You take the victories God gives you.  My primary care physician thought I had bursitis of the hip.  “I am referring you to a sports medicine doctor to get a cortisone shot and you will feel better fast.”  

So I went.  Something bothered the next doctor. Why wasn’t I feeling pain when he pushed on the hip joint.  But went he bent the leg outward I screamed. “This feels more like a stress fracture.”  That meant 6 weeks of lying immobile and then rehab.  So much for our World Convention.

He takes X-rays.  X-rays can’t see many stress fractures.  This one didn’t.  “You need a cat-scan.”

Two more days of night and day pain.  My wife and assistant take me  in the car with seat almost flat.  Wheelchairs and crutches increase my pain.  I must walk slowly with my arm on somebody.

Mechelle goes in the hospital while we wait in the car.  She explains to the front desk that I cannot stand or sit.  I can only lie down. The front desk manager assures her I can walk directly to the cat-scan table.  However, some devil got on her.  When I finally made it inside seconds away from collapsing with pain.  She insisted rudely that more signatures are required. 

I dove to the floor in front of everybody.  Somehow, doing that speeds things up. The two nicest nurses came to my rescue.  I am on the hard table gritting my teeth during the scan and finally it is over. We go home with still no relief.

Someone suggested in a Facebook comment that I repent.  Believe me, lying there in the dead of night with no position that relieves the agony—you repent of everything.  I even repented for my ancestors—whoever they are.

Back to the sports medicine doctor with the cat-scan results.  He looks and looks and says there is no fracture.  That was yesterday.  Where did it go?  Was it there and the prayers of so many were answered?  That would not surprise me. You take the victories God gives you and build on that.

He kept telling me this is good news.  I can get a cortisone shot now.  So give it to me! He can’t, he doesn’t have an ultra-sound machine.  I am thinking,  that’s why I was sent here in the first place!

“I am referring you to a doctor who is a specialist in these things.”  Code for “we don’t know what’s wrong with you.”  Back to square one.

I can walk better.  There are even times now where the pain subsides to a dull ache.  There you have it.  You take the victories God gives you.  You worship Him.  You thank Him.  

Mechelle and I want to thank the host of people who took time to tell us they are praying.  As I said before…there is no version of this where the enemy wins.


  1. I pray you are already healed and a child of God. Any and all assignments against you are cancelled and peace reigns in your body. The blood of Jesus covers over you. In the blessed name of Jesus i pray. Praise His Holy Name.

    On Feb 9, 2018 5:31 PM, “Mario Murillo Ministries” wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “You take the victories God gives you. My > primary care physician thought I had bursitis of the hip. “I am referring > you to a sports medicine doctor to get a cortisone shot and you will feel > better fast.” So I went. Something bothered the next docto” >

  2. I know how it feels to be in a wheelchair and completely ignored and being in so much pain, waiting for someone to help me. Still to this day how I made it there on my own idk. The 24 hour headaches and vomiting, and when the director of that unit caught wind that someone was next and that was me, he told me later that when he looked at me I looked totally unrecognizable and did every test you can imagine, and didn’t know what was wrong wirh me and then the Lord told me to ask the Director of that hospital, can you do an UTI? They did that test, they were fearing I had tuberculosis. 7 days later God completely healed me. I thought I was going home to be with the Lord. Is it no wonder that studying the book of Revelation through Bible study fellowship international during that time, that the devil wanted to wipe me out? That happened in 2016. Hold on Mario! God got this! Last year my chiropractor told me that my xrays show that my lower spine looks like a 21 year old. And swimming was my passion.

  3. Thank God it’s better bro. some people need to repent for telling sick people they need to repent, the fact is we have and enemy, who attack’s the one’s who are a threat to him, it’s as simple as that. Be Blessed bro. it is sad to have to go through all that mess, but that’s Dr. and nurse’s today.

  4. It takes a humble heart to take criticism when you hurt so very badly….praying for those folks so your deliverance will be complete…kinda like Job! 🕊

  5. Glory to God.
    Brother Mario, this I know about pain. When there is no known ” etiology” or the
    Why of the pain, it is clearly an attack from the enemy.
    Have had pain like this since seeking Him with all my heart, strength and soul.
    Only now I know it is the enemy, and immediately call the enemy out. ‘ spirit of pain leave my body now! in The Name of Jesus’ or in the middle of the night when it becomes unbearable and awakens me ‘ Jesus, Jesus Jesus’ and the pain subsides and I am asleep pronto.
    My annual exams are always great, yet I do not mention the pain episodes because I know there will be no known cause after all the diagnostics they can use.
    Rejoice Brother, if you were not in the will of God, you would be left alone, and all would be OK.
    As long as we do His will, we will be attacked. But the Lord God gives us the Power in The Name JESUS.

  6. Oh I hate that devil! But we love our Wonderful Healer Jesus, and having done all to do, we pray and we rest and we thank Him for the victories He gives us, as you said.
    I will send a donation to the ministry immediately, and assure you of my intercessory prayer continuing. Thank you so much, Mario for your transparency, you are a true mighty man of God and this will prove to be a huge testimony. God bless you in the midst of your soon to end pain, like now would be good!
    I was mentored by Ed Klein of Portland, OR, do you remember him? God bless you and your wife, and the ministry that will not suffer for this attack, no it will prosper in miraculous ways.
    Love in Him,
    Rosemary Zoucha

  7. As a PT there are certain things we look for that require further testing. Night pain is one of them. I’m not saying God hasn’t healed you, but if you continue to have pain, please ask for an MRI or get bloodwork to rule other things out. I know the enemy will use whatever he can to stop us, especially when the harvest is so ripe. Will continue to lift you up in prayer and trust the Lord to guide you.
    Father God, we trust you for the victory in overcoming this trial that has hampered the work you have placed before Mario to do. We know that all things work together for good for those that live you, so we know you have a plan and a purpose for all that is taking place right now. But we lift him and his family up to you, to guide and direct their steps, to follow your voice and for healing of Mario’s body, For by your stripes we are healed. Thank you for your healing, your love and guidance and the security of knowing that You are victorious in all things. In Jesus’ mighty name we ask and pray.
    Thank you for all the wonderful messages that have inspired and changed the lives of so many. Good bless you.

  8. praying for you Pastor you have the victory if he healed my husband has stage 4 throat cancer he will heal you he’s no respecter of person pray for you and your beautiful wife Michelle and the family you’re right take the victories as you can always give praise I learned that from you God bless

  9. God BLESS you Mario! With health, pain free HEALTH!
    For sure, if the enemy can’t mess up our hearts and minds – our faith, he will try to take out our physical bodies! But he’s a fool, because the Lord gave His life for our physical health, too!!
    Don’t stop believin!
    (I’m not quoting Scripture because I’m sure you know them better than I do!)
    Love in Christ, Mario ~
    Teresa from Kalona, Iowa

    Sent from my iPad

  10. Jesus is with you and Mechelle!
    Don’t listen to ignorance…I pray for that person that said that cause they’re the ones that make good Christians look bad. I’m keepin you and your wife and crew in my prayers daily❣️

  11. Dear Mario Murillo, I have loved your Voice of Truth in the world, and that is why this comment.
    Jesus taught and preached, but he also healed. I’ve been cast away by my earth family and church family bcuz I don’t go to doctors or take medicine and post miracles on my fb page. it’s not a popular message and doesn’t draw crowds, but rather, draws persecution, reproach, scorn and taunting.
    and it’s not bcuz of good genes or just being naturally healthy. In fact, I got flu twice a year for 43 years before I found Jesus the Healer. flu.free 19 yrs now, thank you Lord.
    I’ve only one friend who is on the same page…though God is beginning to bring others. we have been in intercession a whole year, crying out to God to bring down Big Pharma…pharmakea (sorcery rev 18.23), idolatry of doctors and the spirit of mutilation…
    the Church only preaches half the gospel…our sins are forgiven. But Jesus says..which is easier to say, your sins are forgiven or rise and walk? The full gospel of Jesus Christ includes healings and miracles…
    the Church has run to chiropractors, massage, diet, exercise, vitamins, supplements, naturopaths, accupuncture, herbs, health food, and doctors..bought into the myriad of lies..the great research and intellect of man.
    they say, “well, there’s wisdom in taking care of your temple…Who’s in the temple? I need to work…Who’s your provider? I have to be able minister…Who enables you to minister? what am I supposed to do?” what voice is that? we know the voice of our good shepherd and the voice of another we do not follow. all things are possible with God…
    Some people say, “well, we’ll get our ultimate healing in heaven..no, healing is for here and now..the body isn’t important..it was to Jesus.
    ..well, God uses doctors and medicine…yes, for the unbelievers..but the Church has gone the way of the Gentiles becuz of fear, doubt and Unbelief.
    …How many great voices have been taken out by succumbing to the medical… Kim Clement, recently my pastor, Joe McIntyre. Carmen and Bill Johnson…surgery.
    Now you??
    The Lord said recently…LYING Symptoms and Pain come to reinforce the Sickness or Disease that is trying to come on you.
    Years ago, I was in excruciating pain, couldn’t bear it. 3am..before, i would go to get pain med, call 911, hospital, ER….But, in the middle of pain I cried out to God..ps.30…..and that night I drew a line in the sand…”Jesus, you’re my only option! I’m not going anywhere, not calling anyone..if I die, I die, but I’ll die Believing…
    I tell you the Truth. The pain left immediately. miraculous!
    over 3 yrs ago I got a cancer spore in my foot…big black crater larger than a quarter..getting worse and worse for 2 days. My foot swelled, toes red with infection.. puffing, spreading up to ankle.
    The devil was screaming..gangrene! diabetic foot! You need antibiotics! Cancer is spreading through your body!…lying scum.bucket devil!
    I propped it up on a pillow and said, “well God, what do I do? I’m not going anywhere. You’re my only option.
    in 5 days, the scab fell off and there was only baby smoothe skin.
    God heals every time…so many testimonies, memorial stones!
    my Friend saw stage 4 cancer go. Her Grandson was healed of cystic fibrosis..now a marine..strong and healthy.
    One thing I’ve observed…influences, the ones closest to us..are often the weapon of the enemy to take us out. there is a false belief that bcuz they love you, they must take care of you and get medical help. From whence cometh our Help?
    there is no victory unless God gets all the glory. we don’t settle for less than Jesus provided for. let him who has ears hear what the Spirit says.
    Jesus, the same yesterday, today, forever…heals you bcuz He has compassion for your suffering and He loves you so much.
    LYING Symptoms and Pain come to reinforce the Sickness or Disease that is trying to come on you.

  12. Mario

    We praise and thank You God. I am praying comtinuously for u and contacted people I knew to pray for u!! U came to Calvary church in San Jose 82 for many months and my HS friend was saved there. The Lord saved me and brought me into a lifetime of my own healing when I prayed for salvation there in November 82. He brought me thru much and turned my lifetime of trauma into my living and loving gift of service for Him. I cannot praise Him enough. Our Lord Jesus Christ freed me that year and I praise God for U too!!! I had found your inspiring blog last year when my pastor in Austin Tx reminded me of your name and knew of the revival there in San Jose. I long to see u help turn Austin to Jesus in person at one of the next revivals. The Lord has brought me and my husband and family much healing and loving support at CLC Austin. Our pastor Rex Johnson lives out his calling as a person who walks with Jesus And the Holy Ghost. He is a wonderful pastor and life changing preacher. We believe He and and our wonderful church family would be honored to host you in the future here in Austin. We are praying in Our Holy Lord Jesus Christ’s name for your complete healing; we lift up your wife Mechelle and your ministry team in Jesus name. We know the Lord is not done here. We Know that he loves you with all His heart and He has already defeated this attack from our enemy. He will use every area of your life to reach those in need including this time of healing from debilitating pain. He will use the heartless treatment u received in the ER to heal others who are suffering and who have been accused of only seeking drugs. He will use it all to bring the word of salvation to those who are in many more kinds of pain and are lost and don’t know any way out. There are many kinds of dependency but the one we all need is to you, our Lord Jesus Christ. We all need to know the breath and blood of Jesus Christ sustains is. We need Jesus as Lord and Savior. Thank you more times than u could know for coming and preaching the Word at Calvary Church in San Jose!! We r blessed to pray in Jesus Name for you, your wife and all your team. And we thank others who have left their amazing prayers. We have been so moved by these powerful prayer warriors.

  13. Sir, you may want to see a good chiropractor. A misalignment in your spine can throw just about anything out of wack.

  14. Thanks for your updates Mario . You made me laugh. Great stories from hospital ER . And the nurse Ratchet.. they never die cause they are devils . Praying for your full recovery and also for your darling wife . Caregivers need just as much prayer , if not more. Blessings today , Stacey Halecky .

    Sent from my iPhone


  15. I have been in this battle since last May, 2017. I KNEW it was a spirit. It is called”
    “terrible”. It is the Assyrian spirit, the rod in the back. Absolutely stand in repentance for your generations…..it breaks off the curse, as the Blood of Jesus speaks for you and your household at the Throne, and it silences the “avenger of blood.”
    Lifting you up. In Jesus Name.
    Our God Reigns!!!!!!!

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