One thought on “yes-they-are-going-after-you

  1. Yes it has been happening for the last five years I was prophesied over at a place in Florida that I am definitely an evangelist and a warrior and there’s a lot of things that the Lord‘s been showing me but I haven’t quite known how to spread the message yet. So your messages are exactly on time it gives me encouragement to know i’m not the only one. Thank you so much and I’ve been spreading your revival meetings to all the people I know in California my son is a CHP lieutenant and we’re praying for him to get out of the San Francisco office. He’s got over 100 and some officers and sgt under him. I just keep praying for God‘s open door for him to get transferred near his family which is two hrs plus from the department. He goes through so much because of what’s been happening especially in San Francisco. Thank you for praying and standing in doing these tent revivals that are very powerful I have nieces and nephews in that area Also that need to hear your messages.

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