He is at war with us.

The proof America is divine is she survived Obama.  The testament to his abomination is that she nearly didn’t.  He is on his way out so why should I bother to speak out about him anymore?  Here is the reason:

He hates America.  He hates Israel.  He hates Christians.  Those three statements are not my reasons for speaking out about him—in fact, they are bait to illustrate my first point.

People will savage those remarks.  They will tell me that I am lying.  They will boast that there is not a shred of evidence to support what I have said.  Aha!  There you have it…it’s the extreme delusion of Obama, the media and his followers that provoked me to write this.

Listen to him!  In the last days of his debacle.  Per him, he did nothing wrong.  He is the best president since Lincoln.  He did more to protect Israel than any other president.  He created millions of jobs.  He never lied.  He stabilized the Arab world.  He improved race relations in America.  He would have beaten Donald Trump.

The delusion that Obama did a good job—when he was far and away the worst president ever—is a threat to our future.   You see, Obama is not going to go away.  He will continue to make mischief because he is at war with us.   Now read what I said back in November of 2015.

He is at war with us.

By Mario Murillo  November 17th, 2015

The American pastor Saeed Abedini–held hostage by Iran was set to fly to freedom but they had to wait for another plane to arrive from America first.  That plane was most certainly carrying $400 million in cash sent from Obama to Iran.  There is also great reason to believe that money will end up in the hands of those who would destroy Israel and America.

In an interview about his release Saeed Abedini was asked, “Were they effectively waiting for the money to come in before they then let you take off?” He answered, “Yeah. They didn’t talk about money. They just told us about the — they told me about the plane. … So, the reason that they said you’re here in the airport is — was just because we are waiting for another plane.”

The Wall Street Journal says “But U.S. officials also acknowledge that Iranian negotiators on the prisoner exchange said they wanted the cash to show they had gained something tangible.

How can this be happening without criminal charges?  Because the White House has rigged the system. Obama is at war with us.  Hillary will continue his war on us.

However, this article is not about Obama. He is mentioned in it.  He is accused in it—he is the villain of it—but it is not about him.  This article is about you and me.  It is about facing the most horrible fact—we have had to face—since the Civil War.

The man who occupies the White House is at war with us.  He is not at war against ISIS.  He is not at war against black poverty.  He is not at war against unemployment.  He is not at war against anything that threatens you.  He is at war with you.

The man who has the most power over Americans is actively working to destroy Americans.  That is a bitter pill to swallow—but swallow it we must.

But how do I convince you that he is at war against us?  I struggled with this for a long time. Then I found an analogy that explains Obama’s destructive style.  He acts like a man that has murdered his wife and is trying to cover it up.

The husband is always the first suspect—no matter what.  Detectives use a different set of eyes than you and I.  The adoring faithful husband is defended by family, friends and neighbors.  He has the perfect alibi.  He has no history of violence.

However, the police will not rule him out if he begins to act strangely.  Say, he shows little sense of loss.  He talks more about himself than he does his dead wife.  If she is missing, he seems to be going through the motions of trying to find her.

Obama’s reaction to the mass murder in Paris is a perfect example.  It is the same, tired, brain-numbing non response to terror.  He is sorry, but not really.  He keeps up the appearance of a caring husband who—having done away with his wife—feigns sorrow.   He has done this after every terror attack.


Sherlock Holmes said, “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”   When you eliminate the impossible about Obama here is what is left: He is motivated by hate.  He hates America.  He hates Christianity.  He hates Israel.

All of his policies carry this one universal criterion: How much it will damage the people I hate.  Use that formula and all of the lights will suddenly go on.  He blocks energy independence, a secure border, a jobs program or anything else that would better our lives.

His foreign, environmental, economic, immigration, and educational, policies fail by design—not incompetence.  He ruined our healthcare; enflames racial division; foments student unrest, and endangers the lives of police officers by design.

He bullies Israel but gives billions to her mortal enemies.

Here is what is really chilling: Even after it was proven that the killers in Paris were Syrian refugees, he will still force us to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees. Is he actually working toward terrorism here at home?

His zeal to end America Israel and Christianity is so great—I seriously believe he would wreak havoc—declare martial law, stay in office beyond his current term—to finish the job.

If you are a true Christian and you want to stop Obama…then stop doing these things:

1.Stop denying that he is at war against you and your children’s future. Face it! How can you do what Christ wants you to do against this evil if you will not admit the evil?

We cannot stop Obama unless we face the fact that he is at war with us. All God-fearing, freedom-loving people must unify against him.  The unity and resolve required to stop him can come only after we face the ugly truth.

2. Quit saying all we need to do is pray.   No one ever prayed like Jesus.  No one ever understood prayer Like Jesus.  No one valued prayer like Jesus.  And yet, He did not just pray.  He went forth in the power of the Spirit.  He rebuked the king—He turned over the tables of the money changers and He verbally blistered the Pharisees.  He did not just pray—He acted on His prayers.

Well,of course we need to pray. I intercede daily.  But to say that all we should do is pray is a cop out.  If you believe that the sole response to Obama should be prayer then you are doing a disservice—not only to America—but to prayer.   Prayer always ends in acts of obedience.

In Acts 4:29 Peter prayed “Lord look on their threats and grant to your servants that with all boldness we may speak Your Word.”  Try this the next time you pray—Ask for boldness and guidance.  Ask to know your place in stopping the war on Israel, Christianity and everything that made America great.  After you pray…you have to take a stand.

slander3. Stop supporting Christian compromise. Why your pastor refuses to preach against the crimes of Obama is not the question—why you still attend that church is the question.

 (Special note: I do not believe that the Sunday pulpit should be a constant flow of tirades against Obama.  It should be well-placed and relevant to the instruction of the people.  It should be done to inform believers about why we believe what we believe so they can answer the persecution of the culture.   What I am saying is that it is odd if you do not know where your pastor stands on these issues.)

Your time, talent and money should not be going to the compromised church.  Shift your support. Begin to strengthen the arm of those who are risking all to oppose this tyrant.

4. Stop abusing love. It is not hateful to oppose Obama—it is love. To be silent in face of hatred is hatred itself.  When we remain silent we do not practice love; we hate God’s Word; we hate holiness; we hate truth; we hate sacrifice and courage.

Stop worrying about what millennials think.  Stop worrying about our public persona.  When the truth comes out a grateful generation will thank us for intervening against destruction.

5. Quit saying “I am not going to do anything because it won’t make any difference.” Revivals can be traced to a single person. Do not say that great movements cannot begin with small groups in unpromising circumstances.  Indeed, that is exactly how all great movements have been born.

You have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.  You cannot waste one more moment in fear or self-pity.  God can take your simple prayer and willingness and add His amazing power and wisdom to your endeavors.

What if God has been waiting a hundred years for you to come along—discard fear and doubt—take up the sword of the Lord—and plunge it into the heart of darkness?

27 thoughts on “He is at war with us.

  1. Thank you for your boldness in speaking the truth , it is hard to find in churches today and you sure won’t see it in the media and the GOP have failed to reign him in.

    1. I have been on this earth 83 years. I never dreamed America would sink this low. I am so glad to read what was said in this article because I have felt the same way. It is not a popular way to feel; I am a Bible Believing Christian. It is so obvious to me what was happening to America. The Liberals do not see it. To me. it looks like God gave America one more chance to get it right by the way the vote went. I feel God plans to use Donald Trump. It is going to take a strong man to go up against what has happened to America. If Hillary became President, our Pastors would have been muzzled Our Christian way of life was almost gone already. I am blessed with a Pastor Who speaks the truth right out of the Bible. He would not have been able to preach the way he does. It would not have been politically correct. More Americans need to wake up and see the danger were are in thanks to Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the rest of the people who put America in this Position. Obama really showed his true colors when he went against Isreal straight on a couple of days ago. Desperate people to desperate things. He still has time to do America a lot more harm. I wish even more Americans would wake up. This is not going to be easy. We are fighting Evil at the highest level.

      1. Lucifer planted Obama to the WH to destroy this great Christian nation he hates Jesus and this Jesus loving nation must be destroyed
        God almighty heard our prayers and gave us Trump
        America fight the evil
        Accept Jesus as your God and Savior
        Repent and love your neighbors

  2. He is like the serpent,a liar! All he wants to do is destroy America. But that won’t happen if we pray and rise up my brothers and sisters! Great word!!

  3. Thank you for this Word and your Wisdom. I believe all that you say and urgent to pray against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Plead the Blood of Jesus to overcoming plans to declare martial law and agree that Peace Prevails. Confusion in the enemy camp. In Jesus Holy Name may God’s Mercy cover USA and Israel!

  4. It’ funny that I just got through talking to my son about this and came over to the computer and ran into your article. George Sorrus had a post saying Donald Trump was dangerous to the global movement. It’s so clear what Obama is doing that if anyone wants to know the truth, it’s right there for all to see. I agree with you Mario that what you said is going on. I have been wondering my self how to respond to Obama’s agenda to destroy America. I deliberately am trying to get more vocal. I have struggled greatly with the fact that Obama is being left in office to create more havic and problems for the US. I think it is a mistake to leave him in office. Question is somebody got to take action, but who? I keep wondering if there is anything Donald Trump can do to try to have him removed or bound by Congress. Don’t have the answers yet, but totally agree with you.

    1. Congress has been complicit even through all that Benghazi weapons deal to enemy entities.

      But his true colors are showing now… Dividing #Jerusalem

      YHWH Blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel.

    1. That was evident when he attended Wrights Church, additionally he has not gone to church more than a few times in the past 8 years but probably has an islamic prayer rug in the oval office.
      His true colors came out in my eyes 8 years ago, I don’t understand why people are finally becoming to see this now as it was so obvious when he began to campaign and those with whom he associated during school etc were malcontents who were anti govt.

  5. Hi just ԝanted to ցive үou a brief heads up and
    let you know a few of tɦe images aren’t loaԁing properly.

    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both shoա
    the same results.

  6. It’s on US. We have become an abomination. This must change… Now! January 20, 2017 is the beginning of an opportunity to turn this around under President Trump, who has clearly sounded a call for the restoration of this nation. We need to rise up and stand behind him!

  7. My sentiments exactly! We must expose the truth, even if it offends the masses. I believe the spirit of antichrist is operating in this man. He may or may not be the son of perdition, the Bible warns us about, but he sure is a front runner. This is truly more than a physical war on terror…this is warfare in the heavenly realms.

    1. Totally agree. I truly believe the spirit of the AntiChrist is using Obama as a means to an end. Afraid that even after Obama leaves office he will continue to hurt America, Israel, Christians and anyone that does not agree with his ideology,

    2. He is the son of perdition the antichrist the other is the man of sin the pope another antichrist Revelation13:1-10
      Revelation 13:11-17i don’t know who is the first beast who was mortally wounded in the head and healed and lived .Obama has a huge scar on his right side of his skull to his neck but the Pope supposedly was also struck in the head and heale which happened in ?1728? Prince William is antichrist and has a small scar past his forehead

  8. Fir 8 years I Witnessed the destruction of the America I Loved. This piece of garbage told the whole world his agenda. He stated the “change he so much needs must come from tranformation on the inside” transformation of America? Imagine a sitting president who told the world he want to change Anerica. Dangerious ideology

    1. Thank You so much for putting into words what I could not. I have had so many Christian friends try to shame me for wanting to speak out about Obama and his administration. I had a voice then and I have a louder voice now. Thank You and God BLess.

  9. Your exactly right and we as children of the most high God should take a stand and pray do not back down run the race that is set before us and fight the good fight of faith .

  10. Jesus is the Light of the word! Satan uses what and who he can to try to deceive us! God will always be victorious over sin and death! Americans must choose who they will serve! “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him, shall have everlasting life! John 3:16

  11. I felt very strange feeling when I first saw this devil about 8 years ago or maybe a little longer .I saw a devil when I looked this man and cold chills ran up my body and I mean the very scary kind you don’t forget . I feel lots of immoral things have happened in our country and I know he was behind all of it .A country that once was good and things made good sense . Now all that was good is suddenly bad ,our schools have brain washed our kids into being atheist which I blame him for .GOD has been removed from almost everything . Hillary Clinton actually able to stand up in front of a crowds of thousands and say we need to hide of Christian faith .Can someone tell me how was she was able to say this and get away with it . God had his plan for her all along and I have stayed true to my feelings and often wonder why all cannot see what I see . I have been called crazy and paranoid ,by people close to me ,but that does not bother me . I just want to know what is it going to cost us to get back to normal and how we are going to get rid of him . Did I mention my first opinion is usually right . My husband says don’t be silly ,but I have never changed my mind about him (Obama). I like many others feel like he is not going to go out easy ,but he will go with our prayers we have to stick together and pray Trump has a solution and I may be asking too much ,but I believe Donald Trump has a plan and we all have to keep the faith .We need to stand behind him all the way.

    1. I had the same feeling 8 years ago, Judith! Couldn’t understand why, but I do now. I agree with everything you have stated and agree that we need to pray, be more vocal and stand behind the new president, asking God to protect and defend him against any evil scheme plotted against him! Thank you!

  12. When I saw this devil as the key note speaker for the clintons ,I heard the word “evil”. I knew he would not be good for this country.

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