Right now, people are making their way to Houston by car and plane for an event this Sunday Night. If you ask them why, their answer may surprise you:They are coming to receive a healing miracle.


You may have heard of Mario Murillo.  He does not claim to heal but he directs his audience to Christ to be healed.  But there is so much more to this night than that.

Mario calls these nights Living Proof because he insists they should offer proof of the love and power of Jesus.  He does not believe that you should check your brain at the door and be gullible. 

Living Proof is not just a night of healing.  It is a night that brings a message that pierces our culture and ignites moral awakening.  Mario will speak directly to your heart about the things you face every day.  He answers—from the Word of God—the questions people ask about these dark days. 

You will feel freedom and order.  The atmosphere is neither stuffy nor mindless emotion.  For Mario, it is not enough for people to claim miracles, he believes that those who are healed must go to their doctors and verify their miracle. 

The most common reaction to Living Proof is how different it is from what people expected. 

Jesus proved that He was the Son of God by doing miracles that no one had ever done.  He said that His works would not stop.  We believe that His power extends to our day and can intervene in our most impossible situations.  Come and see for yourself the amazing love and power of Christ.

Join us this Sunday night at 6: PM at New Life Church. There are plenty of free seats and lots of free parking.  Come early for the best seats.  Bring someone who needs a miracle.  Come expecting your own miracle!  


Check out this video that proves miracles last.  This video from 1993 shows the moment that Howard Kratzer was healed.  He is still healed 23 years later.



  1. Beautiful loving gestures and touch of the LORD. He wants to bring such great healing, please pray for me Pastor Mario. Thank you.

  2. Amen and Praise God for this Ministry that Never backs down from preaching truth and bringing the raw real message of Jesus Christ!
    Was wondering if this will be Live streamed in any way maybe through the Church website since i’m not able to attend living in New York State. Also any gatherings or events week of Christmas? My family and I looking for a fiery ministry to spend our vacation time! Thanks! Pray Hoky ghost comes like never before!! Amen!

  3. Praised God! ..I remember over 15 years ago while I was going through a time of recovery from back surgery.
    I was asleep and I would keep my t.v. on TBN..I was awakened by the voice of Mario Murillo speaking… He said, I want to tell you a story about a woman who went to bed and turn her light off, and many people perished..At that moment I sat up in my bed,,,thinking how could that happened. HE SAID, THAT WOMAN LIVED IN A LIGHTHOUSE…I began to cry…I knew he was talking to the spirit. Because I was tired and wanted to give up…That story encouraged me to keep shinning my light..Keep standing, Keep giving, and Keep Trusting God. From that word was confirmation to the word of God..The Lord had a plan for my life, and He used Mario to share that story at the right time and the right moment to encourage me to keep shinning my light. Amen .Psalms 119:105… .Isaiah 61:1- 3 ..Romans 8:28.. To God Be The Glory! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

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