulgar preachers living in obscene luxury while begging for the widow’s mite.

This is a message about being prepared.  Listen to Paul the Apostle: “I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need”- Philippians 4:12 NASB.  Paul knew how to seize whatever opportunity the future held.  Look at those words again: “I know how to live in prosperity.”

Meet the leading American scientist handling graphene: Professor James Tour, raised in a secular Jewish home in White Plains, became a born-again Christian as a freshman at Syracuse University. Married, with four grown children, he rises at three forty every morning for an hour and a half of prayer and Bible study, followed several times a week with workouts at the gym, and arrives at the office at six fifteen.

Why do I mention him?  I mention him because his faith is driving his quest for scientific breakthroughs.

However, his belief that he can change the world runs counter to the bunker mentality of the American church.  We are prepared for disaster.  We are prepared for terror.  We are prepared to leave the scene.  We are prepared for conspiracy theories.  But we are not prepared for prosperity.  We are blind to any opportunity that contradicts our pessimism about the future.

Obama taught Americans to feel sorry for themselves.  He canonized the victim mentality.  He blamed Christianity for everything and Islam for nothing.  He convinced a lot of believers that the great tribulation was 8 years long and not 7.  No wonder the church went on the defensive.  No wonder we are continually lowering our expectations of how much we can accomplish in this life.


Yes, I believe the anti-Christ is coming.  I believe in the coming of world-wide convulsions that are clearly laid out in the Bible.  I have warned the church about sin, hypocrisy and corruption as much as any preacher in America.  I have raised some disturbing questions for our leaders.  Now, in that same tradition, I raise more disturbing questions:

What if you can accomplish more for the glory of God than you first believed?

What if the best books are yet to be written?

What if the most powerful missionaries are yet to appear?

What if God wants to give you authority and provision to drive back evil and you have mentally disqualified yourself?

What if you are going to live longer than you think, with a sharper mind, a greater discipline and a stronger body than you imagined?

Don’t get me wrong, prosperity is not a life of ease.  Professor James Tour trains like a Navy Seal!  Success is not about money, especially not for the righteous!

Godly prosperity is embodied in Daniel.  He handled great temptation.  He decided—from the jump—to remain pure.  Daniel 1:8 says, “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies, nor with the wine which he drank…”

Anyone can remain holy while holed up in a survival cabin hiding.  It takes Holy Ghost gumption to invade Wall Street, the halls of power, and sit with World Leaders carrying the counsel of God.

It takes special grace being the Christian singer who crosses over and carries the Cross over.

Anybody can be that comatose, Christian complainer who sits in the bleachers and criticizes vision and greatness.

The most dangerous thing about today is the fact that a miraculous life can be right in front of you and you can miss it.  Graphene was discovered in one of the most common elements.

As Professor Tour said, “Imagine if one were God. Here, He’s given us pencils, and all these years scientists are trying to figure out some great thing, and you’re just stripping off sheets of graphene as you use your pencil. It has been before our eyes all this time!”








  1. I first want to say how much I appreciate the way you provoke Godly thought and conversation and the way you communicate truth from a spirit of humility and compassion. We have to many who claim Christ yet shout at the darkness. If we are the light that Christ calls us to be we do not need to shout, we only need to be present in the midst of the darkness. I find many, not all, in the church who either shout at the darkness or surround themselves with more light. I have been blessed to watch you from a distance and have mutual friends, you continue to be a great witness and example of how to be light in the midst of the darkness.

    I believe as many that we have recently encountered the Mercy of God. If this is true, then that mercy demands a response from us (God’s sons and daughters). God’s mercy is not license to continue business as usual. I wonder if God’s mercy is not more about opportunity for us to continue to dig deep and strengthen the foundation as we fulfill the command to prepare the way… I am in agreement with your opinion on those who have professed a prosperity gospel. What if we look at prosperity like I believe you are suggesting, from the perspective of mercy and preparing the way? What if prosperity is less about what we can gain and more about what God can give, supernaturally, beyond our limit of understanding and our ability to take credit for.

    I see the call to prosper as a call to surrender, to be selfless and to have a heart without offense. When we posture ourselves in humility and walk in our identity as sons and daughters we will walk in prosperity which is about our inheritance as sons and daughters of the King. That prosperity is not first about financial wealth but rather spiritual authority to be the light that will go into the darkness and glorify our God. We will prosper with the works that Jesus did and more… We will prosper in signs and wonders that set the captives free and prepares a bride that will stand when everyone else is falling. The Holy Spirit has convicted my spirit that there will come a time when we will hear from much of the Church the words PEACE, PEACE, but the Spirit revealed to me that the peace being declared is NOT peace. The question the Spirit challenged me with is would I and those I have been entrusted to shepherd be willing to say that what is being called peace is not peace because it is void of Christ. The ability to stand in this moment is to truly prosper because we will have taped into the wisdom and revelation of God. From this place God will pour out His spirit, give witty inventions, multiply the fish and loaves and allow us to travel through space and time without a vehicle.

    Thank You, I pray for you and the ministry to continue to stand and be light in the midst of darkness.

  2. Thank you my brother. I give God the Glory that he has chosen you for this time. Brother you have inspired me back in early 90’s to get out a find souls for the kingdom of our Lord. I’ve been doing it since 1991. Brother I have surgery today at 6am and I am excited to see what God is going to for his Glory and Praise. I have unspeakable Joy. 661-348-1257 (cancer)
    But I fully trust in my Lord because I’m not done winning souls. But if it’s my time I am so happy as well. Love you my Brother I’d love to talk to, please call. God bless and keep up the good fight. Amen.

  3. I appreciate this good word! I feel the same way about the church having an opportunity recently given to us to prosper. The prosperity is for the furtherance of the Gospel. “Make hay while the sun is shining!” I feel an urge to move quickly and get the gospel out as best as we can because there will be a day when it will be much difficult. I am anticipating Revival in the global scene especially in America. God has been very merciful to us recently. We have to keep praying and fighting in the spirit. The Nehemiah wall can be built. It’s time to work harder and as efficient as God is leading!

  4. Mario, I lot has happened in my life; I’m now ministering to MEN (do I know how to get even?lol) in prison. It is the most amazing experience of my life. I am not heading toward a family ministry, to put families back together, have God fix the men, heal the women, strengthen and build the youth and children. You have been a big influence in my life and of course millions of others. Shirley from Staten Island NY

  5. Thank you Mario for always speaking from the word of God, driven by the Holy Spirit. Who knew when I heard you preach back in Chico, that I would be following you decades later?!? May God continually bless you and use you for His kingdom.

  6. Thank you Pastor Mario for your message from Irene in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I learned to totally surrender to the Lord for all provision and His will to be done in my life when I was facing stage IV throat cancer 18 years ago. It was an amazing 2 year journey and when I faced death and wasn’t afraid to die, then i wasn’t afraid to really live. God was either going to heal me or take me home and either way I won. He has been using the experience to bless, encourage and inspire others as I speak for Stonecroft Ministries and in seminars all for His Glory. A 5 min. video of the healing journey can be viewed on My book about it is “Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity”. I thank the Lord for your ministry.

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