Heart to Heart: A few words about the attack you are under.


These are the most vicious attacks I have ever heard of. And they are not just happening to weak Christians—they are happening to well-known leaders.    I get prayer requests.   They are the most gut-wrenching I have ever read. It would not surprise me if you are locked in the battle of your life.  The times we live in are terrible enough but this is an added attack.

A few words about the attack you are under. 

By Mario Murillo

These are the most vicious attacks I have ever heard of. And they are not just happening to weak Christians—they are happening to well-known leaders.    I get prayer requests.   They are the most gut-wrenching I have ever read. It would not surprise me if you are locked in the battle of your life.  The times we live in are terrible enough but this is an added attack.

The flood of reports of these attacks put me on red alert.  I dove into intercession—searched the Word of God—reviewed the darkest moments of my life.   I tried to excavate treasure from my own victories in Christ.

I asked the Holy Spirit for understanding.  Slowly, the evil purpose unfolded.  We are dealing with an evil snake in a sprint because his time is short.  The attacks seemed to fit into three categories that match the way serpents attack in the natural. Here are the 3 most blatant attacks right now.

1.The serpent’s bite. You feel poisoned and gradually losing control of your body and mind. Fearful images flood your mind. You reel under a cloud of confusion. You are exhausted. The least demand of your day can drain you. You may find yourself crying and unable to explain your emotions.  You are gripped with paralyzing feelings of dread and sense disaster is just around the corner.

2.The serpent’s squeeze. This attack came out of nowhere and changed your life in an instant. You feel like you are suffocating. You want to scream but your voice is trapped within you. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

The goal of this attack is panic.  The enemy wants you to do something rash.  The devil wants you to abandon your place in God.  He wants to deceive you into allowing permanent damage.

3. The serpent’s claws: This attack tears people apart. For silly reasons, people take offense. Disagreements escalate and kill relationships. Marriages are breaking up over trivial matters.  Churches are splitting over stupid issues.  Children are turning on their parents without warning.  Lifelong friends turn into worst enemies bent on each other’s destruction.

Here are a few words about what you must do about these attacks.

The Holy Spirit kept saying, “Learn how to react to your attack.”  Jesus made it very clear to me that even though I cannot choose what attacks I will face—I can choose the result.

My victory was tied to my reaction.  I know that sounds simplistic but reaction is the key.  It kept coming over and over…react, react, and react. Then it turned into REACT, REACT, and REACT!  Finally, it was R.E.A.C.T.   An acronym for 5 life changing words: REMEMBER—ENFORCE—ABANDON—CONTINUE—TRAIN.   Take these steps to stop these vicious new attacks and launch an effective counterattack!

Remember!  You must remember the amazing victories of your past and how you won those battles.  You must remember how God delivered you in the past.   Psalm 20: 7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the Lord our God. Nehemiah 4:14 says “remember the awesomeness of God and fight…”

You must remember what God has prepared for your future. Romans 8:18 “the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed in us.”   All you want to do now is to get relief from the raging storm.  Satan wants you to forget two things: your legacy and your destiny. 

Enforce! Things are not what they seem.  Satan is the master of disguise.  Our enemy kills through special effects.  Bending reality is his stock and trade. The goal of his smoke and mirrors is to get you to accept disaster.  He cannot kill you—but he can use panic to get you to harm yourself.  Reject the panic and enforce the panic on him.

Abandon! In every attack there is something you must abandon, something that you are holding onto that is actually holding onto you.  You may want something bad to happen to someone else.  You may be clinging to a destructive relationship. Forgive your enemy; cut of the parasites, lighten your load so that you can attack with speed and clarity.  Someone or something is no longer supposed to be in your life. T.D. Jakes said, “Their part of the story is over, let them go.”

Continue! You are under attack because you did something that Satan wanted stopped.  Continue to do what he does not want you to do.   Your victory is tied to your intention to do more than you did before.  Look at Peter.  He was beaten for the healing of the man at the gate beautiful and ordered not to preach about Jesus.  What was his reaction? To pray for boldness to preach and for more miracles! Acts 4:29,30 Lord behold their threats and grant unto your servants that with all boldness we may preach Your word while You stretch out your hand to heal and let signs and wonders be done in the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

Train:  2 Corinthians 2: 11 “lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.”  Paul is saying that what he learned from past attacks made him wiser against new attacks.  Learn from this and train for future attacks.  General Patton said, “no amount of courage will avail against an educated bullet. ” He was talking about the urgency of training.  We must become an educated bullet!  Ask yourself, what did I learn from the attack?  What pitfalls am I going to avoid next time?  What weakness in me does the enemy use to get in and disrupt my life? What will I do now to keep friendships strong, my body healthy, my children safe, my marriage loving and my money secure against future assaults?

R.E.A.C.T. !

24 thoughts on “Heart to Heart: A few words about the attack you are under.

  1. yes thank you I am learnning, been fighting him long enough to figure out some thing’s, I know some of his trick’s and device’s, I recognize some of his old trick’s, the key is stay in prayer and close to the Lord, he even showed me yesterday in a vision that the enemy wanted my grandson, and the battle was on, we just can’t afford to let our guard down even for a minute, but thank you for sending this out, your right he tryies it all, we just have to stay close to the Lord where he cn warn us and learn what the enemy has done before and counter react on him in prayer. but he is trying real hard, but some of don’t have any desire to go back, just forward, and we will march on. Be Blessed brother and thank’s even had a dream with snakes biteing me, and some one watching not helping me at all just watching, like they were waiting for me to fall over deqd but I didn’t.

    1. Yes I to have been under extreme attacks with anxiety it has happened before so I’m no choirboy to say the least. I just stay in the word and in prayer constantly in an attitude of Prayer, is what it takes. David said: I set the Lord before me always we must Never taking our eyes off of the cross of Christ Jesus. Being single-minded and never double-minded looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith that is our only hope.

  2. We have His armor and we can see the unseen at work. In that place, we no longer take offense but pray for the ‘enemy’ who is the tool of Satan. We have an arsenal of weapons in the Word that can be used to fight back, resist and regain what was stolen.

    Thank you for this post, God bless you for being obedient to share these insights with us. gracie

  3. Truly a WORD for now. I got the same message about those of us being attacked being a threat to the enemy, and we are not to shrink back. We are learning more about the enemy ‘s tactics. So, he’s actually shooting himself in the foot. Thanks again Mario for your encouragement

  4. It is time for us to become the overcomers that populate the Kingdom. We are at war, and must put our armor on, just as important in the spiritual realm as getting dressed every morning. And we need to lay our lives down and ask for His perfect will for our day, recognizing that satan will use condemnation and insinuation to deflate us, but that we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. The battle is the Lord’s, and we also need to trust that He will bring us through it, stronger, and with even more of a witness for reaching out to others.

  5. Hi, just wanted to get clarification on a word. You have in the 3rd paragraph – “We are dealing with an evil snake in a SPRINT”. Is that supposed to be “spirit”? I just want to read that sentence correctly. Thanks!

  6. It is true that there were those in the Nominal Church at large who woke up to the fact that Hillary Clinton had to be stopped even if it meant voting for Donald Trump, however, a high percentage of those who voted for the Donald did not recognized the call of God on Donald Trump’s life. It is not just a question of supporting Donald Trump as a type of Cyrus to help overthrow and bring down Natural Babylon with their Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Socialistic, Globalist Agenda making a way for the establishing of God’s Kingdom on the earth it also has to with God’s dealings and Judgments of Spiritual Babylon the Nominal Church at large is Spiritual Babylon.

    The good old boy network in the Nominal Church is not much different then the good old boy network in the Whitehouse. The Nominal Church at large is not much different then those in the World. It is time to drain the swamp in the Nominal Church at large. It is not only Natural Babylon that is being judged and brought down it is Spiritual Babylon and the leaders who have been keeping God’s people in a perpetual state of immaturity keeping them bound and suppressed that are going to be judged. Jesus cannot find a place to lay his Head (Governments) in his own House with Leaders using others to build their own Little Kingdoms. In many cases what began in the Spirit ended up in the Flesh (Self-Serving).

    Even though there are many in the Nominal Church who voted for Donald Trump preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming our President which would have been a disaster there has not been any true repentance in the Nominal Church at large. The Spirit that was poured out during the so called renewal with the Laughing Gospel with people barking like dogs, roaring like Lions shaking and jerking like spastic was an Anti-Anointing, Anti- Christ Spirit it was not the Spirit of God. Antiochus Epiphanes defilement of the Holy Place in the Natural Temple was a Natural Type of the Holy Place (Charismatics) in God’s Spiritual Temple being defiled with Satan setting himself up in God’s Spiritual Temple (Naos) trying to take the Place of Christ in the Temple of God. Leaders in the Charismatic Churches supporting Pope Francis is no different than supporting Barack Obama with his Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Socialistic, Globalist Agenda.

  7. Thanks for this insightful word, Mario! The warfare you describe has been like so much of what has hit me, not just real recent,but for a few years. I got a dream from the lord in which I was walking in my house towards the door and found a ‘python’ in my path, got it by the neck to carry it out, then spotted a smaller white python also in my house, got it by the neck, squeezed both of them to where they couldn’t breathe and carried them out the house…that’s not the whole thing but, I’d literally been waking up for the last maybe year or so, hearing my own spirit groaning aloud. Have felt like I couldn’t breathe. the Lord showed me the enemy has been trying to ‘choke the life out of me’, I’m in some personal attack I won’t say here, but the enemy meant it for my destruction and to ruin the call of God on my life and to get me to give up. I got hit again in a wreck, got my neck hurt, now the 9th wreck over so many years. The enemy hated that I was out to win the lost in the inner city and to make a difference. He hates that. He hates soulwinners. He is exposed now for what he’s up to. thanks for your clarity on this. It confirms what the Lord’s been showing me of this warfare! God bless you!

  8. Thank you so much for this article! You wouldnt believe my story. Love, Laura Lee Head  Sent from my Galaxy Tab® A

  9. Thank you for writing this. I had a sucker punch from the enemy that left me dazed and winded. This was CPR for my spirit- my energy and joy are back!! God bless you, Mr. Murillo and keep up the good fight!
    Ps- I was at Power & Love in Bakersfield in November right after the election. The impact of that, listening to you speak, and what I experienced put a fire in my spirit like never before! We have been blessed to take back our promise land and to CORRECTLY steward our youth. Let’s do it!!

  10. Brother Mario,

    First of all, as contributors, we desire to thank the Crouch family & TBN, if it was not for their obedience, sacrifice and willingness we would not have known you for 30 years. We sincerely respect and love them all and miss Jan & Paul much.

    We have walked with Him over 30 years and have had some very challenging and learning seasons.

    Your word is worth more than money, its exactly where we are at!. It’s a testament to your faithfulness. You just don’t receive truth like you penned unless you have paid a price. We thank you for your steadfastness.

    Much love and respect, thank you for the understanding.

  11. Thanks for sharing this I have been having all kinds of Attacks Family Marriage beige under verbal and physical Abuse Relationships Finances Health Emergency Surgery fighting the Python Spirit Church Rejection and attacks much much more I have been in the hospital since October and November I was transferred to a Rehabilitation Center and I am still here recovering it is soreal PLEASE KEEP ME IN PRAYER WITCHES AND WARLOCKS IN CHURCH TRYING TO DESTROY MY LIFE.

  12. Dear Mario,
    Thank you for your prophetic insight! No words can discribe what I am going through with Anxiety, fear& attacks on my family! I am clinging to the Lord in prayer, praise, reading His Word& remembering& quoting his promises! I am an interecessor & have prayed like never before during this past election ! I am praying for the yoke destroying anointing of God!!! The Fire & the Glory of God!!! Amen

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