A strange thing has happened to Democrats.  They suddenly discovered adultery is a sin.  Not only that, they now believe it is grounds for a president to be impeached.

Because he is a billboard for liberal hypocrisy, Bill Clinton is scurrying away hoping you won’t see him.  He remembers when Democrats defended him for ongoing adultery (not something that happened 12 years ago.)  He remembers when the New York Times screamed that it was no one’s business when consenting adults have sex.

He remembers when (as recently as 2016) feminists thought his rapes were okay.   Wonkette feminist writer Rebecca Schoenkopf thinks Bill Clinton probably raped Juanita Broaddrick back in 1978 — but that doesn’t make him a bad person.

In a post published in response to Broaddrick’s recent interview about the alleged attack, Schoenkopf explained Bill probably just didn’t know that forcing himself upon a woman was a no-no — because apparently no one told men not to rape 30 years ago.

“I can absolutely see Bill Clinton doing this (then, not now) and not even thinking of it as rape, but thinking of it as dominant, alpha sex,” Schoenkopf writes. “I can see a LOT of men doing that during that time period, before we started telling them in the ’80s, ‘hey, that is rape, do not do that.’ I can see YOUR NICE GRANDPA doing that, back then.”

How did Democrats go from one extreme to another?  How did they go from anything goes to nothing goes—and, there is no statute of limitations on what might have gone on.  How did they go from saying rape is okay for Clinton, to falsely accusing Trump of rape?   Just when you thought they could not get any richer…

Bill Clinton opposed illegal immigration.  Bill Clinton made citizenship a question on the census questionnaire.  Democrats howl and sue against all of this now.  And now…

The all-time double standard bearers—the supreme practitioners of hypocrisy, call Christians hypocrites for backing Trump.

Let me assure you of something.  If Trump said, he was a Christ follower, and he was caught cheating on his wife as president, I would be first in line to rebuke the immorality.  That has not happened.  There’s as much evidence for that as there is for Russian collusion.

I don’t believe Christians who support Trump will give him a pass if he behaves like, say…Bill Clinton.   Let me prove it to you in a way that some will hate me for: look at what happened in Alabama. Even if you believe that Judge Roy Moore was railroaded—and there is evidence of that—many Christians could not vote for him because of the moral shadow cast on him.

 Again, the real hypocrites gave a pass to president Bill Clinton who defiled the office while in office, but believe Trump should be impeached for what he did years before he was in office.


  1. Mario. I love you, but your argument here doesn’t begin to hold water. As a follower of Jesus Christ first, I can lament both Clinton’s egregious infidelities AND Trump’s. My denunciation of Trump’s behavior should have nothing to do w Clinton’s behavior. If someone responded to the invitation to repent of their sins at one of fine gospel crusades by comparing his many sins to the sins of the person next to him, rather than according to the sovereign inspection of the Holy Spirit, you would quickly call this person to task. It’s urgently time to do the same w this president who is not only being accused of engaging in many adulterous affairs, but also of groping women and then paying for them to be silent as recently as 18 months ago!
    For the sake of the integrity of the gospel message that our nation needs so desperately right now, it’s time for you & other “court evangelical” leaders to stop serving as apologists for this carnal President.

    1. To Mr Boegl, First of all there is not a shred of real evidence that Ms porn star Daniels was ever intimate with Donald Trump, at even her own descriptions internationally she said she held and had absolutely no proof of any of it. The raw truth is that when you’re an individual such as former civilian Mr Donald Trump now Mr President & worth billions & billions of dollars a highly visual individual the scheming grifters & self chosen rats come out of the woodwork, to make phony claims by the hundreds, for the obvious 15 minutes of fame but paramountly for their god which is money. They’ll do & say anything for a buck. Secondarily, your argument doesn’t hold water based on this fact, former President Clinton was definitively in an absolutely different & untenable spot when he had consensual sex with Monica L, Clinton was the President at the moment and supposedly in the oval office of the peoples house!
      Even if these disgusting claims of of a less than stellar witness, the stormy shaggy porn star Daniels were true, this would have been some 12 years ago at her own testimony. Now You Mr Boegl /might say to me that’s not the spiritual point!…and I would say back to you “OH,” is it not? Since when is truth not the spiritual point? Would any one of us or you have the temerity to speak about or against anyone elses sinful demeanor or actions of carnality, did you not read AP Paul’s rendering of the fact that we’re “all sinners saved by grace, so that no one may boast.”
      Mario’s point Mr Boegl is clear and unfettered by religiosity, unlike yours…it is the HEIGHT of hypocrisy within the progressive democratic party element rank & file, to say ANYTHING regarding morality on any level. These are the same human beings that encourage everyone to murder the innocent unborn at any stage of pregnancy and sell the babies body parts as also to surgically alter on a lark, even their own bodies into something or someone else if they so choose no matter what and who God Almighty formed them to be. In simpler words Mr Boegl, enlightened Christians get whats going on here and need not defend why they support President Donald J Trump, because they understand what’s at stake in the BIG picture.

    2. I think your missing the bigger picture my brother.
      There are some things that are very obvious about all of this.
      We do not know all the details and donald trump is denying all of this.
      Is he guilty because he was accused?
      Time will tell and it all comes out in the wash with God.
      Stormy daniels has discredited herself simply because of the industry she is part of.
      Being a former drug addict i can see that she was most likley on meth or coke during that creepy interview with that homo interviewer anderson cooper.
      Look it up her pupils were dialatid and people in that condition are manipulative and have demonicly inspired desception at there disposal.
      I get your concern but step back and think about it or better yet pray about it.
      I hope you dont take what i am saying as personal or derogitory.

  2. Great points,Mario. I completely agree with you. We stand with the President’s agenda. Funny, how a hooker and a homo feel the need to give a lecture on morality. CNN is not my source for news, and could care less about the leftist agenda.

  3. Mr Boegl,

    Since NOT ONE of the 2016 Presidential candidates walked on water, I chose to vote for Trump. I voted for him because he’s NOT a career politician. Since taking office, Trump has welcomed God back into the White House and brought real prayer back into government meetings and kicked out the false gods of Obama. Think about this for a minute, step back and think about the life of King David. He was a liar, a murderer, & an adulterer. Yet, God saw something naked to the human eye. God saw his heart. God said David was a what? …. a man after God’s own heart. Well, God chose Trump for such a time as this. Instead of questioning why Christians voted for Trump, trust God. Did it ever occur to you that God is using Trump for something bigger for His church, His beloved Bride?

    My brother, just be still and know that He is God. God is in control. Stop questioning and start believing and praying.

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