Small churches: God’s secret weapon in the coming spiritual awakening

Why are they God’s secret weapon?   The answer lies in what happens when a nation gorges on sin.  Nothing can protect the sin sick soul from disgust, nausea, and the unholy hangover.
A convicted heart can reach the point where a slick church concert, outfitted with lights and fog, or a canned motivational spiel, can repulse them, just as much as the sin they are trying to escape.
A soul soaked in the sludge of our time, can yearn to collapse at a simple wooden altar, sob deep tears of remorse, and welcome the warm hand of a true pastor on their shoulder.
How can a small church be God’s secret weapon? I discovered how when I read something about the birth of Christ.  Matthew Henry said, “If the Son of God must be brought into the world, one might justly expect that he should be received with all the ceremony possible, that crowns and sceptres should immediately have been laid at his feet, and that the high and mighty princes of the world should have been his humble servants; such a Messiah as this the Jews expected, but we see none of all this; he came into the world, and the world knew him not; nay, he came to his own, and his own received him not.”
It was a token of their sin that the Jews believed such lavish pomp and circumstance would greet the birth of Jesus.  Are we no less wicked when we assume revival will be born  on gleaming campuses, amid varied enticements, extracted from the wisdom of fast food marketing?
We can miss the birth of an awakening just as much as they missed the birth of Christ.   America has many forgotten Bethlehems.  There are many hidden Mangers where revival can, and will be born.
Why the small church?  Maybe because a special brokenness dwells there.  Think of the couples who faithfully lead undersized churches. They have done all they know to do.  They have been called fools for passing on the gimmicks that might have grown their crowd.  They watched families leave them for the greener pastures of regional churches.
Sunday after Sunday, they sigh. and once again call up the courage to lead their people with integrity and patience.  They pray and see no great change.  However, God has shown me that when they least expect it the fire will fall.  A supernatural signal will go out.   And because they know no one but God did it they will leave their hand off of moving of the Holy Spirit.
Revival can come to any size church.  There is nothing wrong with a big church that got big the right way, and for the right reason.  And no church will stay small in revival.
Why is a small church God’s secret weapon?  Because it is the last thing Satan expects.  Even though he reads this, he will still be totally unprepared.



9 thoughts on “Small churches: God’s secret weapon in the coming spiritual awakening

  1. I think God is going to move mighty in Calf. I have told this before but I was trying to get the church to wake up, and I started home one night, and as I came to a church it looked like it was on fire, but as I got close, these were small churches, the fire was burning the top of the picnic area out back where they had sunday dinner’s, went on down the road nd another church same thing, I went home and called these pastor’s, and said did any one get hurt by the fire, and there word’s, the FIRE DIDN’T TOUCH A SOUL IN MY CHURCH, and called the other Church the FIRE DIDN’T HIT ANY ONE IN MY CHURCH, I think that explain’s itself, that was what I seen before I started telling the church there not ready. 2 verses 2 Cor. 12:20-21


  3. Mario, you are so right on target! Betty and I minister in many small churches across America and in other nations— and the integrity and faithfulness of those pastors (not that it doesn’t exist in large churches) and the people that attend is amazing. It IS PLACES like Bethlehem (or Brownsville or Smithton or Redding) that eternal world changing events happen!

  4. I minister in small churches, the people there are hungry for a move of God, they want their unsaved loved ones saved. The big church people only seem interested in something new, a new doctrine, a new revelation, a new word from God. My belief is that the small will become big and the big will become small as God begins to satisfy the hunger of the hungry. The cry only goes up for so long before the Glory comes down. The cry of the hungry is growing louder and reaching the crescendo that God is looking for. I predict that we are on the cusp of the greatest awakening in the history of the world!

  5. What an awesome encouragement to hear! For about a year now, people have began to come back to the altar and respond in our church (about 120 attendance). My wife and I have served there for almost nine years now. We feel God promised us years ago that revival would come on any ordinary Sunday…when least expected. We are seeing the renewed hunger for the things of God. It’s all God. We have done nothing different. The Lord is simply choosing to move and we are so thankful for it!

    1. This reply blessed me so much. Thank you Jesus, for the real and relevant ministers like you. May the Holy Spirit fan even deeper flames in your midst.

  6. Amen MMM..The larger Churches in General have a small focus and vision, while the smaller churches have a larger Focus, and Vision, they are very Faithful with the least..A Secret Weapon…Totally agree…Larger is not Always Better..contrary to popular belief…

  7. In 2009 the Lord moved us from a medium large church to a small church in what was my hometown. We knew the moment we entered this was home. In 2010 the Lord told me He had “pockets of people all across our nation and the world” and how they were a network of intercessors for our nation. I thought the choice of the word “pockets” was unusual but understood it to mean small groups, remnants. Over these years we have been amazed at how God has directed our pastor in the prophetic and intercession and seeking His heart each and every time we gather. God has never failed to lead us into intercession and travail over what He gives us. He has also promised that His plan is to sit down on this little corner of Warrior, AL and make Jesus famous in Warrior and spreading out across the region.

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