Bob Klen was dying from a rare form of leukemia.  Doctors said he had a 20% chance to survive.  He sat in the back with his son and then something happened—something that would change everyone who was there forever.
It happened on a Sunday in 2004 at New Life Church in Houston, Texas.  I was preaching a message called the Radical Middle.    Bob had come for an uplifting word.  He had just gotten devastating news.   This was not the sermon he was looking for.
The news that shattered his life was that chemo did not work against the rare form of leukemia that was killing him.   His doctors referred him to alternative medicine at M.D. Anderson.  This grim news was a double hit.  Not only were his options down to nontraditional methods but his insurance would not cover the massive cost of his treatment.
He came to church with his son under the weight of this news.   The video will tell you what happened next.  Watch the video.  You should not deny yourself an amazing experience.  Also, please share this post!  All of the Glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ.


5 thoughts on “WHEN THIS HAPPENED

  1. Praise God!!! The Pure Live if Jesus Christ on display for all to see and hear…….”oh taste and see that the Lord is Good” ….”trust in Him and lean not on your own understanding… His Compassions they fail not
    ….Jesus Christ ….the Author and Finisher of our Faith ..Is..the Same..Yesterday, Today and Forever….all Honor and Glory to Him forevermore …great is His Faithfulness!!!Selah….

  2. again praise God, and thank you Mario for being obedient to the Great Healer for letting him know before he took any of those meds!!! please… could you let me know who you sat next to in first class on that plane and God told you to NOT TALK TO HIM!!!???

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