You’re salivating at the thought of throwing Trump out of office.  Be careful what you wish for.  You are truly in a lose-lose situation.
Let me say upfront—I want Donald Trump to remain president.  I believe he will remain president…and then some.
I know, I know…some Christians are wringing their hands at all the drama going on right now.  But I am at total peace.  These histrionics are simply proof of two things: President Trump is not a politician; and no one knew the monsters that would crawl out as the swamp was being drained.
Trump is impulsive?  In a zombie apocalypse, you must act fast!
So, go ahead and dump him.  Bring to power the most committed Christian who has ever been president.
Don’t get me wrong I respect Donald Trump, I believe he is a man of faith, but I might not crown him theologian of the year.  Mike Pence, on the other hand, knows the Bible well.  He will take a strong stand for godly principles.
He is even more socially conservative than Donald Trump.   Mike Pence is stronger on abortion, marriage than Trump.  For social progressives, this is exit frying pan enter fire.
The new MAGA would read Make America Godly Again.
 And if you think you can throw him out of office with the tactics you use on Donald Trump, consider the Mike Pence temperament.  He is calm, measured, listens before he speaks, uses few words and leads a squeaky clean personal life.  He is the yellow journalist’s worst nightmare.
I can’t wait for Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon to try to tell us what an evil person Mike Pence is.
Remember the vice-presidential debate?  Recall how he reduced Tim Kaine to a caterwauling infant.  The more Mike stayed calm, the shriller Kaine became.  It looked like a school principal talking to a hysterical junior higher.
Instead of the zingers from Trump (which I love) you will get the rational, considered opinion that demolishes stupid questions. (Which I also love).  You really want that?
Mike Pence also has bi-partisan support—even from those that disagree with his convictions.
Left-wing God haters rest between the proverbial rock and a hard place.  For those who want one nation under God Mike Pence is an answer to prayer.
However, Trump is also an answer to prayer.  He is the wrecking ball to corruption in both Democrats and Republicans that we so desperately needed.  Late news bulletin:  Trump will not be impeached or thrown out of office.  Donald Trump will fulfill his destiny.
However, the thought of a president Mike Pence gives me a glorious feeling.  The feeling is called win-win.



  1. Thank you Mario for being an encouragment.
    I dont know if trump policy will be implimented but at least we have time to preach and reach souls.
    God bless

    1. YES!!

      IT is a WIN WIN…Do know why?

      Because God is ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS

      BE in

      CONTROL!!! Praise God!

  2. Pence is spineless, that’s why trump picked him. It’s obvious Trump does not want any strong leaders around him as it compromises his fragile ego.

    1. The secretary of defense is spineless? I would pay to see you tell him that to his face. We could never ask for a better leader than that man.

    2. Meekness is not weakness. Mike Pence has more strength and guts in his little pinky then you have in any part of your being if I am judging by your tongue and comment. Takes strength to be Holy takes strength to hold your tongue and not say the obvious takes strength to profess God and live a Godly life. Obviously more then YOU KNOW

    3. You just keep believing that and we are going to just keep winning with PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP or NEXT PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE! I do like winning!

      1. You just keep believing that and we are going to just keep winning with PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP or NEXT PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE! I do like winning! My comment is meant for barry.

    4. “Still waters run deep.” Don’t misjudge Pence’s calm exterior with weakness. He gets his strength from G- d which knows no bounds. And this strength will show when everything else is falling apart. Take this to the bank, liberal.

  3. Hmm, my husband kept telling me in the beginning about Mike Pense. I kept telling him , baloney . Man, I don’t want to tell him this!

  4. Well said, Trump is the hand of God. It’s a great opportunity from God for a great sweep of revival not just in the US but around the globe.

    Let’s reach with love even to the God haters.

  5. Thank you for sharing. The first time I heard your preaching was with Jan and Paul on their PTL program. Awesome to see. We need more preachers to cover our President in prayer. Where is every one?

  6. President Trump has nothing to worry about. He is under heavy attack from Satan who is trying everything in the book to discredit him. He’s mad!..He does not want this nation to be one Nation under God again! But Glory to God. God has Mr. Trumps back! God has a special anointing on him that can not be touched by anything or anybody. It may even seem for a moment that Mr. Trump is going down. But God will use this man for our great nation!!!!!! SHOULD WE BE PRAYING..? Why yes of course! I come against the spirit of darkness and bind every attempt on President Trumps office. I pray in faith that he already has the “VICTORY” even if he does not know it…In Jesus blessed and all knowing name I pray amen!…….Well glory! Onward Christian Soldiers!!!!!

    1. God has a way of empowering the greatest bait a d switch’s in history. Joseph eas sold into slavery and ended up ruling Egypt, Ester and Ruth both saved a nation, The people responsible for having Daniel thrown into the Lions Den ended up being eaten by lions. And then there is Jesus… just how are those Sadjucees workin’ out for ya there…

      I beleive Obama, in the end, will have more to fear than Trump. But if all this had not happened, the Special Council would never have been appointed… Invest in popcorn!

  7. I am extremely anti religion, however, having Pence as president doesn’t scare me. Intelligence, ethics and an ability to cross partisan lines makes for a stronger America. Although I am disgusted with the Rights ideology of quantity of life over quality, of imposing a belief system on a supposedly free society, I still would rather Pence over the psychopath currently abusing presidential power to enrich a few while destroying safety nets designed to give all Americans, including future generations, that promise of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    1. Haha, again someone else confusing Obama with President Trump. Everything you say about President Trump is projecting on to him what Obama actually did.

    2. Please give more specifics. I am interested in this. 1) In what ways has he abused presidential power? 2) how has he enriched “a few”? 3) Hasn’t he brought quite a few jobs back to middle America? I know the mainstream media has not done much reporting on this, but I am quite sure he has. 4) exactly what “safety nets” has he destroyed? And, I don’t mean Obama phones and welfare to people who refuse to work. I know many of those. I mean people who are truly in need. What has he done to hurt them? I hear things but like the Russian scenario, I hear nothing to back them up. Nothing. What do you know and where did you learn it? I would truly like to know!

      1. Some people on welfare REALLY NEED! My husband is disabled and I provide full time care to him, my mom as well as 4 year old twins! There is no “funding” or payment for what I do even though I save insurance company’s 1000’s of $$$ a month in home health care! I COULD hire all these aids and leave my lived ones in the hands of a stranger but, why should I have too? I am more than qualified to provide this care! Without food stamps my family would starve! In fact, even WITH them my family often runs out of food! I am willing to go hungry so others can eat…why aren’t all Christians? Didn’t God call us to support the weak? To feed the hungry?

    3. Brandi, I think it might surprise you to know that Jesus Himself is extremely anti religion, just like you!
      Religion always separates people from God and serves as a barrier to reaching God. What He said to the religious leaders of the day should make that clear: “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

      1. It is absolutely true that Jesus was against religion, and for good reason: religion is demonic. But we must be careful not to confuse religion with true Christianity. They are decidedly different.

    4. Brandi, we should all be anti-religion. You covered a smorgasbord of ideas here. God wants relationship with each of us, not robots, and His knowing human nature, we must have order in our lives. That order can be defined as truth. Ethics and morals are derived from a basic understanding of what is right and what is wrong. With respect for the thoughts you put into words, the essence of right and wrong, in short – truth – cannot change day to day. If truth is nothing more than a fluid thing that can change by human whim or by the one wielding power and authority, then everything is meaningless and there is no hope. It’s ok to disagree and find fault…but, it is good to consider the ‘why’ of everything. Know why you believe what you say. Opinion carries weight, but not necessarily the truth or the facts of a matter. Many blessings to you.

    5. I am a Christian and can not understand why Christians support Trump. I would have Pence anytime although I do not agree with many of his policies. I just would like a decent person leading our country. Trump is anointed? Wow!

  8. Right on Mario! I first heard you speak at Southern California College. I was a student there from 1969-1973 and during those years you spoke numerous times at our chapel services. Your passion and heart for serving our Lord profoundly inspired me and our student body. What a blessing you continue to be….Thankful for you! Les B.

  9. I want to leave it the way it is. May the Lord bless them👏🙏💝 They are doing a great job. Let God in control and it is a better world🙏🙏🙏

  10. God is definitely in control in this country for such a time as this. Thank you Lord. President Trump is our president and the hordes of hell cannot stop him.

  11. That’s exactly what the Holy Spirit told me in prayer yesterday about Mike Pence this is an awesome time and I will continue praying for President Trump and his administration. Jeremiah 1:19.😇

  12. Praise God for confirming Gods word that I have received and claim in Jesus Nane daily for our President Trump and VP Pence, cabinet and all family members, including God’s chosen men & women who are his council! God bless and let’s keep on keeping on! Hallelujah!

  13. Best article written since Trump was elected, and the truest. I stated before the elections, that I would not support another establishment republican candidate for president. That is why I supported Trump from the beginning. The corruption is locked in, from both sides. Only an outsider could break it up, and that is only if he survives it.

  14. So glad to hear you still preaching the truth! The first time I heard you preach was 35 years ago at Calvery Temple Church in Irving, Texas. As a result of your message, my 14 year old daughter went forward and was born again. We are forever indebted to you for bringing the message that forever changed her destiny!

  15. Did you know there is a presidential comment line that anyone can call to let the POTUS know you have his back and are praying for him and his administration? 202-456-1111

      1. I believe atheists claim not to hate God Sherrie but deny His existence; although justification for this ideology (atheism) can develop or stem from hatred towards the God you deny.

  16. Just listened to Neut explain what Trump inherited when he got to Washington. “98% of the Justice Dept voted for Hillary. 97% of the State Dept voted for Hillary.” I don’t know how they determined those numbers, but I do know 93% of DC voted for Hillary. That’s the swamp Trump inherited when he got to Washington. Add 90% plus of the media that opposes Trump, and that should give us a great understanding of the spiritual warfare we’re in, and the battle that lies ahead!

    1. Wow! Can you tell me where you got these stats? I knew that it was severely weighted against him, but I had no idea it was this bad! What do you know about the “shadow government”?

  17. Hi Mario! We have followed you over these years! So glad to read your comments about our President & Vice President. Awesome!! Thank you!

  18. I really like Mike Pence as Vice-President, but the one who is able to MAGA is Donald Trump right now. after, yes, we can elect Pence

  19. Interesting. First time that I’ve read the comments completely through. Thank you, Mario, for an excellent article. Everyone please pray for Trump – Pence.

  20. sure believe that God had a hand in Donald Trump becoming our President. Even after all the lying and cheating the left did and the news media being against him it looked like there was no way he could win. With God all things are possible.

  21. I honestly expect Trump to win in 20-20..amidst amazed haters who dont realize how they prooved Donald was well worth the vote..and Then..i expect Mike Pence to Run..not only Win..but win in a huge margin..twice.
    We need The Old American Republic foundations put back in place, a strong Business hand to balance the budget and shrink our Behomoth , over reaching government..and Mike Pence, Sir Mike Pence, to run for Conservative Moral Issues.We can and will return to being a Truly Godly Nation.
    I think the down fall of of Progressives (Liberals), pending and They dont even realize how close it really is.They are barking mad and are grasping , reaching desperately for control.They have already lost. The roots are being cut..sit back and watch their Weed die over the next 12 years.

  22. I was worried that my granddaughter would die a few years back and you spoke over her that she was going to be around for quite a while (not sure of exact words). You were right on she is alive and well. Thanks for that encouragement years ago.

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